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Friday, October 13th


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I'm now old another episode okay. Grew up just these kids. Looking back to another episode her majesty's theater in your post just page and what the phenomenal and exciting and I'm thinking yeah. Talking to Tony 1722. We're back again this time to talk about. It's you being Stacy. Called. People are and no idea mister destiny is not a qualification to come to the shop by showing up Keith I eat the party made the market. So this play is actually. It is Smart it's intriguing it's funny it is engaging and I thought I was absolutely brilliant. And I had an amazing time I'm an I'm John honored to be joined in studio today by two the actors. And catch an entire. That's net yeah Linksys now littered nobody really as hard as you should not have been a fear really nervous and I was like I forgot to ask for for restarting list as you're saying and like humility and hustle you now the dynamics mean to you if I have anything else for today that's going to be incomplete and then I got brace Michael Wood in studio and guys thank you so much for coming and and for being a part of a great time I'm I'm really excited to have it in Rochester on. And I know that it started out at kitchen theater in ethic. Started out there and down I believe brace he actually played you were in that production as well there. How I didn't and chin was as well hold solid yeah that's right okay. Sorry I missed out that I remember hearing that but that was allowed count on good and my brain is so confident the I thought I was absolutely phenomenal and I just want to thank you guys wouldn't mind introducing your characters because I know that. You guys have since this is your second production with that you know kind of who they are TU now as the characters in who they are as you Sheehan an in you brace how they really ET the decision you insert. Check yeah. So I play Jenny Yang and she is a Harvard tenured professor and a psychologist he specializes. I am an Asian woman for calling you out there and Disneyland and she is and Asian woman who used specializes. In. Mental health for specifically Asian women. Asian American women. And she says fascinating character too because of trying to almost maintain that distance with her subjects it seems like and still be. So objective is not on bullet hit into that Yemen and the announced yeah but her picture really liked everywhere engineering and then British just tell us about Jackson's. Paris Abumrad struggle word and I've played doctor Jackson Moore and she is in his residency. At Mass. General after having graduated from Harvard as well. Specializing in what's your brain's decision eventually and he. Is a lot. She is just hit. Way cooler than I am and realize. He's black man I'm like man for everyone out there listening and he just tested do with the Latin. Throughout the end in the entire player whether it's relationships. With women whether it's his relationship with his friend Brian. Who's a professor at Harvard. Or whether it's is passing relationship with Jamie he's just bundle of Sutton. And it's funny how intricate out all these lives are because they do all tied together but it is about. You know for Harvard educated folks who live kind of in the same town in and constantly have their circles kind of overlap. And down because Scott Brian and and I am hitting your brother named Valerie thinking about who is and it's a this is around 2007. 22009 we're kind of culminates in Obama's inauguration. And it's not the disk to be fair though it is not up politically. Necessarily politically driven thing. It had does have kind of a good item in a would you guys agree that has like it it has the background to it but it is not the only thing that derives. Yes fair to say without revealing too much yes absolutely I think them. Well I mean Barack Obama running for president was. One of the biggest things that was happening at the moment Rick. So it's and it's not centered on nab an uneasy doesn't shirk away from that rape is Valerie actually campaigns for him to write again you know it's kind of interesting to see you know her. Her role develop a little bit more in the how it interacts with. With Jeanie and Jackson and Bryant and and where in the Salk culminates together. So you know kind of the plays about her people and it is they are Smart people there are incredibly intelligent and then but their interactions are just so. And your teeny. As well. We're just like oh this is really soccer Protestant and laugh because it it's really out. We've all experienced it there's this huge related charity concept between. All the different characters rate I mean I see her how is it in for you've gone from insect cut and come into jeeves. Is there an audience shift that you can feel. There is a mean at at the kitchen and I think there was a much smaller. Venue that I and we were and after a space meaning there were people NRA and I left as well I don't need our. Level. With us vs. In the the space in Geneva. So much bigger space and everyone is as outs and yeah so immediately there is a new. Type of relationship with the audience in general. Amends terms of the level of intimacy that we've folks. At the kitchen verses the level of intimacy that we need to create. Who like transcend this like wall between us rant at the Geneva but come in terms of audiences. Or or audience responses I mean. It out but it varied it varies every single night regardless of whether or in Rochester or an Ithaca you know you can. Always tell kind of the make out of your audience without even looking out there based on what. Jokes Landon query whether you lose in the auto czar and and how honorable some audience members can be. Yes I was there on opening night on October 5 and it was it was interesting to kind of I actually is not remembering my husband with me and has really gone he couldn't make this one because I really want him to see this with mistress after reluctance that I need to need to talk to her. Today again and actually and it calling my mom. And we had this huge like hourlong discussion on the phone about it Oscar nutrients like. All types of of different topic expert status like I saw this phenomenal play and I like. And I ate me as a they need to processes in Asia process by you know China husband about it. And