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Tuesday, August 9th

In another edition of Rochester-Piece Theatre, we chat with Kevin Sweeney and Dawn Kellogg from Geva Theatre about the new renovations going on and the excitement of the upcoming 2016-2017 season at Geva! Plus, be the first to hear new updates that haven’t been released yet!

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I'm now old another episode okay. Grew up just he's the attack. Take it Justine please welcome to another edition of Rochester police theater and I'm doing here are the people that I was once again. Exam to get on the microphone to she'll never before and the notion I have with me Donna Kellogg. Captaincy any differences here that commute I think dale thinks it's just to meet. On the big hiatus. And so his Shiva theater for a few months after the last show and had. Which is moon. For the atmosphere to make queen the may queen that's right which is phenomenal. Yes it down to the public nuisance because. You're changing everything we own. Hey it'd be our animators came started coming in the day after our big fund raiser. Ran this on the sixth and some greater India and basically. Dino does demolition. There we are blessed with the sounds of Jack hammers and saws buzzing for about two weeks there which isn't vibrating our desks that are opposites but. Yet so worth it now they're actually in the process of starting to install in May to look pretty the walls are all locked into the second level in the lobby has been added the lips and lounge which will. Have space for a hundred people up there and and one large room which can be subdivided. And now we have an elevator to the balcony right section as whilst. You don't have a son bar they're ten and yes it's I'm talking about the restaurant so that really helps to gab bars and access to restrooms that are easily available I love both of those things. I'll I saw a little bit adding Kevin gave me a tour. Month and a half ago and then he showed me pictures today and it looks phenomenal and you can check IG the gators page on FaceBook to see more teachers. That we post every week on the but we also have mono let's achieve a theater Dodd award as well. Got to see this because it's going to be a very source starting later this season because of all these awesome renovations so you can't be too upset about the fact it was common kind of a quiet hiatus it's for good reasons and it's at church and the renovations have really been done with the integrity in the history of the building in mind frame and that's some really great so three people notice a lot of things that they weren't able to see before because it was covered up by NB. Previous incarnations so. Any idea right now believe it's Rosie is more the report is the that's been exposed as my eyes is this gonna again and a whole new dimension to that to the place yeah and plus. Really increasing in changing making it easier for our patrons in the lobby. Our increasing the table tops the seeding in the lobby but also now we still have a setup you to order your drinks someone portion and then your food and another death we're going with a centralized ordering. System at the bar which will be located on the wall that the back wall because long south Clayton. That's where the ball will be in front of sore right as you come out of the Wilson entrance. Again although all the cafes where the. Our will be raised to the big windows were originally a yes and we're keeping all of those there. As well so is building and out in front of that TV like if you think you guys hated every day the rest of the chapter conceptualize OK where would mean BP when your shiny stuff. And then there's this before we started recording that it's really hard OK if I were standing here. Where's this hatred that command where it normally is it that you can Tennessee. Were all those things are going to be seek and I have to lake. Think about if you and your I mean that the entrance of the fielding stage showed a picture of his looks great when you walk in the main entrance it's all gorgeous I mean. This is really much and the pictures in the and that the mock those two guys have Don are really coming alive. Yeah it's it's incredible always in the hood and the food too we didn't mention that no I haven't had listened bar and restaurant food and actually you know I call on you to sponsor or we're around we're going to actually have Robinson there now you know we always have like a rap and salad and soup menu yes we're really gonna expand our offerings are we're focusing on getting everything from the area as well. And at least so let's. Yeah excellent the other outstanding feature that people will notice in our lobby is this incredible stairway the takes an option that seconds. Lounge level. And it is going to be beautiful and you'll feature some artwork is also is gonna be and it's going to be a really nice feature. There as well and the video wall we have talked and they realize you know I all. Eighty yeah. It's it's where the scene in context for those familiar with our our our lobby it's where the scene in context static signs used to call that wall now was going to be giant video screen. So we're going to be able to offer people. Are some behind the scenes look like when the sets being constructed dinar. Workshop for the costumes are being made upstairs and so people really you know one of the aspects who really want enhances someone's experience. Give them as much as we can't show them all part of a process involved. In and making the production to bring it to us to stage. Bogey there listener Rochus