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Monday, April 16th


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I'm now old another episode opens who grew up just he's the attack. Welcome back to another edition of Rochester peace theater out. Where we are virtually getting very close to the end of the Tony 172018. Season at G this year and I'm really bummed about it's just been phenomenal season so far. I'm lives. It's been a whirlwind of emotions the last show we're gonna talk about one of them today. One house over it is very different. But a brilliant tale of these two families that come together what it means to be neighbors employees employers and what boundaries look like it is kind of an I took from a but I joined today by two of the cast members of guts Zoe Sofia Garcia who plays. Camilo Hernandez. And then of us got just in human who plays Rafael Hernandez cumulus husband. I'll look I think he's Russia coming and thank you for adding address I am really stoked about this because this play. Was really it I didn't. How is I tell everybody that comes in I never go into the plays like having done any research I try to just. Read like that bit quick little synopsis that Gina puts on their website and I leave it that I never know what. What is going again because I wanna own secret of what the storyline like I'm trying to follow it as if it was this is brand new story being told me. And the sun has come that this isn't any different and I loved this play. Was so surprised we had a group are Chang off Mike. About how everybody is laughing and and I did noted I didn't think it was gonna be that funny because this account phobia everybody loves this week. Soul. Yes you know mine's Judy senior characters in giving us a little background into the play. I was Kobe's up years you've been trained to. What you can and cannot reveal in these in I don't know I'd strained then you. Usually treat practice like you know we wanna give. Away and we don't wanna give away of your catcher and China are acceptable to change the tone is and I think. So his idea to start sewer rat Sonya I'm Joyce theater C a click canyon and then days. I may have a first generation Mexican immigrant. Look who's hired to T take care of Camilo shoes in 89 year old contained curious. I Czechoslovakian first narration immigrant. And has been living in the United States for. Years. And it it's herb basically an effort for her side of the story is just navigating. Taking care of this older gentleman issue really doesn't want her around and doesn't wanna BP bead at all. That needs to have someone to help him. And Joann his daughter played by remain Rifkin and Mueller screenplay. Mark Jacoby. And see. It. Has been having her father live with ten men he's just too much to handle and then nest a play designed she sir see you. And navigate her own health concerns is great. And so we had that you're seeing as these boundaries between employers and employees and especially when they're living together as Camilo moves in with her husband at a failed to play just human NYNEX meet. And and and just and then figuring out how hotly notice a space that we're living in. The my house is your house race but then but don't do that and don't do this and yeah you know so it's flat roofs trying to figure out what are those boundaries. And then I wanted to see just Judy creek about at this humor like this they originally wasn't. And as the clear it didn't think of writing comedy great black it is there's so much humor that comes out in the situations and in their rating. But it's funny because Sunday night sake you know urinate. When you came risen very hat opening in boisterous siding and he has of people asking was almost lake like a sitcom. Yeah it was really good. We blow it but then there are other night through it's not so much and it's still fascinating because since it doesn't mean that the plays in is it time and it's just that it's it's wholly different fields. Depending on the audience depending on the energy Unionists idiotic relationship. Will did you know it's kind of depend on our you can be laughing mean Thai Tamarine me laughing in the and they very were intent and. It was kind of it was kind of just say. You can tell the temperature the audience of the way the show's gonna go based on the sort of what the audience brings in and they really sort of sort of set the tone whether they find it like laugh out loud funny rain or sort of really sort of sort of methodical and meaningful and sort of poignant and so it's pitchers thinks interior doesn't change and I don't think we as the show change would really audience we'll set the tone as to. What's have a virus in our they're up for just that good time laughed there or if they're really. Listen listening in for things that they're trying to sort of meek you know. Moments out of you know let's funny too because it's it's kind of it was kind of like that where this had this guy sitting next to me laughing the whole time economically appealing. Malaria isn't like you who actually little concern. Yeah help it going on the patents of follow up sides of if he's enjoying living in the moment. And it is kind of from the gecko how they respond to some of the first. First encounters of dialogue that I can always can tell we know. If there's something in the play real like. All right I can see where this is that seesaw if they're gonna love it and gonna