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Monday, December 11th


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And now hold another episode opens grew up used to these kids. Welcome to another edition of Rochester peace theater holiday additions then I'm going to say I'm Justine please. Your host for the podcast that discusses the going ons Ecevit theater. And in many wonderful place to come across 68 each season. Today we're chatting about one of my all time favorites and keep this theater at the holiday season it is might go to. Story in any format. Christmas. Our rates so it's a story of redemption revenues Scrooge and this timeless holiday tradition agility has turned into. One that Rochester has fully embraced I see people every single year and my favorite thing is is that there are a lot of returning. Actors to the show and I am enjoying. In studio today. On I have test of fire and rob Hancock who refuses let me say is full name even though it's in the show and it's not that. Roth my thanks to you can't pick and very welcome. Welcome you guys think you so much for coming and you guys have been some appeared able to watch in the show and a chance to talk to on. Melissa Reid Anderson she was still playing this is cracks it and I just love the fact that we conceived as every single year and I think it actually kind of brightens up. The the tradition because it's like you're now part of the family tradition. Laura and down so this year I just find as he can just to commitment to talk about who it is eaten are in the play these guys play multiple people. I'm test in the start with you because he does have serious hairstyle changes throughout that it's really in taxi. It's you take yes yes and well I played four different characters. And I Plame Martha cracks who is the daughter of Bob Kraft jet in the and I play add ginger who is friends lice I played Bal. Please I am young Scrooge is girlfriend slash fiancee in and then I play a young life which is a little snippet in the armed Christmas future. Okay that's you weren't as kind of like I had on who she is in the second half. And an unknown name you know Google friends why didn't have a name in the story credits ran a play you ever think you shedding this light up I that it. This is looking at our broker I'm not be enough that he usually carry it held his engine and they're let out. We'll get to ginger and and I'm friend and a bad because. They are part of I fear British talk. So rob due until we played well I play Fred. If there isn't ginger is husband and that apparently think the star who played Jack to play. Fred is Ebenezer Scrooge is Matthew Simmons mr. jolly and happy not Scrooge Fred. In the end in the present I played him in the past at for the young version of Ebenezer Scrooge. And data in the future I play. A character called Charles who is married to Carolina who test plays in the future and little baby it's who space members. There in a little snippet in the quick that's fascinating I usually actually were a couple all the good guy played three characters and Everyzing all of my characters. Test plays some mighty. Beloved. That's awesome to let Aaron I mean it makes sense and it's like OK got it got it reading notes and seeing obviously the faces. Because your hairstyle test actually transforms your face a lot yet remember awhile I kind of got lost you I read it right of the month Chatzky UEFA I had to and six foot three gray yeah the child's gonna sound yet here is going to be back yeah yeah. As a flat for eleven woman I feel the same patent. Yeah who respects the buttons so I have some institute here to commiserate when I empathize greatly cupid couldn't siren a tyrant out. So I'd do you think it's kind of interesting that a new thing about the fact that you guys are costly coupled throughout yes does that kind of lose. It is a youth you actually more so very well with the hair style changes definitely and I think it sounds it's it's fascinating to an end and the past other than EU you are. Who's and then not the guy who plays. I'll scratch it is also in the past anybody that plays like ES is that many users via fast Seattle and at the says he rigged. Compound. It's not a counselor another. I prefer that description equipment and so much better anyway. Good that's excellent might be one of my favorite scenes in terms of how jolly it is about Christmas like how are really embraces it and out I was which are Cheng matter earlier that my brother and his Crawford it was their first time. Coming out to Jeep ever. So purse you know we get them into this whole Christmas and they came out and had dinner and it was like a whole big thing and I loved Dick is. They got to really experience like the new part of achieve that really makes it. A full night out for everybody and she loved the show. Here's an exciting time and I didn't try to keep my brother like as we making sure he's engaged in your front. And your family but I mean keeper with me so that we can enjoy Christmas together can be because that Bailey lenses but to me. That. But I think it's fascinating to this is one