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Thursday, September 21st


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I'm now old another episode opens who grew up just he's the attack. Welcome to another edition of Rochester feet theater where we discuss all the fun than the scene at G back. Dion I'm Justine paid your hopes for this super excited to be back once again for the 20172018. Season. That begins with phenomenal play in the heights. I can clap or does something really weird Ruth and good for me is it is such an awesome play. I in this litigating give to everybody constantly bring my husband to these plays to say you know RA non theatre guy who doesn't you know do a lot of it. But I have rent on video and dvd like I watch musicals like no I don't I enjoyed musical productions. He does not so she's tonight he's the litmus test. Since I've run to this play. And it's even afterwards during you know do a little bit of research and watching videos of it. From the previous productions and he was watching them with me and actually enjoying them all over again so I think in the heights is a phenomenon. But I'm joined in studio today by the cast members sitting upon who plays Danny. Hello I have at me of Pineiro who plays in the night in in the fight guys think is so much for coming and thank you for. You just yeah. Did everything really are right can't see this and so they really carried they're they're gauging each other only nine. Have you learned together there are times so this is good this is nice being having some distance and only kissing and. Always reading married you know some comfort circles and nothing. It's easy hula hoops or any known as the carry this are part yeah and I never. Well we love being. Your characters. And so you guys love interest in the play yet like he knew tells seldom are not your characters me always start with you Nina. Yes I may mean nine. It was recently at Stanford University as a freshman. And seen it comes back to Washington Heights which is where our musical is based. And I am. It's a beautiful vibrant community and there's a lot of chains. Happening at this time and meanest character kind of sparks. A lot of the changed. And I don't give too much still way island but it is a beautiful story about so I am definitely for Nina and her identity in which community she belongs and you're just born in Washington Heights born in the U last. With parents from Puerto Rico and what is its Q how all this opportunity being in America. I'm an all the pressure out what you're FEMA has sacrificed for you I'm so it's a really beautiful storing character arc and am really honored to be playing. Yeah yeah I mean as a really fun character to watch as well she's very. Making kind of relieve their own land skewed to everybody in this suit because you know Benny. Is also an incredibly hard working person and food we'll take any opportunity and I LE talk furthermore I'm cynics I think he's such a fun characters while. You he. He is a lot going on I think and my. He never saw so us parents in the show and so I think. More on the other characters is not a smattering any anything. All the history has died when he was young as whilst I think I've crafted a story that I think Danny's parents has also passed away when he was younger actually and that's why their relationship grew so much that also is a reason why. Kevin. Who is the father of Nina. He kind of took me under his wing. And one thing about he's our father is that he's on snorkeling a sill he has he's about making ends meet and I think any. Learned a lot from that you Reyes hit mine where he says united taught you how to drive a car. I tell you how to tiger tied you know and so I find a lot of comfort and Kevin. But. With that Kevin and also there's an necessarily think I'm the perfect match for Nina. Nobody and I'm not yeah. Yeah even matter you're pretty stiff armed as a female and a dad. It's the members of her. A good thing around Christmas because he does know me and and and a good way and and the battery swap. And so I think it is and just staying. Being used to grow like faster since the character. With her father a much Nina as wild I'm getting to follow mouth with. Media how. And that is why it's true when I was LA it's easiest job ever and to follow up with her on stage he's walked. Yeah. Man me Ed going trimming chi town top hot not hot gas and visiting an atomic chemistry that so much fun to watch and I like tell you. On pat what Baxter you've given to Danny can it does make a lot more sense thinking about it how. They take him in and they meet him and any views. This business anywhere except as Stanley as its home as his home and then when things happen analyst gene starts happening about Nielsen goes gazette identity crisis as well of are able what's next title and make my way what is my way and it's super fun com. To watch and the songs are super addicted to prove it can't really ask. I want to link Tonys for sure I had no reason you know Annie very then they can see all is so good down. So tell me a little bit you know. This cast is so old diverse. Which is obviously the the point of insights because it's based in. You know Latin American and Hispanic community. But it's more than that and I think there's a lot to be said that some people may not necessarily. Grasp until they see it on stage yet noting means and how does this mean for you guys who you commend like as a Hispanic every. He can kind of here's some chattering and has the right up. And you know he's Dutch and German pin and Hispanic or Hispanic and found half. After that and mine were sitting there talking about his luckiest people can like. Lloyd didn't really has to be so much Spanish yeah. And I had I had my aunt. All staff spent. Yeah I am. Going union and there's little things that are being