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Friday, January 19th


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And now hold another episode okay neurologist he's fit and welcome to another edition of Rochester peace theater and Justine kitchen WE BE your husband this lovely podcaster we talk about all the happenings going on. Gee that theater and in the theater world if we can. The extent that fact it's treatable thing. Tex what 18 goals I am joined today by the luminous Steve resin. President resin Rosen Rosen Shari I should ask before we started Rosen Mike did you not Raza like the sporting thing kansas' what's in my estimate if I bet I got it fair to our. Here actor musician he's draws and tough for the cause but rather it it is browse present Roseanne congratulations you have. Use the most. Common missed her Nancy nation in my last names so the fusion right on that I first try don't feel. As terrible analysts considering you forgot my name before the microphones or even our. I didn't turn this cannot seat welcome a Jakarta nut by your diet could get a second I don't know why I feel also very honored by that because Wonder Woman sustain yeah sounds even though he didn't need to make that it association I'm running within that system it cliff wells that letter. Having me here it's really great to be some pressure coming and you have a phenomenal play edgy this year it's the other Josh Cohen. On and you are not just an amazing player raped or you have an amazing. Resume. And has didn't you know that did the basic FaceBook stalking and research saying in Google laying an every day it's not like. I senior and so many yeah. You. Where pilots are nice and mustache though is what totally. Changes your face a very can million lake yes yes if you if you wanna snow in Jewish Super Mario looks like look no further. Let me say this this show I co railway David Ross burn the other Josh Cohen is is playing it's even now and it. I appreciate. He's appreciate all the kind words that he said about the show I'm an about me in my career by yeah I'm one of these guys who I've been a ton of stuff but you wouldn't necessarily be able to. Sort of pick me out and I I. And in a lot of things that you watch on a regular basis ray hi I am usually it in the in the late. Of it I am not usually the protein. Lot of times I am a sort of I am the potato salad. Or the Max Alex is still on system. Can the good percentage you just wanted to start thrown out plea ingredient I can't imagine the only time he is wearing his plates had an and he said that he he was at the game. This past summer with the plates my husband Bob the hats and what I wanted to buy a shirt and that's kind of where it that it's. San ammonium ended fractionally got to had actually. It's a great idea in Nam but it I gotta say as an illustration. Of garbage plate. Is very difficult to tell exactly what to erase from a drawing of it right because it looks like its name right. But it was really fun to be and there's no place better to watch a baseball game I think and frontier field because you can for a very low price basically set. On the field gap and then when they do the fireworks. It's like you're in like I've never been so close to a fire work in my life there. But yet you are in the second that it's right there and at the displays are beautiful. You can kind of patience lake ring of fire set up because those can be terrifying close holly yeah definitely an obstacle. Need to now have a new budget list for use horny and I'm sure not sincerity. It's going to be terrified with entertainment and then it's still little scary let's that's that the court you never want above the year shelf you have something that opens it's like the tagline is terrifying. Derek highly entertaining. Unless it's meant to be a hormle Ehrlich a horror replaced ranked rip a dollar plan yes. So I wanna talk I get a Josh Kona because I love dead it was amazing like silk. I like to go into these at out trying to know what we're going to see so that my reactions are really organic and my husband's the same way I've made him be that way actually. He's not really a theater goers and he hasn't doesn't have a ton of back on except when he's seen it Chiba so I never Tom what we're going to see because I don't want an ally there. I just know this is the name of the play your face is all over the death Friday and all the images for the play. And I might I if I really. I don't know I know this guy has local because we've talked about it before I'm rumored during kind of the preview for the season but how did this get started at. All that first of all thank you for saying nice things about the show it means so much to me it's such a personal story. And I'm glad that you guys that he didn't really know anything about it coming and I think that is the best way to sort of seed they sure are out. Because it is about this one particular story and how it's told and sort of the more you know going into it. The fewer surprises that you'll have this rate rises are sort of what we think makes it fun. After the show was born. Out of really. And procrastination. And David Ross her Knight who wrote that. We were I was living in LA and he's a dear friend of mine from grown up from summer camp not from Rochester we went to summer camp down in that cats can okay. And we where he was visiting me in LA and we had a bunch of