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Tuesday, August 29th


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I'm now old another episode okay. Grew up just these kids. Welcome back to another Rochester please theater previous show I'm Justine page earning an idea and I'm super excited to be back talking once again about. What I mean jams and Rochester. She dinner. I just love them so much of the defense it's a great job in promoting the arts in this community and I'm super excited to be talking about the up. Upcoming season the 20172018. She's an outage Shiva theater it's been announced the shows begin in September. I am super excited because I feel like it was so far away and now it's so close and the guys is going to be phenomenal an absolutely amazing so I am joined in studio today by chemistry the marketing director and Donna Kellogg the communications manager of Shiva theater has not gotten its bank to move some nice to be here I really love having guys and I love especially it's I was like a little tram to get done behind the microphone yeah. That's curling up she's standing off to decide laughing it merely giving me those hand signals that you get when you're talking to somebody. So I'll is just like to sneak her in on the lakers front nice hand signals that they hit a signal to me like if I landed a joke I see Don last thing. In the corner when I'm talking to the actors in and just like I nailed it who pleaded on the trees are different must make. I have my audience I know there are ashtray on the guys welcome back this is gonna be a phenomenal year I mean you know you've had disagreed c.s and the previously. And Al is lakes look toward to the teacher because I'm always excited about what's coming up next not because I don't want to live in the present. But I think you've got such a phenomenal lineup. Coming up this coming year. Let's talk about it a little guys I I think you've got. And you're taken off with a definite blockbuster. How excited we used to land the in the states it's X played it was created by a Lin Manuel Miranda the creator of panels and a look I declare so many other things you don't even realize until you look at his IDB for trial right and you're suddenly Cadillac. Now you know the Sosa's first Tony award winning musical and you're right where it is definitely going to be a blockbuster the pre sales on our been phenomenal I'll. We are so excited and I mean John can actually speak to some of the members of the cast as well but we're guaranteeing you are great night of fond. By Brent high energy theater. Yeah and it's about family and it's not community. And I think what what we wanted to show with this season that raji robbed even as a community space means is theater for the community right. And a professional theater for the community and what better way to kick it off them with the play about a community. And it's great because intergenerational. We have an appeal from all parts of the world in this place. Yeah well we to partner with Latino theater company in Rochester respond. Yeah well and we've been working with several of their members to promote the show went. And do some student groups into it as well chair so we're really our goal is to have as many people in this community see this as possible. I'm really excited about it mostly and I'll sell my GB theater hero other than U2 is Melissa rain Anderson I do we understand. Little things very notes and I think she's phenomenal and anything she touches usually turns and a gold in my mind so I'm really excited to see that she's back directing this one because I just. I just love all the things that she doesn't how she brings so much to. What you could considers a small space achiever and Stephen but it just expands into the audience and really I just love everything she doesn't think all the plays that are I Cheever are the same way. Some I'm stoked to see this one come around and you're really gonna feel part of the action news and that's so in all of our shows really discussed in this one because. You know we are such an intimate space Seattle and it's right there I mean the rap the reggae of the so Susan results like that and do all kinds of things it's phenomenal. And the cost him so bright I mean we've actually been showing some of those on our FaceBook yeah right now. And the response has been phenomenal people realize that you we actually. Build a costumes we actually build the sets are not chipped in rebuilding these up on south Clinton. And our seemed shops so did have everyone in the community sort of embrace what we do and being able to share that really made in Rochester for Rochester. Per share and I won earnings of us are trying to olive previous practice of peace gators is how they create. This they just make it look so massive inside this DNA he built houses inside of an even a billion they didn't really said though that all the costumes where fabricated here to tell you know we can see them. Can PT need the tail on to this piece of average wanna yes that's me the most and I sat there for five minutes staring like. Meal thinking she's really doing all of that from her. Edwards make their own props to anyone of the could iris most come from his prayers and on its response was sure we do several years ago I called for its last session. And the study data was said imports study had a lot of iconic. Round busts in sculpture our sheriff cracked and so those are role. We meet. You know who literally fabricated in the shop. We actually its own market backstage immature that we had given comment well no wonder