Remembering the most "Memorable" Guitars and Stars of years past

Wednesday, September 12th


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I wonder what it's gonna be the moment we're all talking about tomorrow. From guitars and stars you know it's usually something and something will happen. Some sort of duets or. Final moment of something like that some drama. I don't know there will be something exciting. There always is there all teases. And now I was just senior deaconess some of my favorite guitars and stars moments for an. All the years I've been near whether it's Ian Taylor Swift when she was fifteen. And an unheard of Luke Bryan who made Oregon money cowboy hat out of the Ginny light twelve pact marks. Out of and a war that on stage. John Rich in his cowboy suit. All that drunken dad at face planted that year nobody had ever heard. And I remember one year. When Michael rain Carly pierce fell in love yes. Yeah we had a little budding romance began at one and yes something like that will happen. It tonight show him. It'll be you know our theme for this when I remember one year with Rodney Atkins and I forget the circumstances. But I. All got do you remember the power struggle year with a host with Rodney Atkins in June Nichols. And remind me. It was at the dome so it is it was years ago and I've been we had. Boots. On mine guys one was the host. And by the time the show came around not being geo had blown up I think it was around the timing gimme Dag girl. Is remember we stopped the show and presented Joseph with his Platt heard that song go on number one and I do remember that yes I'm it was during that shows so I think ride means. Was booked as the host but once the show came around 34 months later. Joseph was hotter than a pistol and at that moment like he had the number one song in the land is album was doing well. And I don't know the crowd was just responding mortgage which cause ride need to kind. I try to ham it up more images came across in a weird night. Jealous power struggle kind of it being it was very interesting. The watch that whole deal. Yes there ass. It was crazy one of my favorites was one time I'm up on stage introduced in the Jackson. Is Clay Walker and I don't know if you're seeing in his play walker. But I'm like ladies in general in play here. Indeed never came out he was stuck in this hour. Again is the worst Mandela at the stairway and no one's gone up. That was it man and nothing there isn't enough it. I don't know it. So what did you do your leg. Just called an excellent yeah that's what I did and we started to show without him in the and I think we were a couple songs in any comes out there with wet hair. Thanks for gone a lot for our listeners buddy we appreciate it well I found it. The Blake Shelton poem for guitars and stars we referenced before then news a few moments ago. Again good news and bad news good news is. We can share this. Some listener posted this son used to be and 2000 Maine nine. 2008. And I guess this was a team does when I was on YouTube here against Blake did poems and every show. Her a lot of his shows. And he would tailor them to the town in station humans they're performing for. I would like to think ours was special glow was. We're. Call us at Jake Gilman was seated next to him on the stage and it looks like that James Otto guy. Was on the line up in there are some bald headed. Person from American Idol. On here bad Blake curses in the poems on camp. Played on the air. He's drops a couple of when you know the guy who recorded it as stealing in the back world twos so of course. But no Weytman. You know we didn't have HDs zones I guess ten years ago and I it was really economic let you know holy smoke. All right let me put this on our FaceBook yeah I don't know if somebody one wants to see it Arctic. On this one appears somebody texted and dear remember her when you got mad at June defeat. All I do. Yet that was my first ever guitars and stars I was brand new to the station now is still work in seven to midnight. And mom mom. Flew into town for guitars and start she was a huge Judith the Thain and and he was the host you know remember Judith C rob me side the jukebox. John Deere green. I mean. This velvet sounds. So I'm doing a live broadcast as everybody's leave and I'm in the lobby of the down and I'm live on the air. And I'm in an interview Joseph defeatism wait to go on the air. He straight up hidden on my mother. Yeah like trying to close the deal and get her back to the double tree pollen dome as it was. Where I don't even like yeah and him and Joseph did. You act as Joseph did he's really. And a good position. And okay you saw geography a couple of years ago when a dad yeah Aaron now I didn't want my guys. I just gave me as the price and that was the that was the same look I gave Joseph did thing. Obviously I did did you realize. You realize dementia that is my mutton. He was. She had no say in the and then boom right and it doesn't matter you don't hit on somebody's. On right in front of domestic food demand there's a well. And we've being going down memory lane talking about some great times we've had a guitars and stars shows in the past and somebody is making a they can all be. Home runs. In the going to