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Wednesday, February 7th

Lee Brice is just a sweet guy and he will make a great host for our Guitars abd Stars, May 30th at FingerLakes Gaming and Racetrak!  Get your tickets today, RIGHT HERE and wbee.com!

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Oh hotline. Yeah. And this is Gary Clifford you've forgiven some time this morning it really appreciate it. Oh my gosh we're doing great work right in the middle of winter storm event to know what. What's nuclear Western New York you know but. Oh my boat. Our partners like Marty been out for our mom now our development not at all. All look at. Our lock your. Figure absolutely right. That's the way it always worked for me minor ground now but I know you're right in the heated things up right. So you. Are Lilly you've got seat got two boys you what are your boys like. Not got to act you're all more year old boys and I've got to make up a little. Girl. I knew your little girl as young a home my goodness. Is C. Just got you wrapped around her little finger like you've never ever realize could possibly happened. He. I mean they're a girl people that are out their babies. Lately either. I hit Syria. It's Miami I'm the mom and I thought our son was older and when our daughter came along. I yeah I was interested to see that connection between my husband and my daughter but me and I'll tell yeah there it's like a bond like it's it's never mind gorilla glue while never trying to get between those still. Mr. up up there it's Chela is insane that app like you know. Oh yeah. Had my daughter did this seem like. Who do you lady Jane. Lee gap fits well it's so cool. Congratulations. Now they've got I don't know you know parents apparently you've got every. View and the view finder window with between son's and daughter's self that. So blessed. So let the happy healthy children like that you it could be days I you know. Really passport this world out of the children group over your heads I feel very blessed to have half of that bank. Man you just sent a mouthful that is so true. I can't tell you this I just get a chance to hear your brother's music Lewis. Yes. Why you two are working together because he's reminds me so much W in his music is Bree. At this very cool. He's so lost you know he. He wanted to come out of followed in the footsteps. Product. Sure but even as a part cro mag he really did audited. I don't want to do it like really do it or living out our list process. Our Coke. A road that you know. Now our apps yacht soccer body that you have bad. You figure out. Do you get yourself aka. It help you expect. An increase and not want their players are born that he had you know it's like. Except it's it's a big commitment in that you really important that one number two. Later analyzed it and see which he's already working. On it and it cost of I want him to be honest acted did you know. 80 my brother upbeat audio. Or. I am still do back. You know we're you know we may need to get them out is records act that but. But it does that mean that you got to compete despite how they got. I met people that were at a level operatives do your teammate Jimmie Johnson. Downstate Eric Hauser. Well buddy you know we we worked together Brooke yet we hung out together. We grew as people ask you got to on the people pre whoever York you are and died. And then he started he started turning up our viewers like that really hot. Work you know commitment and record Robert Rector and other EP. On the road. That's very cool men med edgy new in new is is strong because that's great advice. And it's not very cold. Well. Most B it would lead him actually so what's that up when he succeeded Alan abuse that he did it and it would have been able to give a reason other than the work octaves. Rule that's awesome it may thirtieth that's guitars and stars should be done with snow by then I think an answer. But let's just set up. OK so you're sharing the stage with Russell Dickerson had you worked with him before. Are not work Russell yet our hearts so much out of Spain. Cola awesome Chris slaying will be there to. Now this guy have the feeling you've worked with David Lee Murphy. All he's just. Out in an article one. Things stated what you like he's part of all of it 01 must now that he ever match. All you know I first met him and he's I've been here for well 31 years so. I know I know you call me like T Rex is I am kind of a dinosaur instead Terry. That hasn't happened yet I don't agree at all. I know it doesn't I'm very blessed I'm very lucky but at the end and the people I've met you know through the years I pinch myself all the time but David lemur feed. Well the first thing any woman is gonna notice is get the freedom blue is dies in country music Ole. Yet it. A lot you know you're not I'm not sure you were going to would dampen des arts sweet I. Look I got her act up. Out. But all the songs that meant as a written. And the work he's done since he came around the first time would like dust on the bottle years ago he's. His name is pat dumped for years and handling my god this man is behind the scenes every bit as active as he's always been and everybody knows David Lee Murphy. I'd like it now. He aspired to be checked out respect to be out is that if if there ever. Look on the road in the artist. On the road oh to be ago it it would writer. You bought. Peace be successful you know as a writer. Well I mean there are some Iraq and are some great show and now it's like not a artist. It's Arctic yet I'll work or Ike could call mr. Quote riding. Well time. He is true true talent trees there error started her career as an art and its ill it would be so successful writer he set out. I thought that better now that Igawa. So. Yeah it's kind of like a bottle wine I think writers just get better artist is an. If you're outlying. Awesome. And Elena is gonna be there too and she's like data personally yeah. Like to green canyon so I think this is going to be able. Sheet yet she's got a few motors person she's awesome and and not disperse now I mean the girl saying yeah our well. As popular spot around and really brilliant outlook that the rounds now in the you know rounds out on the stage everybody can do it but it. It's not that different day in a popular vote doron and everybody at the thing about it would have a great arm. Stamina guitar you know. Our listeners love these things it's such a gift to ask is really you're coming. ME even if it's to operate now you would be arriving at the end of a really long hard winter and we're going outside against so I'll apologize. For what you may or may not be long before you get here as people goal. And bat wing crazy. And when it. We can get. Outside party and again. I can't wait he would I know it older of their. You know that big guy about an hour and a really good job. I think so too what you are given quite a handful of all winter to our yes. Yes well you know it's been at or check out without a golf tournament two weeks ago down in Florida it was forty degree. I. And we're we're we're using excess you know a week ago and it went you know in the agrees. Yet it's not a cold winner of the last few weeks of just about it. I think you're right I think you're right well all the more reason that it's just gonna start with the parking lot party and go all the way through the night could get up at about. Lee thank you think you know anytime you guys come up and you remember us in the northeast we are so appreciative of it and we are ready to party with you guys ready have a good time thank you very much. So look they have and in doubt we'll see yet. Policies and and we don't look as though they have missed what are you say yeah all right take care but aren't. Here that I.