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Tuesday, March 27th


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I'm now old another episode know who grew up just he's the attack. Welcome to another edition of Rochester peace theater with another historic moment for GMAC. With the world premiere of heartland now playing at did you feel staged. I joined in studio by John Kellogg the communications manager for G rush and Mario beyond golden who is making her debut it she's not as and one of the members of I'm. She plays the daughter. One of the industry characters in this play 01 of them yes I'm actually gonna ask if you don't mind I'm Mara welcome thank you so much for joining us you for having me thinks you being in Russia series seems. How would temperament of the weather yes I have. Yeah it's been awful and I'm really sorry. Still almost bad for the rest of the United States were like. The rest of the eastern seaboard got hit and we got no snow there are slims that come. Welcome starlight. The series I'm so thank you so much for joining us indeed have been a part of Hartley and your phenomenal as tedious and she's such a great time watching. I'll hold it until I read more about it and your character can you give this kind of an over. And over on to CNN and over I have over. Of the play yeah that's absolutely. Without. Revealing to me spoilers hopefully the case centers around a semi retired. Professor of African studies. The University of Nebraska. And she is adopted daughter who was born in Afghanistan who goes back. To her birth country to teach. Girls at a girl's school there. And dare she needs. It's another teacher a young man doesn't relax and age about the relationship and he ultimately goes to Nebraska act. And develops a very unlikely friendship with her father doctor Harold banks. That's basically I think as much as I can say without reveal they don't really get government and yes you know I think this is almost a trading up front saying it's. Come so I give me out on an idea of how he got into the character of tedium and how you move meshed in with. I'm mark Teddy who clay is your father in this economy and I honestly am gonna try to pronounce his name on the way to somehow. Yeah yes it SA and as a rule. And he Alley cal you guys kind of came together and what it was like getting to work with them on because this is mark bodies. First time back on stage series in eighteen years it's okay the president doesn't really like an auto its is last of us and you can on the Wilson's days. And so yeah this list him as a homecoming in all of it. And he was not I just as a whole. Well first stop when you own the play and then you thinking this is a gentleman whose very well put together and we always see him he's here to see director Gina has been since 1985. And then the first scene you see him man. It'll IAE get a little taken that it is so unexpected and and it's been horrible ages like a home. Oregon the first look at how this plays kind of where are your expectations. Do you have to have an ongoing us is that yes how does really punching him NN and then he was phenomenal and you guys all work into this is such a beautiful play and funny and is very rich. In so many different ways and on it seemed very seamless for you guys whose very beautifully done so I just kind of biathlon match how was for you going into this without really. I mean it was written yet and dream team of people and not just the three of us were gathered also grown our director and Gabriel Jason dean the clear right. It was a really clobbered a process and that was a world premiere so. That such an interesting experience approaching a character when you know that it's never really didn't see before because. The script is evolving we view in the room and that means you everyone kept kind of their own little stamp on the characters that is going to have. You know evolve with the character and be there to some degree in all future action so for immediate you know diving this character was. Really an incredible experience as an actor you know a lot times your apps to play rules that are incredibly far from the UR and that is a wonderful and people challenged. And then sometimes drastically characters who you'd just really connect with and you understand who they are and you know GT is a young American woman who has. Obviously a complicated identity. And is also just dealing with. The questions in the things that people deal with in their mid to late twenty's are trying to figure out who they are with to places in the world so she as far as I'll go as it it wasn't that. Hard for me to connect to her and understand her experience wise he has this incredible relationship with her father. Also have. My dad was here this weekend is this all yes. So yes it got that for me it was it was just amazing you know getting to work on his character. And as far as working with the other is the same thing you know we we all I think everyone approaches their characters in different ways. This isn't the only context in which I've known mark so. I mean a key obviously if you you're just directorate you have but I know him as. The other actors playing my father is or not is sort of the relationship that we developed and same with you know a race. We met and you know immediately bonded and connected and become really really wonderful friends so I'm working with are these people has it been a dream. That's so awesome it was such a beautiful thing is it was a beautiful place and I was there my husband he's like my litmus