it's so expensive to do was show when you're buying these expensive relics low wealth so we were able to show them how we admit that expensive relic I don't know Barbie doll. Yeah you need a lot of Ken dolls and that event. I had to tell you it's. It's really amazing what artisans tumor silicon to have an incredible stuff of artisans so Chris this cast features some local live three local actors appearing in the in the heights and we have some amazing cast members from New York. Some of whom were in the original production on Broadway with Lin Manuel he says now that you know. So it's really exciting for us and we you know where. He bereavement we're starting rehearsals right now it's just super exciting for us that the theater and I just love the first the first show of every season as to kiss from psych. They've always been so amazing to watch. And I'll never forget when I'm. Mine I kind of like right now I am not tell us. On me it just content made my whole life classic I don't you know I never got to see another show again hasn't. But I never has seen others I'm I'm stoked like death for me was a total bucket assignment to see it in Rochester so early to be able to have these. It's huge pleas. You may not DV original Broadway cast or things like happened to have them here and have so much energy and time put into them as if they are our own Broadway so why I'm so excited about it. Well on this show like others as Tom mentioned we have Broadway people in these yeah Alex Milan are richer and Cody and hunter around Foster ran yeah these it very to establish Broadway actors come up period there were a great that we're actually be coming out. Favorite destination for actors in new York at sometime pattern on we have great audiences here. There really responsive so when they move up here for anywhere from seven to ten weeks right. They really become part of the community and that's why I've been so fortunate to brings great actors because we live such a great community. This is just the first play of the season. I don't know all right hey folks but yeah said that we're starting off without one and then you know we move into. The fielding Steve who is always a bit more of Romney the more contemporary feel we're just talking off Mike about this that it's it's a little bit more of Von. You know you're seeing all of a more modern take on plays and and it's you know this is no different those who we've got. I'm Smart people which is taking over. And it's coming from. If capital brain kitchen. It's our fourth. Partnership with the kitchen the Internet account which is a wonderful little tool of the theater in Ithaca. And if past productions that we've received term member work with them on our black pearl sayings now he has dancing lessons. And just some amazing pieces of theater very intimate and they when maybe when they do their productions done at the cab that are coming eruption they really. Bill this outs and and directive with Gina and mind how well does this say just a little bit different about the same size that a little bit different and it's great for the actors because. A lot of people to come from Ithaca tee it up to Rochester to see this show and see how it looks reality is sitting differently on our stage and to continue to support the actors that had been down there are style includes a wonderful partnership that we are so excited. To continue and Smart people is one of those. We're really wonderful. Contemporary pieces of theater about politics and and safe then a whole bunch of them put the soccer world dealing with that's about young professionals in the and their friends have been friends for along time and how their differing views. You know add to their relationship war tearing apart to break a theory it's a really great contemporary piece of theater and that's what the fielding. Does so well it's a great home for contemporary pieces of theater I mean their cup holders in the seats so assisted. Hope plan a and it's it's it's cool to be damn we noticed are on a lot of the people who go to the fielding armed kinda skew a little bit younger you are good yeah which is greeted tech attracts a younger. Are more Martina hip audience so it's sister really problem it's it's wonderful I love the fact that that season has been so successful rained. As you can mimic your plays and then I'm feeling as well of an alien to sign a gaff done had a we talked for a billion a lot to have mom out and got her to go out. The lions the lions are just out of the lion and I Keeney a game it. Yeah reminiscing about all of these meetingplace. Right away because and he became friends who that Benjamin in Jemima got married this past week did yes I know I'm not so much disarray people. We're looking forward to Ben's next show we can now where you need is promised he will definitely be bringing he Rochester. Batter. I featured bonuses this song in my wedding Newton Iowa on the aisle to laugh. Poem does it this is such a dynamic song goes like this is totally hasn't hasn't so you can configure. Yeah it was a great okay and erasing its on average I cannot previous shows but I wanna talk so Smart people is coming to this feeling stage dealing studio and you know you're kind of seeing this more distanced constant discussion about human interaction as we continue through this season and we go into. The agitators which I am so except I'm actually really excited about this are a lot of people are very excited about this is complain that we commissions and uliassi. Yeah we we commission math Smart to. Several years ago we we have the world