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Wednesday, June 14th


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You don't all hate Chris Hansen how are you fool. On better now thank Jeremy aren't all you arsons in east. He's so if you're gonna fix me a drink what's it gonna bay. Well what I feel like. Yet it dummy data be like you like Pete blueberry pomegranate you name it. I can't go home peach pit. That's an art it is. That sounds awesome and a little fire ball you know we just can't. Whatever you like that I think it alma mixology sort of that is awesome that scary it's so great to talk to you we're gonna see this fall. When you jump the Timothy tour. You get your round with Sam hunt this summer right. Yes we're on the fifteen of 32 or we just started that it's been doing amazing. And it's been a lot of fun let's salmon and Merrins that to exist it's incredible and you know we. We've got a lot going on the last two weeks so we know when we start the tour that we just really need single. For picks and drink and it's already top forty which is amazing in and now I'm becoming a hit already and we just a few short days ago really big east exit drink which is. Got incredible reception renegade too so everything on fire and everything contender and now we got a new video production during rock and then. A captain video and and the we just we've been so busy but we've been having a great time doing it and and definitely feel like we're on the right track. Good good good good a tea I think it was about a month ago or so I was chatting with. The guys from Florida Georgia line I think they say you're like the third brother or something. Thank you very much you know what at that means a lot to me and I don't I loved them by the way and and. I love the music and the fan of the music but I'm more of a fan of who they are they're really good people and down they've always treated me with such respect and they're not say what they're always going get it for me to Crist. Man they've they've had my back and and and always said kind things about mean. And that I just appreciate you saying that. The son just came out in Rochester New York it's been gone since last in September but it back. Probably only for a couple of days but the minute the sun comes out in the city. The request flying opens up and floods with him talking me now boat. And everybody loves that song that race. Thank you very much for you know a lot I mean about being such a breakthrough that it was in lend itself to. Big audience abroad audience and and what I mean by that is with with state should drink being enough follow up to the Aggies are they can drink for the band the able crowds so. Lucky damage left eight so it's object. I tell you what I'm just blessed and thankful to be having the success that we're having. With a single BP the tour and everything in and out they let thank you for putting me on the radio and and make in my dream come true because. One up for you man out on the masses wouldn't get to hear my music and and that means a lot to me. Well hey you make my job easy I love your music so. I know you so much. I I want I think he too and I think your listeners are always have my back I love you all and anything I never before you on here. What we're gonna see this filed to Tim and faith in buffalo so you take care Chris. They are very much they letter.