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Thursday, October 27th


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I'm now old another episode okay. Grew up just he's the attack. Until another edition of Rochester he's geared the first 120162017. Season Ivory Coast testing things happening. You're obviously an extension. Have gone on hiatus for a little vexed but do not wearing it feels like it's been forever but it was. All worth that so we're back. These skip having the whole summer vacation and made Rochester is brand new and improved G this theater. She even made some things really really special free to start really hoping ago until it's an amazing new things here like a whole new G valley I'm talking and a new look and you set up but still phenomenal place at her onstage their ticket this season with what many would consider. And I do as well now classic it's a funny thing happened on the way to the forum which. I've got to say I am totally digging this whole new like let's start the season for the comedy thing. I love it makes you feel like did you hinted the jury months and I can totally go into the psychology behind it but other registered like to. If you've never heard of the play. She money. Because if you open ears to the beauty that is it well fashion Stephen sondheim's play it to comedy it's a tragedy and that's pretty much into actually get at the beginning of the plate and doing. I so I don't actually yeah I am enjoying by a Michelle or Goosen plays dominant and James Michael Riley who plays sonics chairman have been actually if you guys could introduce your character is thinking so much for coming in by the way I know it's it's a very. Active play. Sound. To have some time off is really nice I totally understand that but he's advocates are with you are sure. Yeah I know it's always hard as an actor or come in at the crack of 1030. No not when it's working late but no it's done it's I'm very happy to be here talking about it my character's name is CEMEX. Bond and god the doubts and in that comes from Italian comedian don't Arctic cynics means old man. Which just goes to show you you should really do your research before you signed a contract because I I didn't know that's like a week and a half and really yeah I know we are like. Frankly open and I thought oh that's a my characters it's. Yeah no I really do know that so some type tested yes I know I know thank you. Kids on the range needle look at either way. Now it's like having sold on them era. Yes so there there are out but he what what is his role in the show odd that the basic idea is that it is a job and odd there is a a young man who spies across the street and house of Cortes on a young woman that he instantly falls in love with. And then she mistakes me for the man who bought her. That his her rightful owner art and so that's just part of view wacky hijinks ensue as a result of misunderstandings in the show. He's so brilliantly written and very and they're very. I am not describe that concerned just like this is this a whirlwind. Yeah much so. Yes Stephen how much Sonnen sort of thing battery said it's like a Swiss watch you can write the story here and write the book he only wrote the music and lyrics but he said just like the perfect farce. Yes you know you're absolutely yes. So I should tell us a little bit about dominant Kenny well good morning. And yeah not so. Dominant. Let's don't have to give YouTube much explanation to that however I will say that the original concept for this character. It was more along dominant. And Melissa rain Anderson are fabulous director and in my favor and she is this erect such a check and and you know there's basically. Two female principles and then also beautiful court essence. But she decided. As opposed to having the virgin and the shrewd. Wife. Normally. Dominic is played by someone who is a little moron sort of a visual sight gag. She could be a little overweight. Not very attractive. A lot of the comedy leaned in to that and she decided that she wanted dumb enough to be eight dominate tree looks get a Terrell on my agent called me know what had it knows it Elliott an audition for you for finding an analytical orange edgy buys a well I love GID company they're great. But I I not right for this and I think people forget that. They think oh it's funny let's calling her goose and it's like yep that. I'm not it's like and I'm not a psychic and a civil apparently Melissa brain Anderson distracting is it okay interest aim. And she wants a different take on his character chunks dominatrix twice as interesting idea I guess I'll show up I end up. Thanks Ed and I had to bring my outfit in a bag because I couldn't Wear anonymous how well I'm just even at that. Yet they were like did you get on the train trestle jet like a cult. And I and I made some money and as I know I have seen our own hill. It's that good judgment not no judge no no judge not here not in the studio. That's sell us out so it's good so they beat the interesting thing for myself and for Jim who plays my husband's. And a couple other characters in our exchanges we really had to fight against the language because a lot of the humor is. Because she's not an attractive woman threat we've had to turn it more drinks is just sort of a frightening it's frightening because she's a sexual. So really out of. There's there's an attraction Shearer instead of just like you're you're ugly and sure I wanna get away from you can take way more interesting to play it this way. Yeah me just got scared again excited Zynga yeah. Yeah which you only Selig rom com's you're like I don't know what to do it this really dominant woman in his own crazy which I personally I'd love having is that my mother used to call. Actually market and that's to ask. I'm a mom calls later it yes I know she's limited run me a while to take