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Tuesday, May 17th


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The may. Alex. Are all that's awesome how are you guys. Hey isn't it doesn't matter have a microphone. Our okay now I'm just looking at a picture view and I'm not sure I think it was an venue I wanna say may be in Virginia anyway you're out like eight feet off the ground springs on your feet. That picture moving to California actually it's been Megan around quite a bit into your question yes I do have brings in much. I think that I just couldn't be scattered. The energy you play it live not. You know would it have almost on aura. And and it I don't really have one common topic sort of like and I'm trying to. Yeah Alex cool who puts it at. You guys so there's five in the band correct. Yeah you're songwriters write yet. C acted tell us some of the songs that people may not know that you've written for other people. We have saying Maria. They've upper rainy day and say you do the guy walked into our case you missed mean. But mostly wake of revenues in. Ordering. Yeah you wanted to be flat out loaded. Yeah we we are completely loaded. That's and he rips. Up that bad but a lot of some say it is it's absolutely great. Oh yeah we made money buyer yet. Why. Did you get to the point where you said. Doing this for the people anymore we want to do this for ourselves how did Old Dominion come about. We're still trying to get to that point Al's best. A I native that you will always have songwriting you know that's something that we can be in Iowa and and the band it's something that we always felt like we would do to you know we are together playing Munich as friends and we're also running on together and they both sort of snowballed and help the other one out and and so now we're at the double dip a little bit and you know that we are aware of that. It knows the music business can be fickle and you know we can't be a banned forever that we can write songs and so we're you know did so. We're gonna let for the rolled down well Pickford couldn't quite make it too early eighties glam band that. Alia they didn't have their first money fire till they were like fifth. That is very coldly he does our national regulars like you lived in in this city for awhile right. Yeah yeah I've been here for almost fourteen years. Am a minute thirteen and. The perception I should say is that you know you will. We just heard of you guys and so obviously you're just an overnight and you know it's all great you'd hardly do any work at all for it but. They make that. We're just now in the in the most people you know on most people's radar we're just finally kind of routing through the rest of the country. Yeah we've been around for what. That's cool Welch and and sell 140 see it going to do you enjoy. Writing in the band of more than. The rating for a living I mean are you loving. Shoring. Yes do we do that we would like to at some point not played you know 200 show of the year but. But we do love touring and we do look to another player of the whole reason that you. You know right. One movement and to you know have a show and entertain people so we love you and all of a sudden. We'll do it the wrong response because it. You're with Kenny last year and the big revival tour and now your top and I am bored again this year with the spread the love touring yeah that's right. At. One go about naming their tour and what are you making your first tour I think that's the most serious thing. You know I I wondered that myself and about it it would help spread the love. All of this entail a hook up a I. Writer you're coming you're coming to our neck of the woods and we are so excited about this he'll be examined the Bailey this year. That is to show what I don't ache you know I'm not surf here a year familiar with it it's gonna it's a three night run. And it's like our very own little Western New York country Woodstock. And everybody camps everybody's days you'll be there on Friday night was Sam hunt. And and then Saturday night Jake Owen and Jim Cramer so we're really really psyched about that tickets are available at jam in the valley dot com you guys are gone for number one was snapped back we're gonna help you out with that is much as. Possible love the song it's fun to listen to thank you Old Dominion. Lou thank him very much you bet you bet you guys take care and we'll see examine the belly. All right.