I will haunt you after I die

Wednesday, February 1st

Terry said she will haunt her friends after she dies. Billy would be more of a "creeper" haunter for reasons we can't really discuss here. 

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Gerry Clifford. Yes Billy Kidd would you please read that mean you just posted on the FaceBook Ari can I read it exactly as that is that's Paris put a little warning that you know there is a a four letter word. I know we're friends until we die and help we stay ghost friends walked through walls and scare the lot of people. I'll I would've got my friend lives in case he could I hunted. Oh I know line not so number 11 and foremost this tonight. All. I would totally going on the diabetic. Clues in the nonpublic. Yeah yeah. Did you can't say yeah. Who do not. Oh wow no way not to hug somebody they have to be living so it's got to be Alia any of my high school friend dinner until lock both took. And you know god I hope their hearts are still strong because I'll go no yeah. I'd get my nephews are the next stop violence oh drive them crazy. I'll man all of boots still alive well I am all old bridge that. It moved things around and attorney's car on an off. And it opened the garage door closed at times we're all convinced that they'll copy god rest dissolved is haunting us. Heck yeah up. The weirdest of what happened at the weirdest times oh and it's almost like somebody doing something on purpose to screw with us here at the station and doesn't surprise really ill. Really know because he would do if he could not what it acts absolute right like an scandal hasn't followed my advice. Look at the breaks their noses come down one of these guys Garrett them all the time. Yeah. Total creep Vermont Terry O'Reilly hot chicks. Are brought you just talk about how what's her name on. Even heard her now she was suicide squad. Blond chick from the suicide squad easily their likes elevated. An add on to beat you hurling slurs in the morning would get rain. Asked. At its products and by the way flat so you know her from the from the suicides broad movie right she was the blonde the page glossy that will be anyway she's gorgeous you don't even have to see the movie you know what doctor about blond pig tails yeah I know you're okay. Yeah yeah yeah yeah he. Has been cast to play Tonya Harding. In a Tonya Harding movable popular first looked at I went. I no she just asked to choose a final model pretty that's not gonna work on that at some pictures of her on sat. Holy macro that they put some makeup on her allied that they eat a mob gene's honor and that immediately. It just pick if you class people up you Kenyan I'll stake a mob to oh it's all there is to bat boy they did that I've. Wow hot you know what I'm gonna have to find the picture and show it to the com Michael had Robbie is her name. And it's funny because in the in the suicides grad movie she's got to think like New York Brooklyn accent but she's actually Australian I'll watch you nailed that acts that I had no idea. Well out there that's the first incumbent upon. OK then I'm not surprised either but at least hunting people I know. You need to clear wanting you never met an in your life I don't let this guy does get into it I. I should I should I twice put up pictures of the same room is servitude I touched this and I okay you better not say that it they're there. That's gross. The FBI will be the third. Great one of my favorite ever pictures from a backstage moment. Was when she played blue cross arena yeah. And they told us going and no pictures will take the pictures so you know this is before cell phones and everything so I had a little disposable camera. So I started just snapping pictures from like waist level trying getter and the wider picture of it actually got the came out. Was like waist level from behind a plant and there's a split between me and listen I and you see more of the plan the museum her at waist level. Why don't let anybody see me take the pictures so I just held down like it was a much. Pocket afterwards when he five years or however long I've known knew I'd just realized during weirder and prettier than ever let you. Okay vomit it's quite on did you. Let me tell you don't you even bother yeah yankees where people want keys where Fargo first our money you. If you go over on me you keys where you can rate and blood I would I really hit.