television pitches what that means is we had a bunch of ideas for TV show us. And through our agents were going to the big major networks and pitching our ideas to people to try and sell shall there. So this is the night before a major pitch in a major studio. And David and I were sitting in this place I sell blending in not a great neighborhood. But the place I had a super Nintendo 64 and it images are an older Nintendo system. And it had a bunch of old games. It including a Super Mario Kart and so we put Super Mario Kart and and we are going to play the games while we discussed our pitch for the next day. And you know how like if you don't start playing right away on the video game meat that song whatever the first song is just kind of loops over know she's so it after essar after awhile we were sort of like singing this song because we were still chatting. And Davidson this scum sounds and Neil Diamond song like this could be like Neil Diamond. And so David grabs a guitar off the law header over the keyboard and we were like let's write a Neil Diamond song but let us so we used a we used a Korean barbecue restaurant menu to make dummy lyrics. And eat and eat that night we wonder braiding I think six or seven songs that are in my show yet read the tunes who wrote the tunes not the lyrics and everything and we got the sort of the bones recreated the bones. Of what this show was in the we started talking like look we deal with this. And we started referencing a bunch of stories within both of our lives that we duke is when you're very close friends with someone you know all the stories very and forwards. So we started sort of talking pitching our own life events. And our idea was let's write a two person show for ourselves to do. That could take place on an empty stage it's very pretty simple precarious both we've both been writing things and the issue always in teeter is who is budget because there's. Little did we know that we would create something that would actually cost more than bare bones if that expression RA ID the illusion of an empty apartment has been much more expensive and correct. And but so the idea was to durocher transforming him into an I would play this guy. Last year and he would narrate the story from this point of view today so we've played the same person. In. And and the interest in things that they would be able to speak to one another so like the identity would you be able to talk yourself in the past. I and how would you how would you treat yourself in the past would you give yourself clues. As to how to make things better or is it more effective if you just sort of let yourself go through your own path of life race and and observe yourself and so when you're in the past you don't understand why things are happening very. In the way they're happening but it is you know as a big concept and in our show is an old Jewish expression and to share to which means meant to be. And a lot of what happens in life made it the it might not be. Able to be understood at the time but a lot of it has been shared so how the show came to Rochester is kind of the share to we. Had done the show in New York. Before we had even finished writing it we had in someone's submitted to us into a theater festival and we got accepted one overall draft so now all of a sudden like oh. Perhaps now we got to get. Yeah. So we we had it we knew we are going to be onstage so we we threw together a team of trusted friends and colleagues and we created. The first version of the New York musical theater festival or named. For college that and how we wound up. Being the sort of lead story in the New York Times when they had to an article in the festival's eight people candid. Date book ended their review of the entire festival with our show me cash and and so it a bit added another performance and we won a bunch of awards at the festival and then a commercial producer came on. And we had a bunch of we had a a New York production. That was sort of kicked in missions by hurricane sandy. But then a big rush Russa picked us up we moved it out the paper Mel. And the show has been in rewrites and development which is what happens to these kinds of shows for a couple of years. And we had this amazing opportunity this window where we can put one production of the show up somewhere ahead in the world and I had been here a year and a half ago doing a funny thing happened on the way in the form achieve. And before I left mark Cody and I who runs even easier just to correct term and just wonderfully supportive of artistic director who. Basically he he said I I would we should find a way to get you back here and maybe it should be Josh Cohen if that's possible. And so from that basically from the moment I left we were in conversation about how to make that shall happen here. And he was willing to throw so much support behind it and find meat and it really is Bushehr to that they show. That it just so happened that it fit within that timeframe and I was able to do it that I can come home to Rochester to bring this very personal story. That has references to. People from this area they're good people. Michelle from here that's cool free cash. And to end this is that the thing that's very heavy and heavy for me is I am much went hugest influences were the reasons that I got into this like so many people is because I had a teacher. Who's very important to me