Fairy Godmothers - Just say YES to the dress!!!!!

Wednesday, January 17th

Mara Axelrod from Fairy Godmother's - Rochester has some BIG news for the bride to be in your family!!!!  If you haven't said yes to your dress yet, WAIT!!  (and listen)

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It's a Citi thanked you for joining us for sharing. Your time with us you've got a million ways you can spend this half an hour to two chose to share with us and I am very grateful for that. Morrow Axel right at Axelrod yes. I say Roy eighty seriously anyway and she joins us from fairy god mothers it's why since you were on the show what. This time we get this 2015. I can't believe that I know are right now we are going to say. That's not gonna happen again that that we put this much period of time between. Here's the thing op Ed that the read one of the reasons it amazes me so much is that ice. Told countless people about Kerry got my X because. You'll I'm money on. Neighborhood garage sale site condoning it spurred penfield. I don't know what else is in there but and that of that submits the suburb wrote in and out on the market place. And people will put up prom dresses for like five or ten dollars. And even though I'm now really. Supposed to do this some message to them and say. If it's earlier looking for out of that I'm considered don't hit he'd defer her godmother. So is ours as well they do a bit. If you're not familiar with fairy god mothers please explain the program for people. OK so what our nation is is really to help the young ladies of upstate new York and we cover everywhere between. Up buffalo and Syracuse. And we get and the opportunity to attend their high school problem and if we didn't support them now than they would otherwise. Be unable to attend and you know our program we really try to focus on self esteem. And making these girls feel so good about themselves. Even if it's only for a day chair but you know the promise of rite of passage it is and not being able to always detrimental to young ladies. Yet I mean if you are one that if you really wanna go and that's kept from you that's Stifel cup that's something. You know you meet people all the time that say I'm not going to my reunion that was said not a good experience I don't doesn't like high school at. A wasn't able go to the prom I wasn't able to do this that. To be able to embrace that and get them to go to those things. For that not to happen to begin with. I I just think your organization is awesome. Well I to tell you I feel very honored to be a part of my partner and I spleen that founded in 2000 and form. Which is un believable to me that it's been going on all high. Only goodness a fourteen year her some fourteen years and we dressed over I don't wanna exaggerate but I am guessing somewhere. Around eight. Alison oh my guys ladies wow that's unbelievable. Is that yeah and and really. You know where the organization and our community is what allows us to continue to thrive every year through the people's Tony and share their time share their dresses. A mean word of mouth I mean it's unbelievable with the community to us to support our cities it's very cool so is so. But explaining that whole process that they did the day where they just get. Personal shopper and they just go shopping kind. So what we terrorists to a girl that its interest in going to her prom and is on the tail she sees her guidance counselor. And the guidance counselor will get them information about fairy god mothers. And then they can register them you know a lot of the girls might not have a computer so counselor will register them charity at the events. And have to be registered to come and we really look to the guidance department to help us. Make sure that the great girls that are being given that that opportunity right so when they arrived that morning. We tell them to be prepared to weights is all day parents. And we have girls that are writers earliest or in the morning I got my own one slot just up up up and they and we do. You know they wait in line and they we call them back at ten to twenty girls at a time. Every girl is given a personal shopper. That personal shoppers stays with that young lady from the time they're introduced. To the time to check out. They walked in into the program. Which opened the doors and it's like hi Cinderella moment. You're surrounded by at least 3000 gallons. We have long we have short we go from double zero to thirty eight's. We covered the gamut everything awesome can imagine. And then they go to that meeting rooms each Friday on their gowns and get them to say yes to the track so I so much fun but also that if they can't afford to you know they're down share they also can't afford alterations. So we have a group of amazing volunteers. That come that day and will do alterations for these young ladies so what they need an alteration we really try to limit it. To straps and hand speed right of the time right but if we have a real typical bit. These volunteers we'll take these counts home. And finish them for these young ladies and an amazing it really is what people will do so after they have their alterations done. They're dresses are scenes they are bag and then they're taken into the accessory around where I would say 98% of our accessories are pre and him. We buy them Nam we go to the city and we buy handbags and evening wraps jewelry from necklaces to rings now Ari. You name it we diet. And the girls can take you know can pick one of each classification share and then there's shopper takes them with their children read and their down and they go to check down. If they are able to they make a five dollar donation for their down. And a dollar for each classification on the earrings share if they are truly unable to do and we will send them on their way. With their gallon and they are accessories and goody bag which contains a payless gift card. On today they can I