of the largest past it's usually at G but how does that backstage for you guys with having so many kind of extra bodies moving around as it does it make it aren't. Yeah I mean you basically just been dreaming wanting to choke other people. Because they're just horrid and at this time of year it you just sir minded how much you'd lose someone like me just hates people. You know just to get an atmosphere of Scrooge and. You know they got it. Since its. It's it's quite a machine back there great. You know the there are urging their thirty forecast members now they're not always 34 people in the rhetoric has their two tests of children because of child labor laws we can't work them like we would in the Victorian age mom. Iron and I think there's definitely yeah. They needed to figure. My parents and allow her book so wet their split packing. 16 nightly maybe 26. That's still a lot yeah and then the crew of twelve to eleven or so people back there you know go wardrobe and apparent back seeds and and in their people running the spotlights up in you know we are crossed paths bam. Accepted that the beginning of the Damien of the day. But around. So there's a lot deal but it's a machine you know they've been running this production I think is the eighth season that this that this particular production Christians girls during a diva and so you got it down to a science so when new people come in they say great. So. Here is gonna happen and then you need to step right here because someone's running through in the hunt stepped forward and you know so it's a call it's it's a really well orchestrated play backstage it's high it's way more complex and anything that we're good. This time. It's some cases there might be more wrenching sorry mark cutting. The question is now I 83 or does say that things he does say I'm horrible nobody nobody who we wanna know because that's why I asked all the economic it's like I know I wouldn't say your opponent that but you know. We are examined people get along but it's really interesting there but there are these moments I'm just gonna keep talking tests you don't and you know Sinai nothingness yes she's been doing press all week it's like the know it's interesting that there. As many Cuba there as there are backstage. Lou throughout the course of boot the evening you know we're there for two and a half hours order. There are people I almost that I basically galaxy. Because of the way that the story moves and awaited people's quick changes move in a way that the it's all set up there are people that I. Pretty much never hit it. Ever encounter. And on sometimes and I only see them on the stage and for like. Snap the second. It's pretty amazing that's awesome now we'd Canadian I'm Canadian aids don't know over the blazers is crafted team. This is crafted at all. When she joins. A group a couple of years ago. Took over for Melissa who you have interviewed before. If she the first day were removed you know shaking hands and and and I said no it's so nice to meet you I'm never gonna see it. And it's true now we like found little spots and in the evening to sort of have like that could threes and conversations and the technology each other night hearing your act public just figured out a way into into indicate otherwise I would never see. Hasn't seen. But it's fascinating isn't it to get it really is good honestly without any people and having an act you know their times and I've. We've done interviews with literally the whole cast so it's two people. That's great hits right like and now it's back it's too then you're just like cats at everything's fine as honey Vernon moved backstage. An end at to have such a large production for such a long run and can I understand the potential for. Intense feelings in behind the state. Latin we have our moments he had he and the leader Laurent them. You know there are children back there yeah a lot of them have a different head and I think. The mound in the quick nexus nexus next. Aren't they backstage yeah. There and answer your coach I know right out I'm an image and be honest but also a notch or put too much and need be mean but and the and I it really depends on the kid. Because some some of the children are amazing and and when I say amazing I mean they don't talk a lot. Backstage and they generally stay where they're supposed to be great and that's what I mean by an amazing. And some of them really struggle really struggled but I mean that kids you know like their attention spans are what ours are their focus isn't one adults and is you know. So I can understand where they're coming from but that is definitely do so some a lot of frustration I think for a lot of these Alter his. You know a lot of the adults are really like I know I have to really get myself in a mindset for the shell and especially certain parts of the Shelton Bettany B. Like for the break up scene I really have to like shift my focus denying need kind of snack time and quiet yeah and it's not always cry and hey it's. You know like backstage maybe isn't what I needed. What I think any didn't sell them. Yet they haven't. Really