laugh Arthur going to be like. All of this is getting yeah yeah yeah he's singing it really looks like a sitcom on on that the night that I went. It was just for it and I. Wish it was completely different from the first and we thought if I because it was our first sort of audience coming from Milwaukee where we built the show Kucera and we've gotten used to that sort of audience that's sort of the way they saw a show right there was sort of a lot of similar he's. So when we get our first show it seemed to be a very shall hunt for very sort of deep audience it was looking for years politics and message we're like oh this bit. Rochester. Live there aren't they didn't sell this item I. They're doing their ale laughing and it came with you guys so that was as good times and loved it should just tell a little bit about your character Arafat out. So I play out rough class and and is. And immigrant from Mexico. But he was brought this year at the age of two business and brought to Chicago to be more specific so he was raised here in the United States right. So that's interest in us into some sort of dynamic being you know I do this talk to them in the on beginnings of the short talk about how. How you know what that would feel like where used technically are not a quote unquote legal you know undock learning here undocumented citizen but yet. You know you raised in a place that you are not quite. Excepted so so I played Rafael. He you know husband of Camilo whose Zoe was saying news. Brought in to be an in home health care provider for this this elderly man armed. Russia obviously comes with her they move into the basement and he. He says earlier in the play that you know he he used to work at the Mexican restaurant and therefore his brother with his brother. And he no longer does that and now he's working in this Italian. Restaurant kitchen with hopes of being a chef. And sort of this this show is just about that's sort of what that is I think. Omar trying to survive and you know very few things he wanted to do in this country when. You're not. Quote unquote sort of able to do you know what you do like as an undocumented. Citizen Eric. This is a very encouraging this ability to me very poignant. Statements that the plays the cheese yeah I was like let's have this conversation. And they always seem to commit very interesting times and he can so good they curing. Well what do you hate to hear bad and it just loved this play because. I found my own parallels and I think a lot of people can. On because you have this. Daughter who's caring for her older father and you also have these people who are trying to establish their lives and you know working through. In this fear of being in an undocumented citizen yeah that works and no I have my parents have moved in with my grandmother and my father is from Ecuador and so you know those that I'm just think I assist I primenews like. No I don't think how what am I put a worm are pulling from in this playing like you Leno feeling these attachments to certain characters and things that are happening and you know. Understanding where people come from Iraq best coming from when he's doing and then Camilo what she's doing. And there are parts in the poll only talk about boundaries that's kind of like this overarching theme of like what. What are boundaries meaning an every aspect neighbors employees employers citizens not citizens fathered daughter. All of that it and it's. And you can really more than you think about it on more than one level has really nice and I think the audience in Anthony on the night a pick up on and being able to laugh about it and inexperienced that are solid so bring themselves up because they've experienced and and once again you know. I loved loved loved this act. I could and it's already had a and I love and how dynamic this set is for. The characters in the play them on did you guys see a big a difference was this how is this from the Milwaukee youth version here. We last three feet at the stage. To about. The Milwaukee stage is its us dressed like this noon play. There's not so much of the cy aids okay that that we have here it's it's a deeper who deep deep sat. Our stage excuse me and then they said actually only used wept like a third of that stage space that they have in the Milwaukee. But an EU RV eight it's because it's a bigger house that it feels very intimate gaffe because the audience is it's like an ample theater they go maps of the they're above us. Whereas here the audiences below us. Since the stage is raised. And then just with it's not as deep of this dress so we lost. About three each he. A lot of space yeah and it's. It's much shallower on the sort of have been down but the sides we gained a lot of space yeah and yet because we have learned re learn how to do the it is show based on sight lines so we had to flatten out. A lot of our sort of staging as a word right now so that the sides concede but. It. Well look like a house in the city yeah BA oh absolutely from downtown Rochester got it like a I had a lot of our eggs you know these deleted the artists set up and then having this little patio in the back and here's your curb legend and this little and patio sent region. Sit and drink coffee and you got your grill on the background again. It totally they did a fantastic shot to design your state with a set and the props yes and like the plan you know there's some of those grants