in high school. And I had a drama teacher here at Sutherland high school named Lori dangle her dearly who was. It's she was so mean to me. At the exact right moment at. She no she told me to this point blank she sings you're so talented but you know how talented you are great and so I gotta put you in the chorus you got to move some furniture kit. Like you got to move some furniture like some other people play the parts and realize that that's what this businesses. I'm and that lesson while very hard at the time became. A very very important teachable moment for me very very troubling and it and the crazy thing is is that I've who did she heard there's a character in the show named do we who's named after this is doing. And very very sadly on Thursday night during the show this is do we passed away. -- she didn't get a chance to see the show but. Did an event happen to during the show that night we were still doing some fixes and and touches on the Asia an event happened that night. We had to stop the show for a second primary and I had to come ons are improvising with the audience and it. And and before that point I've not really felt that the audience was with us they weren't laughing and all the jokes and Larry it was more of an uphill climb for us to get them on our side prairie and from the minute that we broke character. The audience started do you work orally with us and the show one of being in just an amazing that an amazing night for us and for them and when I got stage I realize that the thing that caused us to stop the show happen and just about the moment when she passed away so he and we then realize that what the show needed to the opening number needed was a moment of us just talking to the audience wearing this is do we I really feel like on her way out. Keep that light off the ceiling. And basically said here's the problem leadership can't later on and then flew. Two to attempt the places call on this guy. So I just feel very lucky to be back here I feel very supported by G by this community and done if you have not talked for about five nation no stop. I'm just fascinated. So I did actually eat you made have faced a poston and I don't know how but it was somehow public can actually ended up seeing yet. Online. I think is because you tag TV and that and it showed up for some reason I don't know how I and it seemed action is able to read that story. And is very very moving and it just really shows your roots to Rochester and it's. Jesus so big. On supporting. And signing and wheeze to incorporate. The community into its theater and it's just did a testament to see. You when your successes also be brought back home to be successful here too. And I I love it because even if you're not from here I'm a transfer and I moved in 2005 but. I'm a married here I bought a house here wanna start a family here. In my whole family my my family my senate stimulus appear to now and my husband has poured in recent and Russian Anna area. And this is his hometown. So it's. Regardless of if your chance to or not things like this make you proud to be here and so it's really awesome to see the pride come back. And extend that while further to continue to encourage so even if he did that doesn't matter howling you talked about it was such a fascinating story to see. Does it creativity behind this and really you get kind of into the nitty gritty. Now while that's that's a nice enough and I'll I'll tell you that this is a very Rochester story does the story of the other Josh Cohen can we talk about the fact that their people who trick optimized. Click it feels a little lake star Esquire Magazine like and made references to stories that happened here. And I know it's probably an amalgam of things and it's not like a true start to finish of inexperience. No there there I mean they're now is it is it is fiction as a work of fiction can't come as a work of fiction but it there is a lot of a lot of things are based on truth and rarely say that the eighties we have 80% of the stopping here are stories that are based on true story. And a lot of the other stuff is sort of and it works because it will help elucidate a point to me by rain forest but. On the the roster guys in the shadows of the of the Josh Cohen the whole thing is just there's this guy who is sort of chubby he's got a unfortunate mustache. And he just can't find a girlfriend and things are are really rough for him. And he. Does no matter what he always tries to be a good person. And that's his thing is that he keeps trying to be a good person and he keeps getting crap to. And I feel like that is a very Rochester they hit it I think it is here to work really hard to be gay people in nine equal but then you open your window and you're like another foot and a half of snow foul. He trapped and it's it there's so much sort of misery working against him being a happy person and being a good person but still trying to. And the thing is for Josh it. Ends up being I'm not spoiling anything and ends up being rewarding very by being a good person and winds of working out for him in the best possible way. And that's Rochester and we sing and dance in Russia and Rihanna. Over where your husband is from there it is and my buddy and Lewis and his wife. And I was driving my really crappy. Economy Budget Rent A Car sort of touches it and throw you under the bus but I antagonists. Tin can on