she can make it either so she's kind of one of those mic sitting in the guidance. And I'm watching everybody and I'm watching the jokes slander or not land he has a little bit and older demographic that night. So I felt you know I was in the younger sideburns like I remember this and I can relate to these feelings and a lot of these characters are having about. They're circumstances ending and society at this point and it was it was fascinating. No problem even if there's been a putt at the end because it really was I mean. I know junior from this area correct yes. Is there bin anybody from you or gotten. Knew we cannot Cilic kind of soul everybody. I'm gonna hit my mom rooms and. My mom is is flying my APR agent here and she's very social so like every group hi mom I knew listening. Like every group every year family members she's she's just buying like bulk block seats she's got like all the subscriptions for this was pretty much CS is dislikes talent around the house so yeah I mean Michael T chairs and then just people that I knew. From drying up like I sign. My ailing colds. Like choir teacher a whopper freshman year and I and it took me like just a moment to remember and of course I remember him and he remembered me and it was in this is crazy how cool yeah now I haven't done here and a look like a long time. And it's maybe a decade yeah while I am. That's got to be great then and then of course here and you know this play that you now moved here in the western side of the New York State new government because nine years back Andre. So it's kind of that's really fun to show. And I wanted to talk a little bit out any tension about how it's it's a different kind of intimacy at achieving mediator but it is still fairly into Narnia. It's not quite like a black box for their just all around him but this sat up. And it always fascinated by the way that plays kind of develop when their in Chiba. One of which is always the set design. And I think to set design for this Smart people I was very intrigued by music have to ask these guys about this so there's this. Blue part of the floor with white rectangular sections attached to it where we see late hits aren't that. How do you guy is and was at the same when your kitchen theater come with that floor typing error thing exacts. Heyman the exact same there's one element missing. An assist as we can bring it where there's a platform. OK but that was mostly because of the nature of the space rank and now that we're here Rio. Necessarily need a. He knew give our audience some hints about what they should be looking gazette does play a in my mind I started watching it more and more on top of I was so looking at the actor in the scenes but. It is is kind of this very strange not strange but interesting set up an account I wanna know. If you guys can give some ocean sit people should look for when their when they're looking at this flora nervous after interpretations but we. I kind of wanna hear from your perspective how how they should approach it. But it knows him very strange question. I had kind of like like a mother board feel to it like new computer like circuit he had just back and it had and I was in valor has her own roles she plays in each of the ones and it's very. So amazingly Don. Specially for in that you know a smaller space than than main stage at theater courage even theater. But this very you know is it supposed to be more of like this mechanical Phelan. And that this. Computer asks technologically driven aspect to the play. Mean it's a died I would say it's a dynamic. Space it's that it's a dynamic. Set design abandon in our concerns of how the pieces move and how we are. Move throughout the space throughout the story bomb and out also and beaten for people listening in terms of what's. Look out for in terms of the set design you'll. Very soon see how. The various screens and the circuit. Tree look at everything plays and weighs in with sound. Plays in with various lines that I said plays and with various projections it's. It's all tied together Fisher. Okay area that I think we heard some like I know that it has it and just wanted to see how you guys presented because I guess I have my own thoughts on that. And what I pulled away from that. But what is it that you're trying to bring cell. Also want to ask you guys because this is a racially driven storyline. It's about you know Darius and neuroscientist use. Trying said you know. Have he's got his own theory about. How race plays out in the different races are racism plays a different races and you know we've got black white and and Asian American evolved in this play and I am curious as to. What you guys as yourselves would want. Audience recommend. To pull away from the Newton. On the is that there's a handful of. Of things that I do really enjoy saying. Because I I didn't really I very much agree with them. I'm not I'm not wanting to give away too much of that. The dynamic of being. And it it is mentioned briefly but then the event dynamic in America of race relations being black and white and it is is pretty real on my life. So I I love the opportunity to be able to bring in Asian storyline. Into. This into the dynamic of black and white race relations. Which and you have a very powerful sterling jamming they're all very powerful and it gets to be there is this this big moment where everybody has these realizations about. The roles that they play. Both in. The stereotypes that are portrayed and how they are working to break through them mad house is out there working to break a society's judgment on it. And it's a really fun conversation engineer has you'd drawn at the tennis Jackson. So Chris what do you think that. You would like audiences to take away from. Coming out to see this and seeing you wouldn't and everybody else in the pipe. You know. One of the biggest things that I've personally taken away. From this entire process. It is quotes from this entire process in the political climate that we're in currently. Is that you know a lot of stuff. Race relations and allowed a racially charged issues can be chopped up two prospective doesn't come this the the idea of a perception one's perspective. Arm and we get to see four very different very diverse perspectives on that stage even though there are two black characters they have very different. Perspectives very different backgrounds very different upbringing