are re ills some of them are not that they looks so real in. And as water in this clearly isn't wasting water in my mind I even just like is it and they really gonna do this like she is gonna tonight I'll quit Ford and front row I. I just a heads up if fierce front and center you may end up. You know getting honored with the plan that's probably become one of my favorite parts now on to. I uploading here they are not it is a little I didn't tell her music I was just let whoever is a step up and I watched I like apple thing happened and I was laughing to myself. I have seen who is sitting in that part of it riled up but that isn't it weird yeah pentium. I'm an idea how people react to conservatives those sort of like. Ohno a note idea let's give back. My eggs and all of this little details and what really make Q back super special for me I just love meaning and then seeing how you guys and knowing like. Did you really need to do this and I never really happened on purpose in the play and I dislike getting this in psych is it just makes me. Herbert. And then goes to the plane and feel like I see you're talking and or not. Connection with your characters. You know I was like to ask you know where where people from when you guys are playing the of these very intense characters. Tom any personal connections to Sherry lawn. In like this and I remind my father's. In a first generation immigrant from Ecuador and it's it's always interesting to hear his stories and then seeing them live with my and my grandmother who's aging is moment. And his parents are down an Ecuadoran so it's always is a strange. Connections you can pull from. Even what seemed to these insights is very brief insights into people's lives which of these characters means place does it to Siewert you know everybody else can. Pulls. Well. You know I'm having a really interesting experience with this so I'm of mixed ethnic background my father's from you got Ella. Tom but he's also half Chinese my grandfather left fled China and quintessential America my father was sent here. My mom is. Sort of a little Irish lady from Chicago I did you know I and in Spanish as well. The growing up in LA I tell a story that you know I was I was trying to find my identity is great. And so growing up in LA you know I was surrounded by it is very Mexican cultural groups feeling Mexican. So when this thing came along. You know in my own personal trying to understand how I feel in into who I was. Feeling a feeling again feeling a certain way can I but not necessarily. Com and having a blood line that followed suit great. And so for Rafael again a sort of feeling like he belongs being raised in Chicago have been but yet not being allowed to be sort of seen. As as a citizen so when it does belong. I found a lot of parallels and I don't think they understood why until we started really working on the play and on what that was like to sort of be part of something but also be reminded that you are not part of something. So I think I you know I if that really connected to act that aspect of what that you know what that feels like outside of you know are you mention are you not are you Caucasian or are you not brain disorder that longing for. You know wanting to wanting things in this life are feeling like you were a enable body. What you had been reminded that you know and having to behave. No not as such right so that's that's sort of the big overall sort of connection that I have and I think everybody has a little bit of that into one degree or another yeah and so yeah. Yes totally I am out soon mixed race my father's first generation crew landmark Cuba and then and my my mother is. Much you know little bit of local. The leg lattice guts there Asians Europeans in Cherokee and so. Not in bed and so I I completely understand which just finished talking about of the sting of identity in and I had identity crisis. Multiple times in my life to me like Ali you know like my. The act and you don't over. Where it is that you fall in in and then I also get people looking meaning a little Ernie. Did and damned if this is and I took my plan amendment. And butthead would play IE for Camille led the news there's a lot about. Her that clicks with me and I can't I mean if we were to go over specifically. The with the skeptic salient this race here in totally. So that's very helpful. But ass so think about. My fans mean you know it helps win. When you're talking about characters or situations that you are actually imagining like when it is so whenever I'm talking about. My father and a matching my actions my father who gore. And dead or ahead. This this this this sense of missing home. And of lost I think about my grandparents and so my grandparents and father in the escapees from Q&A wink casserole. Took power then. And that's a whole story actually an edit him a bit ahead. Blade they weren't planning and staying here in the states they are planning on going back to the U upward Genesis China figure out you know. And I couldn't allow Cubans at that time of how are we going to overthrow this man wearing Gator country back. And and it did happen he never happened and so the high to. Stay here and and pursue the American dream rain. And from my grandfather that was very. Difficult I mean he managed it obviously but he had a very thick thick accent the end and so he was treated like an idiot. But he is very Smart he's just very successful