BMCC- Sugarland calls in

Thursday, March 1st


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Jennifer Christian. Hey what's up guys how you mend. It Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush of sugar landing got a new song still the same a huge tour with the same name comment up there in the studio work in on some new music. Some unsolicited advice for the first album. First track reunited. Peaches and her Coke from the seventies. It. Christian you must have written like 2000 songs over the last couple years you got this album must be just. Ready to hit the stores pretty soon not. What we've been on Friday. Anyway. So we're right on track what now logistically what kind of turnaround for the gets in the stores. I've no idea it'll you know an historic race. That's a good point play. The more. You know whatever just do it. People want music sales due to do. But we don't know we'll turn it in and about two weeks. It should turn around pretty quick I'm getting better at doing that so alum doing a lot. So I don't know what it should be pretty thin and if you get deported July and you don't have it yet there's probable. Now I after I got asked yet after six years of you know solo projects to get the reason families. What does it feel like. Be back together. Once again because there was a hiatus. To rinse the only easy and for various reasons. And pepper and he had yet but there's other other artistic outlet I think he you know it feels great because what it half and is we've come back wins a lot I would it was really a really full cup of fresh and new things to offer each other. I think that was one of the one it does does that beautiful reason for the hiatus I think. That being able to experience by an experience art in different ways of being able to come back and have something. Pressed to offer each other and airport to you know to the ban I think. Dad did that to me is is is the pretty exciting. Willie who called who first that you don't know. And everybody has that yeah the night I noted some sort of thing and you know I remember I just talking about it and oh August September might and going to hate. Should we do then. And double what we get in the room and if we can. If we can write a song Kenosha went kind of based on. You know two personalities like chemical and they're you know your forever changed by chemical reaction between parties and we wanted to see what kind of song we wrote and the first song we wrote was still the same. Yeah so we were like wow OK let's admit it. Now would do you tip guys you know getting back together is there any way you could broker other reunions in Nashville. Talk they would acted duper mall based campaign think. Those mean rhyming kicks as his countdown going haven't heard from Ronnie in a while to be cool if you guys can broker that reunion. App are black you guys made MM baggage rat behavior you. And is very good point. Well good guys that we want to thank you for your time today we can't wait so he gets our area you Marty got three Scotia shows scheduled where our region we can't wait for that we're looking forward to the new music and if you haven't heard sugar land's new song. I give this 12 will play it for you right after we Longo. Files you Pacino Friday night the sixth of July Saturday night the seventh of July nice little visit to Canada if you guys in and out to turning stone on the eighth of July tickets were ability I think that's information on there. Beef FaceBook page if you wanna find out more more about surely ends reunited concert. Any questions for us before you run. Yellow wondered how you been doing since our hiatus. That's at I've been lost. I cannot run without emotions have been walking around like a zombie. That we allegedly we've got something coming for you for that they'll hopefully wake you right up his. Didn't record began. We'll do thank you so much John have a wonderful day best of luck can be safe out on the road would you. How about now that I.