pair of shoes oh my gosh so we really try to get them. Ready for the entire. In the end just the whole. Named fairy godmother is just so perfect for them. I'll just it really and it's not to be the most joyous event in did just to see all those. Girls at every you know well not every but most girls love to shop in just type things on and it's got to be just so rewarding in just so much on it really has to. Unbelievable and you know the girls arrive in some of them are very tentative about your experience share some of them I've never had a dress so when you mustn't let their sizes they don't now. But you know what we make the process really easy while there was no intensity each and it's just. Pure fun for the girls how do you fund everything I know people will donate dresses but how do you find all the rest so we actually have and Mary very blast with some dairy on generous private supporters. And make donations but we've really leveraged brought to. I'll analyze a huge fund raiser you are. And this is the first time we're really announcing it publicly we've raised over twenty bouncing around holy Moses really weak and that was the day of the event and then people that. That misstate teen back. And wanted to make that donation we'd never raised that much money we always try to breeze. We try to raise 101000 dollars chair on which really helps us to offset our annual expenses. On we'd never had that much money. But it is amazing it and my partner rename it's amazing this year she's really. I'm very savvy with social media share share and she'd leverage you know when error and face pop can live feeds and it was absolutely amazing and that we have so much fun on that day I bet Rene and I are going back texting. I thought it. Let's say that that number three I'm correct and he's. An amazing 24 hours so we really are huge advocates for that erupted day what an amazing in Rochester I brought today is is just dead it's a delightful day anyway because people hired. And the and that the great thing about it is every one can participate. It doesn't have to be. A fifty dollar donation of 100 doubt it could be five or ten dollars to know one guy knows no one knows what you donated just view and the the organization that benefits from that so it's just I love rock the day. Whoever. Came up with that whatever the reason is for it it's I think it's great it make it's. Like you walking around there that day and real eyes I'm just yeah see the generosity is amazing to your point. You can Tony for. You yeah that it's not often that people feel like they can participate in things like that because they don't have a lot of money but I'm proud today canned that's exactly right and every once in well like can you go back to the page and you just watched that debt tote board go up in our opinion. Here this fits the right. I'm winning streak and a lot of ten dollars share our first keen penalized. We wanted to tee either. To donate ten dollars if you caught it. And if you could and can you fourteen count to ten friends salt that's CNN's Greg might be able to so that the power of you know sure networking that week that continue to race weekend blotter at ten dollar donations but we not at all absolutely bored out of Hillary gotten. And I bet every girl that's gone through this program. Regardless of where they are in in their lives today if they can. I am certain they will come back and donate if it's five or ten dollars. If it's a thousand dollars salute and me why wouldn't you but now this is very cool. Where we're kidding by the way without her mar Axel Axelrod and we're talking about Kerry got my first. I just found out has been in existence for fourteen years a year which is amazing. First of all tomorrow what gave grenade. Was the seed. And that started all of this. So remain spleen and her original partner Cynthia Jackson wanted to do something. To they wanted to do it not for profit that would give back immediately to the community. And they actually saw a spot on Oprah. That was. The Cinderella product. And to it was a Chicago based on Canton organization and they patchy. We'd love to do that so they re searched and there was a woman that was based in Philadelphia that was doing Perry got mothers. And so they contacted her. And they went and Philadelphia watched their prom they aren't as it turns out there were some. Probably five locations that were fairy godmother a wow around the country OK and I'll OK okay now we're all under this little fairy godmother umbrella share okay entity is that we wanna try this. So they actually started in a church. And they dress savvy girls that first year almighty god he shall donating and everything was don't need an and then year over year it has it grown. On quite significantly chairs they need in the community. Was. Unbelievable. So they did it to gather and then Cynthia and an up her husband not relocate and and Renee said I don't think I can do this and I set a night in volunteering for number years they said forget it. We can't stop this shirt is such a neat so I jumped in. With Bernanke. And we've been doing it ever sense and it continues to grow but the best part is is that now we have permanent housing. So we need to rest. Special needs groups all year around yeah. Oh that's Great Lakes is so it's and I just got an email from the Kessler group. They're doing their way into a ball for their young ladies who have special need shirk and they said could to help a stressed are ten young lady. So will definitely do that there event is in February oh my goodness so weak but not how. Happy permanent space we weren't able bright to do that yet though. Through the funding over the years with anybody get a space that we can go in and out of all he ran. Oh pitches and the closest to address. Everybody that we can do physically too you know we are we may unite both have full time jobs and most of our volunteers do so we did the past week