wheels and I went into a snow bank all we know and I couldn't get out. Because that car was made out of alumina grade so there's no way us there was no way and that's and the wheels were decent Lieberman shank and if and the so deleting their fertile for some of them pull us out there and were on this country road and probably. Ten cars drove by while we were on the side of the rug. Six of them stopped me down open their windows asked if we were OK if we can they can get us any thing of the tow truck was on the way warning us to clear off part tailpipe. Like people stopped in New York City it would sort of be like wow that guy's dead. Does far. But in Rochester people stop gray hair and it it's. It's those kinds of values and when I see other performers from Rochester in New York City even if it's not someone and I know like Daschle use our Kevin Harrington and really tremendous performers Tom Beckman who wanted to all the time John Bolton who you might not nationally know very well. But if you see each other you know your from Rochester you instantly have Aponte instantly have a connection. He now you turn on wegmans you throw down on you know John as you turn on John to turn on behalf of the gaga Fiat the down in any talk about mean for launch char broil when your back in town and and but it there is a there's a big heart and there's a lot of performers from here yeah. Well because of up to this great drama programs your Sutherland had a great drama programs school of the arts has got a great program has gotten a lot of people out of there. I work Lester were some kids from airport. Who started him problems troop. And it just that it takes me back this is exactly where I was exactly what I was doing and is now just 23 years ago when I was in high school. Well a little day. That mustache says otherwise. That is starting to get gray in the mustache press thing is that he felt bad don't gosh you don't get started like plucky play him I'm living with my mother want you when my parents I'm living down. Earlier dressing I mean yeah I am not really having like a backwards moment and as I am leaving the house to go to the opening night of the Zhao and my mother goes he looked nice. Yeah nose hair is growing in GM mustache. I did to eases up stands. And so yeah I am yes I'm totally regressing Dan but it's it's it's great to be able to spend time with family and race and firemen I am able to look at it with a sense of humor most of the time the you know if I do to regress sometimes fifteen year old while I'm here yet. Think she is mom yeah. Yet now it does I mean you just nine you've experienced a true millennial. Regression yeah I tell you move back and their parents are a little Benjamin button to my way back to my childhood bedroom. There are things still the same. Yes and no. Yes. All the stuff I hid there is a teenager is still there actually and no. Could none of the stuff hyper on the pier on the walls are in the closet as mine it is now a repository for close they are either traitor to their too skinny for at this point you know light pale live in my closet now and that my bedrooms turn into a museum of my career. Song yet sweet but like who wants to wake up every morning would like looking at us out a drain. And things commemorating your own accomplishments it's like just in case you forget and you like to pick your like oh that's nice. I am still in my childhood friend and let parents house so I don't know how. Impressive that is but I am it is really nice and it's great to be around. My folks have always been so supportive and and done. And I love my family very much you can tell from the shall. Families are very important adding to David and dying. So. Including. Our families are parents is you know names are occupations in the story very important to us. Who really care what there's you know we we both come from. From traditional families of of parents who are very involved in their children's lives. And so of course that comes out in this character of Mary this territory at the same thing because if if he and I both have had that experience that we have to believe that other people. Also how that Xperia area. And what's funny too is that IE ostensibly yet to Jewish family sitting around eating dinner. But our director under Foster who's from Georgia who said he didn't really needed Jewish person until college. Sees in this seems like that's my family those are my parents now says there is a it's a cultural thing it doesn't matter where you're from there's the there's your. You know it's it's like the food drink it's basically the same ingredients is just different spices yeah every culture. So this is just trying to settle more. A little more sultan marked some. If that's so let me ask you. Without giving the deet tails of it away is the answering machine. How how true it says it's a life is that. The answering machine is definitely based on truth okay. It's steadily raised on truth and I will say that my father is a dentist and I believe that it's not great he got to see the show because it's it's one of my favorite monarchy or pieces I won my questions actually was. Why Neil Diamond to my mom is kind of a Neil Diamond face hell yeah so so of course that I've grown up listening to address those kind of like an early get a bit. It's not really a matter of you don't get stuck on the music necessarily having to listen to Neil