premiere of play of his called tinker to Evers to chance though yes. I'm about baseball and the cubs and it was wonderful to hit and he is so now we Purdue reproduce the world premiere of that and he was here in Rochester. And we're given and sort of the grand to work in of the city and taken to the Susan B house. Thanks which everybody should go too thin and he was walking around and then went to the park you know near the front of the Susan B. Anthony house and saw that amazing the sculpture by patsy kind of long. Of Susan B and be ready. And he looked at it said the you know there's a play there. And so that's how this has come about now how cool. Cannot rely I've lived in Rochester for. Twelve ish years now. And I am never meant in the Anthony announces all right neutral and Eddie Goodell for the shout out it's got to happen if you did not have do but I just love that. There is so. One of the things I'm constantly amazed about about Rochester as a city is an having lived and lived overseas have lived all over the place. But I've never seen or are paid much attention to maybe but I never seen a city that loves. It's people love it Salma yes yes and you know the flower city emblem is statute is made into you all these pieces of our work it's incorporated an entry in remain ill matched incorporated all these different things because people just love their city so much. In this is as you know we've actually branded this show. As our city America's story with this is something to be very proud of absolutely but you know and I do want you we've been looking at many revisions you know Matt's obviously been working on the show for several years and the latest that we've read is just it's going to be an amazing story very interesting compelling. Armed they were not. Always in agreement as matter of fact they were in conflict many many times very so we're really eat. He brings a lot more life to who these people aren't shows them as people pray and Matt's done a phenomenal work and the cast is going to blow people away. How did you not hear an NBC's Jimmy it's an immunity Frederick dot doesn't have to be. An and it's not musty dusty history now I don't I mean it's not history lesson it really is a study in our our friendship of very long enduring friendship but a friendship that was not without it's it's trails and trials. And it's real it's real exciting. And it really knows the impact there and really no C impact of their work on current tank where we are today sort of you know we're so. We're so happy were able to do this with with Matt it's. Yeah I'm so proud the G was doing I you know I know that you guys have had this in the works for awhile but to see this coming to light just makes me so proud to continue to live here in this city like to choose to stay here. And to be part of this community it's just it's so overwhelming. See how awesome how much people of that it's still blows my mind and other theaters around the country are looking at this production because as we are in the run up to 22 when he which is a seventeen area women's rights to vote in America. This will be a production has a life long after Tivo but every time the play will be produced it will say. World premiere in Rochester and she's a theater center anytime it's done Greco. That's who we are you know we're actually thrilled about and we're thrilled but it to have this display group breaking season but yet it autism link. It is in a lot of people and I know we don't look pat my back too much better than on what was a show that we premiered to yesterday's the world premiere that that is being performed all over. Hum and we know that I will have a very long. History in theater. People are gonna continue to do that production clicked on set in originated right here in Rochester. So cool until I can say again you can't find. Peter is no wiggle the most it would give it credit for him you know when she it outside of college and things like died he just kind of seat it expand. On the and so we move on from the agitators which now I'm just like institute groundbreaking season got this other plague called the other Josh Colin and I picked up. That's a perfect cure. Soon. January yes it is what you wanna do in January get us a post holiday blues have cold weather the snow. And just come out and have fun yeah for anyone who remembers him at attended our. Production and the funny thing happened on the way to the forum so great starring Steve Rosen you know who originally grew up here in Brighton has spent the past couple of decades in New York as an actor doing phenomenally well. He wrote this with this friend David draws. And what I love about it you know when when Steve talks about they'll tell how he started writing this he came back from mid a day away from his apartment. And it had been burglarized and entirely cleaned out I mean everything on furniture everything. But one thing remained and it was the CD of Neil diamond's greatest hits his whole. We cannot even 91 or two it's night number three enemy I. Hey this and so that's what's kind of prompted him to write this story. And it's a musical a musical comedy and what's what's going to be so much fun about the the actors play their own instruments how cruel hunter Foster is coming back to directed hugest round he had directed million dollar quartet. It's 20000 plus and it's seen it when we states that in our June. It's just going to be it's just it's kind of the upper class like for people saw Sylvia last year and just so great the perfect escape. Gas is another production that fits that bill perfectly. That