Guess Who won this weeks front page sports contest? listen now

Monday, September 10th


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All right let's see if anybody won some money guys. That was the one team during that bills game yesterday. That. Kind of had me excited that we had some enter office action going nine. With the bills game the we've done this in years past we straight up stole this from. Some friends of ours who did it in there office. That we all put money in the pie three bucks each because that's all we had on us on Friday. And did before the game was played we tried to guess which. Bills player would be featured on the front page of the DNC. Sports page this morning on my way into the building I am bride in the paper you. It's not wet. Like to applied our paper guy and a nice little sleeve of plastic or if it is in much better shape than the bills are you ahead so TJF forget he's the did you pick at Nate. You run with Nate again airmen. Forget you have a house did you go was starlet to Elaine I did the Dolan left the head of the new defense of London. Who. He was nowhere to be seen. In our buddies from the sports Mario I danger in jima tag glee a guide and danger pay to Vontae Davis who was an active already so heat suite it means like I'm out before it even starts or. So for anybody would do the honors Jean took the coach included due to accident Micah Hyde act. So fifteen dollars on the line if there's no winner it will carry over to next week when another fifteen dollars will be added to fight. The headline in the bills the sports page that BC sports page bills get their case ends kicked but. App woeful start to the season for overmatched Peterman in the air the picture is. Me Peter. Getting saddled community like that Terrell Suggs of the reasons. When a again then. You know yesterday when they. Before they break for commercial they kind of show that slow Mo of what just happened in every single time that was Nate get clobbered began. So I had a feeling I was like you know what I've body scanner so he had given up on him finally. I mean he's your boy you've keep you've been all week weight lately is easy I now I got really wanted to break up yesterday. I just don't. Two thank you fifteen dollars thing yeah. He can do with it whatever you wind and it you know. NL. EEE Windsor ineptitude had I don't know I don't feel right he did so poorly you know at a minute rain yet again it's a.