but. The wave that. One's perception of the world plays into bear idea. Com or plays into various prejudices or stereotypes. And that they may or may not have. I don't give too much away but there are a lot of specific lines and with in this show that give us very clear pictures into one's perspective and where they're coming from and how they. View the world in race within it. Just if you do come to see this show. Have been mines. Perspective and and be open. Who hearing someone else's perspective because that's what we get suits who experienced throughout the entire show yeah Bowden and you know a lot of you know you mentioned you came to opening night and there were jokes that landed in jokes that did not Landon and specifically and efforts acts. And you can definitely. Chalk that up to various perspectives. Have now going out there and in the majority of the perspective was of one. Com where the other perspectives on May be uncomfortable laughing because not everybody else was because it would have been uncomfortable. Playing them dazzle us. But it ended but it does it get it has its forces you into that match and know that that's kind of the point and I hope you know I willingly let myself but I still even promise of going own genes like this. Tunneling laughing didn't feel a little like I had no real crime is laughing but I am just very entertained his Wheldon and hold the that was really out there you know and you don't expect it so it starts out vetoes this really entertaining it you know you're seeing all the different backgrounds. And it's. And then you can do that plan urges like here's my normal standard of comfort. And then it just kind of shows you read over the edge but with that gently. You giving you get a pillow sort of to land on but then it continues to show every passenger comfort zone begin to cast to be Marino in a way I wrote down a note that. Other than the flip phone technology good. NASA is this any different than today. Is that play when it was written any different than today and. A couple of times that so our director summer Williams summer Al Williams the first amongst you I think you love her manicurist behind me you know she -- took I yeah. She heard Angela are lucky and so much zest. And the artistic director of the kitchen governor there mountain they are. Pretty close friends with deep playwright correct and they sent a couple of times that. My name is Lydia diamonds and them Liddy has said that when she mistress trying to play junior when she was writing. She was writing this and Mike into dozens of axis she was writing it sort of on that customer lawlessness. And she thought she is running for that moment and then as he was elected she touches reading from that moment and she now says that she was reading it for this moment. And perfect. Game and it really does fit or not no I'd just discuss them the the mood at the end of the playing. Used to be happy. And sound rational one is written and now the mood at the end of plays very much like this is not done. No it gaffe ended it leaves you feeling that way every character moll. The and then different points of their story but it's not the end of the story can mound and it's I was kind of left like. And it big wreck and this and then it ended liquid even only went to and animation are just likely. And yes he is. Italy the point I'm. I column I did that everything you phobia that's what we want people to leave fail yes it's because. Without giving too much you weigh in terms of just the overall race issue it's because there's no boats that. We have undrafted out now have been you know package this thing in yet at all. And so the fact that she left like blue was like that's good because that's. What it should sue again not done and I don't know that I never will be but. And the fact you called her mom and had but and then adapt our loan conversation that I think that's that is. That's it we did our job that's created a phenomenal job I really an economic taught my husband about it and I was just like you guys have deceit is play. You really do I think gene has made some really Smart decisions and they always due there's not a season that's not what security did but this was such. Phenomenal and and very intelligent choice to to put in. And even when literally next door to in the heights you know he's still have the story about. I racially involved kind of aspect. I'm from one side of things but then you have Smart people that that delve you into a whole other side in the conversation. Is not done and it is very applicable and the thing I would tell people from my perspective as a viewer is. Going with an open mind going not with what you think is the reason behind what they do is to characters that go in. Listening. Not thinking if you yen I think it kind of was really helpful. To have that conversation out because it needs to be hacked more than anything and. And even if you go in. Thinking. Like it's under its Meehan magically Smith who plays Brian white in this show we sometimes get a kick. Out of seeing like visible. Or audible frustration. On someone that we've super challenge so yes and that could visibly will not budge. Lag no matter there's various like obvious things that are presented. Yet it may just not land and that's Austro. Okayed select recognize like something else the next them like men like this this is an even gonna. You're not gonna allow this suit to penetrate when I know it's so for whatever reason and that's. Something like says to take away as well at least as performance alexion Mikey knowledge. And for the record if you ever think that they can't CDC. You can see you can because at one point unit I just forgot about this until this moment the lights come on in the audience and I'm sitting there like Blake and ecstatic straighter and was kind of like what's going on kids that annulled. And that's the cool thing about it as you become involved in this and and you start to feel. Frustrated for each of the characters because their own prejudice commend playing nearly completed second you're not giving them a chance and it like ES involved in these relationships. Yes. And I started getting mad at one point with that I think it was a genie and Brian. But it. But not fairly. And I discussed Madden on a person by myself and my hands are good and I looked at. But afterward genome. It leads you to these these conversations