Diamond in the show. But the way you incorporated. Is it is my favorite my favorite song is. And where Neil Diamond takes over Josh collins' life and it is the one of my favorite parts because that's my regular life. Music let's. Mary it's dozing guy didn't he'll live rhyme with real life and that's how it ended up that way like. I was really curious about how how that came about but none and I know that the opening of a 64 games sounds like an. Well that's how it that's how it originally started and neither of us were huge Neil Diamond always loved and respected Neil Diamond my sister in law is a huge Neil Diamond and the point that she's gonna vanity plate. That references Neil Diamond thanks so she was very excited that we are doing. I'll look but I know like the morial listen Neal is one of them. Greatest June Smiths of all time indeed he does with very few chord progression to Madonna songs he has written so many huge hits great. Because the lyrics say so much and it's it is a lot of the songs are sure about this lonely and sad person. But it's not a wallowing in the sadness it's always about how they long for something better that they re want something more than what they have. And at that there's hope within his songs and I think that taxes or something that we keep in two wins. With meals music and so and the thing is Josh is not a huge Neil Diamond fan his apartment gets robbed. Of everything himself for. Neil diamond's greatest hits volume three which doesn't even have any of the good songs on this show that he's there. Forced to listen to so if people are thinking out there's like I have to be in Neil Diamond fan to appreciate the show or I even have to like Neil Diamond to appreciate not net jobs not now don't you just have to know that Neil Diamond exists yes and and maybe know that in the song America he yells out today. Put an end and that I think you're pretty you're pretty safe it's such an amazing play it's one of those ones. Where he left upright she didn't realize you're gonna last fact he didn't know how funny was going to be and so you figured IE related to it or it just popped up randomly and you know each is kind of like I I didn't expect that but it's sold brilliant in its simplicity the staging am always amazed at. How well. Tebow fits every single play that comes and the weighted it's produced the way that it's put together I mean you've got this whole second floor. Choose the staged that just makes me really nervous because there's no. Reeling in his gallery and it freaks me out every time I'm like about him he's gonna fall. And I have a region could notice I'm never up there didn't correct yeah and I would never be either of unprintable load going to say something about diva and a and. Another thing that's amazing about Rochester so I grew up going to achieve as a kid I was an usher there and then I saw Russia is there I develop my love of theater there and I now work and regional -- major regional theaters all over the country and if I stand behind the claim that Rochester has one of the hot. Top regional feeders in the country. Though the attention to detail of the work here at the professionalism of the staff. The fact that there this I mean you know you walk and Ethier the sets are always incredible amazing and they're incredibly built as an actor he certainly can look great but if you're walking around on that and it's and it's may not apply what it's all cool and your feet. But the attention to detail. On and the real love that goes into it doesn't get that Rochester. Attention to detail yeah at this theater and and with that it's a joy to work here I will do anything here I because I just times I so believe in the work that they're doing and the missions that they stand behind Eric this is a town of the arts. There's great opportunity here they are in the world premieres of important you were fionnuala are doing got classics every year they're doing you know the Christmas Carol that mark Cody directed and adapted. Which is incredible and is doing it does so well every single hair is of the quality of that an end. What they're willing to invest in their product and and my show like my show which is on the need not necessarily all I'm like you behind the curtain a little that you might not necessarily have heard of my shell and is you know it's difficult to explain what it is. The amount of effort that people liked on Kellogg and Kevin Sweeney reporting and advertising the show to getting it out there basically saying it's tough to explain what this is what you're gonna have a great time out angry and hearing you talk about an eight take all of this is. It and that the fact that Jiabao has made it possible for you not have a conversation about it. It's just a I feel very lucky to be able to work here and I think Rochester is extremely lucky to have Shiva. We are and we're lucky that they're producing shows from there these world premieres including including having yours come back here. Because there's that huge sense of hometown pride. Have you wanna go support this because it's somebody local. You know what Rochus just put out a lot of amazing things. I learned that French's mustard came from here which denied yesterday and I was when my champions sporting goods was here real hominem rings and they need I. Xerox and Bosch and long running all those but the French is when I was so really