I can't wait I just give way and she's coming up to be and it salt. That's I. This is Iranian is a perfect. And it's a perfect Tom Segway you know kind of like a nice break it's a you know can be very seriously driven. Plays can be very serious he's got you know this historical piece in the nearly you know unless it's taken care difference in the middle of the Rochester winner. And have a good laugh so I think he's did so well cure rated guys and I just really appreciate that because it really does. Give view attempting to look forward to you know in the middle of of what can you know this Brandon back. Thank god great another and other heavy plan or another this and it's not it's it's so late and very low period in new righted it's like doing so there was these final half in the middle of January because. We credit card bills and he. Yeah you just had to dig out of two feet smell pretty much yeah. You need to sit down from the canyon drink are it's a speaking of drinks and me and holders alma and also of January and February we had back to the feeling staged. For our Kermode bomb back at wit's end to death here and sit. We're excited about this lunch. And it's already true very popular with our ticket buyers because it's it's one of the top sellers are all eyes and really yeah. And short run some pine tickets now people. We actually are the first week is just about sold out you dirty air fares start as you mentioned until the end of January and there's no doubt. Starring PM Sherman who's well known to most so our readers that Democrat and chronicle as the suburban outlaw very calm her she's she is the current tenure Irma bond back ask and pen's working. She's were armed wants to retain in my she's working very very heartening. So they're ready Rochester this is a wonderful. Entertaining funny pointed poignant. And you know I learned a lot of things when I read the script and I think the audiences are going to be surprised she just learned everything there is to know about this writer who so cherished I mean my mother had all her books. You know flights is a bullet cherries why am I stuck in the pits because you have one of those definite. And the grass is always greener over the septic tank. I remember Madonna in a cool thing is Rochester has a huge talent he knows rusher has a huge history of women. Humorous writers starting in the 1920s. Yeah and do not know this this is I'm just looking at Sony think about any kind of turn a Irma bomb I had the last cycle we live now. You're introduced to let me see it out there as part of a place series now I wanna read up on them so in the in terms as you know additional key female humorous Yahoo!. Yes a Rochester has that history and then add Pam Sherman and to the next who's the current sort of woman humorous and Rochester and syndicated. And Irma pop back to his Nazi nationally syndicated in 95000. Papers I mean just amazing this is a really wonderful. Piece of theater and you do or learned so much about our Irma about the our name. You know about all that kinda stuff that is sort of thought part of our history is surpassed a little bit but still very relevant you know but it means your mind yet exactly it does think that's what. It's nice to see can Matta yes I guess is they're just in now you're being Brett that point in generational anywhere. Yes he obviously doesn't show up so for G but to continually pioneered. Topics. That need to be remembered communicate it means a lot yeah Sasha from Jimmy number here. You know like I need to be introduced at the rather than read history book I'd like to see it. Put to life and then I can get inspired to go back to that so. Again. I think you say in the strategist and chief theatre at Canada I put so we police got we're moving on from. Another nice comedy in the midst of of the winter doldrums two. The diary being frank which. I'm really excited about but also incredibly nervous about. I did and I was this a student that the college or proper and I did. The think is like a three week stay in Poland. So we winds to. Should spark and really went to do office. To see all these things south. I'm I'm curious to see you around to see this one T. Take the stage common never looked into. Seeing and produced in any way other than just leaving it at its main point had to buck yeah so so this. This stage version was originally done 1953. Staff really via a grand auto Franck himself. Could not go to see that he so I can't see my life portrayed on stage or look. He did send a very nice note to the cast at that time. On it was read by raised slightly by we young article Wendy councilman and she included some things that were. Not included in the original production dispersant the diary elements in the and then also it. Changing a little bit so wasn't so much reported dialogue because in the original version. There's a lot of it and does a lot of narration read about what the look of what's going on what happened so there's more dialogue is more in our action here. And I think people are gonna get out of this production is is she you know what it's like to. To survive in a very tough a lot of people in a very compact space race for. A few years and that's and and and there's also the hope. Two great then that'll come through and messiness is a co production with Arizona theater company we have co produce with them before. And what that means is that two seater sort of pool their resources of each have a 5050 standing casting and design at all like kinda stuff. Bombing but it's great for the actors because the actors are going to be rehearsing in