BMCC- TJ's kid called 911

Thursday, January 4th


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I gotta admit TII I've got to be on some gates child like police red flag sheet somewhere. Guys won't believe what happens. Leon. My little guy called 911. I forgot he's learned numbers he's learning about emergency things he's five or B was confused or just. In a little heard. But I assume that his sister in new. What he's doing when she hands he's like to think it actually on your phone a Chilean in the final heat. He win it says because I have you flown into the phone and he calls 911. Then there because he does know our address this is something new that we taught him. Gives them the address. Lingering and Johnny they know it anyways then when they go to call back the cell phone and no one answers. They sent a police officer to my home yeah absolutely. They sent officers to my home you guys it weighs so no lean. It was so cold and offers are shows up at my door my doorbell rings dogs going crazy I opened up the door any standing there. And what my first thought is I'm freaking out like elect what have what I done. I missed a little bit of school. Because we've all been checked. T get the officers called O'Neill and then all of a sudden stop and he goes you know I'm just saying we got a call from this it. I'm looking at my kids phone I'm like oh my gosh who called 911 leads that I did. They all went down there he was very understanding the police officer IE. I mean I just wanted to crawl in a hole I felt so embarrassed. I could not stop apologizing like I I wanna make the cupcakes. When it's cooking it's. I I feel terrible they came out and wasted his time. Well we've we've heard about your cooking I'd buy sell corporate. The ad they have so how did they go down I'm curious McKay he gave on the ads so you the phone rings 911 what's your emergency. And my ball all right because. He's learning numbers and learning his address me so excited about learning things. Knows his address gave them the address hung up the final. I just wonder how that exchange between. The five year old and the 911 operator when I could see by my daughter's phone it was 22 seconds long. So he gave the number any hung up the phone. We never had a conversation with. You must pay the lady asked whereas Colin. What's my address in the address but the final is a team no chance that he went and asked to send somebody at Omaha just feel terrible. On patient and he said he told the ghost. Please please it's buying it happens. And I'm like you don't are you lying to kids really call 911 my mind's. Yes I betcha that's way more common and you never pretty heavily and talk with the officer Len Bias. He should move to the cup BO did you learn anything from this a cop was being tune somewhat scary. So again. Putting in enough. B morning coffee club. PGA. Still don't feel bad about your kid dialing 911 when I was a kid. My little brother we were out to eat at the peak putt over on match out at all okay he didn't comprehend that. If you call 911 commit hate following it disregard the fact the recorder and you're. April for the phone to work. He thought he was practicing dialing numbers and nothing would come a bit because he didn't put a quarter. So a cop actually showed up at eat they eat dial 911 from. I would create understanding about it yet how old was your brother. A guy name making it seem appetite for the Larry is a pocket phones that's quite awhile ago. Yeah. And the beat three or image. Look at that sex line I think about most kids have done something similar. And not zero point Nazis says that like this when he TJ Leo knowing at a Dudek and saved your life that's actually gossip meek and do that yes some bears seemed. Abbott can be life saving as well. And then other people a senior gonna be build 15100 dollars for false alarm now. Yeah a man stay warm thanks for the call. Seven conversation about TJ is signed her youngest. Called 911 without her knowing and the caps spader. Visit to the door. And I'm just. Answering the phones are looking to detect signed some money in law enforcement sinister note says that happens at least a dozen times a day I'll cup I'd day yet. And now that I think about it Maclin I was in my wanna be a cut phase in doing right along is all the time it's our obedience such. I remember being in out who with to a my former partners. You Norman. The B yes officer Gonzales and Don torture when I was on a ride alongs with them we are remembered going. After like welfare checks for hang ups to 911 in such. Somewhere in places of businesses I remember we went to one and it like a waiting room of some kind of medical. Place in the city. Yet dozens of times a day they said their sever even 911 operators or sand that happens. Every day regular parents you can budget. Licences a coward for nine when one little kids are fun we like to use it as a chance to educate them. Pinnacle new point ounces a year read so often the instinct is to reprimand them for calling 911 exactly what I wanted to do but if people point out if you do that in there is an emergency may be those second. Gas calling it then and now. Her oft put that my parenting book. I mean I was just I was load not the dishwasher nothing crazy this happened but that's all the sudden a police officer showed up at my door. I don't win the kid did it how we get it or where he went to go call 911 I'd say admit I don't know if you saw this. The arm Arnaud yummy at talked about it I was nine but I. Right before Christmas there is that wacky story going around about the kid he was playing in on his grandfather's or grandparents iPad. And he was on Amazon. The Amazon happens a lot like this I'm like dad just happen on staff a little kid about his a terror and they had no idea until the boxes started arriving. They had by now set up like guys support any toy he's on Amazon gives all the net to navigate it. But Asia said no they're playing on the the iPhone in just being around my family and the holidays you know I mean even with thirty people. In the house you know there's kids over there just the face buried in the screen how the hell they're doing. Young they know what they're doing. I mean he could he would if I could see my son doing exactly that getting on Amazon. If something more if I had like some memorize debit card in there yeah it be happening all the time he navigates that phone better than I do. I forget what I did I'd have to ask mom mom but when I was little there was a 911 meant there was a commercial on TV. I think it was that on the why should you. He couldn't remember the answer to say no to dope to merge. Whatever and they would that damage you have to love 200 relatives I don't know who was on drugs. In house I don't know I'd just are called that number and told my dad smokes cigarettes there. Like yeah my dad smokes camels what they say the U I don't remember aroused little kid bit it's one of those stories they tell lit every Stanley gathering. I'm that they can then I called him. That's a psychic network it used to be every other stinking commercial they'd like called 1900. Bubba Bubba is Cleo yeah. Yeah. I got so much trouble so much optimistically. She turned out to be fake Jamaican right yes she was fake everything. I don't think we Gloucester a few years ago. I think we did you can comment on San announcement got my mom's money.