charge if you in terms of those kind of situations where the man doesn't necessarily have to leave now domino is a very interesting. And now that I know can never actually seen a ending up on her way to the farm and my first introduction to it. Sad to see it in this thing now I'm quiet and like if for most things happen edgy about tight. I'm batted it right don't do the research which makes you seem like an uninformed. Reviewer but I like to experience it. As you know as pure as possible. For somebody who's linking to for the first time but I think that that's secretly glad I saw Hamilton I didn't listen to the recording first I just wanted to be in and I didn't wanna know. You know I think that that's I I don't actually I don't like it doesn't matter against who and it's a much more fun given it's like seeing is that when you read the book for free this in the movie can think in big acne so I think this is a really interesting play on. And it's really very much you know talking about the way that it was written it's like Jack Benny needs Abbott & Costello meet slick show girls. I'll admit I I. I don't because she's jabbing just off famine absolutely they should have been a little bit more the orchestra playing around with some Jack aim music summit and I can't count on the day yeah it was the disk and that's a good trifecta delegate guns religion you know Melissa her. Yes a little bit Lucy in their Annika does not. If the US I think it is nothing short of phenomenal but Powell. At athlete how much of lower does it for you to kind of have run around gone from up to down to be here to dared to singing which. I will never or not be impressed. This is why I'm more impressed by broadway's stars and by a people who can perform in musicals. Good did you did you read more talent to do that than it does to perform at a stage in lip sync and dance. Oh my god you don't hear us well FiOS out just to name names so how how is that for you on a nightly basis like is it a pretty good workout I would imagine. The other certainly times when I get out of brass I mean there's 11 long song and also we have a section at the end which we all call the chase yes fire as they see what. Every once in motion are at least I think every single person in the cast is in motion and done so yeah I it is good exercise. But and assaults but even more value what you are saying about Don you know represent Barack Abbott Costello and things like that these guys drawn vaudeville. And so long Phyllis is big performances it's like. There's almost a certain. Open not misuse in orbit almost like an aggression to them where you you want to reach the back of the house break and you may be competing with in a windy in the case of vaudeville competing with noisy people in drunks and pour lighting tell you reach the back of the house so this show was written for that sensibility so requires us to kind of be like a nine or ten a lot of the time. Google eleven. Kicked up and sometimes you'll love that go home democratic enough for me I think the chase and Mino my character right and make a big splash and that in the beginning of the show him. And then. These guys sit downstairs and it. Until I know I totally hello Matt Diaz so I. I I don't have a lot of heavy lifting but the chase. Is definitely. A crazy. Wacky I mean it is. The body's guess he was tapping backstage. Is is almost and is it just stares the way you have to orchestrate getting out of the way for who's running if you're waiting for an entrance yet to be sure and you have to stand out of the way because people are running the escape stairs there's all these stairs to take you up to the second level this man I love to hear. I don't like I've got is down on so I've got to you know Jim's behind me and only once this gallon up in one hand and then use the other hand on the rail link is the stairs are released eight get up into the top and then we have a curtain we have to move in the curtain used to buckle so they added a five pound weight to win and now it's hazy so you don't pull it could it mean it's it's this yeah. And and reducing enough money to Atlanta. When you said about the set you liking sacks this is deceptive it we there were true stories you can go up from states like hey so there's a lot of up and downstairs which are very steep stairs because there's limited space backstage read more gradual staircase. So the really steep. And at the top level. On if I stand on my tip toes my head hits the light gray like that's how tall the status. So just aren't there really using the space like you talk about the performances should be an eleven the sets of eleven visa be this decisive. Hey I just slightly worse thing you know. It looks like it Q it's very on canvassing which it and I stayed every time I have an interview is that's what I like a body fat is it's almost like there is in the fourth law. In his and you just kind of eat this it's so immersed in his right Marcia Cross is what they call it silly and we are thrust into the audience right and I love that and I love the fact that half the time you know we are sitting on the balcony level which is an amateur basis to sits in times that you kind of missed the fun on the ground if there is an on the ground. And they will see that there is on on the ground through the aisles that you kind of have to pay attention to him. So that actually brings me syrup. You know I've been listening to run Kevin and I've seen a lot of reviews Kevin Sweeney from achieve talking about how every night gets better and better and different in different. And Nino is there something that from the start. And now that you've kind of been interested in you know kind of taking your own impression on sending you can teach a little bit. What don't you find a means with a show like this especially the audience is a cast member. So we always take our lead