Chris Janson called BMCC

Tuesday, April 3rd

Chris Janson called the BMCC to talk about his new song "Drunk girl" and his thoughts about the song subject matter!


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It's okay. Okay. Chris Hansen on 925 WB EB morning coffee glad to see a lot of sunshine 43 for our high today. Two G two WB. Is the number that's owner and one of the new signs like TJ said from Chris chance and we're gonna go to the phone lines for instant feedback caller what did you think of that song. The song was fantastic. Actually occur occur. If Jimmie and yeah. Eight at eight ticket always got a fantastic that transpired picker outlook the it beaten only. Nice point. Not in that Christina and himself and not get down a little. Official music video of her broker also thank you want him. Yeah no problem and what a powerful song word did you consider any other instrument than the piano for that. You know what that's been pushing could have. Actually played here a little while back. The first part is there's no it was it was written on you know I was you know on however. I just recently held up by the sort of you know jump cattlemen estate side got that part does make it. Edges exists as an honor Noah and I I just felt that listen into an S there's no other way this on them and the piano offenses like a glove. And what a great song for the times man hats off to he would now did you. I have this song. In the chamber or did you who. You know rioted. Out of the vehicle could questions one man thank you up so hot and yet I was about to throw them on. All last summer and I wrote that song during the beginning of that tour stop at their own. Gosh going on a year and a half now so long long long before it was back tanker. And actually one of the first songs I wrote for everybody album. And and men accused yet interesting how sound like data here it up girl and exit during the first whose songs. Actually turned in that whole album out there and just so happened that a person but the angle which is pretty awesome. Act Chris you're daddy. When you wrote it do you feel that you were speaking as a father. More so. Yes yes ma'am a 100% I wrote that the Mac apps pollute our perspective yeah. Coming with my daughter and son in my book particularly my daughters aren't in this in this slack because. You know they ever in that situation which you know they've ever Welker and enact a lot. And down you're not openly in the military and the great reverence and respect and onto the moral compass in the right direction and do the right thing and in those times and pass it was thinking like a bit of a rebel weren't sure 100% because. I think any parent out there connect there I would bet and you know it it happened at the message yes song certainly hurt. Now it has to have input for it to a higher. I'm less. And as long as it is because it it it spawned over all. Generations of all ages you know when it is it any adult is thought it was right now we've all pretty much been the circumstance ballot in all want to trust our lot. So well you know England and actually out of it yet you never really know we haven't hit song at a year. Actually did you know and I'm still think that young Arabian minister has not been comfortable especially. It sounds like yes. Chris Jensen newest member of the great old opry what does that mean to you being. All joined by Keith Urban homeless. Yet he in thank you by the way it my highest musical otter aircraft are one thing. In music I got you know I want to be on the stadium has its own to be in the op so. And it to be on the radio thank you and I'm off on LP. Well armed that owns homes in just recently had a had lunch at. I'm an auditorium that of course to Alter their mind. There was some doubt that we also anywhere in east. Came out and and surprised. And then by the weak in the environment. We you know they just did induction to we are actually that the actual conducting par which was unbelievable. And lack changing in that you're gonna put out. To put a mark on country music history and heritage. As it is written genre country music up you know that is it is so itself humbling man I gotta say this is the most humbling experience with a country music's been. Can never experience. That's so cool man and I just think of all the songs you've written for other people. You could be here are Brooks if you did you sing them yourself. At that you know everything. Hey you know that well. Are all right I've never been in the same category that I'll say it but he also and practiced that that is such as a good branding could incorporate. You know everything MP camera I've been so blessed man with. Was all that. Not splinter recorded and and they've become instant and they've been down out on things may have just been so blessed to have my opponent and that it that. It's cool because take in both sides of the spectrum and and and having it being able to have that fortunate. You know the stand has it sunk both ways as a writer and artist that there's something that condemn and discourage young never. You can never really dreamed about those bank but is that a cabinet but it happened but you know artwork I saw our I grew up at all many years. And you know it is god bless and. Boy your contributions don't end when you put a down year year instrument I mean I just I mean I can speak for myself but you've inspired other artists to create. I'm music and who we interviewed you guys we called. Uh oh we talked to you I don't know month month and a half ago and now where you got me into the going on here here yeah I did get ticket yeah I asked for advice on how to play harmonica and he said yeah just did you line. In due taken taken taken ticker. Like in the legs up on any tests are. So I went and got a harmonica and the key is C. Whenever I drive around in my truck and I hear a song I think isn't C op play along with that taken taken taken. That's went down to really hear it via boat yet that all ineptitude whatever month that really in a Manila Ellis could. While dressing well Chris there's I don't know that was loud don't real. There's a lot of checks around the building two men I mean it's just. It's just amazing what harmonic has done for me. You know what it they shake your hand while you're going to try to shake and. It like a hookah late yeah like. And it looks impressive I don't yet I don't when it taken away from the disaster yeah. Who's this this this quick. Birthday yesterday you did you get anything nice as a gift birthday boy. I'll development bank by the way I acted and I actually migrated yet like the other hand. I gotta say yes but it was gonna they're like is it was the most. The last part of that but a ticket and cool yes and I think that they could get the ball was the best if the ball was in Africa. A lot Alley downtown late last night and in there wee hours of this morning actually I just got home to move but it you know or they went in not. We just shot the official video put up girl which was. Then practically similar broadly down in Nashville. And now and shut the video and man I can't wait it out yet. 32 years old yesterday yak it that he's so much Christie could boil arts and cute kids Ella calling on social media day. Thank you nobody got pretty kick you have me on things. Orton on the regret and a harmonica out there. Everybody. Is. He'll never call it's. Battle throughout the.