Leave Barron Trump alone!!!

Wednesday, January 25th

Terry can't believe that we even have to have the conversation about protecting kids in the White House from attacks on social media. 

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Gerry Clifford Billy can. I am here. Between shifts terrain. Why do you need to rant with I don't want now this is OK it's not doing any time now clearly right ever since restarted this were both like every. You're entering this but yeah it's great outlet and it's very good out aprilia. But I really became a little bit incensed this weekend actually was late Friday. When I started seeing. You know the older trump kids. They can deal with it when I started seeing Barron trump. Being. They were pretty beings floating around and people just making fun of them. It was it's horrifying to get real now I come at this from a kid who first. You know voted in 1976. And I voted for Jimmy Carter and went Amy Carter. Moved into that White House she was raked over the coals. Because she was quiet and that was to re eat before social media oh yes that was well before welcoming but it still I remember it's imagine what's gonna happen to this kid's dad I mean they call the Obama girls everything you could possibly imagine likening them to animals and everything else. Even the bush the bush girls couldn't make a move in college without somebody being right there calling him. Calling into. Questioned there. Promiscuity. And ride their ability to drain and whether or not they were doing drugs. It's it's then don't see Clinton. There is and I'm not named a guy like there's a nationally syndicated person. Who referred to her as the dog Ali almost Rush Limbaugh you're as a dog yes I'll it. It infuriated. Me yeah it's does and you know what I don't care. I don't care what side of the spectrum York on this is not a political statement this is one a statement for a person. Needs to get in touch with their conscience and their soul and their heart leap that can't alone he has nothing to do with his father or his mother's choices. Just trying to lives. The kid be a hit when he was. When trump was election night. Member went really late yet so I didn't ended the normal time that it would of ended it was. Really light weight into the morning at around port and I remember seeing in this poor kids standing on the stage. Exhausted and anyone think he probably had been up all day and probably really wanted nothing more than to just go lay down to go to bed. And he was falling asleep behind his dad before making fun of him. Because he was tired onstage. Yeah that's horrible he's yeah I don't even know how those people look in the mirror. How baby in any self respect whatsoever you know bets are off limits that's all there is it we have. And that is what he has got my goat up now. Edwards grind your gears and really can't age bracket here.