How can Terry hate THIS movie?!

Tuesday, September 19th

A classic Sci-Fi movie has been released with a special 40th anniversay edition. Terry HATES this movie. How in the world do you hate THIS movie?! 


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Gerry Clifford we have three minutes and tell I need to be on the air so this is going to be a quick between ships. Okay go ahead what would it got a new dvd you're ready for this what the fortieth anniversary of close encounters of the third kind. Yeah it okay dumb. And it's over. Do I think not I didn't like Connors now I'm now of that movie. Classic it wasn't the Star Wars that ET now let's snapped a great story you never made the mashed potatoes mountain. Carved out the side to bridges with a fork out everybody's done I know not every buddy Billy I don't know anyone out our it's done our exit circuit dressing on scifi movies. I was never big fan of ET. 'cause it was sad that I don't like said movies. Okay it was sad and almost died. What we did die you know don't act and you went flying off to Abbott bicycle it was awful it was to meet at home. It's as old as this and I'll pressed mosque turned movie all that would give up well. Right away if you watch these digital remastered version of it you know there's a scene where the government guys are running around. With rifles in the original movie with guidance they replaced a Milwaukee talk all come I feel I. I get a good look out below true crying out lot now politically correct world we live and they remove the weapons from the government guys' hands OK well that's really stupid. You got a big bad thing about our worst. All I. Up to that yeah or ends our drug is a really good.