Dream Cars

Monday, October 23rd

Tom George stopped by for a visit with his spiffy new to him Corvette. That got Billy and Terry talking about their dream cars. 

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They're Clifford. Leaky so Tom George. Retired traffic guys with this for many many years we Allentown yeah he came wandered in recently with his new toy. Ridges is fifty Corvette. Cheery red. And it chevys and here's all that. Spend it what I should be getting in the well out of car. You know well like earlier in the well. Got to be and we froze for a lot of time on the year well it's. I cannot ask them help so that started Jerry united talk you know he wanted to. Parties and a Corvette the past. But you know he's got the means so he said you know what I'm gonna go get one again for him guy worked his butt off to get to where it was a night. So Jerry and I started talking about our cars if we can go out of buy any car. My cat car that you wanted since your kid. What would it be and for me. I've fallen into this does rabbit hole on this stupid FaceBook marketplace. It's pitchers drop the price is detachable block that stuff and my favorite car ever popped out and Nissan 300 easy. I don't know why I love that car. I wanna own that car someday it's all sports car yeah it was announced that they had the 280 and you know the 300 I think that 300 anyways. What it'll pop up at a news feed for like 3000 dollars oh geez now that I don't have three grants it around but that's doable. And that maybe go boom. You know how it and I said no no no this isn't the time you know that's like give it some like tax return shows up or. You know you inherit somebody comes along last enters updating I don't know Tom dart yeah our jobs. You know I'm not gonna go dropped regret and heart that I don't need. But someday may be. I figure out your mind because you know what the older I get the more I'm deciding. I will clean in half of my garage and I will put my summer current okay. Tell us we're good summer for me great cars but the summer car I want. Is the yellow VW bug with idling anxious. You have to get. Getting that they don't rack space now I don't. Remember. Remember I did go to beetle for a while. It was black it was like gray. Had a Turbo I know I know you I got beat yeah hot record flew back are awesome but it did not have the analysts is in the firmament did you. The little bass player that. You. Try to take it out of glued to an article begged. Some hours and never talked to him back at it honestly I really I don't even want a yellow line you know would I put. The B wings on the back to or. A red one. With the black dots that make it look like the ruling kept up upward I think they're the Swedish cars ever. But it I had a lot of get my child's account which is 1976. Laguna super sport as three. With 358. Cylinder and how bad is it very specific risk right there it's got to be white with Burgundy. Trend all in swivel. Seats and an eight track. Larry swivel bucket seats and a car so yes yes that was the only year shabby what do men. And they didn't really go anywhere a delight that it would now a swivel bucket seat that hit eight track player. Just regular radio strong union we started out for me. To go off on me that a terror.