said and now I'm catching and I'm like I'm giggling by myself in the park as we understand a little bit about it and none none you. But what does this mean for you guys to have this claim brought into. In being able to represent. You know each of the different communities. In in this place. I think it's. Extremely important it's it's interesting because when I was younger idol. I remember thinking I wish there was a story about my siblings and my experience in this. In this country and being that we I'm from Wisconsin born and raised American gal. But it's my father was born in Havana Cuba some half Cuban and then my mother's polish and my grandmother on my mom's side came in and they came here from Poland and tell how that story of what community do you belong to and that I identify as a Latina I am also Americana and what is this hybrid and I think it's really important that our cast really reflects that we have people all different. I ethnic backgrounds experience in the theater we have the Broadway veterans we have. You know people who this is one of their first professional shows and you have people coming from all these different angles than there and I think that that is really reflective of what this world is and I think it's important to have. People who are authentically Hispanic I mean that. I'm John who plays my father. I'm Tony two on base from he's from Puerto Rico he. And so you have people with the use experiences. And it's people who have had these hybrid experiences and I mean I think it just adds. To the dynamic of the cast is. Absolutely I you know we and then we have some of our some of those people who are from the area you know they make Cokie tell you an hour and a angriest tack crackers into standing you know just all these great different things to try and and fetus full of you know culture we have people who are Filipino on the show we have people who are Italian we have black out obviously. Com and I see Spanish Islam and Latino. But this is it's been so exciting I think for me personally I does nominee rolls. Like this four for people who look like me. So it's just been really great to get to have such a depth of character. You know it seems to be angry too naive to be sad to follow my volleys great things on. And one shell and its higher end. An integral oh yes that's a big gorilla course and that's just because the show is it set in three days Seattle so the stakes are still high everybody's. I'm life on stage is still so high there's you know life and death and as so much in between so it really issues such an amazing so especially diversity wise getting tears from the different voices. And also looking into the audience and seeing some kids you know who are seeing themselves on stage and had hardly the first time. You know I'm a real sense on stage you know on maybe television you know have we we're getting better tapped it. I think on stages that you not that's how I got bit by the bond. Directing SL once on the silent and I always see my house again fifth grader. And I respect kid you know asking for autographs and chemicals like. Copy and sell. Is it they really means a lot to me and until Melissa our director this is just been such a guest in such a blessing fresh for shore are. I'm just level is very nears and as well see you my practice all relax chill a little local heroes that I just like. He's. I think pattern reminds me anchor outsize impact and you see what mormons I guess he's human being that the warmest on it was such a great. Rehearsal process with that are guests she allowed us tree down and she's pretty much. Gave us an opportunity to attend mass to do brilliant things to do ridiculous things and stupid things that she just allows that and she would always talk about preserving. Our. Perspectives and our performances. Says she is I and she guided us. Port clarity and toward making sure that we are telling the story to the best our ability but I'm. Really giving us the freedom when she was a blessing and I we have to sit in maritime map this yesterday on how. The show has grown so much because we are continuing to play and me digging into certainly your accent or the lines that. Obviously we have sun many times that he really are hitting asks that one shelling that Matt name and why Powell. He never fully realized this because there is so much in the materiel to the man and so that's been. Yeah and I mean Tony her father on capitol playing Kevin. We just we talk about our time just the idea that getting that tests detect the chance to play yes and every day I mean when you guys see this show every day I mean it's essentially the same showing that changing blocking anything could pray that. But it's different I mean the only saline the way you do lip and built the way you. You're listening you're alive again and that's a great thing about theater as opposed to television and and film that you are. Constantly listening and and and and taking them back cut the tension out changes being pitched and then you know and and you reax from that and every day it's a little bit different which is school fun and so exciting as an actor and as a performer and really just. Ten assets should. Freedom on stage with so many great actors and actresses and yeah it's really again a blessing Mecca credit. It's the you know knowing your background in knowing how you want to present the story of Danny thank you guys really do bring that out. In your characters did you feel it so there's always is joke I tell die and come all the time. That I've always kind of like every single play half hour how can I don't I didn't leg once it started at this play it didn't stop I'm like doing on carmike cutting makes. Monument just so many. Now and it think a lot of it is because then I mean as part near the end. That I was just like. We got at me