BMCC- What it means to be a "MAN"

Thursday, August 9th

Newman finds a commercial that squashes the "what makes a man" theory. And TJ lets a commercial guilt her into a vaccination!!

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Because seen the commercials on television. At sun. Several different channels it's just a Mon tae issue is a broad spectrum of men. Describe being what it means to them to be a man. Peace. You know when the advertising. And that's part of I'm curious I don't know. I. Masculine. Adjectives. Adding qualities or canceled traditionally associate with men especially strength and aggressiveness and some of the sin and m.'s. Aren't my June manly musky well builds the red blood into red bullet hole Wimbledon us this thing and strong powerful. None of these really sound like. I think that definition is a little scary it's too small forest up in some sort of since it's trouble yeah see if there's one. Man. Many individuals and trying incident when it just gets to appoint artists are doing harm to reach out and harm to themselves. You've passed into. But you design your own master and you'd. Have you seen know a whole. And every time it plays that Jesus does a number on my head I don't know why provokes so much thought. In mean the visual of that as those guys are talking about is that they're just it's a montage of different dudes from all walks of life you know I mean there are others. Big hairy muscular. And part Emmys like yeah it is also like when I was a kid because I was raised vibe. The World War II generation. You know those words the male influences in my life and part of me was like. You have been shot a saw something like that as a kid because. Wait I know a lot more with the people on that month Taj then the examples of men set before me as a kids so that was like a leg. A man is the economy can be a lot of different how would you have been different had this mentality been more accepted I. When you were young I think maybe. I'm wouldn't be so self conscious. Of things does look I'm not a hairy am not a muscular. Guy out on exude. Testosterone. I can't grow a beard. And it. Legacy it's an edited me in my life but I have always. Measured myself like. And only second. Beard on me or even now being a father for peace today boom in 42. And then also that'll come on again like thirty minutes later on a different channel in little launch into a different things like manhunt. Is under attack. Like what's wrong lesbian red blooded American that's human habits so hard. Well I don't know why that provokes so much thought in me that stupid. This is sort of trying to figure out here you know and that sounds like one of those. Church of latter day see them again I don't I don't know it is Ellen and that's why that's what made legal analyst. And as I get ready for like Coca-Cola you don't even know why why it took a and it's not for apple it's not yet none of those ought to get. TJ found it. Yes manhood you miss and an American is not lenders attack. No they just wanna sell you clothes. Well it's from a company called. But no boats and it says better fitting men's Wear it and if and accessories. Now it makes cents. I think guys in that commercial or where and that's carried out. Hang it. You were talking about. Thought provoking commercial and I'll tell you what gets me every single time is the HPV virus commercials. It's kids talking directly into the camera. Talking about the HPV. Vaccine. It every single time it makes me Google. And it got those commercials are why I had my girls vaccinated it's mom dad did you know. You're. That's all that time they sound familiar to be honest with Pia just hearing those three letters. Arranged in that order HPV send chills them honest I don't know I don't know why. Because at that transmitted. Thing. That makes young comes to what's the the contents the it's it's guilty and we parents' house says that by having children speak. To the camera. Cynical and say yeah from an infection. Even apple virus. And you HPV can eat certain cancers. And my risk free speech would increase as McConnell yeah. Something. From. I've seen this years back if they work back in time gash and then all of a sudden there's an eleven year old going. If he'd known my arm down. Let's say it like that berm dad. May be it doesn't hit me because I don't have kids. Yeah I mean by yeah. On him within bet if there's a day because if there's something we can do out. Anything that would happen to our children in the future that's what it makes us feel like like we have some sort of power control over. You know ambit of the people really yes governor Blake they let television commercials. Set the parameters and promptly backed commercial can I don't know and that's Andy it's that line it's there's the young boys so we you know. Our thought provoking this man's go to the pediatrician this made me act in this this from this summer yeah. Pharmaceutical giant. Yes follow the money they're eating cats are right there like her how can we guilt parents that it is brilliant because. How can you deal parents it's a kid guilt in their parents witching Kidd is one of the major tenants live. Raising all right my mom used guilt as a tool. Rated isn't that a universal so the she's just on the other. So it is.