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Tuesday, July 25th

Charles Kelley on adding "Brass" to the band, paradoys and a renewed energy for Lady A!!

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And woo. Charles Kelly how are you this is Terry Clifford. Eight Charles. I just gotta tell yeah I think for the last half an hour I've watched. And party in the in your bat out. Of what it's wicked thing I've ever seen though I can't tell you. He flash once. And then you flashed twice and then the third time it's I gotta say it's a little gratuitous. At all. There are no bullet that you know. It's excellent at. Oh well why police ways. That even up to that. Up up up up up. Well it's awesome whose idea was that it's so freaking funny. I don't days. It. And then there are just went up by it rate of course you know name on on the outlook like. Or. That school that is so cool. Hey August 10 Darien lake that you look good to a housing gone so far. Our men Wear out but I'm really are. It is or our our our door and then. Medium award performance generally you look at it like Arctic and back now. We got or not whether their way home you know out the show that well. Armed that they've added that huge huge energy. Out chose. Critic on. It's been great you got out about. Their illness that would really at the on armed war. That's so cool I love the addition of those warrants. And today they travel with you I mean did you at a third busted tour. Or is there hammered it out with him a month while. At the part about their that it is a lot and it aired there that much now. You know I don't know for a we even with a each tour of one step at a non action. Never been out on the rent nature of that and it just it adds so much so that show while. So if we can't allow for it and they really have that. Element in just you know brought it to grow both our ball in between you know record over here. You know where he performed well bachelor new energy thing. You know that propagate by it or that that's where the ball so well when they can check so. That's great kids and that's the way we always hope it's gonna be like sometimes fans will take time off. And are just to be honest to be from a listener from a fan's perspective. You hold your breath and hope that don't decide that that's better than tour ringer being together each still wanna lose you guys so. To see you come back like that is as awesome. For meet the horns concerning how much child of the seventies and that brings media. Like Chicago where The Doobie Brothers and those concerts were electric so I can't wait to cnet's. Populate results they production ball movement we have you know bullets were recurring in Brett it well it all in orchard. The united seniors that are are you know we pretty much double faults that all of a song you know on the radio you know you guys been. In the same mantra less than that in India that was all the gold. There artists like chip in and in the crawl like I mean. Ever on the and it says it's on track currently still like where. You know where where we're at that point or weaken you know every song dancing along to that a special moment there. Child I can't believe it's been ten years and you distant stars and stars force last year also allow them but if remember the first time we met you guys we weren't as little La. Be honest with you at the studio had a little bit of jenkins' name I think it was like can be demands that sugar Shane Acker. Like at Nashville can't remember you three kids walking and and you just can't beat a world of wonder in your eyes guess you're just getting started. I mean it was at that point where. We were asking you where that name from minutes named after a southern style house or something right. Yeah yeah yeah we start now yeah everything was so on in league and it that was. You never get that that burst than it would packet it would at all you know without we aren't they know that spot on what our net. You know goal does ban it in longevity is their picture and Al that we still acts that really I didn't hear you know our own radio especially the Buccaneers angle on the it's just never get old because. You know Euro is that it the last piece that we put out a girl who. You know a little bit of quite knew that it just you know stay relevant shared that he. Movement and motivated and is on it really isn't it. It in your own surprise B what are the fans relate to and which ones that. You know our aren't as their favorite she never knows it's hard for it you know but yeah. But it that's part of the whole. Brought you that that content changing in the Al. You know the gyroscope change in your child that always navigate. They grow that. They are your panel that you know that currently we are there. To try and chased out of impression do what did when to put out on you look at it because. What opens are now ever than they would urge them or that or verbal order. That's so cool and you. So much is changing your personal lives or Iran marry young kids your youngest is like almost two years old right. Or your your youngest it's your only grow oh yeah home. A lot on everything you know dealt with but liked and respected you know. But you know the gauntlet struck what your art what happened. You know more important than a little maintenance. And not incredibly you know it really does it LL. Mr. Obama and make them seem important now. Like my husband's always get a great perspective with that when I get all wound up either out ratings or. About you know oh guys that it's changing face of radio here he'll look at me and say first of now are they gonna take us away from you now. Are they don't matter pulling out back of the radio station in Georgia now. About it. Catholic god it's great and that's just great that doctor wrote up up up up so it left. Okay one more thing about this movie viewers we've got it locally in three different theaters. Oh while the guys is starting you know be hit it shares a little bit being the record and and you know just as Spain's debt that we're in right now we're we're in Macon record in ten. You know a lot of while reformer. Of these following them on their pictures formulate the approach is about. About doing that kind of the current in and I'm excited for our unique for the band to go and a theater in. And you know just kinda gotta check out all process the make in the record and perform. That's a cool Charles Kelly thank you thank you for never forgetting us up here and Western New York we appreciate it thank you. Are you take care now CNN ST August 10 dairy and like they you look good two hour. Wait. Thanks I really appreciate it.