My kids MOCKED me on "May the 4th"

Thursday, May 4th

Billy Kidd lives and breathes Star Wars. So when "May the 4th" rolled around this year, he THOUGHT his family would be as excited about the unofficial celebration of all things Star Wars as he was. He was sadly mistaken. 

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Gerry Clifford yeah. You know anybody who does our DNA analysis I think I need to DNA analysis done. Today is made up for it. May the fourth with Felix this celebration of Star Wars all things Star Wars okay. I really sure that's what it is supposed to may fourth be with you I mean it is after all my mother's birthday I'm gonna severed the Mike what is sure Wang yeah I know it didn't tell you where some geeky star power water every day cell that is now. I yeah that's why I need to DNA tests go home. Kids there I go hey what's today's date because may third. What's that make tomorrow in his may fourth I go am. I don't bey the fourth bwic yeah. The first to wish your happy may the fourth looks at me with a straight face it does dead I don't celebrate nerd holiday. I loved it I just got trial of eight more every day lives of your. That's why we need to check the the united manager he's not considers the. And then I go into the better of the girls you know the wife and a daughter he had out yeah. And side I may have what are two or three. Two rockets stuffed animals that are outside without. I'll get a and I have I say this they dig my daughter is eight. Hey today's may third marriage goes on or does that make to rise does me for a guy yeah the for the US bureau. It's your books that are Robinson looks at me into this back and her mom and my wife's eyes. My wife says just ignore him he'll go away sooner or later. Nobody yeah. It into the Star Wars thing. I can't imagine why Billy and I really can't hear you know what I give you this little swab. Send it away somewhere does Salt Lake City and both figure out where exactly you'll hate. See any others stupid movies having their own day there's no Wizard of Oz day. There's no EG the extraterrestrial day. There's entire every city has their own nod to the wizard advise everyone. It with our lives beyond that you are never change for being a wizard about spam and it's about us you know. You Wear it proudly. You look aren't here. Donna are you bring that proudly read it expelled from the president and I have president of gives them there. I can only hope you enjoy your day. You know it's been funny is. People on FaceBook and my text messages have been blowing up like it's my birthday or something. I'm really happy had been made it for a period of four of them get emails. I get snapped jabs. Get the FaceBook comments I'm honest I saw that on FaceBook and I just shook my hadn't been argued that people are there. It beats the drop people with a good heart.