that com. People need to have GAAP and they really fascinating point that's come of a couple of times is that. Sometimes people are locking in assuming that they would identify with the person who is most like them with that character who is like physically most like them doesn't. And a lot of the times some lock out being like. There was found someone Ithaca who was a white man and he obviously like. You would lock into thing like time I'll probably greeted the most with delight management and my director was very kind Zale lake. He he really identified the beauty file do you the whole time has been in in a way that really surprised me. And probably surprised tempting. And you counted up like some follow up questions but I think it you can't talk Unser crazy. I really wanted to lake and I don't even locking up the other audience reactions I you know I like to listen to see. One other people saying them and there are some that were. Very confused at first yes there is kind of like I don't know how I feel about that and that's. Part of it in a way I don't know how you nice upper house like I did it. And you shouldn't how to feel about it process it come down tomorrow lake and redress the issues tomorrow again because if it could she make sure comfortable sometimes have to have a conversation. And definitely. Probably a lot of people coming to this show purely for entertainment. You know destroy the theater aspect of the little into the theater and being entertained and maybe not expecting to be. I don't know implicated in anything. There it is expecting to view this thing maybe think a little blood leg at the at the end of the day like we had a good day or night at the theater but it. Are so it isn't that they're gonna show. Is very entertaining and very far in the same time very much it's the Mary loves you and he. Kind of kidded it's confusing it can confuse you if you came in with a certain set of beliefs. It is an armored candidates are on the topic did you have to go see at. It to hear a little bit more about and deceit you have to see it you experience it full. There's only so much we can talk about easily so much that Clinton. Tried to convey but it is such. A phenomenal all talking point out. And it is such a phenomenal view on and the past vs now. People then and now but at the same time there's still these universal characteristics like I don't. I CM haven't hard times in just like it was so good idea has just really hit me announces tonight. Paying. You know I want everybody to see X like I had this conversation with like everybody. And you know you want and that's probably should look the plane because you have to have this conversation and and we want to have this conversation and each of these facets wanna have this conversation on. Demographically all over you wanna have this conversation. And it's happening now but I think that with Smart people you have now talking partner but physically in my power longterm vision my parents started with that and then just went. Wind is something else yeah I never talked to my parents about honestly in saving like it was me we are one year you know our annual political conversation and I was like finally got a really prime TVs we actually had this conversation and we didn't hang up on each other. He did it no he didn't and you had a huge part of this carrier IQ and how thrilled that the Paris. She's really excited medic issue I think is seen as a senator lynch got C percent. I I think is there anything else seeing guys wanna conveyed to the audience about this this phenomenal player and this hunt gonna stick with me for a long time however I would like to say that they actually only played Yuba I have not cried and and I've credit every single other play have ever seen the night it cried a little inside attack counter like never I didn't physically cried so it's just so involved in the story and I wanted to see. Weird went. But that's a first for me. The daily Louisiana they're not always entertaining and sometimes he really kind of pick carnal. There lyrics are. Is joining us he would like. Soon pass on to the audience. For your I think that means and no same thing to hear of this. Minnesota and at last. You know and Todd Beck and there is like Eilat everybody is target and like to hold on to things and the like obviously this the idea of racism. And that termed it didn't thrown around their elect I just don't feel like anything's solves like I don't know and I was like okay. Imagine. Everyone listening imagine if racism was just like a person right raises loses the person walking around and it's less. If racism as a person what what's Smart people did with Lydia. Dispensed it. And exposed. In Salt Lake gives its and it's not about you know solving. Racism or or putting a bow on it we just came up tomorrow like exposed in the race is a rules like no gas. Why now everybody knows that like that's essentially what this process. And I think that's the most perfect metaphor I've ever heard in my life and I make consent all the time. We pants dresses and I while why didn't this come out just like I don't chanting rain pretty committed to America. And that's phenomenal isn't really good way to put it yet idling of ever that Jennifer before it's too good run this year I make you sick rescissions in England needed to. In the Aegean highlight sooner I didn't happen that are but guys I really appreciate you coming in and sharing your thoughts on this this very. Moving play. And if you haven't already. Dear Rochester piece Peter pac cast listeners you've got to go see this play its onstage until October 22. I really am honored to have been able to talk about display and to continue to promote it Sergey back and to. Be able to continue this conversation that the place started on the started many many moons ago that. Is now gonna continue to help because that's how I can really go for some time this book to keep it. Front and center and talk about it. And now this is my opinion on it. That I am highly film complaints about six you know going and seeing it making up your mind has. Getting to nobody can that's what you guys sell. I'm geeky against immigrants coming in thinking really appreciate it guys against our people on stage and a fitting stated she did theater until October 22. It tickets. TV GA dot org and until next time and I just at least the end of Justine came to us. The.