as it. One year didn't work to a state convention center or one year we have we do at the convention center every each OK I Don and design an examiner and has spent. Amazing to us what they allow us to do. And it's. They don't donate they'd donate this beast but we still power source and okay but for the space they give us it allows us to dress anywhere from 500 to 800 girls day. That was amazing I mean had I blocked I just actually walked through there. Well through the kindness of one of the volunteers that just. Wanted to see it happening. Unbelievable. He. I lived sewing machines going in one spot and ended so organized and it looks like. Like I don't know sit police or something and I immediately it looks gorgeous it look that Odom we all. Really really wanted to do we decided that even this is a once in A lifetime opportunity for a lot of these are only share. So we wanna ban in nature of the key men and felt like they were happening. And experience of going to assemblies are going to. You know Von Maher and my rights wherever it doesn't matter right they were not getting leftovers we wanted them to feel like this. Aid we're getting something beautiful and as beautiful as their PR sure yet you're an able. To accomplish that which we really take great pride in because it's an amazing experience for these young ladies. And our volunteers T get letters or calls backer emails from people saying I just wanna tell you about how cool my night was yes I do know and we get letters from. Social workers and cutting your counselors apple say. You don't know. This situation that this young person deals with. You have no idea without one day night and today and how long that will stay with them I mean it really. Use PR such amazing stories I often say as a volunteer. I feel like I get so much out of it it's just in teacher feels so good it's got a fuel you for like a whole year down I think things. And it really need like you said you when he walked through it to see what it's all about people don't really get a until they can't yeah yeah girls we have music playing in their dancing until one. All sorts of fun things with the girls and last year we had continental school of beauty and they work. To opt dude that's so cool all hands and we had. Attend that convention center and assist tickets so we can get them food while they weighed. All the dollar amount but. That's awesome we try to me again. Yeah he's yeah well you succeed believe me and it's so now you've got a whole new layer going on here and this year. This is absolutely. I think this is incredible and I knew I had never thought of this but earlier this year with. There were brides that he had found themselves in a real situation where they had purchased dresses and have you and through you know on forcing circumstances. Stores close they found themselves with the current. A bridal gown and tell us what happened as a result I mean this is the greatest way I've never heard of making lemonade bottle and then. Well what happened rises on Alfred Angelo went bankrupt it's they one day just shut their doors on their customer. And I get the bankruptcy court basically told all the individually and mortars landlords excuse me that they own in two. And they can do whatever they want what did. But they were so anointed Alfred Angelo because he let down so many young brides Scherer writes sure yeah so on locally Chela Locke though. Bones the space at Erie Canal comments. And they closed the doors he's girls couldn't get their pride okinawans so he is teen went in and they found Annie gallons that were already. Sold attic come in for these brides that we're waiting sure he's bright Keenan geeky friend accounts no additional charge. It gave in the gowns they call it what ever anybody they had information on they call. So now here's Cho with. 500 plus wedding gowns would Elijah well he's certainly could've tried. The Kiki was give and offered sixty cents on the dollar he got it done all these different things shark bites. Being an amazing member of our community. He daughter fairy godmother is greater Rochester and say you know one. I'm gonna contact and oh my god I see if I can donate them to Kerry got mothers and they can do a fundraiser. So he has don't need it. Over 500. Bring in new. Wedding gowns so that we can do a fund raisers so I can't cook are tying together is so up Pepsi and because Weaver there on Saturday Rene and I and I quote before amazing volunteers. And we were organizing while while this store for our Dixie. Hi I've got to tell you I walked in supersonic had been and I must spell over. It is. Magical. Absolutely magical these dresses on. Beautiful doll I nice title. Even collar you could imagine wow is in there and their sizes year old opt I beat the go to 240. My god sleep god. Some brides need to we've got mother of the pride week on little. On plant worker. That's good re so sweet so we went in and we just cleans this like you can't delete it or canoeing Cher Cher and we are doing on January 27 and 28 okay we're hosting missing hope. We hope it can be from ten to fight each day. And honest on Saturday the 27 all the towns will be 60% off of the original retail. And on Sunday they'll be 75%. Of holy Moses and sign him telling you these scams. It truly amazing wow and we we're looking at gowns sitting on my gosh look at this and we're trying unaccounted saint. This down would pop the cover price to all my gosh and and and that. This is such a golden opportunity because we've all sort of you know bought into the. Hole. Wanna go to Klein found that wanna say yes to the dressed. Who for that the wedding itself is so expensive. You're going to be with thousands of dollars and to a wedding gown. Not every but most women have that dream they want to do that had absolutely so this is an amazing opportunity for someone to. Spin around in front of their family and stand in front of the mirror and say go ahead