businessman and you have the peoples. You know make their first assumptions office like how you look or how you sound. And so he had a hard time but they managed to make it work so I think about. My age my family and what they had to my my father science famine with the had to go through through. And and how to make in new home in and just lying to wanting to go back. And then saying I have friends Hugh. It's like for you than seeing United States. And varying people who are like my character community that they crossed over. When they were older you know or who are lake. And I fails character. Who came here when they were just babies basically right it's on the mountains is Ali now again. And. Yes says shows it is personal and assets. And it shows with with the way I think that the characters are portrayed in. Liggett's everybody can kind of poll something from this play which is really nice you know every every characters that the daughter of father. Rough sailing Camille everybody can. There is apparently out to somebody and tell me and I think that's kind of one of the more interesting things about this plays that it is. So universally accessible. She is it the audiences that amend NAFTA just by even president and I and in attacking was Siva let Venus here and then play it. This isn't. Latin story this is like you know a big risk you yeah yeah yeah I did and of the you have. Dead joy and character even half patty then they need very next you know our iron. She sealed the stage every time she seems an elite game she's you know everybody has that neighbor they know only after. Could that person in their lives speak generally to it doesn't even have to be a neighbor ache Libya co worker it could be a family member and has just like. It's because it's this. It's just so intrusive but at the same time she's a very inches of character but it is also. Shows the love as well no and that she's a fascinating care for those few scenes that Shia and yeah so point and she does. I realize this I keep you know we we keep talking about this is all I'm. And which was to change generally know the ending is the goals he knows he doesn't matter exactly should understand the impact it and I and and we were talking about this last final that. How this this plays sort of for one reason or another it there's there's a match equality it's so simple it's so simple and it's sort of identity. What you it is so relatable on every level two and I'm just not speaking because you know I'm in the show and I want everybody listened to come out tonight may. I'm no but I think you know every person comes to the stage it's to the audience rather. It's a series show there's something for December identifiable to each individual to one degree or another. But on the whole the play itself is so simple there is it these are big ideas disease are ladies aren't big. You know political or even you know revolutionary ideas as I theatrical. Magic is just simple which is people dealing with people to use arm and it does somehow she's made this magical to such a simple story. With people are just trying to be real. I'm trying to deal with you know and it's just good enough that the the magic is the simplicity. Gas and sort of the the the am availability for. See that's father that it daughter. But it's you know it's just it's just complex enough for people who pay attention yet completely simple. So that people are like I I understand that one hole 100%. In on. Even outside and have. The immigration aspect of things in the citizenship. Then relationship. Of Camilo and Rafael is incredibly relatable as well in terms as Rauf failed goes on in this play he does you know. That boundary of employee and neighbor employer. Gates crossed very often and their parts where nearly comes out her reactions to how Rafael is acting I'm just like yes. Now as. Clinton were. And I I wouldn't exactly how she and helium like any good times. They'll come on and it's like knowing us and endings found dead in is it like I RD field mice remedying the jealous wife and I was just like me I gotcha girl I'm with you behind the yeah yeah. Sorry yeah. You can't tell what's so Freddie is laid out yes and that's anemic. Things that Ku career like I know exactly what that is only gash I had at one time they had an ex boyfriend a boyfriend at the time. Feed another friend with this food they cash happy and I was like ha ha I know it. Happily let that he really isn't it how well it isn't it ends. That's how it goes yeah it is it's hard to describe a weather radio that lake. How do you guys just have to come see it so than you know what it is you're talking about because. There is that you see that moment in your just that's Honda's Nicky comes out and he's got is set up for two dynamic is now there's been absolutely not I would never let it slide and never did that hasn't looked what are you doing yet we would everybody would have that kind of similar reaction like why's this happening when this is an act. These theory how I like your eyes you pray Allah would drive someone crazy but then like I think it was last Irene yeah saint. And AMD's get dome merged together. But as some land and I love like oh she's jealous. That bullet debt. That's that's not enough it was a big east reaction emotion that I would get out of that seat until about adjusting your character I failed. Thank you Jose and yeah the unlucky pattern in my knee problem because