Rochester-Piece Theatre - Sylvia cast interview

Wednesday, January 18th


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I'm now old another episode okay. Grew up just he's the attack. Plug in the first episode of Rochester he's theater for 2017. I am Justine played your host for the podcast and good. Break for us out of ten GB theories to run and in full swing we took the movement some time off. End but now we're totally back premiere. Is a whole new slew of shows 20162017. Season continues. And while it may have been a wild. Look there have been amazing things have been going down at Gmail with the start of this season and there's a whole new redesign I mean they've got this amazing food Australia Chansi dinner. I'm there and I always so good that polished and I had just a salad knows that. Confirm for you have a good sound and it's really you have to talk about it because it's very rare yeah about it the next staying like. Yeah this is sound and yet it was a really good salad I wish I could have another team so it's a rarity when the world cheeseburgers that you wanted to have a salad. Com we'll talk about. I'll play that's taking over Gina Giricek started on January 10 and is called Sylvia. Immediately I know that when I did give preview for this it was I was so intrigued by displaying. Because anytime. You have a human portraying. Anything other than human. You're fascinated it is such an interesting process he took it as a kid you like kinda news transformer may but to. An animal to present its own. Challenges I can imagine and enjoy in studio bank. Two of the cast members from the Szczerbiak had ten Cody and under Foster Tiki has so much for coming in Tim thanks for having seen you guys are kind of like Rochester is. And Dieter sweetheart yeah I know way Stephen eighty met the the months of Rochester on some routes and me that the most like endearing way possible without trying to sound. Disagree cheesy bogey I mean. Rochester loves you guys disease iTunes Camelot which was such a big head I mean it was so I had just had like a ten year old kid sitting next demeanor but looking at each other laughing at certain things like I'll never have a connection with a child like this until I have my own. So many embrace it and engineer from Rochester Diana from Indiana and it's and sell awesome I mean when you came on stage of first time the crowd was to decry I was in I was just like super excited like. I love because. Some people come and they they don't know me but they know that the plays about a dog and so when it rang out he denies there's been lines going. That's the dog yes. Italian relied summation they got yup I mean we we amber yeah we've done a great job in terms of cost and making them get on that because I think. That has its own. Whole level of awesome discourse to be had I've always been amazed about a lot of the things achievement does including its hair and makeup and the staging. I'm constantly just impressed by it and system obviously Jenny please Sylvia the dodge. And country you have. Lots of awesome characters I was so surprised did you totally different. And Miami. In a good behavior really might like I mean red is your first night here without the beard. I'll run drank some unless there's Camelot and then even summon the candidates and socking and to the Doug who GI's. On the ethnic but even from other promo pictures I did not it in you really Superman Clark Kent Maine. Point internal strength mean and an excellent say this is senator Mary and I have been together really long time this is the first and I've seen my husband and as a woman. Not many if not it's an yeah. Yeah me it's weird in all of the things that we found together in I've seen him and I never he's never done drag before when the characters he institute drag. Son drag ladies and and drag queens are really see them playing a real woman this element yes it's not he's not a man in drag he says yes and it it's not pretty. I can't tell a lot. Of that has to do indeed the upper east side approach to this character. Because she hasn't very flashy outfit twice and that's. He does but I have to say you know a woman kept him last night she's like oh my god Phyllis is a character's name she's like I loved your outfits is I want those boots. So when you're not getting them cause their mind. He didn't like February legs and lock in heels and where Manny has only done some funny. Well I mean I wanted to find out how was I mean I don't I am I cannot walk in heels to save my life to begin with and never I was wearing wedges what time for company holiday party. And felt like I was standing up and then suddenly my angles just decided they didn't wanna work anymore and I ended up pomegranate sitting down. So I don't do heels not land five to eleven that's a lot from person to carry with. Daniel stilettos and short eleven I only do meals. I'm a lot of friends shorter and they only Wear heels could really have to get I had to meet somewhere in