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Thursday, January 26th

Chris Young will hit the road with Jason Aldean this summer and he's had a hard time keeping that secret!!  He talks that, football and his first trip to Rochester with Terry Clifford......

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I WEB. Oh in return is this Grammy nominated. Left fielder for the Boston Red Sox Kress yeah. A and well you know on rural or you good night and it is this early in the morning for you I know I'm a bit much for people early in the morning. Are you are on our day. Hey congratulations and that Grammy nomination is that not amazing. It really is it was you know Matta and aware of them they deprive them. No just seven summits settlement along been able to capitol Grammy nomination as a pretty incredible. Well I mean it's it's a great song there's absolutely no two ways about it act I can't image now Cassidy hole must feel to. Yeah we I about the order. An outbreak. Waiting and a panel rooms prize anchored by now you know everybody calls her only can only wait so long. And the press area but. So so cool and we're both. Both Conan and you know I was nominated. Like five years ago. Forget new home so the fact that. This is a random been nominated. Epidemic is absolutely incredible. That's pretty darn awesome so Chris I got to know because we're friends on FaceBook I'm sure you already knew that but. On the cover at least I get like your page you got to one. Black cat and it seems like you're wearing it all the time with the Dion at the baseball cap so in my mind I wanna say that must mean the Detroit Tigers. But I'm willing to bet it's the Dallas Cowboys as a net. Years. I want. And in my hand my my guitar player Ryan. We're really really big turned him so good that I actually do you own more than one nap. If that money come out this scrolling down through the FaceBook feed yesterday with. With Billy Kidd who's our our. Program director here in. I go until I see one had Eagles I've only seen one he had on him except for the you know the cowboy hat. And then we came across this Star Wars in which. Well I mean. Figured out that the cowboys have that I don't know. But we were looking at the baseball camps and that's our Alex Rodriguez you know Star Wars camp on and I'm like he did you pick eighteen that's both of the ambulance and amp. Everest acting for gore. A year. Alma I'm a bit of a matter it is being hailed being able IMAP one caveat for my birthday last year. So every town and our own. And it's pretty cool well it was pretty cool now of course Billy who is. Not just a bit of hindered by a huge nerd. He's got to find himself when those seas are looking for what a so I am sorry about two cowboys. Was an heartbreak. Google for the future. It's coming your tap into the land of the Buffalo Bills so. We know a lot about heartbreak here a bully me. What a minor league program. Actually you'd you'd spoke local ban so. Every comment we get together on Sunday. He he's just like. Well here we go again area. Just seen live around here I mean he's the Buffalo Bills him but he lives outside of Western New York you know. Why now. Yes that's pretty darn cool to me we take for granted it's part where he lives you know it's it there your bills but. And he's written. Or. All of that is awesome so you are headed to Darien lakes and you're going out on the row with Jason Wilde Lena. Yeah I mean just being able to go out as part that coercion when one out I'm known for awhile that matter kill. Announced that. Like sad that really wanted to go and they of them are. Really really prompt the bank you know battered this exceed the this shows us. Yet skin that can't be up there on broad Jason is going to be so much on them. Toured for five years ago was with him so calm being able to go back out there again and all crowds aren't this is going to be really really good summer. That's cool and we I mean you will be in you'll be in Western New York Williams the snow. Pretty much gone by the time to targets here OK. To drink. I mean promises. Of weekend. No promises but it boom we're we're pretty sure developed. And we do the best weekend I'd tell you my favorite Chris Young. Memory and I don't know if you're gonna remember this but we at Hewlett guitars and stars many years ago. In fact it was the one we have Taylor Swift and as well and I don't care who it was but somebody. Just got way too happy that night. Yes. If it was your mental. I I remember that. He it was so those so money. Media signed Mike are I'd just gotten a brand new it's our. And he signed it really really vague just like our. And I. Well in the it was a had to ship the next days. Boat emperor retreat aren't it really excited to go out that jokes and we're the only department yelled at at. Those and boy. Well actually means to get that up before. Before that true. As if it. We were scrambling you know Heidi gets RP we were dealing with an. And I everybody here felt really bad because he I mean that was some be loopy writing to people is going to get down and you're. On all the guitars currently. Well that the bad thing but you know rock well here nipple. We love them Chris thank you so Michael's. Haven't you Wear your list armored semen can use is you never forget this and it's most appreciated because there's lot of die hard country fans appear in. Western New York so thank you very much can't wait to see you would Jason Al Levine on June 3 Darian lake we appreciate your time this morning thanks well thank you.