and mean just you. Hart heard so much like you feel like you've been punched in the gut I think you did such a great job without those league sobbing in this industry and in the second row like. OK as the I'm having to answer yeah see it's that my dad I think geek you see me. Hello we're on May well sobbing and I there are moments right assays and I'm like oh I look terrible I mean ugly crime violent game is not coming up my. Yeah he's getting nobody is a good look early and I I think already you're singing for your life so it's like you know you Europe. It's just it's it's not a good luck however. It's it's a very real I think every day it's hard that that's part of the I was hit hardest part for me it during the show is. Is this that you know Michelle and feelings soldiering to speak and and trying to get out of that. That feeling because you eagle do a lot with these people every every day it sometimes tight today. And cellular. I think part of it chooses that your most plays who like here's the heart wrenching moment and that kind of stops know this could just went on I can't feel anything else but you know what the great. You about it too is especially a match the end. Matthew the reason why such a successful musical is because there is hope I think and I yeah. There's one thing that my Melissa always says you know beat them here here on your own story. And I think that's sending each. Character has tried TU. And still and and whatever they do them and how sacks changes I was scared changes always ceemea terrifying but at the end I think we are happy because of it you know yes good. And that's that's the part you get so I was waiting to get to but it was still had that lake. Tinge of sadness that I couldn't I could not stop this started a one lion than the other one to Indiana and it was just everywhere it was like I was not prepared for this today. Would you not it's an emotional roller coaster anything how it was written it was so. Universal because you're able to go through a full. A lot away bet on something that I never really dawned on me was and there's a lire and everything now which is Nina. Song toward the end. And she sings but week row we go on with her brow. And the first time I used saying that in really understood it it was really powerful to think that these things occur in these things and might happen and traumatic things difficult things. That will have you for a couple of days crying emotional things that when we revisit on stage you know it. If you connect to dot you know Doe's advanced they will get TO and moved by it. When you are focusing on gross and continuing on I think that's when Nina finally connects with her community and yes. The reason yes I haven't gone through what my family has gone through in order to get to this country. But we are a heck of the same sphere read and I have the same blood where weekend we know how to make. Lemonade out of lemons we continue on and I think that's a big part NS beautiful part of the Hispanic culture that we are able to celebrate in this piece of that and you will make up parity out of trash you actually have been tennis out and I think that that's and that's what I really take a way. From the story and I think it's tough to beat us it's a minister on such a gorgeous job shelling. These difficult moments in allowing the audience and the actors to you. Fully experience summon their fully realized but then to Latin resolve span yeah that's a beautiful and inspiring hopeful way. And it's very cherokees at this at the end in on you get those little moments of a comedy as well which is very well known for wearing eking kind of you get this kind of deep emotional jolt to the system. But you also are able to look around and say another still. There's the people enjoying the simple things in life things simple things that you can still take part in the states to do well composed play. Then it was you know again my husband was even making arrests were really cool and how I can come out of it and I get Chris and is kind of every play because I feel a lot of emotions all the time. Mean to you to clean up yeah man is my favorite. Odds yeah yeah now just walking around and bag what's in there and I he actually has this ice machine that. No yeah actually out on click on his Texas to validate what you told to go into the audience in San handing them out. Yes easily if you are an active audience member and you do you raise your hand the second time he comes on stage you my age is up and and I get IP act wise if you're not too far and the audience that he and. Asks us how a great when you. And what it's this it's just too good to see greets us at the secret. It was pretty. Hello they're gonna start doing it now it's just a little nuggets salon that is so when they come you know go to Jeff union as but I would I have no game if you're going to be sent out by the way Sampras. No that's not how I know her. Yeah. Yeah I'm gonna let me get that in its commitment of the it's all window is so much fun and speaking. Because the thing I've always really enjoyed and always ask I'm. New actors that come through Jeanne bad because I love how little there is of the fourth what. And here a year race there and play. You can see every saying you're experiencing everything there's no bad seat in the house at all just absolutely none. So they always create these these phenomenal. Intricate stages and I always like I wanna ask what the secrets are behind it so how is that interacting sure you guys you have a favorite part. Of the stage set up I mean Danny in and Nina go you know kind of everywhere you you know. Yeah I would say for sure. Above the building the body got this sort of like a fire escape if you. On the rooftop and I mean we will come back to you up man matches as such a special little spot you know. I think. For