off the audience and I have to say I mean the audiences have been. Unbelievable. We receptive as I'm sure you noticed mom can. They are our death is in laughs there's differences and it keeps an actor on their toes because you'd never really know for when children next how long alas is gonna last sometimes. It starts and then it dips and then it swells up again grey and you kind of ride that. You know as a race it keeps you on your toes and it's I I love that part of Chechnya. There's been so much of that especially people like you like you said Michelle there's so many laps in the show is just so gratifying you're like oh my god this is what comedy is supposed to be great you know and and even for those of us who weren't in the early scenes where there's a there's a great LED monitor in the hunt in the green room bottle. Backstage on the first time we did it for an audience just. That noise. It was just narcotic you know because for three and a half weeks we've been in a rehearsal room where we're doing it for the director of the designers a stage manager and the other members or creative team and they seem to 1520 Dario looked. You start to think that things are works fine don't work because people stop laughs because. Acted doubted you know. I'll that's not funny isn't Ali just use it in now. Hop which is one of the reasons that at one point the process Michelle gave us an unexpected day off because she she sat sun not me know if I could get people off days not that would be awesome. That was my pass. I think you would have to say yeah. Yes yes I know I'm envoy to Sudan and one of her reasons was we don't have enough for each other. What we we it's time we did the learning that needs to happen now and he sat in front audience and it's so gratified that she's so fine. That's awesome weekend good audiences here you know a lot of it is really don't end there and it was a very squealing about starting the season off with a comedy is you get a lot of younger. Yes you do ailing heiress like this whole group is the and we could see in and creepy. So I watch everybody down and on the floor I think who's laughing. On and so there's this group of like teenagers ever sitting there you know our teen and college students sure you know watching the play in getting really into it which I love. And they didn't you know I don't think there is theater going you know kids at that point but they didn't think they are now it's like a London good convert. Well I had an interesting thing because you know they're saying with our show. Recommended twelve years an op because you know the cautions are little tiny little and a scandalous but I have dear friends. Is that I drove here and my god daughter is six and she's at she's good theater kids like she goes and she C shows and she's grade and she's seen me a couple things so of course they have to come to see this so which I wanna down front yes all. I got special dispensation Goodell for David to be able to come she. Giggled screamed and left through the whole thing is who funds that cast our our lead Steve Rosen ice I ran into him backstage at one point and he said her and laugh my heart is like smiling. And then next day she recapped everything to me she loved she followed the story beginning to end a she's talking about the potions and she was talking about when the three of us are all dressed the same in how we were running in the doors she had. I'll sorry that's got an immigrant that this stuff being saved their safe for people to learn and she should people over the age of twelve rich on that there's not. There's not crude language you know this is oh this is a place from 1962. So there is innuendo yes but. I I think there's room for you know for somebody young like that do what is inappropriate will go over their heads yeah. And you'll still get to enjoy the spectacle that chases the fund the ranking as the physical comedy. I think sometimes you kind of do that to be responsible. As year owners because you would never want somebody to come and say I am so. Insults I brought my child and how could she you know can you just don't know people so if you say twelve and now people can say will is there profanity is their nudity like. No no number and there's just a lot of innuendo and yeah. There is is gonna write you write I got a little scandalized high in I I scandal and I was very it hasn't asked. And it was when one of the Cortes and are doing their dance living and had to do with the woman the snake more specific weeks where I was and I was like oh okay so yeah yeah well. And I am pretty sure that I was the only one in my run I had some older folks around me that I wrote I was the only one who John Pavlik looked like. Come the. That her recent party run up to adapt the better he started up the yes sheet that dancer was my friend's husband's favorite dance like that stuck out in your area the other issue is how old girl is so talented Cano would do so funny case in any city get fifty female principles that I think everybody has this massive. Awesome role to play them and it's so much fun to see you can look amounting night huh. And there's so many Little League little Easter break things in there on that I love including about the cast themselves very I giggle about it and the guy who plays. Sue Willis is just a Dion excellent. I hop. And just really perfect role for him the addicts time in his life like this is the role in Nathan Lane. Played in the revival and zero on the stealth shall silver's. These are the people that played this role and so tell me is there is barely any scenery left over when that we have. Democrats is really necessary necessarily blood in the best way puck a simple. We're so lucky to have gotten a minute yes you won it with cool things out that his name is Steve Rosen and he he's been on Broadway he would he was in the original cast