Brantley Gilbert Fitness Story

Wednesday, August 2nd

Brantley Gilbert isn't a gym rat. He follows a pretty traditional method of staying fit but uses some NON-traditional methods to stay in shape. 

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Go back high school. Your jackets go. Bad place books he'd had a hung out everybody. You know our baseball team about things and stinky. Is it being small town. 66 it was a bad times really tight victory. Now what you're doing that we'll all. You play full body conditioning coaches. Of did you learn a lot there that you. Carry through to your future we're am I mean I mean. You can eat anything and we'll bald and Vegas clinic hosted. Is here we. If they spoke to me and it's just. That was tight knit group of guys like me love. That's. So what is it is its progress. Man. A lot of steps body weight look at the books I can rate them a victory. And elected mrs. bush. They've got pretty much knows me here yet but hopefully. Just. Dumb bells and its image and make. Bias that is where the couple without a I had a trainer now. And I'm probably net. He's in shape is my vote vote like if you'd like him when. Negative stages. In. I'm kind of an off sides and I didn't think that you know. It's different you know what to do record is fantastic that it started doing it this. It's been. The ban this and are taken any in this. It's so weird thing. No he beat me in I'm not much running while they hold play and that face black vote today money's life. Well. I heard your verdict of the basketball player. That's your answer to record. This week we asked about it organ. By. Felt like six days. Think we've played we were all. Oh my god that fear. We rub covered in split and we could maybe agree that nobody would it. Both. Protesters and everybody oh god it's me. Luke Donald Fowler or forward. Didn't that is it was. A war. So I saw what you guys jogging before the gates opening bid is that organize them are there just. Doing their thing. Yeah great man and one natively run and jog index data bigger advised. We we. It's a place to go fire early in the I pictures. Yeah and here it is. Instinct to have a plan when I'm I right now as can places outside and get victories is that that site can be longer or normal. And she's. He's doing November's. Alamo. We'll have some. We just added owner hasn't heard him or why he if you hit it. That was going to be human experience you need. We get that equipment and it's you know absolutely you media days and these guys above the and we salute. Yeah. George. There. And guys that wrote it come processors that story. I mean obviously problems. Excellent players. It's an accurate. It. It. You picked him grow and grow there. I finished today. All right well thank you for its heat yesterday.