me I just I I kind of feel above the fray and I guess that's the furthest away from the audience to re aware what America. You know located at so I think it for me at least it is nice to kind of to have that moment just with her and not and not forget about the unease because of course you always you know this I always that there is seen partner and the FBI here. But aid but it's nice to kind of really give us up to weigh in that cloud nine yeah them because love song and we just you know finishing. Yeah yeah. Lung and prayers are suddenly I'm glad I didn't think it would be okay and that is no coddling this kind of mentally and wouldn't. Starting average Hastert seemed to do they check where zero healthier place. Least favorite place. Piece pie so corny I am glad I oh I love being up on the fire escape for sure because it is such you are elevated and and it it saw a different perspective there also has it been on the grounds and but I love sitting on a well as stupid I just think that there's some big names so. I am. You know this when you're onstage and you're standing in the ranch near DN saying eat it that's obviously you yeah Nicole I am on stage and doing this but when I. When I'm sitting on the stairs it feels like time. Sitting somewhere else is there and it feels like I'm in light ifs ands it feels home. Mike home on that stage and it's in just saying because also the other day I realized just from each timing said there. Some big things have happened since changed and so every time I'm so every time they return to that stat. And the significance of what that step is and how back can be where I find it's so you know comfort to where I can go and six. I just. It's a very special special place and noticed special for a lot of people on Jimmy Rollins you know don't say anything but it is a very special place. That we have a group on. I create on FaceBook legislative cast you know just kind of get us the other you know when you need to ask for sugar or something that you can write on the pitch but it's got a realistic how. And because it is you know I think for everyone in the show everyone has a relationship with them realize she has been there as she's been the cornerstone. Other community for it for years and years I mean I guess it's a forties and as though she's raised all of us you know we've all I had quote you know some. That's their you know whatever she's cook for all of us so. I think that is definitely the center in a heartbeat of the show and I'm an ever I'm Melissa saying that in this set design business she specifically one that piece you almost jet out. Into the states more than any other yeah the other buildings heresy is definitely I see the hearts of the states. So it's been really I think com Adam. On our sent designer. Just did a fantastic. Fantastic job on it it really only sought for the first time I think all of us had a moment of just. I'm feeling you know this is beautiful this is sending him and we've had such a blast just playing around on that sat alone in doing that to see him. And I'm really walking to the good data and there's actually bags of chips and perfumes and Goya beans and it's it's. So angry all and that's something that's so fun because I haven't you know Derek gorgeous abstracts acts but this one is so. Not only does it is as symbolic as and because it's so colorful when she Donnelly sees his sometimes. Sets in the heights well and kind of match went New York City buildings look like an and a little darker colors. This is so cyber and I asked me so I love how vibrant tennis and he said well I wanted to make sure that there's a reason these people stay on this block and he. And that they had that. And the people eliminate this with their vibrancy and kind of make that a metaphor and just create that and make it's that you beautiful splash of color and and but then you do have the realistic side event where there's. Actually items in the store in the snow line and dis patch and Staten makes it so finds Washington those rams in saint Y way am I see you then I begin a real store and. Great it's really fun I think I also achieve this there's such power and he tells and I think there's like little. Flags and a McCain being. You know on the stage and little lights and stuff like that and they all have a a little bit of danced to a Mac and you know a little bit of like rested and yeah there are any and I will tell you I you know going in Harlem and the who ran out of an upper west side that going in Harlem and Washington Heights this affect you. That's exactly EC because you have you do have these Parise do you have these block parties. He's a bidding talks ally just this big block party where everybody is staying out and help unify and for me I'm from Philadelphia but that was a big part of my childhood and so it's so easy for me to connect to it has been in because I remember opening. Higher highs and act and there are different. At the end of our block and eating not what I must bat but what nice out ahead. And you know and so much in my and we sit down in the stats for when your home. And you talk about you know being on fire escape and and and just the simplicity. And being at home. Every single time what gets me there I just think of my little block in Philadelphia and it's it's it's exactly the same I mean I think that's what's amazing about this shows that everybody can find. I don't think something that Amex and here to the heartbeat of the show which is so exciting. That is really call heads I'd DOS and very different things about a gripping New York City so that's all I'm just seeing hearing him talk about it seemingly. HM as a break dancer on TV you know they really good documentaries is like being an economic. Angst. The idea of cereal as stingy they know they built an entire house and sentenced to eight