Rochester. Per month performing in Rochester for a month then going to Phoenix. And to Tucson for another eight weeks wow and so on it's it's so wonderful partnership. And it allows three city's three major cities in the United States to see. A really incredible production rates and here we are very. Very excited. To do this about you know if did too including our season you know especially after seeing how other pieces of literature like tequila mockingbird which are included in our season a couple of years ago. This is seeing there right now we're seeing this sort of has a similar appeal yes and tickets are in now for the sir are suffering very fast as well I think because we're all anxious to see it yeah and because you know guys do Jesus as a whole reduces. Things are very well and you know there's nothing hokey chin seed there's nothing that's not. You know nothing is done not done well we'll keep you like to act could have and. We don't cut corners and rally really do a week. You know when you look at the budgets what we actually spend a name because we don't have the overhead that they have in New York in just the cost of real estate right are we and that's a similar amount of money in the building of the sets in the costumes and everything else so really is Rochester. As version abroad where where are we to achieve. You know and I wanna make a note on the diary of her and frank as well what I think is really important for people who realized. We've got an extra week of student that needs to unite us okay we take into our 520 seat theater students from all over the region not Chessman O'Connor you Rochester city schools from all over the region. So like we differ To Kill a Mockingbird we added student matinee performances and and again they're already the demand for those shirts extraordinary. So we're very proud to give. You know that tomorrow's generation an opportunity. To take post a slice of history there was actually during our parents generation until help them understand formulate where we are today and why we are. Yeah he do it justice that's it I was dead didn't you do it justice you don't make it. Seemed like jammed a half hearted attempt there is nothing but the utmost care and concern threatened to presenting this in a way that would be. It's seen in nothing but the most favorable yeah exactly that so I'm really and and really. It's weird mistakes second but I am excited to see this one because they just have never. I never touch outside of the written format as our and you know was really really increasingly we we started a book club this summer. On that incorporates some of the plays of our end yeah and who all I could hit the look on. This was one of those who plays that we read. And it was interesting and we have our bar discussion last week we have a group of about 22 people console who are literary minded patrons and it's a lot of fun and you know we have wind then Paula kind of stepped. Are you 100 little upgrade took. But anyway no one a comment that several people made a technologist super interesting. Was even though they knew the story they knew how it was going to and as they were reading the play was very hard for a lot of people to read sir. There were reading the play. They wanted to attend differently they were hoping for different handing. They come in June that would what book you know what was coming but and I think that's what this production we'll deal have this hope. Even though you know what what's in the future there what's inevitable as a human element out exactly that says solve. We always want. The plane to be different we want the movie and differently we want everything now and everyone's happy endings grate the night. The fact that hope can still exist and that is is very moving I can almost gauge here now I'm just gonna cry for at this play. Like Messi sappy tears I insist to Wear in the back. That's an aside well out of a population very. You know him tower does strides because this is how I operated G Akram VG Fisher you know it's a happy one does it. So empathetic to everybody that's on the stage and the man hasn't has it is very confused about what focus at that time of the the going gets signed can be done so. We have these d.'s again these very culturally sounds come plays and then we've got another one pat down which. Did you guys to decide on purpose the feeling stage brings Hartley and compare to net. Which actually is really sink is it features Merck Kenny get to see director for achieve that he's taken the stage again to get up and that it involves you know days a gentleman who comes in and has. The diary being framed in the old man in the scene in his blinking Xena and it brings back down. To this gentleman it's there in the last books for this gentleman's daughter who's teaching overseas. So I'm just like UST this on purpose was this timing was done on purpose timing is going to be and I figured. But you know interestingly her own. And I you set she's posada and thank you to keep on. She came up and director lake effect where yes and Peron is a really. A rising star as a director of New York I mean she is amazing and she actually brought a sister worked in the early. Because of how we work prepare for lake effect culture so impressed by the artisans achieve the support staff to achieve that she said. I want to their play right and so this is the theater were you should premiere of this production. So you know so cool volumes via any candidate just reiterates which you were saying reputation we have. We do put everything we have into every abduction. So there