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Tuesday, May 10th

Cole Swindell checked in with Billy Kidd to chat about his new album and performing on the roof of the WTC!


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The LA mom man. All slender Allah in the house. What herb wrote aria I am doing great but I think you are having a better day than me. I I don't know it's been a it was early one has been a long day but I cannot complain. Today is as one how will not forget for surely. You know you're about to come out last league in weird you know open. Of the New York just did and stuff done. Now way did your downplayed this year up in New York you're atop the world the New York tell everybody where you performed today. My guess got the onslaught of the World Trade Center there's a pair of inside the 57 floor of the white thus boast a fool. Well I mean just. The whole problem the play at the minute is chilling man and could be. You know mania that talk about music before and the power of lyrics and and country music and for me to have a strong that. You know mainly those that need the panel's vote. Everybody else should note that. Host up to stand there and get through that look at that. The fan resentment from the first responders and just you know people just getting to hear their story and then and how. You know learning more than then I knew about that that bang and that the I just didn't receive that. A whole lot area and that's what they've done within them and it is beautiful and there's some I can't think of a better memorial than just the way to honor those we loft on Mount Lebanon that is. I don't know how you got through that song you to be here. Yeah I mean for you personally I don't know how you get through that saw a day to day but singing that in front of families. Yeah lost people at the World Trade Center that's. Wow that's I don't know how you ever you know like I literally was standing out there thinking how in the world is that neo appeared you know nobody's ever done that before. And I just you know the song. Like upset our road you know with my dad and mom but else we wrote it so people everybody can relate to a you know even if you haven't lost somebody. You know he may be dismissed and somebody but this one right here they'll missile more than been dismissed and people on that was that was the real deal and just. You know you hear them kind of tell this story it was it was just unbelievable amount of all ears just owned it. You know sometimes you can't say there's nothing you can say you just have to give me give us again. Let him that you know they're forming at the that's not eleven and they you know wasn't just as spamming that affected all of us you know and but nothing like like it did them so that you know permitted get this thing that's on the main some Palestinians that special place. I don't know that I don't know up Biden partners. I was just gonna say top that COLT. I I can't I guess. I've gotten this so much gives and you know you know. That you we came Belmont radiate to earn just. Look back into it all happen man from. And it hasn't been that long wind when did you open for around for look Brian as you're here you didn't even have a record deal yet in your opening for Luke Bryan at C Mac. Was five years ago. Does seem like it is about the Marines. Out they're thinking wow that in my traded out. How always comes since then have to remember stopping by you'd put it on the air burst from the sale of the big deal man well. Now where you know out totally banned because I think I don't content square was. You know had been at the local bank of that you know from that that kind of got us ready in the in the next year were out of the loop. The Nashua about dean and Chesney now but this car this weekend with Florida's do or do managed. I can't I mean I couldn't name anybody else one tool that pretty in my. Have you bumped indicate for yet and said thank you for having that sort issued three years ago. Haven't. I would morning to take that the wrong I you know I certainly. That was an opportunity for us now I'm so glad although we do I don't think we're ready Florida and we were. We will get onto the rules blue look better way to learn and and the look bigger stage that you beyond them outwardly Brian yeah so there'd been saying it it's unbelievable. So you got a brand new album out Tom obviously you should be here. Probably one of your favorite songs is there another one on there that you just can't wait to get out there on the radio. Oh man. Just I was second put all the mothers thump on the that I really. Nowhere much in this album I just want to put the best stuff I have them. You know maybe in a songwriter burst out morally responsible one this album arrests than. And that's songwriter of the national wrote that a there's trying to think of once saw a man odd to me. The kind of broke down sound and song but I don't know and they broke bats on a love. Remember a bullet in his distance it's. On another level a pain lyrically and just on one of them and while I didn't write a boat man I wish I had you know wish that was native residents found about. At least I get this thing it because I think that's. Song that every parent you know would want there's on this year's the phone I remember boy as an economist at. Right where I am in my life and I personally and his career what I wanna do this for a long time don't they remembered as the I give guests we're you know we're working on that but I I remember boys are broke down both lessons reference that that's another on the love. So you ride New York City obviously a bunch of shows there. Little birdie tells me you're gonna be on Kimmel and The Today Show tomorrow. Yes ma'am that's we're double dip and a big you know big deal. The TV appearances and any time you know you're trying to interface there your music and and all that that this is Kimmel is as. On and I yeah yeah. I didn't let any scarier for you to perform on those shows knowing that there's millions of people watching that it is to just walk out on a stage in front of big crowd. Yes no move out because I don't know that. I almost wish they were there like watching but that it. You don't need to note that common people Watson in their BMI below crowd never Benning nothing compared to almost say and then you don't want. You know you palatial pressures that you you want you know Maceda upper you know it's easy to kind of made light and allowed so I get lost in the crowd of you know out regularly record day here in the habit she really kept both Qatar Abu at least on these shows are out get you know. Although bill and up that are. You know. That's been with the crowd or do without the united. So it is a little more nerve racking but you know should be at the just means at the big deal and we wanna do well. Now you've written songs for people like Thomas read Thomas as a habit of falling off the stage of U die may yet. I have no I if they take him after learning curve. He's taken at least three dives and I don't know if he's just dance and not paid attention that he's on the grounder. And how that happens but you haven't followed up yet. IPad some close calls the almighty that one bit but we apart just draw your own mind that with that would have been bad stuff you know I don't know the you know Thomas and Lou that is part TriBeCa Obama that. One amok but all of us have don't know about a product that compelled her. Well you like you have to have world would you feel right now my friend and I am I'm so happy for you and it feels like. I mean for me it feels like it was overnight I'm sure has been years in the making but I could not be happier for you personally. Tom your run of the guard guys and and I'm I'm glad you're doing well. Well I Billy thank you man in most years about till the final about the year gray didn't thank you for for all you do for me and and every other. Artist and songwriter rather malware we're looking forward in the outfield let and they just whenever we do.