and say yeah all right that's so. Also on so we are excited OK so what are what are the dates again so it's January 27. OK and January 28. Yet. And the 27 to sixty off the 27. Excuse me. The 27. Is 60% off 2875. Haven't signed off okay. Now duped did they die IE you are teed. Make reservations. So what we're doing is to remember the old Filene's Basement oh sure I don't okay will they had their their sale and people went crazy well. They got undressed right there in the still large sugar and happened to that but I am telling you we are that's what we hoped to have happens I'll really. I have a lot of volunteers there. On knock inept personal shoppers or anything like that because this is. This is not that kind of event surely wanna get a button as many people get in in those two days to see if they can find it down okay. That weekend so we will they add people can arise when they wants were probably gonna let somewhere between fifteen. 75 people and that includes volunteers. And gassed and bright today step one time OK yes and you know what that's that's planning because you don't need people getting hurt in the playoffs and that's exactly right Campbell what do is. Well we had CarMax will start handing out numbers okay. And that we haven't actually managed all the logistics (%expletive) but we think the most logical way. Is to give people a number will take a cellphone number and then we can text a group of people. When we're taking in the next score that's a great idea and that's really because the weather yeah Schiller wait outside right right and they are some retail spaces they are that people can go hang out. On while they're waiting for the gets their car gender matter we just don't have the space to allow them. It weights every okay no where where what are the hours again okay so both days will be from 10 o'clock. To 5 o'clock okay and where is. Fairy god mothers OK so this is at the old Alfred. It's on on long ponds and range campaign. Raped so I've got all this information year to. You can contact me at the radio station if you. Miss it we will mention it one more time if you wanna run to get a pencil and paper so. This this is such a great opportunity a especially you know if it because if you couldn't. It doesn't matter. To a lot of women how much it costs grandma it's and so if you got a big goal budget. But it's not okay if you don't and this is such a great opportunity to get a gallon of your dreams. And are really reasonable price. At and just think about it all of the money goes. To fund ferry got my X which is. So excited Cooley Stella lock L we must have a jello Locke go day in Rochus I don't think absolutely I mean he owns the property eerie. Commons canal and he is amazing man. I wish I'd be his proclamation it is unbelievable apple I'm generosity. Of this man. And then. That's how you make lemonade out alone and that's exactly don't really notice and that's so god bless this guy you know with a long and healthy life that is just a beautiful thing perhaps aliens you know what we also I everything will be posted our website okay. Okay people wanna get more information and to be more information about shall win. The event and it should be great fun now it's going to be terrific without a doubt. What New York I'll web address we are at www. Fairy godmother is Rochester dot com OK perfect yeah right that's great. On and once again it is the 2728. Of January yes you can get there as early as you want. But the doors don't open until 10 AM that's car no closed at fife. They'll be a system in place where. Average fifty to 75 people will be in the store once so it'll be manageable down. And then whoever's. In the next group will start bringing and then you'll have a plan in place and in no understand something. That's great it's Ike hit. This time has flown by and I knew what it does I'm so fun I love you some it's just such a great organization but just again a reminder. Go through your closets go through your daughter's closets go through your own to. If you've got something in the air don't just let it. Sit there you know what is the second life through fairy godmother so if someone wanted to donate to fairy godmother how'd they do that well. On her website there's a tab that's for dressed in nations we're very fortunate we have three drop off locations around the city. And one is in Brighton one is in Pittsburgh and warnings in Greece OK and her all their information is on the web site and their hours. And done. They're gracious enough to accept those donations for us all year round could go down. A great it's awesome and it's so nice to know that you know. I don't know for me I think if I were to have dealt. Well I actually dropped off a couple of my daughters stresses that this was cash and high school in 2009. But it was interesting to me just to imagine that address will be dancing around and he having a blast. On someone else for a second time. And then you know this might end up there you know right now you'd be surprised how many girls. Retailing their trends that's great as they feel that they want another girl to being able to share. Sure yeah just really Lastings Nina yeah I could not agree with you more say it all the time first of all. I hear it every weekend and they show from a million organizations that would say. We wouldn't even survive if it weren't for our volunteers in the people who just donate generously. Out of a community that is then punched in the gut a million times with every big business opportunity. That can happen leaving. We still pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. And make life a little bit better for other people. You know you that's not to hear about attacked us what you should year that's ranked so thank you thank you zero run huge part in this cell. That's very cool again all the information. Is at fairy godmother is Rochester dot com correct yes great thanks mark appreciate it out.