we and seducing marketing on stage on most people myself included never seen him at those who do remember him remember him from waiting for got. Got to say on waiting for we waiting for god and thank you the name Bob Barr you think a daughter. Most dogs to have Don trickle down. Click ironic I can't get the sun's rays and its union dissident Catholic. So many people are going yeah mark we remember you when that production which probably wasn't a favorite of most subscribe hyped her respected as a little hard to. Take sometimes but many are just buying tickets just speaking ballpark well. I'd I read I was reading up on on the season was very. I'm intrigued. We are I wanna see that I I think he could I can kind of see him. How I picture this person. And now Markovic agriculture professor. And this is another player that's that's based on facts. Sort. You know be the University of Nebraska. Was commissioned by the government CA due to. To create text books for children in Afghanistan. During the time the Soviet invasion really yes and the way those textbooks were presented. Had a very military and I was hit overtone it was very heavily military it was very military's don't you know he had you know one Kalashnikov rifle was the number one and bring grenades or you know so is all very. And how did that how has that manifested itself over the past several U. M many historians actually credit. Hurt or give. Some of that. Up rising that's happened in Afghanistan and the creation of a crisis Taliban all these people. Sort of had someone had their roots in the militants see that came out in these textbooks. Half so it's going to be a very poor provocative show and I know we'll have many brochure discussions because the audiences are going to be insisting upon it. Yeah I'm I am and this is this is a very interesting series of plays for the killing stage are you see coming out. Well you know when you talked about an hour when I don't give to on the scratches every year we. We we put these things together I mean we know what are what are. A goal is and how we wanna share this tomorrow we think Rochester really wants to see. On the dawn came up with our slogan and that is inspiring stories for extraordinary people. You know the people of Rochester are extraordinary and these stories will truly inspire and so many different ways absolutely. This is a very well. Here rated season and I season it's. You know and it's and is a great way to put it is against. Rochester the credit's due. I I'll tell you are subscriptions are amazing we're we're already well over 101000 subscribers were the most subscriber organization in Rochester. So we are seeing yes the Rochester agrees this is an amazing season. And many many people make well over 101000 people have committed to seeing all six shows are all bunch. Slough that's greed and we're not even nicer to morning talk about a home run and we got another world we have another world premiere coming. Are weighing for the 2072 when he eighteen season called one house over. Which. OK Saddam you right to synopsis for these foreign yes OK this is one of my favorite sayings on here I don't mean and in an ice and that's going to be. The critical. They'll wave at the very last line of this round. And you can read them on the website as well it's it's a brilliant new comedy that what do today's hottest player writes about. Boundaries power privilege and anxiety in a single fact you can hit us and I doubt it isn't just a description of a family I don't know I had ten do you think you know your neighbors alone blu. Ranked. But you mean as you Nelson Pique over the fence at all so I actually this one looks really. I was kind of like okay this is going in the air that last finally nine panacea it's just monster that's in the single backyard and I am just I am already imagining kind of county was gonna put a backyard around the stage and how she. Everything's gonna be crafted and I'm super excited I'll ask him. You beautiful so we have no doubt about that it's gonna be wonderful production so it's another co production is Lau asked this time with Milwaukee. Repertory theater which we've never co produce with before but I'm very excited because. Mark Clements. ECB asks. And oh gosh Chester. I in the UK he was the artistic director for a long time I know I knew his work then took a bombing he's a very very fine director. So anyway yeah we're really excited about partnering with Milwaukee because it's a great you know it's it's starting in Milwaukee this time and that hey it'll be arriving. In Rochester school. You have Cooper we're right now working with them on casting him or sign the essence of it is a truly collaborative effort. Which I just love that that's. I don't affect paid much attention to how those things are produced because it just love that they are co produced and it makes a lot more sense alleviating some of the stress of a production cost and also being able to kind of see it grow them very organically from. One place to another how it's interpreted Dino one city vs another so I'm I'm excited for the sun to legislate these corporate excellence. And he had the one that was co produced in Ireland are that was Irish. The international economist begun yes and then last year Augusta is coming to dinner was a co production with Indiana repertory theatre rate up so call yeah I just love I think there's such great and it's wonderful did you even name again it spreads all over America great cause of these co productions and that's a really great thing. And then NASA gives you destination if you ever go to