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Wednesday, September 28th


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Gerry Clifford. Kid yeah Bob listen you is that Hamas. Let's anyway right now you got well. Never ever in my life seen a bigger diva move. The one you made recently what are you like all of a sudden you know you lose you're not me your think your seven special. You've all the muscular dystrophy association and tell them. Yeah doing it blocked and that she moved close to my hat following your wallets yeah. Are. To their rotary sunshine can't. In rush closer to where Billy lips I. I had that they eat some of those who do you read that Kate Napa story I heard that I 00. Okay just so happens that you happen to be doing that wamp who's not about me behind my back oh. Tom I believe we are right now no matter fact throughout the end and lock which you reference a nicely formed its this weekend Saturday. At the rotary sunshine given brash yes. In it what is supposed to be at the grand Eastman park and now they've moved it to partner drive all of course on Avandia seat. A drive and all the way up there loud your taxi doesn't go that far I don't know my limo doesn't excuse me I met live now. By the way if you wanna sign up where the IM DA dot org for the NBA walk it's NBA dot org. Outside our right and eat out ORG I gonna be playing music. Abby makes him. I've got sort of going to be doing OK get out of your way to man pulled it. God damn phone. You eat eat they sell are only here 'cause he pig at that. All people this is so much more than a walk after Africa now all they should charge admission did this all this is money to this is money. It do to beat cans. Oh well he's got a hold what has won out here right we got to go the other people are screaming your name. That's or really don't know how does it feel they have the diva. Mantle taken off review I've put on somebody else on the field I don't know because they know what it's still youth I got hit how. And you Wear well.