National School Walkout

Wednesday, March 14th

Today, thousands of students plan to protest gun violence with the national school walkout. There is no shortage of opinions whether it's a good idea or if it can even make a difference. Billy Kidd & Terry Clifford weigh both sides of the issue in today's edition of the podacast.  

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Terry Clifford yes Daley can. 10 o'clock Thursday I expect you to be on the air I don't expect you to be walking out of here Reid. Okay well I've Thursday off so I'll be lucky on my own house. I'm glad I got to dad I said that watching the rose at a 10 o'clock in the morning. China and I'll I myself today. So this is and how does this day Thursday published those kids and there's you know there's a lot of people talking about it and. I mean for me. I'm hoping that the schools turn this into a civics lesson you talk about the constitution talk about the Second Amendment talk about responsible gun ownership talk about. You know how to have a protest without a break it windows and set cars on track they can they can make this a big learning lesson for everybody. In honestly I think at the heart of it that's what these kids one. I like there's a core group of kids that want that yet well and there are always is with the evil adult that's faced so my concern is that at 10 o'clock on Thursday. The first kids got to get up and walk out of the room second and third kid OK nice protest everybody school and then about to who the kittens the other night. Yeah I am sure they're going to be gone. At the door while I went to school with 7-Eleven. I were to not pay out of the eleven were strategically placed like 200 yards from the front office. So when you. Missed class with quotes around it you probably were hanging out of the seven. There is no Stuart anywhere near high high school up not a lot to the lake was with an eye Shia who so it was. Out in the parking lot crossed the yet traffic circle in its. Size Gerri where you outside today you know. What otherwise your face sunburned and I get well. The smell like I said I'm re. I don't know I think most kids will do the right thing I just worry that there's an element of them that yeah the right thing in this could turn bad for everybody. Well in you know that there is always a possibility of that but. But I don't know my heart goes out to these kids I know myself I know what kind of a student I was yeah I wouldn't be learning a damn thing in school right now. Every door that slammed. Every he urged Israel. Unusual. Sound would scare the crap out of gas and I'd be hit the deck looking like an idiot. So this really hit. Home with me this weekend I bet it did so they I mean all of the school shootings I think is affected all of yeah step back and go what the hell's going out. But this week and my daughter is ice skating with some friends and where we're sitting there talking and. And dime. And mom mom says something to Rebecca and Rebecca says oh yeah she's my closet money. Like you what. They do drills. Which is but you know what to do if an active shooter comes into the school they do drill some what to do. So they have designated places that they go and hide. So she's in a little closet that holds like three kids so she was ice skating with one of her friends who's one of her closet but it's kind of like this kid is eight years old. And we have to teach her how to hide it from a Psycho with a god. Unbelievable I can't even wrap my head around any gay legal it's got goosebumps right now just talking about closet what an eight year old is in and for that it's a. A fire drill. Yelled we did fire drills all the time. You may have been a generation that did the air raid drill did I swear I remember doing that you had to hide on your desk yeah like that was gonna help and but yet but I do feel like you're doing something but I don't know it just it really got me when. And for her it was just matter of fact early AM we had a active shooter driller whatever they call it. But he. Eight practicing hiding in a closet. It's unbelievable to me because I do remember that feeling going and I remembered that I might principles saying I wanted to go. Pay attention to the the path you take when you walk home you have to look for fallout shelters bush do remember those black and the knicks are nice gap. And I remember to this day where every fallout shelters so I know how obsessive I was about right I don't know how these kids are learning. Anything and I don't know how. It did teachers are keeping their heads about the meter. Because it again a door slammed too fast I probably flick right but god bless them no really and I hope. I wish them well in their. Walk out and everybody that participates your heart better be in.