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Thursday, May 12th


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There are you excited playing how are you old Kurt thank you thanks regulatory. Now my god I'm sitting here pinching myself I have to tell you that that I love stand by me it's that goes to will be from my husband and I. I can tell you how many times have watched it. And I talked to Kiefer Sutherland. Oh thank you so much here. What you're out what's your go to movie do you have one that you know when you're just sitting there and there's you just either wanna escape or come down or. Have no absolutely. Microchip movie would probably be put cash in Russia and the kids. That's another great one or. Gas well you know what and I mean days like this for me to you've had so many. Different opportunities in your life you've you know ban on the big stage this small stage. Music. TB movies what is it the have you focused on one you've decided let's what I really love the most woody get the most Chile from. Well I get them destroy that thing probably from telling stories and so it's it's. Kind of the one common denominator. Between all of the different mediums whether it's television film theater music. I had yen. Your children storage. And that's the thing that I've always enjoyed. Whether it's Cornell referendum evident during. I love it and their stories that are owned stores and here's the thing that I've enjoyed doing. And every day are trying to wake up from. Count my blessings that I have been allowed to do that earlier in the. Yeah I was gonna ask you what I mean get it it's so it's interesting in and out every single level everyone's life you've. Take a moment at times to say I really really appreciate this this. I never really thought that this would happen in my life I just kinda wonder what what's life changing for you what makes you. Really appreciate which are able to do. Aren't. You know it's if it. It's usually should do at work. You know what are. He feel like you did receive it properly you reached the potential of the writing her where you have a great show we had tonight show last night. It would overturn. So you're you're good after that. And that I look at are certainly you know two beautiful daughters too beautiful stepson and and to crank it you know and everybody is well and you know and for all of those ungrateful. Specially the part where everyone's well. Agassi era I dual love year's first single. Not enough whiskey did you write that song. It's it feels very comfortable for me the video feels to me like it was something that that came out have you have you always been a songwriter. All all of this songs on the album and Elton is coming out in kind of mid to late June. All of the songs are personal. There at all in my life I would I would say this album is closest thing I've ever actually higher read. Air and I've been writing should I was in my kind of early twenties age. But I didn't. Didn't get trying to parish serious about it. And show the last ten years and I have a small label with a partner and injured Colton who's my best friend and an extraordinary musician. And when we have a label we have shall many great artist coming into mountain railroad in different ways. And I couldn't help but motors. Kind of short structured people were changing or something and made more chance to meet and where I was doing it before. Air travellers are huge education process for me and then just. With as. Having a partner. Musicians as talented mr. Paul who would help reshape this the original songs that I would write that you know we're an upcoming true. Putting yourself in together. You know let's advances and another question I have always had voice wondering how you rate with other people. Well I think that's been one of the great benefit shall mean I've you know injured thirty some odd years so we've been best friends forever and and then we try to live the same life together. Short. There's a lot of shared experience there. That's great Donna makes all the difference it comes out the music. Or watching and I now. Can't sleep I loved loved the video to where Burton wares and hope the motel and the health. Not that motel just that's just outside of Palmdale. And I actually I actually shot there we're doing what he's for it always struck in my head is a great location. And shortly we literally can't make a video I thought I don't perfect place where we can have remote channel at a bar all in one shot. It is it really does fit perfectly with that. You know it's in the middle we know are probably would never driven by it has not been reported more I would have known about it. Cool that by the way is an awesome show who took. Are you so much. Kind of a random topic have you ever considered going out on the road and touring. With other actors in their vans like Kevin Bacon Jared Leno. No not specifically it's sure it's right now you know what I really enjoyed his beard to match you're playing a small bar. And so we've got an auditor to choose whether to hear people. It allows me. To do and I've been enjoying it and what that is just these kind of players songs and then I get to introduce. I saw it I get to explain where I was when I wrote it wire wrote about it. And everything what I've whatever child at the end of the evening is that I think you know. Yes I've been royal watchers people I know and I and I had a really blushed life. But it doesn't mean that there are things that have been painful in the course of that electric disappointing shudder. And and when you get George flavor absorbed or covered from or why you wrote them. I think at the end of the night to the start to realize well or not that different and I've been enjoying got a great field and so I feel that. They're actually in the dialogue between being marshaled and an audience and I think that it's really important. That the size of the venues would be quite small and intimate. To do that and that's what I've been enjoying the most. Mac could totally see that that's great it's like a songwriters in the round type thing yeah walk away with a holed it from prospective for of the music of the artist everything cell and Kiefer Sutherland knew EU blog me scratch a couple things off my kind of bucket list today and I thank you for that we're sure you're EA you bet your you are you shows an epic you have shows in buffalo went just the CD come out. Obviously he comes out mid mid June. Time mid term mid to late June. And very excited about that it's it's unfortunate it's it's kind of passed backwards to. To mature before your record comes out but it was the time that I have. And so I just wanted to take advantage of it and the audience you've been incredibly. Graceful about that and so he had to be very exciting to have a record coming out and then which were a bunch more. Although we have children life. Great that's awesome won't like a trailer coming out before the movie. Nothing rent though there will forget the glove and get a look at the CD without a doubt for a day Q thank you so much. Absolute pleasure thank you for taking the child. We'll get to in Rochester one of these days but at this point you're kind of like bookends but but now all of your tour information about our website so they call. I thank you shall look absolutely and thank you so much.