I am. I think I'm sharing it with a common interest but at the same time no. And yeah. So I know believes. I love about this it's so you know I think a lot of times you know and I'll say this to a lot of times we see things specs as an outsider like. You know either yes or no and there's not a lot of gray area for some reason but when we're living a life right. There is there's a little bit of messiness is that person you wing judges to get a little bit further is that it's that it's it's the server and your little letter I sent it because you want you know that extra piece of Reggie I sold under the bartender who does the same he has Sadr clearly that I know what you're talking and I. At least so I actually liked that kind of like I liked that challenge really just a little bit. To the left as senators because it's like. You're doing things to sort of get ahead a little bit now there's a fine line which is what makes the play very insisting. But again when you are dealing on Iran if I tell it's either news or talked about is that it. Really life is about what side of the sensor on him as we are you on the have you in the have not if you and have not even a dual election to get to be to have us here in the have you know you have a different opinion or you know sort of lens as to why people are behaving just like to Joseph leave. If you recognize that and for some reason it just why is that you know. I'm what are you seeing that is not necessarily intended Lori hearing that is not necessarily intend and I think that is sort of underlying. Sort of message is the thing about this play on is a sort of unintended action unintended things that are said. For what for what reason are they being you know great. But then also being able to shine that light back on and say DC read this is an appropriate. At any link this is this it's a full circle it's a total fish bowl thing I can have when being able to CDs. Very common such a yeah are exposed here this plane that you're just like. Like Landeta she's jealous like why would this be a problem in the new to say but imagine being in seeing that knowing that the whole history that they've given TO. You could understand why that reaction is that we beat you to understand why he does it the way he doesn't yet and why he's theology and sometimes it is. The road to hell is paved with Clinton content class. Mark my favorite phrases ever learned is we can't because it was just eight EE you never know all down you know you want you you're trying your hardest but that was I was gonna get. Oh yeah I know I have this archives and our your my friend he's just a complete idealist all the time and Mike have you been alive unless. I'll live do you do you yeah it is not everything's apparently been gifted viewing your sort of bubble bush comes to look at PT yeah. Powell. Yeah you upset says hi I'm not so Ventura on behalf and on and hacked that's just an. We don't have heat we don't know I am not microphones we need a panel to delete it and yeah. But that's again idea that that's why this play I like because it's completely messy and what's more agency isn't legitimate it literally Massey yeah I know he and and the audience reaction afterwards they they have this weird need to know. How always out what's the out what the outcome is and why and we as up from the inside the show which is great because like I am I don't know what do you think that like to know if this. There's this argument between people which is sort of amazing to see hammock sort of suss out and argue their point as to how the played it has not been written that fought hard Lenny and easy for them to believe can go home and show better it's really interest and a. I have my notes it's like to we talk about the final scene a young man even talk about because it does and so. A breath of luckily I had them just like. We're seeing there and bill you know patty leaves the stage and reluctant and we hazardous to your. Oh I didn't like all OK I get nothing like dad's is what good is happening are written as an early isn't. Plus that I was when we literally are you gonna do curtain call and the audience is in no Edward displayed good down she Nolan is happy in it could get really cutting he'd Dennis cook up the cell count that is where the course. I didn't want to fitness is you do you want an ending of some sort. We you know we can't get to where I am proud that its duties I kind of was like how could the bank the more I thought about it I I don't feel unsatisfied then. I feel like I got. This story but I was I was left kind of sat more than anything like. Lunacy or this team yeah who did anybody say I'm Sar really this happened. You know a lot in normal situations totally out timer just like the early ending in a happy ending does not part of life anymore and it's almost like your your your fresh apple has now and check that goes out and see it anymore I mean displays very. I mean I receipts of clay and there's and there's there's since he had to get Cali too but it is very realistic especially in that sense because life goes high and very and you don't know what it's going to be. And I think this being I mean I. Think a sign of good clay is when. How people what are the conversations after it's great to people go on pray only YE a couple kind of theory you know how loud you know night. The ball game or whatever they had a completely separate conversation great and I