Door to door bus policy and the morning commute

Monday, September 10th


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What's the bus stop situation with your kids debate to come up bright at that house that pick them up at the end of the driveway yes. Columnists. Lucky you have I mean I don't know today's picture day of course of all days. And my teen had been up very early this morning even before me street cleaner air. And she just texted me act. Rarely get. Alert phone conversation earlier Diana in the again only heard his TD seeing what what do you want me to do about I. If you know your your hair I don't know. Yes so it's picture day and talking about this picture daily. I want like why can't picture on picture day. Announcing it stuck in this kind of marine. Let me know how it works out to nine now we're we're rooting for her bell. Yeah I didn't know if they had to do is stand out there you know what I've wanted to I don't even have kids and I want one of these and I know there mainly for winter. But I. Out rural Lee were outlive everybody has liked a little kid Cirque at the end of the drive way. Yeah my brother bill one for his daughters when he without candidate black. Because they live down on this rural road and the girls would be stuck out there for who knows how long ya got there he handled mentioned there and walls and. Yes summary cool man has some all the time in my hand. Wanna go check it out the book but let me get shot trespassing. Are you wanna go check out there yes and I'm pretty cool man some people you know they like the they piece them together at a scraps. Other people you know like have siting on there is now there's a lake is a leg up back to school blind. It was a little deer blind in yeah they're just little. Cash anemic and they look like a little townhouses and like you do that's small scale like I know my brother ran a lender. A country where the electorate there would be light in there kind it's kinda like year have you ever seen that commercial where that ladies nice. She should yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Sure yeah yeah. How lucky she she said yeah it just. Smaller. A few minutes ago we haven't a little conversation about with the rain like this does stood but stopped situation. And somebody sinister note it 94092. Or studio Tex line which is China would who is. Get Nat. When I asked if they came writes his driveway. To get owns they do that even on good weather day he asked the RA will this note says. Bad just stops seven times behind a school bus and a fifty yard stretch and I couldn't help but peek why those kids could not waited one half's instead of stopping. Seven times at seven ounces in a row made traffic nightmare. The kids now weighed in when general area anymore and I always said to walk to the bus stop and fifteen other kids in my neighborhood. And the bus stop once for all of us. Being sure have changed since I rode the bus hello well for a while no he just in the afternoon I don't know about the morning and again I live count. Rural Lee. Outside of the village and the bustle stop on my road. Gosh let's just say it's a mile and a half long probably ten times. But that's different I'm I'm and I'm guessing this is like in. A neighborhood here in Monroe County you know and I mean where yes houses they're. My eight road is so busy that we live by and that there are two buses that crop that stop at the same time and because the door they don't want kids crossing that road. So they may be going to the same school but like one goes up the right hand side of picks up in those driveways and the other owners on the left hand side. He had just trying to keep them out of the got to keep the same here yet and the younger ones that those are the ones that get dropped and picked up in driveways the high schoolers those sometimes get dropped off at them you know that the front of neighborhoods where they can while. I remember being in school we. We would gather one spot to get the Boston. And we talked for awhile you know so it the league of smoke you know we've seen. Our country. Before the basket yeah on rainy days we would pile on to the porch of the poor. Cranky old couple's son who had just happened to live on the corner there you in that was the pick up we would all be up on their porch now. And you know there'd be fifteen of its least I don't know I just remember even as a kid gone god these people must. Now. Sino I would be inside the door going. Forty don't touch stuff. Down it. I it's all sorts of stuff at our. Lot of fight tyrant and a I was gonna say anything but I remember fights like girls fighting and guys fighting at Gannon like there was nothing else to do let everybody fight. My best year was seventh grade I think I was five and one really yeah Moeller to Gail escalating ethnic.