it's challenging sometimes but. Most part most years they think we manage and you know we're frustrated at times but we we get through it did they have handlers like anybody like Utley kind of a chaperone him not there he Euronext cut a couple of parents like in the green room in the area backstage yes they're not backstage how and then assistant stage manager Jenny Jenny Danny else's ISM and me the couple just a couple people back there. Are kind of have taken on the responsibility of wrangling that's where it child wrangling after and that's the official terms cell. I think you can has come to cut me some for some reason rang wrangling has become and where did you not test. I think he's the you to sound hateful and like you don't. I was on a on their record to say it their all delightful little angels and we couldn't live without. All. They think I just slipped to be and apparently not. Get out of my heading amendment if you come hunter yeah he's now I know you night Romans. What's great about it at an all honesty is that. For the adults in the cast and provincial maccast everybody's learning something about. Humanity. I guess it's part of you know it's part of the theme is like yeah. Is Serb you know sometimes you have to go through the fires. And stuff and we have those moments and you know what I that this can tell those moments with us to where you are like. I don't understand why is any targeting me like he can't. He doesn't have the capacity did that at 10:30 in the morning out of conversation pill that doesn't mean he doesn't love you care about choosing limits. Clearly beat them. Haven't any sailing the time. This the listen if there weren't children if it was the 26 adults. It would be M each person who didn't let me and let you know I mean I felt I had a wonderful and it really it really does the heat for me it's a sometimes elections a lesson in patience and a lesson and graciousness. When I don't feel like it asked for you know Kia and and I think for the kids they watch the adult state you know those guys see them they're all watching what we're doing and look when learning from us so. We love yeah I think it's a pretty great thing at the end of the day. Is it to task remember that time is there and stop with this hateful you know I'm learning something right now. Are you Abbott gracious thing happening to you. And a prayer does that mean she wants to throttle. Aaron O'Neal never never advice to offer for different a bit. Ari so I question you as he plays so many characters is there a favor it's nice as you get this great big solo which is I think one of one of my favorite. Song connection that comes out I can't and I think this when I shot this year just like this expanded to taking kind of a break last year. Indonesia's currency at the this year is that this is. Accused beautifully done I just on a city that you have a phenomenal singing voice and angst you lean deeds and it's. You know you know kind of I have I kind of couldn't know to what to expect is seen it before right but it is very if felt different this year. And I don't often has anything to do with I know that there is some edits made to this rep from whenever cop. A they can with this production specifically like this is kind of turned on to kind of brighten up the performance against our current script from what I understand. On so I just won enough I'd you know what do you have a fever irked Egypt. And. Term. Isn't well I can't love like I said before I love doing that teen can. I mean any kind of like. You know in terms of how it's changed a little this year action and going back a little to what you're saying I think that. As I grow and I age through the years. Of doing the shelters is my fifth. Fifty and yes I. Do and get on it yes and the sell as I'm aging. I'm changing as a person and each year I ate. Learn some thing new. You know my experiences each person. That's changed over the years and is is really influencing reinforcing that scene so. And that's I think what I would say about the scene but I really really love playing ginger I love that friend party scene and because. I mean I loved it's that's we get to have Philip not arguments that Trenton ginger have together and it's just like a great fun time and I love it. And that cost him his beautiful animal never read anything that beautiful in my life. To us via. Did you rare bird. All the time I have a lot of time riveting it's easier because that's the best part. He didn't hit OK just to show off people right exactly and then I don't have to Wear course in real life and that's awesome and yet. Round. It. You know I bet. You think I'm gonna say Fred because he's jolly and fine love it and be like taste here every Christmas Eve changed everything I've ever thought could fit hits a and I love him. But I also. Colonel of the little guy that I play in the future. It has five hits it. He's like this you know downtrodden guy I would do is weird little lip and me class citizen. I don't know there's something lake sort of lovely and innocent about this guy who's clearly has little you know those. Ebenezer Scrooge