Mourning Celebrities

Wednesday, January 4th

I know people who cry when celebrities have passed away. I know people who make fun of the situation. Is there a healthy and right way to mourn the passing of a celebrity? -Billy 

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No ET the reason I call you here today was to have efficiently. Did you know my condolences. For the loss. I'll be your princess who's standing behind US. But who has spent the day pointing a gun at me and really. You know home. We have a cardboard cut out life size yeah. Right about prince is laugh yet in the studio she's right right next through Jennifer Nettles and Luke Bryan. She and I'm the port to be the only cardboard cut out I'd ever seen that it's shorter than in skinnier then. Jennifer Nettles. Your cell waited so Carrie Fisher. Was it. Faced that we had a party two years ago our Christmas party had a Star Wars thing yes I'm remember that the lights there's the two rocket cut out that is so tall and looks over the cubicles upstate yeah that's. I talked about America that. Well and I did say that while I was worried about you. With the loss of Carrie Fisher. I wouldn't worry really bad worried if something had happened to Chile that Chile is okay too he's the guy who plays chewing is very active by the Twitter. Always he really all you can probably three got a right now I need respondents up okay how we even know would you guide at least she only is gone it's now. We recognize don't judge me. We're going thinks about important things like that he'd yell all really important. So important you went out and bought a set of like eights are does not so OK well that's word that there's a clearance Kelly I was walking through Bob Barnes & Noble. During I don't understand why they were even for sale there but they always have this little like 50% off section. So we went wandering through and underneath all of these. Books. You know all that had like 22 buckets and what is this and I and I and I know god I said that made it big buckets to pocket like I can't. I'm eternally I don't want to regulate the agreement. Let's get a base can't shop awesome this year and not only camping but next year. They will conveniently filled with tree. You're gonna put those things on the Christmas tree is gonna happen well okay there's a man gave Chris restrain all. Man ever got a bank interest master I pick it a death star at the top. The big board now that has lights that comes out of the a little satellite well I've seen the scanty Oda so why that I think that'll do it by now yeah I was blog you know listen very enjoyable conversation about. Mornings and I'm not I'm not by any means mourning the death of any celebrity but how people deal with that stuff how some people. Some people will sit and cry. And some people just relate stupid celebrity carries. Ali a little somewhere. Mood not we had beaten the deaths than we had the exact same conversation because he's the one that says. I don't get this why is their death anymore. Important and the guy next door arrested bode. It's because. Whether or not you ever really knew them. Something that they did they saying they acted in. He TU in a moment. That inning gave you great pleasure or. It. You were in a very difficult period custom sign in your life and death to pull you out of it so that every time you hear it. Every time you see those feelings come back so it it doesn't make their death any. More special than anyone else's it's just a lot it is a loss Nino. A personal connection and it let me put this in perspective for you I'm a Star Wars fanatic that's an understatement. They came out 1977. I was seven years old I still remember to this day my mom driving us to the theaters so we can see start out. And I can't say that about anything else about any other movie about anything else that he concerts that I've I don't remember specific. I remember going with my friend Kevin I remembered being in the car I remember being that I remember my mom fallen asleep at the movie. All that stuff so this morning Carrie Fisher has been in love life entertaining me since I was seven years old. Well in and I thought that when I went to sea world one night when I was sitting there waiting for the movie just started like you've been sitting in theaters waiting for these movies. For four years yes it's pretty amazing to me that you know I. Did I shed a tear when I heard you pass great no. Where did it make me stop and go holy crap that lady really affected my life yeah in it in a fun way. In you know I can't tell you how many times I've seen though all of those movies and how many books I've read that OK I'm a grown ass man comic comic I read. Finally a previously a series of marvel awesome. Outlook options. But I mean that's just you know George Michael passed an away when I was growing up George Michael was as big as you can get as a pop star. That guy I know the words almost every Sunday put out a way I am on his solo stuff you know he he he's music influenced me when I was younger person. There's no way I'm gonna listen to his side now and I've got more storage Chile are reminders for awhile alien country artist impressed the way. You know they. Also to big part of our lives and brought something to our five we never met them face to face right but they definitely influenced us right absolutely absolutely so. I completely get it booed I don't like. Boomer and it's the whole celebrity thing he's always like. I I don't follow celebrities act like celebrities. All what ever have. One. Day I wouldn't even that franks and not drop and most of the door he met India. Airport Tony and it nowhere and he is actor rob just heard from New York next to Tony Bennett wow. You know I mean he remembered every single. You want some man flight. Whether you'd better not famous someday that consumes so many people bright getting it. Needing them I'd I can tell you a whole list of people that I see backstage at every meet great. I'm there because it's work and I'm there with the record rafts and Bob abides its work for me chair not that it's a chore but it's fun but it's part of my job yup. But when I see the same people every week. Meeting Tim McGraw and Florida Georgia line got an app there's something about faith dealer just drawn to that it's a mocked to a flame kind of thing and you never forget it when they don't live up to year hole absolute an expectation yes. Yeah the first trash so you'll be the first rays of. And bless their heart is less than. And then speedway in my little red rodeo that. I can't say much here every new year do you and everybody being killed.