to pieced it you know my big thing is about the set design and about the cost seemingly how this happened how does this fit like any breathing okay every night and in those kinds of questions. I think that's really cool because I know inquiring minds want to know you go. And you analyze. You analyze your experience you know and you wanna see how things are meeting a week that's fine Food Network is made millions of dollars up how it's made stuff and deacons could tuna soon. I want some credit for that high ethical doesn't you know I think I think a lot of us the biggest thing. I know that I noticed is that. He didn't realize how much extra space that runs for the united Henry yeah. I I had to pick I think you know in being able to see how much space their lips and lounges can be able to hold. You know even the space where it's parts of the building you don't get to seek is known as the clothes have to actors are staffed only. And then being able to kind of expand that out you're gonna realize how much bigger that building is and it's not just. This entry rate and the state she writes about seven. And we put the an office just above that on the sort of mezzanine level kind of thing. And we realized then that they were about 2000 square foot feet of unused space slow us in now. It became storage space for a couple of years and now that's forming the the pew center on the lips and lunch and that's for that's face was so. That was originally covered up by the arches everybody loved and in their beautiful they were beautiful. Com which were not weight bearing they were cosmetic purely Ryan O bomb and people when they do come into G you'll notice that they aren't the first and the most is that the arches are messing yes Savannah almost the beautiful. The beautiful new wood ceiling that's replace that and how. And not the natural life and the natural light Hillary ceilings are. Really take advantage of some of the windows that there and have all the like miles to the whole lot you were very excited oh yeah and the public actually you know we are not officially opening until October 4. Armed but at least the entrance. Wait ten to the box office will be accessible for one day on September 19 when we have our annual one day six. That's right the Wendy's sales and a gash which is super exciting I see that some claim was looking through the schedule as well. I don't talk about the season and had a song that won it. Event for the Christmas Carol is already sold out but there's one night at the gap are non-GAAP selling things on that one pesos can be no news yet and we're also. Who in addition to Christmas Carol that day we were doing a special holiday. Booking for the fielding staged and that brings wonderful shall cobbled marvelous wonder rat so we're putting both of those on sale on the nineteenth yeah. Therefore women. And a first actor singing at their high school prom in 195050. Yes and at 58 yes you know I us all right out on the Airbus Heredia. Yes and then calmed at two is their tenth union reunion in 1968 was music from the fifties and sixties. It makes sense for this kind of season choose the talk about the season because you're starting off with another musical. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum and you got a lot of music being driven pieces. This season I well Louisiana which is really super exciting but a funny thing capital where the form I don't colleges Adonis and I herb is kind of done this yeah it's such a timeless piece. I absolutely no other really sad because. Melissa I believe his direct and is very and Melissa and I I didn't realize there are broader and we did an interview I think for Christmas Carol while ago and I like lost my marbles like. And move on dot. You're desperately needed this many during this like she's this little super hero to me in the funeral and I just totally cute she's my I get I don't fan girl over like yeah I thought last mayoral over the that the smaller town local heroes. So Melissa as one of my hair and how she's one of our heroes through and he directed last year's production spam law which was a complete hit Jesse I mean really sold out so many performs and 99% of the seats were sold on that choice and we're seeing the same sort of build up perform right now while so to have her come back. We shall form was a great opener to follow on the heels of spam law yeah they're very similar humor from both the same sort of timeframe as far as the mentality that. Melissa of course is not one to sit back and just go yeah I'm just gonna do this the way it's written she has sown many surprise. Oh yeah including. This indeed is to ring circus from New York City. Going gas app is going to be taking part in featuring a lot in this musical. Due out at oh yeah I was reading this out today I don't scoop you yet has just been announced yet see you're the first to here at. Tell you can't cash so it's that good touring circus is actually per comprised of four people three guys and and a girl and of the three guys are playing the Prodi ends in our production a forum. She and the caffeine on a company is playing it. A balloon man enough. Who's one of the school. And but it's good involving aerial sayings is gonna involve involves strengths and skills and knowledge kind of mega haven't mentioned the holes we add in cat inside an hour or written yes so it's gonna be a really exciting and very different production for a million now have an additional production that we've seen on G in general and I think that this isn't really big deal and is below is awesome because it took full advantage of the stage. But it seems