some dough and can't pay it and and I don't. There are no lately there's just something lovely and innocent about him and his you know he tells his wife and figure out of their creditors Scrooge is. Dad and she starts laughing in Cuba includes questions. I don't cool cool I guess it. I don't know ID or something sweet about food. And simple I am about daylight through the evil and that yes he did this and transform it and you know he's not like. Standing there like a leading man like Brandon grew to millions of its complaint a little variety. I expect. I I personally and I ask this because. This is that seed with ginger and Fred is art is one of my favorites. Because the stats your facial expressions phenomenal pocket traipsing around thermos it's a main thing. And I think it the watching. When you're watching your face is the best part of it I've mamet did I miss this all these other year. And so might my brother's girlfriend and I are sitting there like. She. Claimed PM by the might. That's that's known and don't have certain things yeah let's really. Stand by while banking and the you know I hear great pianists that does not. But that is definitely. Has turned into one of my theory scenes because of the interactions each you have. And you guys are so much fun to watch and stay age and that he'd make a progression like it's IA. I think it's phenomenal and even the fact that. While you are six foot three and higher very easily recognizable still the traditions you make between each of the seeds into the characters. I believe his is a huge part of the play. You even with Ebenezer Scrooge being that that leading guy who we watches his entire thing chain and his whole life changed. You guys make up a huge part of the rest the play and and it's. I am really grateful to have you guys back again because it is so much. It really well thank you so much fun it. To revisit it I mean what tests are saying as you know we bring different things every year yeah. You know a whole other year life experience goes into this care to leave played for years now whenever. And that's always have to treat for us you know and then. That was so interesting that you're saying it's fun seeing the same people over and over it is using our holiday time is like. What is so many people especially in our culture in America do that holly time is re watched movies could only watch once a year and a and revisit these friends of bears on that screen and it's so cool that the that people in the audience can come. And revisit these friends but the difference says they've changed a little bit there's something. There's something different about them exactly something familiar and yet. It's grown in some way and Mike this year we have a different Scrooge because you know our other guys off being famous and mind and. An addiction dummy for Elizabeth that I please scourge is great and I mean Mike this. Every area of thrown off by it I think are irrelevant but he's not yet Lee's main ones is real. It's a cool thing where I know it's it is so much fun because actually seeing. Different people play it but still having familiarity. Kind of house of the change in however it is humanity as it is I was hurt have a change but. This is true lead that tradition where. You guys have become part of it and part of the family and Rochester expects and I think it's phenomenal you guys will be sad. When you guys move on to bigger or things as well but since she will always love you and Rochester on its mouth when you and I need to be having everybody else's Bosnian if you have a different opinion. My podcast sit out. I and we agree with the two day and we'll it's such a treat to come here every year it's a wonderful community it's so welcoming. And so kind and Digi this year is you know like the happy as place I've ever worked in show business. I don't know. Now you're going to have ever had so. Now we know it's just a wonderful place and it's as great spirit in Nam. And every time mentioned that I do it could say I wanna go work there again are you people that work they're wanna come back to Cuba you haven't sake it's only here is how great it is. You know we have within our new cast members are saying. When is a self claimed here and so nice and not really that spirit you know it in stacks to. Thriller about toward the production yes. You know that the house that we're at and it's a loving and happy and married and that makes the spirit of the place even angrier. Yeah and also what's cool is Aaron that the kids in the shell a lot of them grow up. In the shelf ranked in the way of funeral. Some kids sat there like a Christmas past we have a couple yeah pasts they won our both. Wearing tiny both of them where tiny 103 years ago and so the kids dairy. A lot of them are also part of the same linguistic community that returns every year yet and it's really cool BK is. And you know and despite that cruel. Things are saying earlier. Of how I I didn't I do love them presumptive but. We get to see them every year too so not only are we seeing her fellow principle many members the adult members but we get to see to