test to have. You know I can I've grown up with a lot more a lot of literature mother has really in involve a vest of a lot not of that in us and but has been a didn't really get the kind of seem exposure so he's always and I told honest before and make. Which hitting the way you can make where's your mind that and think there are parts I mean it was self it was funny and it was such a beautiful construct of human interaction. Between natural and DD and seeing how I'll that play out and it was. In the heat Ito he really was succeed there's all these beautiful keys centerpieces that everybody shared. Think a lot of laughs and the joy eight with in that play equally couldn't and but I'm not as real as character was my favorite because they couldn't figure out where his actually came from so I spent a lot of time listening to stick him. And I think it's got to be harder to switch between all of these and it is suggest pick one and stick with that. George and he has like little bits of British and there's American and then there's the off god and it I was so overwhelmed by that the skill and that everybody. Played and bowl through this play. Had ever been and any other world premieres before I have yes. The ground breaker you I didn't. And this is different because at previous world whereas I've been in. Wanted to him particular debt playwright was the director shot and it was his Dieter so that it it's just different dynamics as was the first time where. I've worked on mica a full length play. Wit that the world premiere with the playwright in the room and the director and you know image before. Just having to be such a collaborative process right an and Gabriel's amazing in that way because he. Has so much research and time and heart into this story he's the working on for years he's worked with. A few different cultural consultants. That two different than women and I mean of people to help with the language and everything. And he is also so oak inn. Two questions and engage in conversation and and you know letting the story involved with the people in the room and you know we were working on some thing in and it didn't make sense there would be times when you know we could save guidance he would just sit Lori you know he and I would say just trust it like. That's how I couldn't believe it it'll get there and it did you know and that's that is such a gift to hop. Is an actor attempt to feel. Your voice is important in a room beyond just. You know being the character relative getting to kind of deep part of evolution of telling the most authentic. And and yeah I'm just truthful story that you can't. And regarding being the one to put your stamp on my character now in my mind if I ever saw this play again they would be. Your version of media not anybody else is at the club does it. Back to Mario its stature and stuff. Ideally it would but it's it's very much I took the beauty of these world premieres ours is that's that's not who IC you know I don't see anybody doesn't heed this person who played this and it's always gonna be. That's standard for me which is really cool. Com. And I did this set Delhi Seoul. This kid he honestly one of my favorites it's because it's so it has to balance between two different scenes and bounces between. Omaha Nebraska and them enough guy and Afghanistan and it's. Do we even it moves between the two it really is like watching this flashback. Of of going between that like I can even describe it it's. It's a little hunting. Because there's parts for GD shows up in music didn't expect you there and it's great he's. Can I didn't put me on I listen to too much in terms of armed ghost stories and things like I did like seeing somebody monitors seems like. All but this. I you know what was that like having ten maneuver between everything is. Even when you're not a part of the storyline that's happening in normal high you still are involved can make you a lot that's going on. Yes yes well first of all we have the most incredible design team and that that the cheap now oh my gosh and the way they sat. Which you this this 360s and and all these props then there's not a single crop. In the show that is not important like every cop tells the story and for the people who work you know. Accede to working behind the scenes and and making sure everything is in its right place like. Active plot lines are dependent on props and set pieces in things being ready to be right said that was such incredible experience because you are home rehearsal process was only like. Three weeks two and a half weeks and so we don't get in onto the stage with the sentinel. The props. Until tap so it's really in the last few days before previews that all apps are coming to gather. So this that was incredible. And the lights also yes to aids. So much. Percent to so incredible in in telling the story out of the tree from leases and it is a mean I didn't mention in my little summary of the story but yeah our. Where are moving back and forth between these two places and he's different time periods are for all of us as actors. Our stories are not Linear. Break and you we have a lean year art and it exists outside of the world to play but we're moving back and forth between time which is. Challenging an oddly cinematic keynote because we're not we're not telling the story in the same way and that's how memory works to wait until about Matt you know we remember things in not an order exactly after and I think keynote speech your question having this this that and the lights in the design elements