of spam allot some sufferers in some great. On we don't know who or nominated for big awards in New York but now she's from Rochester. Now. So yeah so here's yours as well as as is Michelle our blog Broadway vet who's backstage with his parents while he does a feisty effort and what before. This is something that's gonna mess with him pariah can I pet but still I'll have to talk about the acrobatics involved in this. And whom I got the sneak peek yeah get a little preview Rochester peace theater. They told us about how there is gonna be these these bigger pieces and we're talking and you mentioned earlier about how the sets are so intricate in the got to watch your radar not in this that having. Is to ring circus involved. Now and then I can only imagine the shenanigans that are now involved in actually trying to get out of even faster yes because you have these guys were running through and thrown on another Costin and playing this person of playing that person. I mean. How is it to work I have ever worked in internally that never seen anything like this at Jeep and it's the most amazing thing I love that idea I would say you really good but yet the two ring. Circus I mean if this show wasn't already cranking at a 100% they elevated. You replaced just beyond its just into the stratosphere and so am I so am I ran into a show with them is normally there is not a circus element. In norm is just dancers and Tom Miller's cousin but the stuff that they do. Yeah you're there or did they may drop their whole bag of tricks you know they'd have big you know that the circle look at that thinks so they are blue in the silver who is freaking out. God and dying and tranda fingers and the balls so to speak just a rich at their hearts and their. Also big on the move in and yet and that and the fact that their likes when him down from the from above the stage. Yeah top of the show. It's done wonderful it says and dare sell. There are also such great actors like at first and I and gave their all but they're great singers and I. Actors and and they'd just again like I said they just elevate us. I don't even realize that they are actually part of the touring circus when they first came out of just not that theory now. Summed quarterly super toned super great looking guys that nobody found you know I thought Austin Co. had like. Guys you've been playing you know in the Odyssey for re on time is only ten or fifteen but I'm in season then instilled a silver who came out and just like oh my gosh this is exactly what you're talking about and quite honestly and then. After the show you get a stick around you on just tell you saharan after the credit to benefit yeah yep this is like that yes just dangling you don't have to stay in a totally caught on video I haven't posted in having that thing I was gunning amend Nixon as Naomi electronics shares have figured it was the picture and your candidates and I don't know what's known as. We're not authorized answer a question this well I you know what there's something that's if you noticed unspoken thing with actors you know on. When you are doing your curtain call in your coming out that this actually nothing worse and seen people running up the aisle to get their car you know they can't wait on our minute well there was so few people did did that early on in our performance last night you know what. I hope somebody who sees this shows said to them hot and wasn't it amazing what happened after the curtain call get a mountain now yup yup I'll. What if there's ever reason is it's these people ya yes I was gonna say we see you you want Santa. That's right is not a movement and this is that believe that that theory that we see every thing. I usually you see everything yeah it's and the like there's some bright an asset is painted so bright I feel like it's actually. Kind of lit the audio even more you can really go all the way almost all the way to the back. Do that is actually so true there's never on in the show when you can't see the audio via. All right well good idea how this is more fun I like they're going than for you guys out so well enough and where did make up and where could make a cause for judging yes Avril know what you're saying about it. That there are there seem to be everyone seems to have a major role in the shall. I think that if if anyone underscores that it says the folks from to bring their playing what are called the proteins are introduced early on so they're basically the supporting characters in one and one scenery unit can and other senior citizen action or soldier so they're playing all these unnamed characters. I feel like they're practically leading roles in the show how they never stop. What and that's it is not to take away from the principles either but it was just scary it's sometimes a little break our all cereal like Elvis has really don't add that extra magic to be seen as well. Well there's a moment we'll where we're sitting in the green room during the during the First Act is getting towards the end. And dumb not sure which one of our proteins is but they do something onstage. And then all of a sudden you hear while this is going on over our heads. The Google running fast to get to the back of the cedar to make his next entrance hall yacht and I was like what stashed. And they like how it's I don't know if it's then is somebody who is what I think is that I thank him. Josh latest jump she exits as a unit upstage right in the fiesta whip plus that custom release running and put on a soldier custom and minister in the back to my house with someone riding on a stack. Like a Nagano gonna go over our heads up. That is the top Burnett a sharp Burnett and then the blonde and the blonde she's the blunted the plot twists you'll no doubt. When you had to see you know because there are very distinctive and they they were everybody was my