bmcc-Yurting with the Hausmanns?

Wednesday, August 1st


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So what so many off found a place to go year redeemed about this. You know I looked at a myself the other day and it's did you ever hurting yearning TJ a year. Too well off like HGTV. And stuff like that at three asleep at around thing and it's a. It's like around ten and I never. It was off our radar there's I don't know if it's both gained idea Arab you know one of those. Travel PDA. You known any one of those travel web sites and make no matter what she wanted to do you understand a Condo hotel the guy Bob a lot of years. Any just outside of what the hell is it yours and I finally looked it up she fired a trip advisor. It was something to do over Labor Day and out. So she was looking first at clamping I couldn't believe she is considering Americans to leave your outdoor type that way but she said this experiment meet. It's like living in it in a big issues and a big round tent well what's the different that is clamping Tammy. Like that's the year and attend them mean a year does not have I don't believe it has a bathroom he gonna that was central area of shower and neither does a tent. When clamping you you know feed using a good camper for jobs. Aren't just quite ticket I can't believe it cost 250 bucks and night to live in one of these ten. I look and assess this what what slate is it on duke yet Q garlic okay. This thing is fully insulated. Walking shower fullback. Memory foam mattress king size luxurious linens. And yeah thirteen and dining area. There's a cure again this thing. Microwave refrigerator why. Our. Seeding on the lake side of the year with the lake it is. Yeah that's why. And I were up. Around its attendant they put a door. If you're saying and I got to see what accustomed by. An electric it's got a fireplace and. You end it there thing man nice in the mouth. That. Oh god this is I mean and here in our own. And you can get a decent years. What it would cost you for that weekend there. I got by my failure to yup lug around everywhere oh god how funny would that be watching that to a known sat there year round trailer. The Q let's face it now it would be it'd be Julie say nice job.