like it's going to be even more so this time with us. You know me I'm an Everyman no patents very ill and academy it is playing a behind the scenes tour listed as a wanna see him at and it's a really fun. Production because and and my other favorites. Is going to be in Sylvia. And she. Is by far and may another look a hero who followed me etc. and those. Yes and I think she's gonna have is Sylvia is is going to be a very different play as well because involves about. Speaking. And they are talking like. The secret life of pets it's and he enters its we're talking like. A human being is playing a dock menu you wouldn't almost in the Davis or waived its so. Like elementary school containment in the game also for Dili the mouse in the mid mountain and that's what I did and I was they can and it was by far and in my favorites surprise you know working on Broadway from now that's a natural law yet how well I am. I kept rates makes announcer. Until the filming of the play's been around for awhile. I'm a century and by AR Gurney is from off slower originally they now he he's he's up clearing of longstanding he wrote plays like love letters which a lot of people have. Seen live around Broadway or never Sylvia has a has done to it some Broadway while most recently with Matthew Broderick. Really asking yes actually on an act and going back to the original productions Sarah Jessica Parker played Silvia the dog in the earliest production Sylvia. But keep my. Well you know it. She wanted to played in our production we said no and Colby is who we want to the role of Sylvia. Mentioned Jensen is saying. Yes she is phenomenal I mean she's been. There any edge is one of those I didn't realize she she was until we re the odd couple and then they brought in Sudan has chat with her and then after it was like and that's Al accounts and very easily means but ten carries phenomenal Melissa reins on us being able to bring them back is also. I know for me is that somebody who's seen all these Chinese gets really excited about seeing these phenomenal people come back and be part of it so it's really mean hats off to. She did Jeter for bringing them back and having a part of these productions to think it actually keeps. Yeah you know and they want to come back that's it's really great we're so lucky that Shannon's seeks out what can I do next year but we didn't mention com. Hunter Foster mr. Jiang kodi is he's skull yeah I ask is he he's coming back what he did in similar yeah. Aetna and is going to be back twice next year once as a director another time he's going to be starring in Sylvia. But not as the husband. That was chants consistency do but he just couldn't play you know her romantic Sylvia's romantic interest Cecil worked how. I would totally give her full credit on and like yeah OK you're fine but you say got this message as the most men not like popular thought. I think we've got a lot of super awesome other plays as well I'm really excited I mean I'm looking through when I get a look at all of these and I start cleaning out the you know where I'm an idea what day. And because Wilson sees has a great series true the feeling sees another great series. Full of plays and we've got mothering me witches. That's human as Allen running who. Happy is November rates and down it's actually on Chicago right now Mo it's a Melinda Buckley's it's her productions and rode it and she stars in net. And we just our reviews out of Chicago and they're raving about it it's a great piece it's really. It's a must from mother daughter so it's just so wonderful. Happened. Be sad. It is just captures it all but Melinda takes you on this wonderful ride. That people won't forget any time soon you know we're we're looking forward to that opening our fielding cease and. That was going to be it I think it's just a one woman show as it is it is which we've seen a lot of one person shows come through that have done really well yes between. The lion which. I'll tell you this and that at the pod cast the whole other timeframe of an alien would send nailing this on my dash I got my mom about CEO. And it helps that you know these men are pathetic looking to cut. Everybody engaged him and then we've got Sylvia that takes over the Wilson stage and in the lake effect which I think I'm really excited to see the lake effect gal the two different feel. Yeah on that and it comes out in February which is a perfect time fretting over how. I just lit really well and mushy Joseph is a hot playwright he wrote Bengal tiger to Baghdad zoo which Robin Williams started on start and then on Broadway. Years ago. He is I'm very up and coming. You know he's been around and he's he's Pulitzer nominated he's still young. And his plays you just amazing to see what's gonna come out of them over the next. Here's a great new voice yet there really is America's day and for us it's such a multi cultural production is well. And we're really you know this is the first time we've really done anything that's primarily like an Indian cash yes yes armed. And the director everybody it's lined up Fortis is absolutely top not shareware that we're excited about the entire season but you know you noted it's kind of up a departure for us. Yes it's a little different inducing pixel a different in general for a lot of theaters because you're in a different. Moved a different culture men it's not turning the EC a lot cannot have so it's really exciting to have such a hot playwright come through who's bringing a totally different she. Yeah and and to have a sudden Cleveland who say is suffering in the middle of the lake effect snow storm will all be