stuck out a second OK and then you read it and that doesn't on the back why do you why do you think Genesee river is yellow. For so many other reasons than that but significant is that I hate it I'm really excited to have you here I do have. Another question it. Do you favorite songs. A favor some valuable time known early in the production. Oh you know it it changes it changes from night tonight yeah I. There's a song and towards the end called what F which is sort of a slow ballad into. And it is it feels like playing me the Neil Diamond song where they basically it's its Josh are reflecting on the choices that he's made. And it's a really in the way that Alan schmuck caller who plays to narrator Josh the Josh one year in the future so glad the fact that he can mean and. We haven't even mentioned by the way just not hurt and that and that active like the actors in the show there is no did they are the band as well so guys are so impressive they play a million instruments they they play a thousand characters and. The switch from instrument to instrument so that song Allen who has played keyboard already in the show's playing acoustic guitar and it. Allison Kelly who at this point is played the drums the oboe with. The base she's playing a standup bass yes we got Angel who plays all the drums is on the Mandel and like we've got. So many somebody tells people playing all of these instruments and -- a string section few truck that we got a trumpet separate transaction NBA teams is playing a BL a mega Loomis also from Russia playing the violin at. We just have it is an embarrassment of riches and that number is some sort of illness on the doesn't have any drums on it ended and it is in really tight harmonies and and it it I think it says a great deal about regret it com and so right now that's sort of my favorite also because we get to that point in the show up and running around like hi Virginia for awhile so I attention to sentencing for a -- idea which is a big relief to main usher but you know I have the Neil life as he says my favorites and and that's some that's a relatively new addition to the show really had the opening number. At columns. Losing everything is in the beginning. That is brand new to this production so that is good in Geneva has allowed us a comment and we've been tinkering under the hood of this show them have been around for a couple of years. Before its next incarnation. They're letting us use this as an opportunity so Rochester audiences seem destruction in a way then known as ever seen it before. Sorry Orwell again because are already making changes for what we're gonna do next. I say I love it I think it's so. It is so fun it is hard to explain because that aspect of having it cast also be the band also be on these other characters that come in and out of Josh is a life. It's kind of hard to pinpoint but it's what makes it's so fun because it is so old dynamic. And I couldn't ever imagined seeing any other way. We're trying to enjoy it any other way because I loved how many moving parts there were you weren't sure who is gonna show up next year like. Sure Josh Cohen is also is the two Josh Collins aren't the main focus but. The rest of the supporting cast are. Just as interest staying in in what they're going to be next and how it plays in with Josh and like I love learning about Josh but it also really enjoy. Because the stage is so open because it's an empty apartment. You can see. These quick little cuts of the different actors jumping around and I'm like this is the great if I live I live. For those pieces of life theater because it's so. Raw and real to me than just like allies like cool star eyebrow what's gone on over here. Yeah we this is a great show of people they DD DF that we will we will keep an idiot can't say move a mile a minute heading down here they got here and even assuming it's cool to there's nothing that's that important that you can't figure out if you missed. It's so much fun is everybody so. If so dynamic and so bright lake yes and I loved the Josh at the Josh is there's so much fun too because. Both current and past Josh her or that they exit perfect dichotomy. Of each other. But then you got this awesome supporting cast to advocates so much fun seeing like. What's gonna happen next is going to be here and I just it was so all much fun to watch now that's it's a credit to our director hunter Foster our music director Johnson's body who's in the show he's the guy plays them. Father Josh is dad okay and plays mr. comment Aris the landlord. I'm hook at its so funny and the casting Paul okay at Alison Myers casting put this group of people together and had they not I said on the first day was like watching the X-Men come together for the first time I'm not all have these super secret powers may. We had seen them all auditions we had we knew what they are all capable out but they didn't hear a figure out a senator like oh I play that I put that to act. I hope so with we switch construed in the last. And their heads are gonna explode it made a non touch him like Ghana people coming together and that was also mark Cody very Smart was like you know this show has so much in the music part and the acting part. There's so much to boats canoes or he gave us basically. Spent the money to spend three days of rehearsal in New York all of us together to teach all the music initially well. Few