kids again in watching those children grow out lust and anime it's amazing you really get to feel like your hardest there. They're journey you know it's really exciting. There is that's awesome yes that does it does come through and won that one other girls appraise a Christmas Coastr Christmas past. Was scout and they both players that we both Ali yes all they split performances I'll labor laws are not even get this play. Maybe one of them get a few more shows than the other but they both. They're pretty even that's yeah I guess that I'm ideals like. And in even finish treating terrorists the notes that pentagon apparently they get to receipts. But that being that I I like to talk about achieve all the time is that and the thing I got to talk to. My brother and his girlfriend about is that there's no bad seat in the house. The week that that it's that the week that Cheever is built. In the week that the performances are is that you can experience. Everything's. Lohan just might have a little bit of a different perspective from that there's no bad seat in the house and expressed over the Christmas Carol. The play is very involved in in the the actual seat itself if you so you never then you have to experience it because it is half of the fine work. And doing their Mike and keep yourself is this is gonna pet that's gonna happen. And she's just like I understand and it's IE it. It's one of my favorite things about especially if you're new to watching Christmas can especially Javed theaters that it is. Someone immersive in Seattle Amazon lost her act and I think it's it makes it. And it makes it accessible to everybody in Rochester and I weep and talk about that every single podcast. Every single time I talked to anybody about you and I talk about the fact that it is. So accessible to our community. And the things they used to she during holidays with Christmas Kara and I come from military background home for the holidays home for the house and so much fun to do and make all the kids are out there images highlight how solid volley tonight. There is a great job. It's big isn't much. It it feels like a little bit of a second home because we talk about Gina being so comfortable I completely agree that it is a place where I'm comfortable coming in like I know. Know my way around it could have been there so often than that because it is so accessible on like this is right to -- I know exactly like chicken and chartered in government here are tendered never meet people in the kitchen and like everybody else to help. Mr. Rogers asked that the methane. You know sometimes the theater that's not a can feel really stuffy and a little like closed end. Only for people who certain intellect and money yeah. I own words social status or whatever and and it never feels like that now there. Ever it does feel like you're saying all are welcome and the police command. And it it is a beautiful. It's huge and it's it's some than that I know that gene has been working on. That I have not experts. I'm seeing the different plays and of command. You saw huge diverse crowd come from in heights again and it was the so much fun to watch those people will be in the same nick Brad posted about it. Get occasional comments on fees that I had a ton of friends got I want to see that show my gosh it can't wheat and bring all my friend if I can think and feel leader Christmas Carol I get them out there because it's. It is a tradition. And didn't have to be just a traditional once a year being successful. And it there's a running joke between myself. And pretty much every play go to U. Most major which in myself and my husband he makes enemy but I cry at every single team that have not touched. And this year I didn't expected out of Christmas tracks like I got this and know exactly what's going on. But only got started to hate it when this is an it is obviously at the end the redemption of Ebenezer Scrooge and you guys were in the scene. And it kind of broke Carlos. In being marshaled he's not it's really lovely and dates and it chokes me up every now man up and says please let me tiered. Huh. Yeah you're right no big and yeah now it's so lovely. It is so. It is the base of the whole story. But it doesn't fail to. Bring up the emotional carpets and it was it's a great scene I love Ann Richards ginger in toxic ginger I'm just like I can't. Of course it's like a moment around trying to not involve anybody else Kazaa to start sobbing intensely but. It is one of my favorite teams and it just think it's it's so much fun to continue to even it experience it emotionally an open yourself up to it. Newton and and how neat is it part of that is. Career. You don't leave us. Let. But that's you know I just at the very end always gets too and it's so bad. Mean an immediate nine you even get. Oh yeah I mean how could you not but even still having done it. Night after night. You know you'd think some times to be able to executed. You have to have not feel as much but then at the same time. You kind of have to it's every day's different and you know I I but whether or not I am. I'm doing air quotes now