Milwaukee exactly tasks we have prince who wouldn't. Let's go low around chance. And then OK I can I am not a life I love the you guys always have these phenomenal ending next year's seasons OK honey. How strangely excited I am. Ten year old me would have been like I know you're excited about this movie so strange still millions and yes I paid the movie that has its when he is something year old broke my heart every time I watch it because. It's just it's so old Henry eat and I know the movies like thirty years old. That now it is mental to a student enrolled movies come I'm not a in the mouth on him and it kind of you're 25 dad I should not obvious really later Lebanon but I don't even know I Dino oil rich here because this turnaround so often just like. Conversation staff in the dares the you know that mean all is it like a steel magnolias kind of a thing because it's such a but didn't occur deep he had to sit deeply. Held. Movie and storyline and it just breaks your heart and sound like now this is going to be phenomenal right into the slave first. Which I didn't threaten Zell locker judging. You know about it film true you know it it it breaks your heart through. At the end but the loaded you're suing cage and laughing brain becomes so much a part of these women's lives. And their trials and their challenges and that's what makes this such a beautiful story. We will be announcing in January we have lined up very well known. Television actress. To perform in the production and so we all announce that in January her mom about. Yes there was get a pool going on who's going to be here it's the culmination and a half. Day when I was going to say that they didn't think you know my mother is going to be so surprised how excited to see this play because I don't think she even knows Sadiq she was and introduced me to read. But it is. This section I'd Connick. Story yeah Mino which obvious as popular as by the movie so good to see it kind of go let's go back to the roots. And see it done and Shiva and loses I think is. Aaron I had such dive so ecstatic of Reading this every time you need go down into the next play that's coming your just kind of blown away a little bit more and mark him in the an adult takes place in the be parlor so that'll be the one. It's different people on notice from the film is that it all takes place in true v.s beauty salon in you know one hour it is so well written. That it actresses love to do this show their cool great characters there it's really. Full fully dimensional they're you know they're not these old. Stereo types and that's what makes this such a great production absolutely what the actors and directors were hoping to bring to this and I will give. I I am very confident that many people love the movie will walk on display gaunt and complete that. I have been in Robert Carling wrote this play as a tribute to his sister. Who. Had suffered from the same thing bats. Shelby does and passed away and he didn't want his nephew to forget his mom. So that's why he wrote this play I just can't show beautiful and yeah so it's just it did in knowing that makes it even more oh yeah lenient. Around here the play gosh I'm super stoked guys this is going to be great now can I ask this in the fuel insert posts he can get better and am curious. I Escude coming because LSU got off my can teach atomic probably not. But. Do you have. Lazy you're excited about just seeing. Did you personally team. Now while PIR. I cannot we see the agitators. I cannot wait to see you know the golf for different reasons I'm pregnant friends who came Sherman provoked twelve years I cannot wait to see her on stage in this actually directed them and a plea reading or did you ACC about how how hours ago. So I mean for different reasons I can't wait to see everything after in the heights with Melissa's spin on doctor gallery yarder firm I is now director we have set up. If there's nothing I'm not looking forward to so call you know if I could just make you know an amino you know Lester of course we'd underground a major is renovation in the open in October. Arm I just I also want to let people know that there's going to be Allman we have new menu items coming as well for the oh yeah kitchen last year. He can get a full meal before the show. And Aaron good it's good food this isn't like sound. Oh here's some things heated up this is a full. Produced menu fully crafted its tape aired this past season. And was just so blown away as he stressed concrete options like I love it. I knew guys it really spared no expense of in the renovations look absolutely phenomenal. It makes perfect sense for the way people maneuver in the theater itself having access to go upstairs to go to your seats on the second floor. Blows my mind and I lay it's just phenomenal and looks beautiful right in the new seats on his so called fraud. I you know we see a lot dawn and I see a lot of the theaters on rentals or production to 34 times and it's nice having us. The comfortable seat. That's an eleven. While gas so it digs seed so they're not comfortable all I'm shifting and like yeah we're all around and nobody's really comfortable around me. But those are comfortable seats I am I sat there is no longer support a potential duplicate you could appreciate that you fix your agenda now feels nice minis and totally buckling up against stuff. On. An eight on the energy from wind up looking forward to in the heights because I've been listening to it in my car for probably about half hearted humor and I am so much done some of the songs and numbers in the show because