there. Was so helpful to me as an actor in counseling between these two worlds and remembering. Where I wisely you know and and remind myself that when I entered the beginning of the play. Audience does not yet know the information and right of my character and how she really got there neatly Intel like scenes Roche. Just reminding yourself of that as an actor is such an important thing went on a story and having such a beautiful and teach hailed set. Props flights all of that the costumes also you know how they differ between the two worlds. With helpful to me in just reminding me of where I worry helping. Myself. In the ground myself full leaked from the in those the world and in kind of committee arc of each scene and not just our of that entire shows and as an here. Raped and I and I got it be you really I'm back on the proper thing now is if you don't realize how so much. And how. Grounded it has to be in. Having in this exact list of them being there because. I did the play like if you go watch it you're gonna have the same thought that I did of like. How are gonna put this all back together at the end because things are just removed her aren't taken and Houston and they end up in different places and BMI OCD cakes and then to. Achieving those are NASDAQ barely says I mean everything is so beautifully done and it really. It's just such a testament says to being able to. Make the cinematic transition and in becomes that much more lives. With how beautifully done the sadness there's little pieces of it and everybody comments on it when they get to feeling to see this in just his approach here did this in this. And it was just I mean it's my feet and as we do and my favorites apps they realize it's us or talking about it like oh yes it was phenomenal. The other thing too is how hard was it to learn did you know any com. Sorry yeah. I mean that was I didn't expect that and so I received kind of a lie just a quick slowly it'll rely on contextual clues about loaded is that they're kind of talking about. And seeing kind of how all. When they get to be able to speak English. Because it's it does to your local. I'm lost now Maastricht and you're not the only person who is kind of arsenic is key also has those moments Suton none of us the three actors have any. Knowledge of Dari prior to working on the show. Always has worked on workshops of this show of force and he's had you know some a little bit of time telling with the lines even the RE was changing and evolving as we were in rehearsal so. We all had to learn. Arif genetically and listening to recordings. Our native speaker is saying that lines for us is and that obviously we have to know. The incident for me it was a slightly easier job because tedious not meant to be native speaker's chief is. Learning the language over the course of the place where I. My talent was actually. Odd in that way it was almost I had to make it sound not too rehearsed trek to memorize that the way memorize other lines because. It's been a struggle yeah then she would almost sounds. Too good again Jim which was such a bizarre thing banks you know it's not the first time. I've had to learn a language and I am fanatically for a show it's a really really interesting experience doing that. But what you're saying about you know the audience not knowing exactly or thing or going on. Language is so app the crux of what displays of power and communication and misunderstanding. And loss of language inability to kind of day where you. Need and what he means. I'm so having. Two languages mixing into the story in that way for me it was such sick. It's his English is the whole thing yeah that's important part of why this whole. Things about the way people communicate with each other. Yes that's kind of in his heart another our current. Not be able to understand and gaining that momentum and then also losing in the same time out time you've seen or toxic side. Like. So going back on this being a phenomenal world premier Jean has become kind of in my mind the past few seasons out of there and you know involved. Has become this hub of theatrical development and and really introducing a lot to. Rochester kind of putting like your stake in big claim to fame of being able to. Allow these pleas to develop and and give this broad audience I'm and it's so cool deceit and be a part of it is luck it's just philatelic history like I saw that we backed plan. Didn't look like I Saudi original cast of cabs on Broadway suite to kind of say the same thing here. On the so Don I mean. How what's the process like for G but to pull these will premieres and I know it's links because obviously. You know Morris tell us about how everything and it takes awhile to get this play even written and developed. And then have come to fruition here achieve. So what screen achieve I mean. New plays and and and nurturing new work for the American theater is central to our mission is so every season you'll see included one or two or sometimes three new plays that have never seen a light of day or had a full production before him is that doesn't mean that they haven't gone through some. Process the forehand to get them to that point where he also have opportunities a diva for people to common sea for free. The process. In your help in practice and went with our new play we don't we are really rich. New play development op program. And we do readings we work with playwrights over. You know a weeklong period. With professional actors and directors and stuff like that allowed it to produce readings on our