when time. You know I was always I was go back to that in that moment worms like milk you guys can do anything goal to her. After shiny disc and I want and it coming decorate my house like this does not easy everything on this like I would can we make it markers of where he can welcome. And yes. Still. Do you how this can this time really liquor really corny. This big rig in question do you have a favorite song. From this. Does say every stock of nine series on. Is fierce and that we saying that they that you think you see either one that you like being apart and when you sing yourself when easily. Armed. I have T classic to OK so the one that dead media Mia and myself we seeing when your home. I love that I love that number we can tell a flashback moment or you that's it was not being myself I am gets you know I am B. Really animated and and useful and and I really feel transported back to like that early ninety's yeah. You know late eighties and really get to just have fun and and and I think that's not a matter of moments and acting locally. Its H sits really low on his choice in my voice as well stood it. It it feels really really fun to to do my second wind speed but since yesterday. Leon gala. She issues. I mean the asthma and she's just a class act you know she's she is an original cast of rent I mean she's just she's brown always sees interviews. Former. And so when you look at the specificity that she brings to that role and I'm and the connection she brings and I think for her it is as. Very. Important song on for her personally he and it shows every single night she just shows up as she shows out every single sentence. I love and then ran out solo the dancers who were and that they decent crack on the agencies is based on a lot yeah look at how. Oh my god that's half the and it's it's really we've we've really had a great time with the specifically with that number. Yeah. I only could CNN's save favorite term needs is saying and is piling everything and now I just because every time I. Have a Epstein saying it it just reminds me of my grandmother and her not Maine I'm Cuban MMI polish grandmother and it really feels like I'm sharing her story anything that is really. Powerful every night it gets to me every night and there's things that I discovered and that song the more icing and then I need to see her face when ice and it's really it's powerful because. The late paying to see this really bright spotlight and then everyone is stark does and I'm looking to suit its. It's emotional high see this ray of light and then. It's darkness that feels like I can literally see her affair and and that's just got such said such a privilege to do not sign on and I know it's paying. I love watching it Tony them man who is placed have been seeing in new details because dots. When I really listened to that song for the first I was brought to tears because that is my father's story. And I think. You know the they're both quieter moments as well of course I got the soundtrack for the first time I was scene now. I was assessed with the black out end and I was just doesn't win. May sixth house and and when your home. And I am love all of those signs. Of course but I think I mean it's some of those Kreider moments that at first I didn't let it resonate with me there and then. The days that it's and I said oh my gosh this is so powerful business and it's and Tony chests. Hills and he's just such a stunning job. And tells such a beautiful story Erica not song and I told him when my dad comes to see hey he is Kennedy completely wrecked too because my diet I. You know he's seen all kinds of shows ends and I don't think he has had the opportunity to seeing CC someone tell his story yeah I am I think the person you related to the most was teh idea and have had a pretty. It's actually sad because that is my father that I am I think that this is going to be a really interesting thing for him to be able to to watch sentence and here's month. I'd be curious to see how he does react to that idea that mean it's funny column via my dad that the same I think. And this is this is another thing for the show I had no matter where you come from I think he can always connect tech because I mean my father. Was the same thing and useless. That sound. He talks about you know even his father being so hard on him or her and not seeing his jeans and not supporting him and his streams and an end and saying that he's going in you know you're not going on. You just know success in this listeners. And I think my dad growing up tough battle a little bit as well and so I think there's a little bit of connect connection is and that. And then also always wanting to be better than your parents before you to always create more opportunities for your kids and that's exactly I think. Let me as father has done and my father for sure has done I'm just setting up. Trampoline for me concedes he to reach the stars now and it's then. It's really really an incredible incredible experience I'm excited for my parents to come. And cry and I. Also see a show I don't think they've ever seen a show that's actually based in a time that's urban you know I'm innocent and that two thousands range they've obviously my you know My Fair Lady and you know chips the end ahead. So I think those southern that they get to see something as as current as and the heights on the senate and the news to see that as well. Sure I can even if you can't because I know my and my mother's gonna be seeing and she seeker and a polish neighbor had a does that it's going to be I'm sex had heard a mile seen. You know on. Yes this isn't necessarily her culture but it doesn't have to beer culture it could beat you could be policy could be Germany could be I am cheneys you could be any culture and come in and say. I understand these this dynamic I