The City goes OUTSIDE!!!

Tuesday, May 16th

It's time for The Western New York Bike Festival!!!  Hear all about it!

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So this is this city and Terry Clifford worst headed outside today and now we're doing so. Because we're celebrating the Western New York bike festival with and I welcome and Cindy Fleischer you're the director. Of the Western New York like fast I am. And what is the bike festival. The bike festival is a coalition of all things bicycles so much she was our first year. And we invited all the bike shops on the bike clubs. Everyone that had anything to do is spiking. To the events to celebrate bicycling. And what we learned last series so we wanted to do more so this year we've needed me an event that is going to benefit our community politics. And we have invited people from outside of New York State to bring things to our community. I haven't that aren't available here like we have an artist coming who has some really interesting. Like themed art. It's going to be fun. It's pretty light fiend hurt. Yes he's actually a former cyclist who raced OK and so he produces art that's like related and actually running related as well. That is very cool it. Opens up the world possibilities for me I've got friends. Who have recently got and biking and running. And I know they're very passionate about it if there's one thing I know about. Runners and cyclists there extremely passionate about their art and what they do so daddy aren't home reflect their passion. It that's a great. Gift idea I well biking is you know it it it encompasses a wide variety of people for writing for a variety of reasons I'm. Dan will tell you about our community bikes and what he does. And providing bikes for communities who use on bikes primarily for transportation. There are people that live out in the suburbs in the rural areas that you spikes primarily for transportation is well. And there are a lot of people who use bikes for health reasons for fun for social activity. Just seeing the world's in a different way from the seat of a bicycle it's really. Pretty cool. Leisle Leisle. Let me make sure it's interest rates Stravinsky. That's classic get enough. It is true is in ski cap okay all right very good now how do you how do you come into play with Kia with the bike festival. Well I was thrilled to meet Cindy years ago when I. I was new to the Rochester market I'm a former IUS national team cyclists it was a professional cyclists race spikes all over the world narrowly missing Olympic team and wet metal in the world championships. Several decades ago now I joke damage about approach talk could either did you. But shock it is good for your cycling it helps keep the magnesium levels seven. So I be doing a couple of clinics at the at the festival this year which I'm just thrilled about one in my big passions is to bring more people into the sport recycling and very specifically women and I've been cycling coach for many years I'm also a yoga for athletes that's my primary. Function now I have company yoga and training. For athletes and say I'm going to be doing a stretching clinic in the mornings war. And people who are not flexible it's really important. That people know that you don't have to be flexible to stretch infect people that aren't flexible need stat stretching modality especially on cyclists is gonna make them better that they do and then in the afternoon I'm leading a women's specific act clinic and getting again more women we want women that aren't comfortable writing groups or comfortable on the road or the mountain bike and get them to show up as as as are hoping that other communities of people. Also come to the event there's tons of stuff Cindy we'll tell you about more things more events going on throughout the day it is jam packed full of fun and and tons of Judeo. So this is a one day event it's June 3 by the way that's correct and it is it a full twelve hours 99924. Four okay. Follow initially would people sign up Ford how can peruse what the schedule of events into the best place to go is our website which is W and why bike fest dot com. Every detail sum there okay great are your hobbies have. A Porsche B portion of this is a biking event. Where you gonna bite to and from loan rerecord it and the reason it's where it's located which is in Victor which is a beautiful community for biking. This done the park that is going to be located at Dreyer road park and has wonderful. On community supported trails. And by community supported I mean there's a wonderful coalition on her she's Munich combination of effort between the town to Victor. And at local biking clubs and volunteers. To create two they've created and and maintain the trails there's you can imagine trails can grow over and so it's a great park for mountain biking and we will have led mountain bike rides. And it's also wonderful area to our road ride and so we'll have Verizon for all levels by the way both mountain bike and rode rides. On all levels of writers are invited to come and were particularly hopeful new writers and beginning writers will come because we wanna grow the sport share share. It's it's interesting to me because there's there's a whole other. Layer to this event which really does benefit the community. Though it's happening in Victor. We're talking about. Gifting and the city of Rochester. With transportation and with that I introduce Dan Lil. And you founded an organization. And. What is nicknamed the name of the organization is our community by exits the latter are community by X. Well you may have to turn my microphone off and about a half. Open and I. It is an all volunteer organization. Started in 2001. But there were only tool so you really couldn't call us an organization. We're just two guys fixing bikes out of our houses and providing them to people. In need to. In 2008. We incorporated because we had grown to the point where we really had to do something to up to clarify what we were and who we worse or 2008. We became a 50 one's eatery. And officials dates sounds a state that state sponsored by state recognized organizations are now any donations does our next deductible. From those humble beginnings we now have a 180 