think. It's this it's a good sign when people come out whether you liked the plane or you didn't like the player they eat you will most likely be talking about it. Yet this went and it is it's just. I guess I don't think I felt unsatisfied. I think I was very much like. Aren't any. OK even I guess that set and then as a you know I was able to come Alec process what I saw and kind of ended the story for myself about how things went most of us just like. Used cocaine. It's. Just okay salon or not. And in the ending was. In I was. Had its own undertones of sadness or in and that I'm notorious for crying every single play. And I don't like crap and I just can't remember what point lake wearing hits means different way and mean yeah yes it was IE. It is literally Messi playing by the way guys you're very nice but worker I was Ayers a little restaurants like I did not just are going to be is a new guy and that. Talking about having lots of blue water and guys to ask cal how this is who Fiat deal is good this is followed in my favor partners like I don't. It goes from zero to hundred and like five seconds not even and you'd just collecting is dealing. Happen all my got to my got there's this there's this I just love Camille in that final scene that she enough Ballard because tonight I have always wanted to do. And yes I relentless day with. But the conversations about arguments with your significant at there at Yankee LA and eat it. Clinton throwing up and the analysis on this very sad you have to be very cathartic means it's not. My name man you should. A scene like man we will giving it away by the director of what you saw the director I think in his wildest dreams one. Our 800 tired of that yeah got half the I don't doubt it at all that they have you know like Jason stays in the car now yeah. Dad hello let the rest of the designers are like and we have to deal to do this a few more times the kid who can't. But Blake and they also the crew has support crew has to pick up this the mess that we've made. Over and over and over and if they went any crazier I think the first few rows has to Wear pretty call you are are as head coach with the I have followed it up their own. Zone and only just this broke a lot about both good but everything Allen I love that and I was really rooting for community for the I know I feel you go girl yeah. This have to be success I just your going back to that. I harassed male suspect who did I hear yeah uh huh uh huh uh huh definitely let's look at the can't tell who's who in that situation for me in my husband that might be the move at this as the it was just now Oakmont I don't I don't engaged yes and he's the one thrown stuff so I can't that's. They really do you never know what that's see anything great the other. Hard about this place. You don't realize until the end of lake way. Yeah this there's a person do you think you are and what you'll do under these circumstances and situations and then there's a person that you actually. Is the actions that you DO yeah. That there very shocking say think for especially for joy and character obviously did not just reach a rampant. For community as well island and perhaps half hand and you know she you know. Yeah he wished he gets to keep getting push push push push push and his breaking point. Yeah the civilian Grand Canyon on either. For me so I realize that role reversals you know and and how act absolutely and it kind of it's what you almost don't have a favorite person in the money did you just you really everybody now it's this constant theme of related billion accessibility to all of these non issues because it's everyday life forget how many people have so I. Think he's so much guys this has been so much time I love talking about this clinic is and I just let all the insight and knowing that Camille and so we have recently attended. Oh yeah I don't know why the old days yeah and I these and it vertical business yeah disorders area Howell. Lane human zany art and in the minutes is committed maintenance and yeah even hear your legs. Who do you think the way that there is set up as well Justin's is completely laid back in the chair and as those seeking engaged in talking about. If this and I wouldn't who wouldn't be a lot of you guys were for not like I was talk about this as well whenever I see you play for the first time. You will always be these characters and that their ideals are more neat. Your standard. And it means a lot for us here in Rochester to have you guys command because bringing this play Estes and treatment so excited to hero and others think about it as well south. Begin again for stopping and you getting the chance to chat with you guys has been phenomenal. On the Hubble is beneficial for AJ absolutely wrong but this free form thing that we do I let. And I can't tell you think about the claim. But if the economy. But you have to go see as a line that house over our Wilson means teach through 828 2000 any team 390. Training as a as a parent I looked at eight furnace of fire. He he I Smart kid a lesson we stage there April 29 2081 house over a true treasure for this season. One that you're going to be pleasantly surprised with going in with an open mind. I get to Gina theater today to see it get your tickets to the theatre dot org. They give them for ten minutes you registered he's getting the zoning and just and permanent has been a pleasure thank them. Thank you home with.