understand the relationships. In this piece is its community exactly does that mean I. Mean you have the people who gossip all the time and at the some non cash after now you know everybody has has that everyone. Because I think at the and that they were argument -- people and people are people we just you know I think there's a lot more in common we had a lot in common than differences. And I think that's the show. Highlights that and and make people care when it will maybe they would have cared before. Which is nice so I'm glad we could the that I mean that it's done. There's just less than half a and I think earache doing it you feel about. You know your parents not having meal at a CU and in an urban setting need you know in a play and sing for your mommy with a silver and for the community is. Our community it's being candid as well I'm not you know in I mean again it's us. I guess it is to some people who were kind of very confused how much Spanish is being spoken on stage. And you don't get a tone and that you know we're western new York and really it can mean I'm not a secretary and he cheats the snow like he used to be where the sun and moon lit. Darius so much diversity here but also still so much that needs to be learned that and so that greed is that this introduces that in the still relevant even today that its current relevant and I got to give props to Gina for constantly brings him to ask you discussion and I asked someone. Have fresh arm yeah I mean Rochester really has this discrete gem of being able and we have a lot of pre theaters and a lot of amazing smaller pressure companies. But she has got this established ability to bring. This conversation for a. Martin's not really any link out to the audience and you know we we see people from all ages all races and and you know I I love to ask you know leaving the show CompUSA store and just seeing. You know so many different people you know older white women and men and men and just being completely blown away by the shell I am and and just you know feeling a bit. Of something that they didn't know before you know thanks and they I learned a lot better and they show a high as well you know and said I can learn something. And being in the community very similar to it to to the show I'm sure people who are not for much media and learning just as much economic war. Son is an anchor. And it's always fun because you can hear audience reaction and different parts the shelling you can cage who is. You know who understands the jokes so when something is that in Spanish and stuff you know obviously you don't speak Spanish team you're not going to Milan since the joke but if you do speak Spanish you get this big black one night he can and isn't really it's really neat because you get to hear you get to hear the difference and the community that is there but. Regardless of who's laughing regardless of whether actions reactions are. We are seeing sold out house's night after night out and just to think. Of all of the people in this area that are able to have access to this story and able to. Learned from a identify with said. Just have a fine nah I ain't I mean what every year looking to house. I think it's a really and it's a really special peace 'cause I think it gives everyone something to walk away westerners and. Yeah and before you guys them on just like a shameless plug. But before you guys that come on out to the show Tony Kevin he does a pro grew up before the show. So maybe if you wanna sit and he reads and the journalist Terry didn't give you a little bit of at the essence of the show just kind of you know what you talk a little bit and that also. I'm taking over for NC Graham. It tomorrow so is college even to achieve this page are missing them also Matt Matt page city coupon aside the any wind DuPont. And and you guys are gonna see all these videos I have I've collected sound from the and there are some process and a surplus in those as well. Yeah so I need blue birds like and champagne popping out Max and add. And really far from little thinks this a second Libya to going to be really good for that I can see the behind the scenes. Even if you miss out on Angola live you can always go back and check it out as well passing I think he's a much guys for coming in thank you for sharing on your insights and and and being a part of this phenomenal production here in Rochester new love having you love having. Smear her voice is command and and express you know why they love theater so much as well because it's nice to see that and be able to see it continue to build. On exiting its gonna share a Charlie closed things out. Thank you for having us apart yes I think you sound nights it's such says such a prevalence to be able to like you're saying. Being a part of the theater is a huge gift and they think it's something bats this world really needs and this story is something that I think. This community needs and so camping my. All to be a part of it and to be here's the thing can dig down. Same issues. But she said. All of that does it for another episode or register peace Gator think you guys again me and destiny for permanent. And for joining us today's so you've got to go see in the heights as me mentioned it is getting sold out so. I mean I didn't tell me is that my sit showing when I went ahead I'd that was a second time. People are going to Madison cannon against you wanna get your tickets makes you to check it out you gonna be not if you miss this one. On to go up online right now Ecevit theatre dot org get your tickets go see in the high it's become a subscriber I mean there's amazing shows coming up. You can go check out the season preview podcast we've also got Rochester he's geared wanna hear about what's coming up. And so that until next time yeah. On October ace. Still to come. It's. Yeah.