volunteers. Who contribute eight last year contributed 181000. Hours to our effort. And the effort produced. A giveaway of 2700. Bikes that's 2700. Bikes we gave way. The people in need on my goodness in addition to that as we're getting more and more bikes into the community those bikes will frequently and breakdown and they'll be the they'll need repairs so we also did a little over 54 dollars and repairs or 7000 bikes. We went through our job last year job that to 26 cuts and I'm just gonna ask you yeah yeah now he started out in your own garage yes you know yeah you've got an actual shock. We have a warehouse at 226 Hudson avenue while. We purchased did about five years ago and every time I get an opportunity I think that the and you LE family because they held our mortgage at 0%. We originally rented from them but then when we decided that. We have the finances to purchase the building they held the paper it's 0% I don't know what that means because I'm not a financial person I know it's a good thing to do. Yeah and we agree yeah. Yeah we are so we're very thankful to them. So now we have this building and and that's where were housed. Were open six days a week but only nine to one that's four hours. I can't go much be around 1 o'clock. That's that's basically what we do we repair bikes. We give away bikes to people in need and median is ideally. It's an idea that kind of developed as a response to the need in the community when we started out we were repairing bikes at saint Joseph's house hospitality core people who had bikes. And then people came to us and they said well. I don't have a bike and you know how I can get a bike so we started collecting bikes and that's really that's that's really how the whole thing started we had no idea no vision down the road that this is gonna happen. And we just keep responding to the needs in the community. Sure that's basically what we do we don't have a five year plan or one year plan. When there's a need we try to respond to it. So if people bikes in their garage that they know they have used forever and probably those they have the best of intentions won't be using them anytime soon. Did they just simply drop them off at the warehouse. They can drop them off at the warehouse that's really what we refer. They get to see the operation. And that's really an important part to see. What we're doing and how we're doing it in who's doing it but we will also do pick ups. Oh yeah they worry and they were a lead they're truck will be asked to buy access collecting. So you can bring it like you're gonna use that day and then bring one to donate as well yes and bike parts kept. We'll take anything related anything bike related all that's great tricycle skids vice kids tricycle. On anything that's related to bikes. Q that's Austin and of course donations are always welcome as well. Donate yes yes yes and at all donations are tax deductible okay him. When a bike comes to Los weakened due won a fourth things with it. We can sell it at somebody donates a really high end bike DOS we will salad okay because frequently as the cyclists know their hearts and some of those high end bikes that the average cyclist the people that we give bikes to would not be able to use. This special adults they hit it 200 dollar pair of shoes to use all I give like like that to somebody who can't use right right so that's one thing we can repair it and give it away. We can totally trash it because sometimes bikes and ban in a barn for thirty years. And get things growing out of it via we would just crash death and the other thing is we will stripper like for parts of the comes in with. A frame that's broken for example were McEnroe well the frame but we will. Strip them stripped the bike for hearts re use those parts because recycling is very big in our organization. And then this. Carcass of the frame will be recycled. Every gentleman does recycling force as well. And Corey. He gave us an incredible. Statistic about the number are there pounds of. To get sensitive again if you if you multiply the number of Blake that we have service to either given away or repaired. Times an average of 25. Pounds per bike it comes out to the thousands of tons of metal that we have kept out of land sales. Tunnels that's amazing. And and that speaks volumes because you've we've all got those pictures in our minds and I know for myself I've owned. Probably five bikes there my lifetime and where they all now. You know rotting somewhere I'm sure that's amazing that's a great organization. How if one if you know someone who's in need of a bike how would they go about getting a bike from you. There's three requirements to get a bike from us to get a free bike from us and you need to have a letter referral from a social service agency or school or church or doctor somebody who can vouch for the fact that you need a bike are. You need a lock and chain or you can buy one from us for five dollars. And you need ID. So then we record all that information you're allowed one bike every twelve months. Miniature bike is stolen you can get a second bike. But only if we have a police report the hard copy of the please report you can't just come and say oh my bike was stolen I need another bike that doesn't work you have to report to the police they have to give your please report to those that basically the three requirements to get a bike that happens on Wednesday and Saturday morning. At 9 o'clock. You wanna buy have like you can commit any time that were open. It must be such a gift do you. You must have seen this play out before you a million times I can. Just imagine. Parents who can't provide their kids with bicycles because they just simply don't have the money and to be able to go and get one. From you guys and give that as a gift to their kid has to be the world's biggest blessing. It is it is wonderful to see the smile on the faces of kids but then in the background you see that smiles on the face of the parents are absolutely right. Here's the camp. Is you know like I know for me my first hike with smoke so much more than just to bite. And I don't. I wonderful childhood but this was my skinny. You know like good now in freedom I was going. You know I was never out of their sight I'm