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Wednesday, August 30th

Granger Smith takes being fit pretty seriously. Not only does it help him power through a show, but it keeps him healthy. Granger talks diet, his favorite excercise app and his excercise regime in today's podcast.

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What's up man power you. I'm buried here. A guide so I ask you to call in because I have this podcast. It's called beat dad I talked to people about how they stay fit on the road and and stuff like that. I didn't know how fit you were until you posted that one picture of you in the band on the beach. And a lot of people seemed a little shocked by that have you have you guys always spend fitness oriented. Well yeah that I've always been and fitness oriented yet I haven't gotten here about it though. These past years. Maybe a year we we want it to work out. And try to eat well. But. You know oh this last year several but they're really got yours about it. And down and part of it is just to stay healthy. And not get it out there and not get allergies in coal. And aching bone and sore muscles. On the road because we just after beyond every day of the week. And and helpers everything. So when you guys are on the road it looks like the whole bandits participating is that right. But most of us are not everybody but to their picnic carpet we have two different groups we have. We go to the group and there. Are newspapers around the buses and that'll work out on the round. That's our right through my talents open. So lead the group that goes to the GM is there a trainer in this group birdied guys just sort of figured out on your own. Well bigger bigger bit there's there's different styles that you we have guys that. We can do what they want and spirit that it ago we have we have the guys that. Well some kind of plant the paper found. You know on it'd better at a book or something like that and what you please which every six months or six weeks or so. Romney and a couple of us are follow. The body. Beat party app. And inhabit her work out on that each party app. Specifically that this one called body. Which is what I delivered. In that side that something needed you anywhere does that require Jim. Abdullah that particular one you need some weight. You need to wait and out of it gives me. You know it integrate it still good for some reason that the current stress reliever orbit I get up there no matter what go on Monday. That's that's the hour that I just but the head on it and challenge myself and I have a little bit of paper I have. You know Michaels and what happened during an hour and I try to beat myself. And on that that the want to have my day acknowledged announcement so the good about it. Does it does that help with the performance I know like Springsteen has said I I've heard interviews with him work. Before he got in shape he would just be exhausted at the end of the night and now he complained he does play two or three children three and a half hour concerts. There's no doubt one under the they. I don't doubt that respect in the you know having these these concerts every night and in this coming year were playing ever seen or not. And not illiterate epic keep my body in shape run around and breeding petty. But I concept. Which century in America throughout their scream and yell and saying additional Broward app recognize. And the overall health is. It's really reflect back on on the vocal stood and so altogether area they're. What do you do for diet deserve plan they are following for that. I mean when it comes to diet we have got on the road would mean better Forster that will count calories and and macros and and get really insert into the diagrams. I don't do that because notre. If not our board of I just have to live my life and and try to use help is back and so I avoid. Dairy and and it. And sugar sugar number one thing or try to avoid the state the week. On Sunday's outcome of what the code at all I'm not eat you know that there are mosque at apple are and that's what you do it. I call that she day. Total. I think there's a lot of I think that's a pretty valid thing because if you. He denied yourself all that stuff all the time at some point you're just gonna go over the cliff and just. Dean I mean I don't wanna compared to your drug addict or an alcoholic but at some what you're gonna go on a binge and that would be really bad. Yeah absolutely and you that you actually can't compare it to drug addict because it a study on sugar. And a lot of people don't want to know how Boettcher really. But it they've done test on rat for lap and they predicted. Rat acute cocaine. And then introduced. Liquid cocaine in on one out of the cage and sugar water on the other Democrats accused the sugar water every time. Wow. That's crazy that stuff sugars in everything every day. So when you're out on the road you bring your own food with few or do you have catering that's specialized to what you guys are looking for how does have that power. You wire sometimes I can't pocket. It's hard to break through with me that lasts for you know all week long they're prepared but but I do I do you happen but the like today we stopped at a Kroger actually don't look back religion and where the middle of nowhere India not popular Kroger. Had just written and stocked up and try to eat. Attorney 40% of my plate as raw best. Every every meal and so I have to buy an aperture. It's it's a lot of work and I don't think people understand that. I think a majority of people being fit is what they put in their mouth you go work out you know ten hours a day but if you're eating crap it's not gonna help you. It it is a lot of work that and the payoff this though. And that that's the most valuable thing in the world. But. The big payoff is work a little bit extra work because you know. An inspection everything it affects. It starts affecting your allergy and I have bureau Al are all I have seasonal allergies retired a year at least. And I would shut a singer now. And I don't have any argue anymore they're garlic. While I it on diet and exercise. Yeah let's start attribute desperate did not. That's crazy. Well I it's I'm I was thoroughly impressed with the picture and then I started doing a little resurgence that I did some recon with director graphs and like he is hard core he works out he takes care of himself bowl -- and about it. And I'm guessing that helps when you have other people on the road that are kinda like minded. Yeah it does it does it a bit more of the better. You I would do it oh but I think it probably helps them that I do it. But you know that it kinda all goes back. The way I tried. The priest is everybody in the band and crew every day we have a production meetings and we talk about the show that aren't our go on and not try to preach. How lucky we are to play music for lending. Because. It is just. It it's not easy to do on it a blessing in its bottled up talent difficult all the hard work sometimes you're just lucky to be here. And we're very lucky to be here and and every bit of a enjoy that with canal. And a lot of them have bought into that mentality.