favorite and I do love to take on domino as well an and senate he'd be pretty amazing sonics as well we don't. I know that that role can be somewhat lecherous. Yes and yeah. That's just a Leon so borderline that it's not it doesn't it's not quite as scandalized as it could be seniority you are he bringing this element of class and I just. Clear I don't have friends out. He is he's very likable Jim very likable and the rolling EU EU do empathize with him you understand him as Sally you know he's just so. Let us electricity you don't like it right. It's a it's a tricky finger because because of the way that mean Michelle is playing the Roland and she and Melissa have crafted it ominous and more likable character is there. Cynics his skirt chasing could potentially make him unlikable. Let you know this but there are other things again really have a savvy director of things like in the first time that I encounters the young corners on she jumps on me wrecked so there's certain ways you can handle it turns into. You don't like 1962 sensibilities and make them more enjoyable for 2016 audio Alia. Yes but it's still and still captivates you know and at the eleven ST at the front line thinks so no quick before we run off anything and we were talking before the mikes and on about the bust of dominant. It's the I bake welcome to modern day technology yes I'm. I'll see you mentioned it's the heat photography oh it's so cool early EC it is my face from ZAE brought Indies on women who own a company here right colleges and don't know the name of the company. But they do this 3-D photography so I stood in the lobby where it's night phase still way it is the wit and my mouth we'll just leave that out there as well yeah Andy come and they circles knee would these cameras. And they basically. May aid. This bust. Out of me in my costumes with the whip. And it's in plaster. And it is me and I think that was a really cool for music as a sop for the but the within the Chinese see it. You could actually see my tongue in my teacher Susie is a picture I now but you know my husband wants it he's like. The president on the mantle piece yet like well can aussies they'll give it to me it was extent this site and also hit it to midnight and I. I've never your ass kicking never use it again it's your face true I wanna put it in the garden I think challenging for the day. Busted enjoy them and put us a little trolls around us and there's hat but people love it gives Jim carries it out. And I say there are I am and people who like a nice release her it's an action your face like how. Only asked yes it is today I was and that's very well crafted it looks heavy. You know like it's actually have in mind you can yeah very surprised yet they really they club Elvis stops GMAC is a boy you know involved in and out on us we have a circuits and a bus. But you know what I know I will say though OG I mean now for now and Rochester yell should be so proud to have the cedar like this in your in your backyard because. Every cedar cross country is not like this now we are treated well the production values are amazing and congratulations. Yeah it. It's beautiful outside by the way when my favorite things just as he's out on the balcony area. That in the system aside no nothing is is nothing you guys is telling me is that the current that there is it your way that separate now you go up as they are single half. Lobby area and all right tears she made us again. How now it's great in the kitchen in the aren't your food are only losing so we got their Little League international monetary concern. But could. I didn't did can't look at the menu although way about us talking to my husband about music where there's a lot of stuff and they began in mid continent than before it now becomes a full. Deep pursuits of I don't know how they didn't come down get your car all parks and relax and have a national cocktail and then there's a. Meat free choices get to know Lee is among the best I've ever now we got to try the food how did you let us it was a day during tech that they said Phil here's the menu fill it out we'll see Julian. The pew says in this lined a tryout or systems on the actors are classically trained and oh yeah now joke and someone asked not to sell off a funny thing it would yes right I could and that but in this case it's fantastic and I think there's also an opportunity. Before the show to order and then at intermission. You will be ready drink in your deserted your salad and this young boy yeah high tech. They do edits in a nice and I think the kitchen the new kitchen looks great two's beautiful I'm so excited I can liken as like this is great imagery or seat now. And then marching not introduced you know the whole new season in the told us about the extra entry Rex had a chance to Tori and I was just like can't. Out what is makes this so much easier and deceit or phenomenon like this extra room. Well yeah even as later and later to the second level right behind all of buildings like it's not that something that's easily. Done in a lot of the old Rochester architecture style or kudos to G now up kudos to you guys are making this place so much fun and -- so much for coming in today can I. I'd be here. I've really appreciate it appreciate everything that Rochester has to offer especially in terms of Jeep back to achieve this has been too long. It's but this is then a very long wait there hurt muscle. But I guess absence makes Parker find her summer and I had a censor. The British episode of Rochester these theater if you haven't get to seek a funny thing happened on the way to the forum that's very difficult to variant on this and this muffle. To get your ticket did you get it out or cargo into these hot stuff that's vivid beautiful off and he needed a Viet. Until next time I'm Justine Venus this is not so he's theatre through the lean.