sure but I could go up the street or down the street and for those you know 1520 seconds I was male. Sell its gift it really is that I I think sometimes we take for granted too because. I think now to you know not enough people were also obsessed with our cars these days that kind of people I'd like cell. It's a very cool thing you do at SCANA. Be a great place to work to balance here makes it very easy to go into work every day I would yes two yes 2 but till 1 o'clock. Then it's nap. You know the thing about getting kids on bikes as it gets an active chair which should be underplayed I mean that's very important particular in our TV culture there right now right. I brought an Auburn and one of the things that we did every year. Every summer my friends and I wrote around the lake and our bikes and we would spend the first half of the summer. Preparing each other's bike because. You know the result is one it was best to change I was that mastered chains like it get the chain and keep it around. I hated it when we ended up going to the eighteen years because that was. A little bit about what a great night and I had a friend who could you change tired just like that. We would get each other's likes already and somewhere around late July we take off for a Moscow lake and a great day. On. Doing now because we would just get off our bike and go swimming. Pool on the property. They were all about. Getting. Right off at this point but this was back in the nineteen seventies and it is okay. But bikes play huge role in my childhood and I remember when my husband and I were looking for a house. We hit in the back of our mind we wanted. You know that idyllic. Kind of experience for our kids to and I know it's getting tougher and tougher. You hit a lot of younger people joining. The bike clubs do you see it as a younger. Sport or is there what is the median age in your like. I have no idea. I would tell me that there's a disproportionate number of men in the cycling clubs on that can be as compared to women which is one of the reasons we're focusing on women this year. And Leslie's going to play a key part in that. I'm getting back to cancer ounce wanna mention that we will have kids activities at the bike test as well but he roots for them. I have a Mike's. Have what a group of we have what's called a bike rodeo local heads. And by the way people coming to the Fed should bring their bike in a home. And an above for as far as kids the bike rodeo will be an opportunity for them to interact with an Ontario county sheriff. On who rides a bike as part of his daily work. And I'll volunteers who seldom Honolulu the bike which. Most parents don't know Honolulu bus and they're not cyclists themselves soak the somehow elude their by those somehow to sit at home properly. Kids have to have home it's two on and on how to pump that how to figure out how much air should be in their tires and how to pump their tires. We're gonna have a little kids parade around the by access for kids that are too small to go on our Stanley ride which follows the bike rodeo. And I'm as far as that we're asking. That any of these activities that parents have to stick around by the on kids that can ride independently the appearance has to determine that they will write seriously that the followed directions and that they can ride five miles without stopping. So I'm. We're trying to be very very aware of I'm keeping everybody safe. So I don't what the average ages in like clubs I really don't know. And no idea because you know it seems to me that that people are. Certainly. Much better at this than my generation I'm I'm oh late boomer Kurt you know detailing the baby boomers. Wasn't all about exercise we were growing up we were out doing stuff constantly but it wasn't organized. And I and I think that it's probably. Was not to our benefit even though we were very active. It it was. Taken for granted and then when it went away it went away completely you know there was no. Until. Years later there was no real. Organized. You know group activities to to keep us outside in acting that was. So I definitely believe it's a mistake and and something that we've since learned from but. I think it be great if you start orderly with with your family and got admin guys cycling club are running club or. And not something necessarily that they do for school sport but something they do for them. Because that I believe will follow them through their eyes one actually I know that there are. Ers programs where on their introducing bicycles into elementary schools as part is that the of the tis said program. I'm not aware of that happening in Rochester. Are you there are jurors. Pro schools that have requested bicycles from odds and we will provide them primarily in the elementary level which is good to get kids started early. So we will provide them with bikes if you were able to at a particular time of the year. Mostly. The inner city schools. Chair and chair. Especially when you are at the yap like fast. And and that the programs that you we have will focus a little more on women tell me about what will happen. What your your piece of mrs. Well in the morning. That there are some other activities that kids and a rodeo on some things going on and again it's you know again the name festival out there will be we know the net numerous activities going at the same time and so they thereby testing with the -- -- or innocent is gonna talk about it our community banks and some of the other entities will be act active but in the morning I'll actually be doing stretching clinic as I mentioned and that's for men and women and act children at any age. And then in the afternoon and doing their women's specific clinic and again we're encouraging women who maybe have never written who of course they were there required to bring their bicycle and a helmet. It who are able money to get into group cycling or individuals cycling. And really trying to pave a path. And make it very approachable very friendly. And very doable. I'm also I've biked I work with women who wrote several years ago and they wanna get back into that maybe there and to investors sort they have a desire for Howell soared just to see the world from bicycle which is really