able to relate the February. Regardless it'd be busy being near the cells we did the right writes from Cleveland's. I originally so that's and hence his hometown and say he writes about this family. Who whose patriarch has died and he has. Wrongness Indian restaurant in town and so that that that children are getting together trying to figure out what's gonna happen next right so that's that's the crux of this particular play. It's humorous and it's all of their heels a little experience how quiet and then in moving moving I think the two plays that come after that I'm really really stoked about so I mean gears. There is a movie about one that we've seen in the last neck and my guess is coming to dinner and then you got private lives I was able to see just a little bit of the reading out of this Adam. The previous and we dead and the launch of this social season. And only ash they came out they had like a glass of martini glasses and that's transit only and a being that Katherine Hepburn in Cary Grant do. And it here Siebert a little lonely guy and that's it that's my favorite time for Noel Coward is one of my favorite playwrights ever and he captured the twenties and thirties like no one else could and the upper Echelon of society like a no one else could Sicily art Deco to the Mac side of an imagination. So big in the end this that this story is the sort of been parity in different John Ray is. For ever this couple who are divorced for five years. Happened to be hot on their honeymoons are their new respective spouses. At the same hotel. On the French Riviera. Next to each other in adjacent suite yeah and they meet on the balcony and I are you years here and you're here you know kind of this sort of thing here is where is nice. And each yak kind of running and tear acts were listening yet so and cut and you know hilarity ensues. So and it's so wonderful silence I just love and spread it's not card's probably is most popular. Yet and I did it's actually as witty as soon as such and you know it's nice for doing a number of comedies next yeah. Com but the all different you know the comedy a funny thing happened with the form cannot compare to the comedy a private life that's so on and that's what you know that's part of what we do here in Rochester truly important what we put on stage. Offers a variety. You know really gets people full theatrical experience. To me. Everybody of every really yes and and form really if you if you got a we're bring down its bare bones is really a farce. Yeah and and it's and it's cut its Robertson Roman comedy you know an Arab based on plot this evolving and son have a these weird places a weird stories to tell an end to suspend you know be retold and told throughout the ages as this wonderful. This is so exciting thing that we got to get we've got this is coming today everybody you know if you've a lot of people are very familiar with the story yes from we're gonna go city player are gonna completely skip or the Ashton Kutcher debacle that happens this story. But the city pretty one is dairy you know we've talked about a little bit that is still very. Relevance to today's society you in a very different you know Amin insists there's ways you can poll. From different teams that play today. It out slaying as an an end. Actually 2017. Marks the fiftieth anniversary of the films really asking the Sonoma and in 1967 so I'll man and it was the last pairing of Spencer Tracy and Katherine have burned. But he died just weeks after the dust my trust me they wrapped filming. But yet it's a lot of comedy and yes yes and people forget the comedy and I think I think in the film to the comedy is a little bit more subdued it was a little bit more politically correct yeah yeah. Very very careful expressed shoot me down exactly and we're also be partnering with a little theater. In doing another film festival this year vaccine in November we're going to be doing a Cindy 28 film festival which. We shall form this because he's not my mom's I don't like all of those that are really yes absolutely huge changes in Sydney 48 and it's I actually how to pronounce his name currently. Well it's hard nosed tough. It was you know for remove our firm from dinner though to we have some months. Slowly casting that we are very fortunate and regret the thumbs up to share it. If you remember the mountaintop yes and in bombing us guess who portrayed Martin Luther King Jr. Royce. He's coming back and he's playing the puppeteer at the fourteen year old Ali wow. I'm Norris Cole who has been on stage in numerous things achieve try remember the most recent. She well I share owned her own one woman show. And then she was and he can't take it with you think that with few. And defensive ends you ass so she's in that and then someone that will be. Familiar to two people that came to see our some else vessel last summer and and so the actual stage reading. The plays that we're working on bringing it to stay someday soon. Clear Von high heat will be playing opposite Norah as they'll be that. Don't mother and father. Of Royces terrorism are great so is a Tony award winner coming to achieve did you do this production and so we you know I sensed it keeps saying we keep getting better and we keep bringing him better and better actors every year was just so fortunate to. Well I do this. This is a really good theater and nobody really I think a lot of people filled a real as we always turn tell them. There's such I hidden gem in NG back and that the quality that you see cannot be matched. Through which I mean I know that I talked to Don about this Michael would you wanna