Haus disrupted a triathalon

Monday, September 10th


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B morning coffee club. I ordering it being there a year beat at Buick direct it at one. I'll yes I did that I did attend that yesterday. And you walk will you walk right in front of an outcome but it are. Oh really. Yeah did you say Newman big body I know who it is they recognize what he's yeah you walked right brought me at three hour eight minute then I don't know I am not like that you walked right prime suspect although it beat. I didn't realize they stepped on the course it's a little bit. You don't walk the course you walked right in front of dry out apparently which. Hey you want to wipe the look and walk out there yet that that would be at. A high. Out of the way in I I don't know rate directorate it would help being here at that bump yeah. Alec who does he think he is get off that. The track I apply to all of you to it that try salons and an amazing an amazing event at a friend of mine a woman who ran it. And unable. Water what about mark a bit act warmer air. And EU you did that you did like half a mile swim. No it hit the ball won only one out bite him and while that's that's amusing. It's greed and aren't quite a day one of the biggest and the most by a well known in upstate New York who's going to be donuts today. Yet been why would you do that were on probation and mismanagement. Note Jeremy. I wouldn't give props to my friend Maggie flew in from completely you know I also saw you know it's also is our friend Marty Katz but from a used to working remember yes it is she was running it and is funny because Julie saw her run by Judas did Marty. What you know. Like that you just is gonna stop and convert short while you were to add a link you don't know how this guy all. Is a great day yet do it gradually. And congrats man. I haven't seen it.