BMCC Where did he get that HAT?

Monday, April 9th

Newman couldn't stop staring at a man's hat on the news last night!!!


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Please tell me somebody other than me watched 6 o'clock. Local news on channel thirteen last thank them happening right now I was there masters. This guy. Tracked me out bad Neiman spot about this gas station and years. But it's that pin field. Service they're service senator I think it's called grace period to fifty. And I adamantly geeky blunt pass the ball marks a league ballparks and Ben fielding and there's that. Gas station on the corner there in the scope in field service senator something like that. OK so they did this story and I'm gonna have to pay attention to the news and there's gather works there'd there interviewing I guess there's some. Abdullah men they wanna put in their little neighborhood kind of a situation arose that it's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of houses are yet so they go to the guy who like pumps gas or that's what he's doing in the in the news reports at least pumping gas any stock and about how lock boxes clothes everything's close and so they can use some news. Traffic there which is great but the dude is wearing that hat. It is so distracting. On the news story. And that's why have so many questions about as to what's actually going on I an ad side did such a disservice to talk about this man's hat. On the radio because it is such a visual. But it's it was so distracting it was to the point two are like this guy. Has to be learned this is a joke. Like this is this some deny would you I would Wear this ridiculous hat on the news in dead panic and try to come across his dead serious the best I can describe it tibia. Two ways one will be it's like some sort of eastern new year at PN. Tibetan. Sheer. Tied third the obnoxious. Act. All right it's just like a giant rush then. Tundra soldier like the one that inside so that George war that was going to be in my second of it as anybody Steinfeld fans of the crazy had George guide from a lanes. Expense account except. It's albino. It's why it's why in the black it's like a pain and their brands or some sort it out buying Knoll. New teacher rat. I don't know what this very that was made but it was. The most amazing thing you've ever seen in my life. While I mean it was like Hal. You know you you know those people that stand out in front of the queen of England's house and yes with the big meat eater had. Some guards it's like to cut one of those and asked indicted. I white poker dotted. Yeah. It's on channel fifteen website of the story how can you take anything that man says seriously when that that I'm sure he's a brilliant man. A great business proprietor at that store's been there forever yeah he I'm sure he's great visit but I could not take a word out of his mouth seriously but at. Wherein. I had like that. So now you want when I'm sure. That I'm just not even I don't I didn't pull that off not a mug that Tuesday.