I feel horrible because I don't remember names

Wednesday, March 7th

I seriously think something is wrong with me. I am HORRIBLE at remembering names. I never forget a name or events that happen but I have a heck of a time remembering people's names. -Billy 

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Terry I've never crazy dreams. Are. Oh. All the makes me nervous crazy jury OK well you got a crazy life what what's going on in our dreams at the cell that the first drug happened the other night. And in the dream we had adopted the little girl I'll alone is all we cute little. You little girl probably half or five years old and sweet she's just fit right in with the family and everything was grade. And then realize. And I had no idea what this girls and Amos. How throw like here and I college sweetie and honey based. But I am sick to think she's cute it's even been like and. In this I can tell you where it I I think I know this when stems from. Last week I bumped into some people at the concert at the Justin mark concert yeah. And the latest series here is you don't remember me oh my gosh and I am horrible with names I there are people in this building. That I see every day. That work on a different floor that you just passed in the hallway that I really what they're human oh wow it's a horrible I don't. I'm all our person but I really badly names I'd never forget a face. So. That's what prompted that tree which you know your kidney and tell my kids. Yet. A lot of and I other or not. Where is my thirtieth high school reunion and that really is coming up. But that's this summer and I'm really looking forward to there's a bunch of people I just wanna hug god and so that dream was I finally get to this big parties a bigger band I'll bet everybody is dressed up. Then I'm sitting at the table at my core group bros that I think I would now we yacht trips couple times a year we have a great time and I realized that I really couldn't give a crap about being at this party with all these people and they were it's like it was like they were all of these lists. Like there like there's people there but I didn't really recognize you don't want to look at them on any kind of like. The whole dream ended with me just caddie god. This is this really doesn't measure up to the hype by the dog's gonna leave and I know that's what I woke up. While. I always. Examine what I had before bed and I am zero Lleyton. Okay how your wacky Dina and daughter really can't digest. Because that's what it looks kinda doubt. Just talking. About yeah it was. Different weird foods or anything Powell. We're not remembering your adopted kids name that's say add well it. He won't shut let's be okay here oddest moment it really bothers me when I don't remember people's name. And and that that's something I've worked out my entire life has tried to remember peoples that criteria Billy nice to meet you Terry. Hairy he is buried in if I don't remember her name remember married her name is Terry like you know. I you know what I bet I used to pick out something special okay. Weird knows that's Wally Wally and that but I forget the ball in just wanna take it no doubt although I don't know I don't know. Yeah I remember her beaten bid they can't denounce the names now makes me feel like a bad person well Billy you are bad when you can't remember your kid agents.