it's got everything you know it's got epic wrapped her furry I mean it's a fairly show two and a guy you know something I would not hesitate to take it in The Herald is Alia on the sign anti Semitic I'm really excited about I'm I'm history geek as everybody sort of knows half cups so they get it now yeah yeah agitators. And then of course and frank from because I remember reading math and school. As a thirteen year old and you know and say I've seen several stage productions of it and several film versions of it. So I'll be very interested to see. Our production. Yeah I think you really kind of Piaf he had on that on me and Josh Cohen I mean let's face it Steve oh yeah hysterical. I cannot wait to us protection commissioner blasting kind. Yet here and you know it's going to be for it I'm really excited for all of them I'm really I'm really excited for steel magnolias I don't really know why delay deep down in my car like that it's gonna be so Opsound but they're all gonna be so great they really want to see the agitators discuss I think. Having that piece of Rochester really brought to life is gonna be. It's huge I bigger than I can even and put into words right now yeah and that's really does research on that show so a lot of the taxed comes from their own words of their own mothers so it's not. You know it's not something that's been fabricated I mean yes we've had to condense a lot of stuff oh sure yes you Heidi condense 45 your friendship and two hours announcement. But it's it I think going to be extremely instinct for those of us who want to know about Rochester is. Most famous citizens who are perpetually intern then knock out some into her hands and she's like. Just remind your listeners something we did about five years ago trip we actually expanded our lowest price seating. We now offer 32 seats in the Wilson stage for every performance at 25 dollars that's close look great a cost of even some of the other community theaters I salute area. So the reason I say that is people who were really on a tight budget we really want them to be able to were four theater. On the buy your tickets now those are typically the first to sell out there and as you know there's really not a bad seat in Cuba. Did that silly not to every seat you see all of the stage germ merged in the Steve regardless there's nothing that's too far away where there's like oh. And sitting in the balcony to balcony is sometimes even closer to the action. And you get to see all these different perspective that's right there's nothing blocking your way there's nothing absolutely nothing every seat is phenomenal against scene comes at Christmas Carol from every single angles well guess I. You know went and there's been no seat is more than fifty feet from the stage it is hell hope theater should be viewed intimate if so you actually feel your part of the production until you've seen. In professional production and intimate theater like chi this Wilson's stage. You really haven't fully experience the with the beauty in the magic that is theater. On so yeah we're so proud to be able to lower the prices. But as we always say please buy your tickets early because none. We don't do last minute discounters so now cheapest seats are available today for all of these productions we talked. About right which is kind of you know it's. It's not dizzy trying to get a plug in the your ticket sales up is just if you wanna get those seats and actually be able to have eared sell something you know. Steer wrestler cartoon it's better to do it sit around. Oh yeah well a million dollar quartet that's sold out so I mean it's sold out every perform Casillas and you know old with two weeks remaining in the run all the twenty title tickets were gone. He am so that's why I'm just don't want people will be upset yeah not so especially for this shows there are really very popular still magnolia is in high rates and Brandon agitators who everything on the officials are all selling very very quickly act now so get your take X because so this season tickets dispute online for Ecevit theatre dot org you can't get a six show package for under 120 dollars I mean six shows that's on them. Knees in that piece of luggage for that I. I can't wait searching I'm going on trips and I can't even there's just it blows my mind how expensive luggage is but. If you can get that and haven't tires a year worth a season's worth of entertainment. I suggest you do Wednesday night's. Yeah I seen cats that they knew hey you can't say you've got tickets as gentlemen that is a victory in the race car I put the hell out the box did Nash yeah all this is everything I want it all one player really impress your girlfriend yet to have you our white you're very educated about it. You got that he's got culture Irish so guide get your tickets Shiva theater dot org guys designing a Charlotte you'll know about the season that's coming up I think. Covered him know just looking forward to seeing us opening the doors again we miss we miss our audiences who know we've been. Been away for over a month and a half now so we're anxious to see such comeback in. It's too much we need to get back NRA so it's starting up to September 5. And we're beginning within the heights C got to go check it out get your tickets now into the theater dot org this season tickets. Think he has so much for coming out I'm so excited for the maybe in his present to be back together again you know. So that's it peratis JD's theater this is the preview podcast. And the next ten years to be talking about the next show so until then. To the homes. He.