Don't be a Valentine's day sucker

Wednesday, February 8th

Why would you wait until Valentine's day to tell somebody how much you love them?! Billy & Terry have VERY different views on this. 

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Clifford. I am hoping that you're gonna tell me I'm wrong but I think that I'm right are usually do cellular abroad. Our data I. Now what you guys are you these people dead and go on the premise that. Hall call mark is responsible for Valentine's Day and you're not gonna do anything special because it's all just ridiculous anyway. Yes but. But hear me out 00. There's always a review because my wife is like don't buy a card to buy flowers it's a waste of money they're just gonna die the cat's gonna knock them over. Got the idea. So I'll do stoppage at just that he should spend the money they Cuba had no don't bother it's okay. Well Hillary is not helping my case at all let me tell you a normal life let me show you. Their take credit on that. And Doug is trying to ski am out of were using the same argument about every single little holiday he says. Mac nine. For 33 years I got a wild Brian Hardin flowers now and I say. But dealing with you for 33 year olds I'm Tebow got this right here's why. The guy who makes you bunches and puts little notes. In your lunch is they don't have a great sweeter harder and all you know he's doing this stuff every day he's got away and for holiday. British arts is lab every chance he gets that you're not operate here. Oh somebody's out there aren't any two people. I hate your lover in me already mama don't. Because the truth. Hits he came out of my luggage to act. Apparently didn't know she's reveals pick up notre. And yes he dies. And he can't stopping get a little Valentine's Day card every once in awhile now I feel like such a selfish which. People do god six is just gone full circle and smack me upside they had to get. Tonight or any acting is what I do from what you go to song of Solomon. Read three finds that that strikes copy pace. That's a romantic stuff right there. That's. Sweet actually done. Who taught you big time and I are all that away not alone okay this don't believe the downs during a Bible study came across. I'll look at that map up the and so I already. Have a pretty sound like you're. Hey. How you know then it's pretty happy better. Other subsequent movements and okay are right well pays for your help. You're every bit as helpfully June usually are let's just put it that way. Okay everybody listening to this are you eighteen Terry are you teams Billy. 9409 through just hash tag team Kerry team Billy exterior with a YE. Philly with a lot of. Type course here in ninety dressed up.