asking if we dealt with any. You know we had any ego problems with guitars and stars of all the people that have come in through the years. And I got to be perfectly honest with you man overwhelmingly. Though artists. Are just really awesome. Mean they really are I can only think of one and Jennifer Nettles yeah yeah. And immediately I had eighteen Europe Paris and I. No she wouldn't be the only ain't wine and fourteen years of working year. Know that. I would say. I was disappointed in. An SP. Forehand even those demands were worked out before hand as far as the night of the event she was pleasant. She was well I'll arms and I was avoiding I don't know if if you're in the stands. You found her very pleasant she sang her four songs one. I know she then she left those who are deal I don't remember people. And being in even listeners were upset with her because she would not beyond the stage with the other acts. Thanks I remember I introduced here. She comes out inner reduces the rest of the band and then she goes back to her trailer yes. And then came back after everybody else was done seeing in it was just weird beliefs she had a child with Paris well. A bottler great. It lag well cut her slack if that was the case I guess we keep cutters and slack. I Trace seconds wasn't really into it. Yeah when he hosted a few shows ago Yang he'd seemed like he didn't wanna be there. The world these youngsters you know that sell all throughout my life and I. Guarantee you. Yeah I guess that would be coming to Trace wasn't. He didn't. Didn't wanna be there it seemed like so how many artists would you say. A majority of the I haven't really seen any get intoxicated and out of hand over our poll shows that's a different this girl is a. Judges tell you big and rich. Did that those guys get it but they handle their lectured like the Drucker they got the better the show was. We had that one guy remembers seeing Gary Morse a penny Perry and he was the guy and the line up mean on the Jimmy Allen sir. Oh yeah part of this year and he foul. Leave in this stage like he was one of those like whenever he wasn't seeing in he would get up and walk off the stage. I think come back to refill this cup and announced they leave and he was like wave and and hit this status and truth. In rolled down. Tom my challenge to laugh let us Midland had one album had quite a bit remember he left the door open Molly was doing his business and put me in an awkward situation. How about when Charles Kelley was up by himself when he was doing her own solo thing he was pretty buzzed was only just remember a jump and. Fence in the kind of walking across the stage. They're gonna use the facility if he would did do this fence jumping thing. Men and give Jennifer Nettles of breaking never know which she has gone through at the time. Well we just knew that she had demeans and indeed there aren't many guitars and start our. Left behind her across this nation that will speak to how difficult she can be. Listen he super. And I I could I offered to baby sit. I could tell by the look on her face and she didn't go for that it'd go for it and now Jody the a few years ago I did like Turkey gets. Cube like. Our guys out. I when Jodie Messina almighty god that was a great this was so long ago manned. But Jody Messina hosted a guitars and stars in Taylor Swift was brand new shot at a McCain and I don't know. Times like her first three song she was nominated him was still where all of female artists were a little bit resentful of very exit she can't sing. Right shooting Messina came in here was in studio with this the next morning for like two hours. In just went on line this soap box on out Taylor swift's a flash in the pan. She will not have any longevity. Bottle girl cannot seen. Blah blah blah blah blah. And that was the last we saw Judy Messina so she popped up period frost arrange. Yeah years back I guess that's when you baby son that's what I Davies apple anyway so so better me and very better. But she was cool man she told it like it was she didn't you know so often in country music people play of the game sir. That she didn't know. There's nothing fake about it he hear it here in C. How feel. Right away. I love Judy Messina she was awesome our memory in the couple times I got to go to Nashville with you guys before they can watched us going down there after. Fanfare CMA. Music fest. Judy Messina and would always be the first one. At the studios like it's 5:30 in the morning. And he's I am ready let's get it does get. I'm just wildly. Figured yeah wildly economy. She got hung up in that big lawsuit in that was another thing she brings it appears because she showed the record label. Another album it was a warned it might give a damn is busted into Debian on and she taught. She didn't matter obligation with the greatest hits album and they wouldn't let her tour. Entered and that she was in years like you know my mind guys are all broke there are collected and unemployment and I don't know she just really exposed. The business side. Yeah of the grind you know that does make Kennedy's own music the least I could do was watch her kids. Yet we're the world trade onstage. Where nights ago I did they walk all over you the truth yeah. Well yes he did it.