Death quilt

Monday, October 23rd

"Memory blaket" or "Death quilt." Have it made before you go and your family gets rid of all your crap. 


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Terry Clifford yes Billy said. I think your daughters really onto something. And while. I'll eventually to. Why why well you would mention that she wanted you who to not give away your own clothes yeah similar favorite pictures gives you were talking off the air about. And yes some of your service is getting old the worn out he gave a voice well that's my favorite sure we could use it for the quilt. That's the quilt other so she could make the quelled. The death twelfth before you passed away. Yeah that's exactly what you said to me it's death. Quilt okay well it's what else is it it is is it called murder it's a comforting comforter it's a memory blanket. It is not a death quilt are written. It is you know a lot of kids a lot of moms and dads want him. This memory blanket made for their children at all all of their jurist on the world. T shirts injury sounds as CE. Give it two or while you're still here at all. Have to wait and tell and then you're gonna put bad job by booted he's not gonna wanna put that thing together and police the minute I go all like crap is out the door right behind me. I know that and bet that I know miserable make a fabulous dead. Be quiet. Finally. In all seriousness I know a couple people who had those made. And they were very. Heartwarming. I I think the people who were given them didn't know they were coming. All and then you open up this package in years is beautiful quelled with you know your dad's favorite T shirt up or that that jacket that he used to go outside and all the time and got cold in the fall I mean just like there's so many memories attached to us I think it's a great idea. And the same jacket at the same share of your fathers that just made you cringe when you saw him walk down the street in Angela and suddenly is so comforting. It's part of I wouldn't you know co op for other clothing that major credit they did find another name besides the death corps OK to. It gave that nickname that is not the name of it.