bmcc TJ day 5 Cig FREE

Monday, January 22nd


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Does that have any effect on you will be solely there to free them. How many days smoke free arm. Five. It has been five days and you've had a cigarette yeah that's. Nice rally lets any RA little mini party there. We get Wisconsin's house let's get the Congo line started up. I'm due to insecure seat you're amateur have to be in front Margate. Face a no contact. Yet. I will be honest now. Although I didn't smoke in real life in my dreams this weekend and I dreamt about it all weekend. Like you weren't there in Jeremy was there everybody in my life was there you all were smoking hole jeez I'm not kidding. And it was all night long so although I'm not smoking anymore physically during the day at night. Smoked on and on welcome on fifteen well someone newly. I'm not a doctor but believe it or not even though you play went on the radio in them often times the smartest most doctors. But how many years did you smoke via Tony. And then in five days you think your brains just gonna be like OK at school mind over matter mind over matter. I'd wake up and I was like now I didn't get all upset that I it she did. It's trying to trick you into. Dylan back I know it's so people like you want line yeah well that's awesome Tia I felt I. Five million times allotted to this weekend and not once that I giving kids don't let myself Alan. This commercial effect the. We see the New York quits commercial and by the way TJ called that number I did yes and it was this program itself there I get this far. But next time you see this commercial look at the people on it she. He light Sheen yeah look up she'd be the woman walking with the kids behind her in the bicycles. At the man house. The one on the buy. None and others one where Lee is wacko on the my kids on bikes NRA doesn't let anything get out on a piece of par for us next week we. Sorry your play yeah. I. It did yeah. Lot does this Terry could you are quitting not being the first week is the worst way in the past this week I'm gonna get span. My hug my husband and I bet they're doing an account inept and a parent of cigarette and buck are in. And we're buying every parent every week. We crap on my oldest daughter to pull it is now thirty warrant. And we that would he was I'm on now. Yes so ST quake did you feel like immediately there was like this. Lease on life type feeling. Thank you can breathe a little bit easier. Yeah yeah. Yet the man com. Being started taping bad there and put yeah. Yeah my abut that went on now come. The house that it get bigger acted like. Oh my gosh it's staying at yeah Alia but he will crave every now and I'm but otherwise. Just think of your top and you're stating a lot of money. Thank you so much. You're out banks I. She will win so bad don't you and okay. Every day little bit easier people trying to help and they call and encourage here but I just see your face. It's like man does not apparent about. But she's making great progress to be listed before the news five days. Worm no cigarettes for TJ but it's a dream thing you mentioned. NN I find interesting was it just one in vivid. Weird dream. It hurt every time I closed my eyes. It's like trying to take over might I love to sleep I can't wait to nap and sleep in now. Yesterday I was like we wanted to sleep as I know what I mean dream about. I a silly. And I have this disappointed feeling when I wake up. Like I cheated. Does that smoked all night my dream put all of you people but to smoker not my life you were all there I mentioned that's. I don't know what it means a mention that's perfectly normal. Mikey got on Penn's a chemicals in your brain in your weenie problem search. I'm not let and that scene it's like I've been I've been on in let's say in an antidepressant. In the past. And you can't just quit those cold Turkey urged. You meet the minutes very few days you gotta lean not problem so on the scene it's the same thing but I'm sure there's parallels. Of that I'm just trying to relate to the ansari. From Trinidad. He's supportive but it's not making really crazy person I am the look I don't know of even house and I combined did. Accomplish that or other us will certainly trap for him.