bring in 92 tickets. Not turning to see my mom can come Marcie if Berry can count which is my fiance and it started out as just. Let's give an oral like come with me one night it's playing and it happened to be the clean up the Red Sox G huge and it it did. Every time he comes and we have like this huge dialogue about it afterwards neat they're talking about it at a party this past weekend it's a funny ill enough. About well I've cried at every single yeah. I don't even spam and I was laughing my lap right. I mean mean like this that the ten year old kid sitting next year both like. But you're pretty huge age disparity grew about dying and everything on say yeah I mean it's just there's so much great. Talent here. The have to see because I mean we're not perhaps we do this he's in talking about with got sex with strangers on the fielding stage. Which is an interesting my approach I think when he did the preview just like I don't really wanna see this one to see how this is going to be done. Its interest to a single tickets on sale now. Six strangers is outpacing the other fielding productions so. We didn't name I have a feeling it may be the name description. But again you know and we're ordering him with that with a kitchen theater and anyone who is familiar with the with a kitchen theater in our fielding series. They they put it all India for the production they've that he sent up to Rochester. Com and their quality I mean this past year's production. Was just absolutely wonderful. I go back for the first who has park. Pro C nine pro saying CI and then after that we did body of water which is a master another wonderful show. And then than Texas Rangers will be directed by their artistic director Rachel Lampard and Greg actually this the last production. That she's directing at the kitchen and during her tenure she's retiring after twenty years of padding that organization so mean this will be her lasts her last production than she showing. But is coming right now on the show is even I an hour away now and it's they're such wonderful people who work with and we just love their pensions now willow and only if you can see women advance did you. Oh and while we every year we've kind I don't watch it before coming here. And we always come back on its going to be quick its console really really well people really enjoy this they do wonderful work in Africa they really do. President we also have new seats in the theaters say oh yeah yeah Brandon just I mean if you're thinking about Aaron what a gov as Sydney seats there rather bring their perimeter but the chances in the have been sitting out I know that. Martin has he brought to not yeah. I'm fundraising may queen like me and you did it for the when we're on the may creamy I dated trotted out and shouldn't change it tenants though you're. Why it. There is there a little bit more upright because they've already people always been sort of complain about the end of the slope of the chair add another thing that in addition the new cease on the carpeting. Yes but and then for those who have any issue at all with the few steps we have in the Wilson. On the main floor. To be handrail snout so I doubt we'll hope that people who need any type of assistance on. There we've been listening we've been listening to people for years telling us what we needed to know what would make their visit more enjoyable. In this sept they were really reflect those conversations. So is that going to be great halfway through the season last year we were able to add some more open captioned performances. Guests is awesome yeah that's how I saw exactly so we're now going to be having three open captioned performance is her. Mean how Wilson stage shot actually soda now be going to be fantastic and then in Mason you know all moral remarks us I don't absolutely after such for our community that we have. Yeah you know we have a very strong deaf community here and I think it's awesome that. To have more access to and a. And we soon gonna continue the American sign language she turned out performances as well so as to some people prefer the captioning over the little sign language but. Where again we're trying to cover all of a basis. I'm really excited about. The next play I think it's it's the world premiere resist one. And it is other than honorable. And we is Marcia seven stock as an irate not. Now she did to meetings why do the meeting and again I think rolled over known on Hamas is a wonderful local actress or we all of driver I've worked with refused can artist Israel's mineral now could have just seen her going in but other than honorable is making its its premiere. At Jeep which I think the super. I mean it just shows they'd keep the caliber that we have here that we can ring here. D.'s these kind of premiere performances. You know if you're retiring with these performances and then deep viewing them completely and then. Seeing where they go from there and you can always say that I saw it went yeah right now I think you're part of history of Jimmy don't achieve. Yeah we're very lucky Jamie you know I'll do a lot of theaters that were very interest in premiering this work. And we do reach out to Jamie and I don't know what we're doing as far as that theater in the updates and then a little bit of our history of the August Wilson series and some of the other. Commitments we've made to do you know a real balance season multi cultural carry a lot of different backgrounds. I mean chambers are really hard writer I Chicago PD I guess as leaders right now where she is. Armed and she's setting us up with I can't remember her name but this