fielding stage primarily business and then some of those have gone on. To be produced on our on our Wilson's stage for example the agitators was one of those. Hope to bring your process and then it appeared earlier this season story Frederik. Can Susan B. Anthony magical women in jeopardy was another play a few years ago really that yeah it is we get a reading it was a world premiere achieve and it's being done. They have like three theaters this season and a couple other theaters next season around the country have picked it up and are doing an. So it's really great to see these plays have a life after gee you know he's so natural to think I mean for me. I anal exam Imus Sondheim fans of his client and in this in the park with George. It's always sticks of me regarding our new plays and it's where George finish is apart of his vast painting Sunday on the island of the ground shots and he says. Look I made a hat where there never was hack. And I kind of think about that the players sense where. We are in a nurturing playwrights. To create lots of new paths. Now and there are prohibited. Now I last got shut it down. But but it's it's so wonderful for us to work with playwright to the very beginning of the incubation of these plays to see the final product as in this case you know working with cape early on. When we first read the play. Boom we decided to include in the season and it's it was vastly different from what the people are seeing now where it's gone three changes. Went through changes after we decided to do it achieve and be able right on the work out and over that summer whenever he did. Manuscript that we serve rehearsal only changes and and that's part of the evolution of a play places don't appear proof page complaint here now plays have a process. And we email as we kind of nurture that process for what we have we have areas and are there were weak hand do we can do that every step of that process. You know he's so. Well by GMAC has I don't know you know and not knowing him the intricacies behind it has just to view work early to come into these suggest. What am I experiencing organically what does it other people are experiencing some of the army RB I was shared have a tobacco on the ear familiar with Ambien culturally. As seeing it somewhere else but having these pieces come. Coming to fruition Faris is is so cool to know that there's so much more than cheap to put in behind it. Is so empowering for the rest of you know for future player interview you know we know students who wanna do it. And in those two big element behind achievements this educational piece of things in educating them to students but the rest of Rochester is a. Hole via an early on and we work with with a variety of clerics from all over the country all over the world. It's a very important for us to tell our stories from all over the place and reflect our that a reflect our. Our population here on our stories that people can identify with their stories that. That will intrigue people and and you know get them talking. It's important for us so that's why you knew you see a lot of very diverse stories this season and next seasons in the U what's coming up for next season notre CNN's world premier premier premier well we have to view and we're doing. The big one that we've commission is revival the story of fun house. Now son house. And he was the blues guitarist he lived here in Rochester for twenty years out and he was rediscovered here in 1964. And his music influenced so many people Eric Clapton Bonnie Raitt Jack why I mean the list goes on in on. A how many people this man influence with his blues style business. And he was he was considered the father the blues and he lived right here in Rochester so that's a story that we play the week commission and it can working through we get a reading a few years ago. On and it's gone through you know some other developments and you know will be working on throughout the year and it's our closer next season great. Who we are doing a new played. Oh my gosh. Called the magicians daughter he saw that I think any conceivable preview of you know what's to come play and there's a lot or dislike. Lot of these so I am not familiar with and I'm really excited about because they. Wanna see no more and more new things come our way. But I did see that one in an IBM Harry Potter fan and I magic sound EU and try to align and set set against the backdrop of a magic show it's a father and daughter their names or prosper on Miranda the funds only that there. But that's the mayor really love it's a father daughter story so if you light heartland there isn't your will like heartland Venezia. It's another relationship servant a father and a daughter which is is really great. On the other one that we're really excited dozens brand new comedy hard sell which is a world premier spy wonderful player called apprentice curry. And it's about this guy who is a professor. And he's driving across country. And he. Gets stuck in this mid western town. And he needs gasoline but he's mistaken for. Being somebody that he's not with that a picture saying and so as not mistaken identity and in now. Kind of presumption then it's a whole bunch of BS but these are these are new works that were. That we're so thrilled to be able present to the Rochester people. And to be able to have seen you get to see this many world premieres at GMAC and be involved again in like the history of these plays you got to see saw way back on exactly. Really stunned about the sentencing because I'd just. Oh you mean