I always get nervous crossing the border

Wednesday, November 30th

I've done nothing wrong, but I always feel like I'm going to get in some kind of trouble crossing the border into/out of Canada. 

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Terry Clifford and yet big league team the ever gotten in case of the border nerves. My husband always does this does nothing to do would Donald Trump is so important race as hate me now. And. Nothing to do with the political. Elect's security organs or you know they're. It was work that was going to be able to get back and that was the problem sewed it to three weeks ago Tim McGraw played Niagara Falls. Went to the show. It was made by myself I met some friends up there met Al record label people up there in the I was you know the good drive since going across the border I'm always nervous at the border I don't know why it. So I wrote up its darker never crosses it dark and all these flash is a doorknob to taken pictures of your car they're probably taken pictures of your face you know I'm sure there's. Facial recognition soft dirt or not so I'm sure they know who you are brother's idea roll up via. Soledad debris from a little bit New York. Why here I go see a concert which concert Tim McGraw carry on took so I go and I'm in the in the concert for maybe four hours. And then driving back. The American border. In buffalo I've never gone across that was at the peace bridge. It could be Lewiston not award to be spreading its lowest rates audiences a smaller bridge in the morning it was a girl yeah and rollout there's no traffic there's one young guy work and and he had Capri sun belt well weary from. The inner search. We go to Canada. And he eats like got to ask the questions. At your concert which one. Tiburon which casino and this whole time he's not even looking at me he's like type and stuff it is I'm talking all that and he has which casino. I go. Seneca. Niagara you know that's what Ellen the New York. And then all of a sudden tell the head whips around guys that have egos which casino where US and like. But I got the ticket and it's our religions or might like your. I thought I showed up like here's the big great and I can't imagine the edge. Have a guy looks at it doesn't hunt on it and and and it was Seneca error preside falls your balls because you know you. And I guess it's real stern look industries against pose a concert. I don't browse Democrat Al is awesome. He goes right near us that. While you're by yourself and don't do it oh it just how it's weird college hot bro don't. Probably not a good idea if you don't know that the first time we went through one guy says to dubbed. Does of the trip that goes to call off. You are cup. OK and locked up back up cutting out food that's awesome so you had to do the talking is basically I hardly over and do it all the time mennonite dry. You know still own face I wanna talk to him all I. Good luck this crap yeah it's. Look at the partners everybody.