really. Cutting edge director to come up and do it it's an all star cast but. You know you and I know spoke last year Rhoda. Military courtroom drama. This is very similar in many ways to that show they got that he'll accept this women the other involves women and sexual harassment in the military. Which should not take a month goes by we're now reading something in the headlines right about those situations. So we reach out to senator Gillibrand is office who were hoping. Because that is a very big issue that she is pushing to correct his I was sexually harassed spray military. So hoping senator Gillibrand will be part of this production in and come out and be part of the premiere with us here. I'm really excited to see you know the crowd and I Russia really said he sees the crowd that comes to us you know we you know I'd. Least you know Al Phillies are gonna come to steal lie you know him you know kids and families are gonna come test. And a forgiving capital where the farm I'm really. In really excited about this latest U happens and concern to the buccaneer especially when he snuck in under pressure track brings. No I might. It's what I'm looking forward to the most next year I mean I love every show that we're doing but there's something. That speaks to me about other than all like you don't really has teach fifth it's going to be an crowd people are gonna walk out of there just breathless. There's another play that were ending. This whole season on the west which I didn't I looked at this and I went I know exactly this is perfect for on my staff. I'm treatment for it I know is gonna die over a million not for tat I'm absolutely which is a story on December 4 we've got four musicians in sun records. And it is. Jerry Lee Lewis Elvis Presley Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. And so you're gonna bring this but not again mention and it won again Lilly and that those hinting tubes was that this whole musical element you're bringing his anniversary Christmas challenge you know after Edmonton but that's. So telling my staple on the but. Having such a great like realm of music to bring to Rochester in a minute format it's not concert but he did it's easy since I only wish him right it's it's the final jam session are the only jam session these four people got together and kind of ended inch CO have all the hits. And all you know all four of these artists and jammed into one show it's this phenomenon ever we will be sending off the lead dancing and all I know it'll be one of those type it's a really can't arrest he's ever for me. But he hasn't really thought this very. And that's when mr. Jiang birdies coming back content foster's directing half production. Only hunter has directed some two million dollar Cortez another round regional theaters around the country how loud and we actually reached out to him before me the commitment to doing the show CPB available to direct our production just such. Exciting season the more we talk about the marsh and I guess we can win this is so much fun and we got these beautiful renovations that are taking place. That a so we know Kevin what your favorite shows that you're looking towards you. I Don got it on record prior realized yes. Donna and I are currently and could. He can give away without saying it and I needed you needed for the racquet into. Oh by the expression on her. Now questions on its when we're talking yes I think we're not the one of us are very you have very good poker faces. Yeah but that's OK it is only an audio now. So I'm not least to sign documents things but I'm really pumped this is gonna be in a phenomenal. Phenomenal season high you can get your season tickets still a reminder to. Gee this theater dot org. And Tiki signal to get to get out. There and so in the Wilson states series I 25 dollars we have from 36. Seats for every performance in the Wilson stage. A 25 dollars fine now because those are the first ones to go. I after her death but there's not a bad seat in the house at all on this the beauty of gee that is that everybody has access to everything that you know you kind of see a little bit of a different play depending on where you're sitting that it doesn't even matter if you're still getting the full. The full view the full experience. Bruno seed is more than fifty feet from the state gets that's yeah there's not a patsy people on the back courts in the back growth in the cabin you own. Can still see an increase is clearly a that if reduced to have a favorites I've been any you have. And sick it's for Christmas Carol and marvels wonder that's gone Salman nineteenth of September the days when they sell the one day sale which you'll hear a lot about a honor stations in major paying attention. And I cannot wait. It really can't until it was a big month for me but it gets into the similar strong bias edginess theater stuff sell. May she go online check out everything you can't about it learn about a get your tickets today you don't want to miss out on another. Monumental season because like I said you see history every single time you go to show it you've theater. You're gonna be a part of something that's great here in Rochester so take advantage of it get online did you theatre dot art Don Kevin thank you so much for coming now is thanks so much fun you're dropping bombs on as they can announcements of where you can even do it in public this is great now we your friend I'm so you can tell anybody argue yeah. Now landing. That was resolved and it is not no big but until the next time that majesty's theater will continue for the sixteen Tony sixteen to seventeen season. Just.