weeks before we started just so people could like get here again in their brains before they came and break because we have such a short scheduled to rehearse it and the holidays and everything I can't help our people gave up there gave up their holidays to be here we how we worked. There were two over over Christmas over new years over all that stuff. And so we've we've general together we really have grown into a family like Samuel Collins family tree we've gone together. Oh no that's my favorite that's right there it's on. Has an hour dying goes like I can even understand half of what's going on but it doesn't matter because everybody let's let Mickey. And that's Nikki moody or customer I mean so could someone. It's easier she's a total punk rock chick and I dodging her at like Benji deck and shot being like well I'd buy one of them far hat. By Ian. Outfitting and great Mariane now. Well thank you so much for coming in. IA and it's an honor really tuned to chat with you some I don't as the longer has Indian man ton and oh yeah like this so Starr's star. That isn't well if he's seen me that means it's its goods have been on their ten times yes and this is saying like is that is is the bed it's just a part of my law and what separates out why you play just a bed dead body. I play a public defender at night defend a lot of terrible people but like almost every observes the same exact. I command and their like he can't afford a lawyer who has gotten and then you see me and I'm like. And and then they're like tell us everything and a guy starts stock on the no no no wait a second but we're gonna get a deal and the the like no deal on the unlike. OK tell what happened and I think that's an idea and as long as I don't as long as I'm not a victim of sexually based crimes I commit a sexually based crimes. Then hopefully I'll keep coming back because they're it will be poor people in need defending on these snow Justin Bieber died. Believe he was like that. The and he was in that show. You get to dish out yet nothing Knox really had to bring that no I never. I read your anti cancer I think he lives if you know heat I shall like you didn't have eaten you're not of you think you say you're not a victim say he's always a big mistake to when actors you know because everything I live in New York on my friends have gone a chance to be on the show and it is a wonderful set and a wonderful show now and I I I mean that. But when someone ever assuming it's they play yeah a murder victim they always like send a picture to their parents have liked him on TV and each of their dead body. In the morning and I'm like that's the worst thing you could possibly do your parents. That ultimately it literally the one thing that they don't know race. Thanks thinks bombings for that and a couple and another thing I'm going to be on CC LU show on fox called the resident. That starts this Sunday anger isn't the medical trauma blunt Rami has sky hey I think I start in the fourth episode in Albion again later in the season so things worked out while love medical trauma I'll end this one is. Awesome it looks phenomenal tossing their tonight he tells great and the casket the writings awesome man I feel really lucky to be a part of it. I'm so excited because I dead and now I have even more reason to constantly watch that has not that I wouldn't just watch X I love it. Knowing you're gonna be there and I get to have that moment and has that I know him I met him yeah I got to meet him hanky now yup thank you ads and I won't. Yup I'm gonna have I'm gonna come and aware that door and a half for awhile I can. On his Aussie he's so much for coming in here I really appreciating the times taught me this long and and just in and out there who's listening to us. You made it or at the end of the whole interview yeah that's harsh and thank you for listening and please come see the other Josh Conner jima is onstage achieve that till February 4 it is hilarious it's amazing it is. Definitely one and that that you don't wanna miss Susan never a bad show achieve there's never a bad seat in the house and I will see that I just added to summit the box office. Now Michael leaking gay EOs turn and rearrange shows for the rest of like my seats on different dates and stuff and Eric well leaking the summer season that there really. I'm fine anywhere and that the at a. I agree here I think it's it's really well designed theater and because it's what's called a thrust stage and sort of the stage goes in the audience know got gas yep senior where it's just sort of flat ass thrust is where sort of a front comes out and sort of appointee point and it. That's technical. It. I think it's so much try and I get I love the opportunity to do so loved opportunity that I had to me you and and I hope he continued to. I know you will continue to excel Libyan Rochester are very proud acted to have you from march this hometown how this be your hometown. I'm even if you are tree instantly mean. I think you again Steve I really this has been phenomenal and just you every had me I am very proud to be from Rochester so happy to be back. Love it have say eleven that does it for another edition of Rochester PC agreed to listen to previous episodes. Above landed MTV dot com get your tickets to see the other Josh Cohen Ecevit the air until February 4. To get intimidated dot org and until next time she knows. Oh.