I'm I'm I'm a transplant I'm not from Rochester so I don't have and I am very minute I learn so many new things about this plays the more remarked. And how many people are associated with and appeal it people now. I'm at the son house one on to the fact that francs not for exam French's mustard. Oh yeah mother and he underwent Muster Austria area at the right thing. I volunteer fire yellow and LeRoy I mean time just exultant when house. Yes but the somehow things register and you have stunned about three years ago we pretty. The festival's summer festivals a four day festival. Anyway is both the sun how special an it was a combination of lectures abide by blues artists and photographers. From all over the world. I'm we had people come for the whole four days and concerts by. Amazing amazing and Jo-Jo beard was involved and he had he's a local yes I. Om and we brought in. Gosh whole bunch of really great headliner. Video digest or was it was m.'s completely blues. But it wasn't just music it was. All the other stuff we had workshops at the east and school music with Qatar we've beat her in have access anywhere and part of this the festival was. The reading of this play. The your very first reading of this business and it was it's really great it's called it the full title is revival the resurrection of silent house. And so it's you know it's now gone through more development and we can't we just presented next next summer. Sir Alexander I have just learned everything that we've that has come across the stage and I would have died had to say is well I try to display. And and a lot of people have yeah you know what I would still good until the ends so and then all of a sudden it was like somebody just turned out to us as Foss said and it was just in doc came out nothing new house so close. I did is not an. For my raising background I have credit and every so yeah I could have cried more ads fielding status. Plays features than any other any other play well it's a very intimate space. I mean both of our fears are brilliant spent in bulk of earth space is you're never more than fifty feet away from the date switch gives you this amazing filling in for the actors certainly in the big theater and they feel like the audience is giving them a big hug that's bad that's their perspective it's I dare not about the yes should no way to save the penny either around prostate. But in the feeling state in the 180 seats and so again you're never you're not more than thirty feet away from the stage in your really it's really intimate in your in a room with other people sharing this amazing experience. And it it's made all the more powerful. Because you are imminent and it's. Race and we feel your energy so freely on sees two and that you know obviously influences. In little waves while we're putting out one we have here you incense you in and feel you. Tone on the journey with the Seattle and there really is it's a phenomenal journey it is so much fun to. He is spectator on this and near and there is is intimacy that happens an average even play. Which is why it's so cool the stages are always our sound that the the actors are always so engaging. And you know when things get awkward you feel awkwardness it's it's almost palpable they get sad you feel the sadness you feel all of these things so organically. And it's so it's it just makes. These world premieres in these plays just that much more armed. Memorable and an able to really tee coma Shia and and really enjoy and you know much has been an ally down only hours like. It's terminal click safari play this is great. So it's always it's always really fun and and is there anything that you hope people take away from this play some. Yeah yeah I think. You know this play it deals with so many things political things geo political social issues. At the end of the day it's about three people though and their relationships and this. Idea of forgiveness and amnesty and irritated saddest thing about how when he was younger he sought forgiveness as this really. I am black and white thing Mikey did something wrong you apologize to forget and the united he got older he said realizing it so much more complex than that and not sweat. Do people take away from this place seeing that you know making mistakes. And consequences for your actions forgiveness is so great and so complicated and only way to kind of get through that and to work with people on that is to have. You know so much empathy for the other people around you and and try to understand why people do what they do and struggle through that with people. It's great. We think he's so much for coming in my Don thanks for those on the look into in the future of what we tick I yell and up any time is there any leniency has love to share. Other than just come see you housing and I MCI. There's it ended April 1 saint and April 1 you're tickets unity or dot organ of course charged in a look at here and a BB dot com for more Rochester DC air podcast he can get caught up here. About some the other plays we've had here in and get the insights from the actors. And and then you know. Do you subscription to Cheever for next season if you haven't heard get your tickets for the next few plays got two more left for this season which I just realized this morning and I and and saddened thinks he knew best and go five for the summer. And you know like C next year kind of thing in the year by. So until that night I get your tickets to see her in April through this onstage to April 1 she was the year dot org it's a maximum.