BMCC- Watch the game in the shower

Thursday, January 4th


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All right so where you watching the game Sunday where's the party act. Best place. To watch the game in your opinions. YouTube and the 36 people listening. At. You can't OK here's ash stretch you can't say home. Well. Now even though that's my favorite place to watch the game so he wore her as the and a spin on that money on that TV and again on must then I'm right there so ideally. That's where antisocial. Jeremy willow. Be more comfortable by it. I don't know this seems like an event like I need to be with people aren't so on May step out of the basement. And go watch the game where would you go how's the iron town yeah. What we do go out to release into the distillery one and now I went and rode out the tracks there and slotted TV's great food. But I you know I hate to say it but I think I'm in the and I say it I think it was he this don't have home by myself. I don't really enjoy crowds at football games causes so many distractions the diplomacy it might share have my snacks and root for the bills. SE on the west side to its bright on the street trolley McGregor yeah. TVs in the bathroom. Like even if you have to run to the right like you don't miss a minute of that and. That's when my ship comes in and haven't mattered on did you imagine TV in the bathroom just sit there at all about that when I was I never take bath. But I just so like to get the steam that whenever things my voice. Don't blame them like this so boring. I should have let the TV right here. You know and I mean I think I'd had in there sometimes though for a long steep each hour. The fact that assets. Once in Asia in. And let's in London Olympics I would strongly long steamy shower. Then what do you do what does it with the iPad and I did it for dry all set up on me. Countered there. How has seen and as I stand there under the hot water. Just watch TV people around the shower curtain apple look back on just far enough so that it doesn't splash out yes why that's good serve and not absurd it's actually a great idea I do chairs where you're watching the game do you watch TV in the shower. I'm not the only knuckle. Heads that right at that guy looked to me like I was not dub done way weirder things slot. The sisters no denying that. And just third self validation tons of people. Watched their iPad in the shower let it go ahead and ordered his esteem of the affect the screen is against steamy every now and then you have to. You know he swiped it with your towel or what are rehab land around. There's tons of text here this one says they must seventeen year old son uses this phone to watch TV in YouTube managed eight Iain watch in mute. I've got other team in the shower. I. Little too real for you apple app.