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Monday, May 9th


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OW BEE. It. Siena Cramer how art and I'm doing good re skin I'm so happy you called today they TO. Why are I mean as our Whitney at. Era had been crying out like I don't owner like we're locking up I. Mean you. I thought it. On this day after Mother's Day you're doing your job hunt get out. Or not and it was a great Mother's Day. Actress not a today and it would remain at an interest silent. We got they are. Occur on hand this is yet eating meat and parent. At her. Or not. Loud doesn't get a better than that. Good for you good for you deserve it that's that's totally awesome. We are so excited because you are going to join us jam in the valley this year it rounds the thirtieth of June. Through the by Sam Hynes and Jake Owen Old Dominion east in corpsman. And that's just the start by the way tickets are available jammed in the valley dot com did great great venue. Great show were really excited that you're there this year. Well I. Haven't first it's been a derby this week this weekend I you know then I. Each early on air. It was only an early. The pride and a crack. So I completely and she's up what you're saying. By the way that. Hang on tight to her 'cause it goes so fast general eye and while it's harder and so now you've done both of course you words star of one tree hill and what do you like better you like TV like acting electric according which. I've Indian Munich probably beard now more than I wanted to edit acting out. I mean you know go about it current and I'll be now what you're actually laughing my. Cool yes you certainly are great and it I think I get to know that it's. So the nationwide commercials many people don't even know that's you in those commercials. Yeah I am and a couple of grand Utley hit back at. They were very size and. These are so cool but it's the commercials where you see people. Walking in and burglarizing a house and then there's like this ninja like person. Seeing everything. And they look left and suddenly she's opened the door jam did you really do while those things. I did not. And I'll let you know that makes perfect sense they here's the thing you probably are able to deal more. Nat it. Hot and well are you in out on the road with with a full band edge in the daily what's this going to be like what can we expect. Yeah after all they and laughed at me. Connecting with the same thing to happen any time. It's awesome. But the name of the year out latest releases 31. You are an ACM award winner and we will be so grateful to have you join us in jam in the field. It should be thinking more diet indeed his everything come down with this Jolie and warm it got hit pretty bad mom about a Brandon Lockett and how. I. You are good mom and telling you're doing radio like you're walking your daughter and your. Moses a couple of via a thank you so much and not gonna take any more your time and still grateful you shared your day with us. Happy Mother's Day once again I earn it or. Are you take care Hun.