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Thursday, July 12th

Charles Kelley from Lady A chats at length about touring with the entire family, how fatherhood has changed him and how the trio keeps it fresh!!

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Or Charles how are you this is Gerry Clifford a very here I'm doing great thank you so much for have forgiven as some time today. So are you sell low today. I'm all. As well up a little boy he'd. Wouldn't run around here. In the battery and got to get a little bit of a court order to call. I that it that it Eleanor. Here about two hours yet been announced program is great for the poor you know Robert Byrd started. Well we are excited to have you Darian lake that's for darn shirts going to be a great show without a doubt. What are you all out on the road with families Emmy ever ever would timid faith came to Darian lake. In in the backstage certainly did a whole playgrounds to have. Yeah you literally did it well you know it but he regular that's one girl up there ankle but he I'd. Probably. Wore out more about Sarah I'm sure. Curse on condom board and or. Are we here. And then I'm not sure update yet. But yet about app in Nam is on injured. By flat over. Are you a little. Little inflatable baby pulls up everywhere. My elected this debate in the toward you know do something different every day you gotta keep you in and there are. Well get it up Otto Reich is a lot on that people like how in the world. Liked it. Anymore I got a vehicle tactic beat up. Oh my god you are now that I sit there saying holy crap I'm about to be. Sixty and sit and look at my great nephews and my great niece is like all right I don't even. I could never give this thing got my kids are in their twenties because I could never do this right now. Look it up on the bunt. I like. He went with though it is he probably the most happier he's ever been quiet. You know it is beer but the only thing is indeed violent. And an Internet expert. But beer yeah in the diaper. Back back over. Might not Charles it's the greatest they think I even have grandkids yet I've got all these great nieces and nephews. Which I actually had dork and I suddenly understand and hold Graham here and things yeah. I mean I'm just sitting here watching the video of all the twelve the soccer team that they just completed get. Obama knows he needs. I note that occurred in my heart it via net and yet there it is while. You know in his bid to curse and they like it or are you there is. Well. I mean it's so weird how they can zeroing in on things for a out. And they showed the depths of that he and is the water comes and then it was mind boggling to me as a parent. You know I mean there's a million things going through my head like I don't think. I could ever make it dinner special enough for for that first night that I got a bad call in L. How could I be grateful enough and you know it's it's it's amazing to me and that's. It's that kind of reminder there are only you know obvious. And Ellen everybody and just the past year update market to Allah I mean I think pat is an idea which change perspective on everything Sarah. If anything. He got in as some are spirituality more you know now over the past years. Just lie there is in a year like here you know there's there's there's like and bigger budget been. You know it's great and you know army biblically chick renowned in tranda. If that is secretly caught up with John they wrote that pin and added it at all has not been ego. You know it into the day you're like yeah he did you know you're all. But the Kate China but I happen in other ways than. And yet army as early due respect but that all that in perspective you know. They did it's funny you go through a period of time where feel like you're the center of the universe you don't mean to what you eat you are the center of your and then the many UC child. Specifically your own Baltimore and all of a sudden it's like wait a minute. Why I thought. Therapy sessions Terry. It really only need to start running out. After a hard act act act you. It's funny. It's funny Charles give Adidas came in and you did add guitars and czars forests and you guys have. Have only been very special to last. To speak is we word the first station you heard song played on the do you feel like. We really we took ownership of late 88 years ago. And like go. Hecklers in the epic quest. Cars or are we did at the Asia just this last week. Is it lack of betting online you know and say you always bicycle Butler or what you heard you're on and are by processor. Does speak. I. It's funny because dubbed. Yes every white guys you guys on TV are aware ever like there's our kids feel like ours like our. Announced that lady yeah lady and you. That long been a long. You'd get past eleven years is it earlier. You know what went without appearing as Asian debt net been you know get an opinion and it's I would not that they are buried. Of course idiotic relationship and you could do that it is pretty. Tight knit and and and yeah and you know some question what would you guys because I mean it would be ornery here. And hopefully get lucky and Juliette premature you know we've got music. She's not dope you know. Mean not in an apartment and then but it arugula at your station at this error checking out you know whatever new or on in our it out and it. Is it inspiring. Are indeed open. We hear on. Irony you know I never liked our peers on a that's cool name. Of these new bet what they're doing and recruited as an issue when it opened very. Yeah that's cool that ever bet reminds me of a big take you to my next dot com is not Bob heartbeat I heartbeat. It's. I think it sounds different from you guys I think it's it it's it's a little bit of I don't know that just felt different to me I'd love that song but here's the weird. Odd thing I love the most about it you know there's a song that has. Maybe you drop a second before the next beat or. Or like how many none none and none during the journey stuck. And I love watching people saying the heartbreak. And waiting for that second between heart break in light up. Tied five beats out there and ate it up. You know we're always trying to is the polluted their current. You know we are innately I really want to opt out really. You know great outlet is a lot that we can relate that now lately. If our strategy and then you know little dinner. Because it'll out. Art I mean I don't do your thing. You know eagle and you're going on Sarah Bernard was it clear that share you know what do you look at that we really ought to them or on that topic people either loved or hated it and to. Who was oh light. You know and a question a little bit and now you know. I think it out. It's it's it's net it's now boring people can't say I know what's coming up. Islets lead. CD but I know what it's gonna sound like as honest you don't Sugar Land used to remind me that to instill. And and obviously it keeps it fresh for you guys too because. Let's face it you know it's. At the end of the day it's still your job it's a job you love your passion but it's still a job what's the cool thing in terms of the stat or that. You know what what are we gonna see Darian lake inside our house I love it. Yeah what are the at all of these you know the big light greens and you're not that we are via. Oh or Mexico out he is that would Peter's record he has yet that the party that you committed dude that'll. This the first rocket reform act app called out because it didn't. Ali. Local. You know edit your job. Or night. But it can of beer well. You know the long night it was caught up point and play. You know hour hour hour and there are pretty much all angles from radio. And you know or a law a long arc on the cricket board chair here under the deal life you know I was on the ball. In reality. You know and a burger and probably people. Out there and well apple in my pocket on the spot. In Utah ought to be like that that. Our paper on the always been at the end and we stopped. We by the you know that app on excellent data aren't. Yeah yeah yeah I was commode that out brave it and though look at border at. The end Everett RO. You never know what it. Pressed for a. Good good good good. Charles thank you so much I'm just looking over at sea have taken up like ten minutes and everybody always tells man talk too much it's just aren't. So. Don't agree with Billy if he brings it up Ernie. Thank you very very nice. Okay good so I'm going to add that little boy yours thank you so much. Take care.