BMCC- Tipping for what?

Monday, January 22nd


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Back I like tipping if restaurants and not against rewarding a server for a job well done but something happened yesterday that really burn me up. Went to a restaurant for the first time. It's one of these restaurants where you order at the cash register. And then you go around the back of the restaurant to big pick up B or. That's fine out of the thing that hurt me was when they ran my credit card guy flips the screen around. And says this is where you add your tip. In this green gives you the option of adding 1520%. 25% or more. And I'm thinking. Wait a minute they wanted to hit. Before I get my food in before I can make a judgment on my order. Secondly there's no servers you just I just give my you're the guy. And I had to tip right then and there. And like an idiot I checked what Christian because I want BJ and good but hasn't stated Gary my brackets and to wait a minute here amen brother what's going and. How's. Had that is burned my career in for years. But I'm an old waiter so I'm very mindful not to get in the way of other waiters make him money. At this new trend. Hit them believed to have been people that restaurants that don't wade onion. Our drives me crazy man almost lost my stuff last summer. We were out in Cooperstown area campus right the family was and we went to this barbecue joint. Wright did was one of these deals where no news. AD you know you just walked in and it's complete chaos okay. You wait in line you hope here in the right line you get up there actually take your order okay it will what he had like they'll tell you the mini. So I guess it's personal. Yeah anyway you get there you pay and it's just chaos and you go sit anywhere you want. And they call your number right and you're like every error. And then though bringing yourself and that's it all you're on your own for all your refills. They're up again and it was the same thing will we pay they are like OK would you like to add. 15181. Year Tony factors. They did score it. Tip and you. They didn't even bring us our food at this threat to register and had to work grandma back to the area where they just want to buy food down I had to pick it up. I'd get civil where there and then bring it back to where I was sitting so then who's collecting the tip the food for parents now I don't know maybe they'd split. Yeah and CNN. It's not like I'm some heartless monster. You know I've lived on tips before and I think OK if these people are getting tips are these. Proprietor Spain them waiter wages. You don't understand. I think that tipping is optional now what like I said I IOC at. Now the guys looking right at the screen I was tip sheet you're under duress. Under duress what's the word I'm looking for Leo in the microscope first of all you look like issue market is down. The guy says easily get 22 year old QVC is what this is millennial stuff. What do you mean by that he said it's not gatlin the exercise of its cafes millennial style humor that meanwhile let's and they said. It was in somebody's mom's basement. All I'm sorry on you know I was loading and after I take it back. As the morning. Combining. With the server or thirty years between. Com we tripping and our country and you don't do that. You don't you don't get on the inquiry services on the ridiculous. I know it's happened in more and more than. I mean all kinds of places are popping up like that. And I look at my the other could hear. It. I did under hand and it actually going to these bomb. By my count at the restaurant and you order a counter and you pick it up and they are like what you do yeah. You know what does it do you eat it like McDonald played quite I ordered it to me why you. Because obviously you should easily making at least the regular weight. Well I'm glad you said that hasn't form burn server because I am too so I don't wanna get in the way of anybody get in there and I you know and I mean. Today. I waited on people and if they Don I get a good job I got more they'd knotted at a worse bad job by atlas. On order pizza from my pizza shop. And not pick it it's not even delivered call them warned the incidents that Bob Pickett. And I am expected it's it there. And we due to McCain is trying to be a good person bay. I don't know. One. I know exactly why I think sometimes when you pay debit or credit it's automatically on there. You know and timely and Granada receipt there's automatically tips for that as a spot yet yeah does your after he won. You'd use and do nothing if you want at will and I can remember what it that I am I what I'm part and it kicking it close. Thought beyond as the art Andy if people that are that you were gonna make it I had a double B alert command like eight. And one I was like how you act in the cat. And like I had to cook their food their their there during Ian. You know all the people about our and he was serious they are they did not meet. They had over a hundred dollar bill and the like period but. You know and let out a lot. And get that they're gonna get you didn't talk. Why so much you're absolutely. Yet well you know I mean I guess people are not. Minimum wager whatever they're making. The way it should be making and I guess yeah I am I bet you I don't know I I don't like you I'll now you have a great at. V morning coffee club morning. I gotta be secure air I've work or opera industry. Four years. Appeared and it. In that kind of money. Our money where it has been made and waiters and make. They didn't beat at. The current leaders wait spent all of oh under Allard a bike. Yeah and you must order. You must Johnston. In the conversation later originally had a deal was tipped in people that don't wait on you like Housley I'll place this weekend. Where you order it to account there. You come back to the counter to get your food. I'm nobody's burning in it to use any was still obligated. Before I even before even got my food they want immediate. And that the XTO that's the whole point here but it all up here in the hours a little late here it is and how the order and it. Is it don't get out well. It all or are you are. And I out of body you all around but your point. And our our way back all our art or art night. In your defense we did have a couple former servers scholar and that drank a little bit. I yet elegant more and. CNN they sued are. TT GWB. The number man tipped and always gets people riled up so funny. When I was a waitress by the way I never made a killing. So I don't know if that was the place I chose to work but let me tell you said that I was not Roland in the dial team has not been manga is probably not I did forget a lot of things and he's still a lot of things and he needed weight and tables. There is one place I work or I changed my name every shift because I was the shift leader I had the the little runner where he could type in your name in the button a little piece of tape would come out you are selling laurel says some days that would be to leave us some days I would be Elvis. There always Bernard change my name foreign. On there now like to people texted and is examiners. I don't get tipped wanna save your life. The point. Yeah have they come on let's. Let's be Smart about this. Nurses. Have a good retirement right. They had medical benefits. As the waitress at your diner have those things. We now know they don't. The promised on principle I get active. All if you go to go what happened and me at this restaurant that I should tip the nurse before you go in the hospital. Nap because she's gonna like you know if you want her to take your well be a bad idea. He's had to physically just tell you that. Slipper in Kabul bells in my she wondered tit then and I'm sorry I.