the best way to see the world and an even people who may be even writing and they just wanna come back and and and re acquaint themselves of some of the basics. And it is and that we don't of the dudes but we really want to make is that sometimes women preferred to have an all women. Especially when they're new it's something they're just really kind of pay that passed. And make it's safe and fun. High and so so the only request is that we cross our fingers we great weather and. Well things are improving in department and the little bits well but that's okay. It will definitely hope that it. We're talking about the weekend of June 3 so it's actually on Saturday June 3 and EM to 4 PM correct. If people want to get involved register right now. The action there's a registration required it's a festival that's why CB can just show up and we encourage people to do so but all the information that's needed what you should bring with you what's going on holiday. Is that W and line bike fest dot com. It's great in its Victor game he said it's a drier road park in Victor okay that's ops is sexy and easy Ryan and I'm. And for ninety yet yet out there. People can write it fair for us now. China and there weren't there will be people that ride their bikes are in fact we have on. Arranged for satellite parking lot at him because we want to make sure that people. That there's plenty of places for people to park. And on were encouraging people who do bike regularly to look to one of those satellite parking lots to park their car and ride the bike to fast story you. Ever hear of people. This is gonna sound ridiculous as well I'd I'd add Dan. To replacements. Couple. And so I Russia like in a pool if he ever give likeable I've not have heard of it and yet so I read it like Nepal. And I love it I absolutely. And I want I wanted to get back out into who. Riding bikes on the land again. And like for some reason. I just want one of those overgrown Trace the calls. Its three L likes T I don't suppose you ever had people that ride. I would imagine they'd be challenging to write that kind of up like Connie pike. Or is up now there are any people that ride those on Rochester accessible adventures will be at the buy access Andrea IR. An organization that provides. I just saw a clip from them this morning. 20% of right sisters folks are unable. Our season our have a disability that keeps them from participating in active sports. So their goal is to get people involved in active sports and one of those sports has bicycling. And they will have on some bikes they are for people to look at to try. And on the they're encouraging people to bike and. We have made some real bikes are better. I I just. So funny because when I showed my kids in my husband nick opted firm date next year like. You're right dead in the neighborhood. And I went to a proudly and then nice. Area. I I I don't know why but I'm just intrigued by those bikes and I. I think that there something I probably could break regular bike probable it would be a problem. But I just don't wanna follow off that thing in -- hips that I sort rightly Arctic. Well we're also going to have. If you're going up the hill it's like you have this tremendous tail wind behind you pushing up the hill it's a lot of fun. So we're we actually have four or possibly five now. Demo rigs coming full of bikes for people to trying. They do have to have a license and a credit card to leave with them while they try to bikes or to sample Mike's. But on the BE bikes mountain bikes I hope some road bikes so that's part of the fan hysteria. Saga. Now there's going to be something for everyone and every level of ability. Has cracked. And if people do you volunteers need guys. Oh my gosh right but I'm so happy you said that. Because I'm actually leading up to this just has been the most difficult we can use of people who were really experienced in on events I'm volunteering. And would love to have them contact us and if they go to WNY bike fest dot com. There is actually a links there for four volunteers. Especially leading up to next year's fest we do have people volunteering at the fast recovery this year. But I would love to hear from more people should can't have too many knowledge you really at the mid priced at a OK carry it. Well I guess in the third two other clinics that are taking place that day besides Leslie's two clinics on Jeff right. Who is the president of greater earth sees me. Genesee. Regional off road cyclists. And also runs a business called single track. Single track is saying it. An instructor in mountain biking is a reason to do a clinic for beginners and mountain biking. And Bob elector who is a road warrior for many years is going doing a clinic for. On mixed gender. And also for a new new writers great entry road writers. This is awesome we were just about at a time is there anything to a mixture of media. We include yeah I'd mention that we're going to have cheered you tour representatives there I went to that some big box stores because iPod. If you bring new people into bicycling we should go to places where people that are interested in being. No change in movement as being I'm involved and activities. So athletic will be there they're gonna have to try trunk show on LOB will be there with the discovery school. On the North Face is going to be there with the equipment. But Stuart also says actress that I am that much covers it all and I do want to mention our response is if I can on because in order to have this festival we had to. Pay for all of that. Production of it cellar door alien code brownstone physical therapy. Fool moon Vista bike in sport and you may know that they run the criterion in the green sign of their fund those are two huge events. And on their during the production of our van stands no tubes and a little being. Great can I often think you very much Cindy and Leslie and and again. It's it's a great gift to our community I think it's eight it's a great way to come together and get outside and make herself a little healthier makes new friends again drink you are having us Jerry bat and then it is Cindy for giving us too. Aren't writing stuff. That's great it is nice to four on June 3. Of the Western New York bike festival.