Blaine friend a friend in their boats. Yet I'm still rob I'm still there and I still have feelings about what's happening ends you know. There's a person standing they're basically saying do you do you really love me. How can you not have an emotional responses that actor burden neo claim territory not playing characters. It's I'm there right have to respond to a debt in that moment yeah it's just beat it's so touching to me. Touching and it's a very intense and raw moment in this purely. It's pure emotion at that point because it is at the man at his most bear. Who as a human. Also being cost. Hatch that's the same right to do that stood that's what's so beautiful but the story written and mobile well alt stories to get us that way is when people aren't that Ross and that vulnerable. Exhibit. That does the it's that level playing field thing of it I've stripped away all of my outside. Block out all the junk I put on top to hide who I truly am which is just human being who. Demand. Right now I'm just a human and so and just like you like that it's that we're all the same thing. I love it it. And at the best and I didn't it have felt. I don't know what it was this year when I went to see it'd just it hit me so much harder and I think it's because every year you go to different experiences. And I everyday you come holiday is. Still the same storyline the seem you know diesels to deceive deceive people essentially it is a different. Your experience in it. Yes and that may be it's my hair me in my hair is different and so. Sorry business that are grown in the very. You were enrolled here really. Brown Heil letter Amanda and her listeners and let's. It is horrible creature there. This isn't immediately looking green everybody all the children back and it's just that but he certainly likes is there. Room. I I think that in the fact that we do the show so offensive generally we'll lovely tension as the week and you may think that that would kind of numb us maybe a little to the message but I think kind of the repetition of it just makes me more open to it and and and in kind as each each night in here it delivered. Maybe it's. You know delivered a little different meal or a your mindset is different so you're seeing and a different way so that's kind of the more I hear the message at the end of the story the more I learn from it because. Because I'm a different person every day to you know. An ounce can heady again heady thing this pay about our man it's supposed to be heading yes yes so it's kind of cool I mean ninety. As exhausted as I can feel some times during that many shows it's. And is kind of this amazing redeeming moment wearing like a rehab this is why I come back every year and did ask how it's been this message and then. In addition like a Fred. I'm Scrooge interaction there at the end Scrooge has this amazing beautiful speech. And the very end of the shelf for the final sung. And his. You know about. Am. And I'm. Can't and I can't think of the where it's that he says but it's it's just like really. There's so much heart and Steve Steve I am who plays Scrooge. Just delivers and a way that really brings not entire audience Inouye and really includes everyone in this lake. Beautiful message of redemption in love and it's just. Now it's greed and I are really happy Merry Christmas it's amazing and the whole teens out there yeah or yeah everything is very it is the best I just love everything about that and that shallow it is so. The redemption and it is the whole story ended in meat she wanna go out there and do all those random acts of kindness that everybody always does every year. They wanna continue that all your LogMeIn and missed. It just makes it's so much more special. When it is Christmas. Absolutely and a it went in my favor and leaders are really good I interviewed and 2017 I'm surprised you did test strapping you so much for coming and I really appreciate it will look at off everybody's had to have us. I think you got. Studio thank you for sharing into backstage I'm angry and it doesn't mean I really change my mind how I view everything you could. Put. Every time I have and I Greg Katz command now is like so let's laugh aches and the always tell mean I'm always wanna know more about what's going on backstage yes has only guaranteed appear. That's coming un demands it and I can't even he can even begin to imagine but I am I figure with how quick your costume changes after comic figure costume changes after come. It's just I love it I just love everything about achieve that I loved the people who make it to come in talked to. Well and that does it for another edition of Rochester peace theatre this at the end of 2017 of but the season continues next year. So we'll keep chatting and B and look at achieve appear dot org for more tickets Kosier Christmas Carol. Become a season ticket holder because it is it is affordable and accessible and is christmastime in aspirin is Christmas gift and nobody else need know what do you. Then they don't believe in the arts. On the cart next to getting this getting I'm Justine page and he hasn't when he team.