the metals mountain. But how was it free hill to Wear heels yes well luckily I'm. In two weeks so there yes with a heel as opposed to offended and at home for something which I think would be like an autism I don't know even harder. So I have ankle support it I guess but I had them on liked him enough. I had I've been on the first day just so I get a sense of of how to do it and then of course the two women in the rumor like you mean you have to walk like this and do this I was like OK okay. You exciting Netanyahu and niceness on it and I was in my lower back in them and basketball's my feet but I have to say you know I have I have great respect now affirm what women go through and I'd say it is because of all coming up don't false eyelashes I have to put on. Think he's if you can walk in heels and it's it's it's a lot. The primary care general and Phyllis and Sylvia have their own moment which at first I'm I'm sitting there thinking past. Past you know the characters on stage knowing I wonder how these actors are enjoying this does very intimate moment. And then I realized afterwards because he didn't click I didn't recognize your first doesn't owe a thank god dear Mary Thomas is rage because valeo. Sure sure sure Gina or talking or do ball like I mean the whole armed audience it was one of those it was a very Curb Your Enthusiasm moment because it just kept going and so everybody was laughing at first and like let's just say. And now all new resurgence of Latin America in little tiny. And an even think about like I may only a rehearsing it against and didn't even. As a married I didn't even think about it fiance. Like I know. How can how can this is over in a deer and an a but I don't dislike I think that the location of the height difference especially dealing heals I think this has got to be. Either really awkward are absolutely amazing to just be involved and be like we're gonna embrace this moaning going to end. I know anything about it it's sort of a good and then he gets this thing you console each other we've we've we've been together. Married the picture twenty years I laughed so we can for a long time so I think we just are completely comfortable and you know any you know anything about yeah yeah. And aches and the other guy in the shell. There's a moment in the show where I have to you and it as a dog kiss him and so I sent to the director can link can't. Ending the guy the other actors like now in the director said Diaz. They Ed they can break it crosses space and that is we actually. And talk about the that we gave us the money you're talking about we didn't even now it was a great match. Tourists yeah. Ought to give too much away because it's such a great moment and if you go to that you have because you display. Because. Stay near near phenomenal as a dog legged. Anybody who owns animals anime guys have to have two pets and believe frayed around. We had to normal and I'm sorry I mean last final Stella Moulin. Rainbow bridge train your brain and her image. The do you guys have any pets or animals of that you own before that. Yes well right now it's funny I am so we rescued. From Puerto Rico. Tears at all sound and damn she is. We think Poodle should cynics and Sylvia is a little lab next yes so. I've been watching her like an annualized in his car registered like watcher in punished hasn't been very similarly to her in the shout. Even at rehearsals we brought in one day. To the rehearsal room well and I watched her. Runner on the set because my first entrance that's exactly but it would be raised it actually influenced a lot because I was doing a much slower. And then went and watched her do it was like oh I have to run really fast for a long time because actually she did. And she's kind of the same age as Sylvia would be settled she's influenced a lot of what. Deadlier for dogs and if you don't like different personalities death and but I I think that. Charles Charles her name after the end which could teach our own. So just. Come anyway but that I think that she had she fits silly that them the most yeah of all the dogs we've had. Could season as a little motor down you know she's she's always costly. As was other dogs and move to a more lazy and she has this sort of hyper quality about it. And they think a good thing tears and and everybody has every animal like we have to Katzman has an idea and down. We're sitting there and he's just looking I mean he's like that's. That's between testers are are one or cat's name and it's his cat that we we rescued for him and I have my cats names commodore and she's just here for I creature. And she hides all the time but. We always relate our cat common order Winchester to. Doc because he eats scraps off the flaw are and then he will lay a glove of buying new and then he'll. So we didn't there's certain things that Sylvia would do and really really adds it's totally a dog thing but. This is totally cat thing to like is just shy of giving up on the table knocking stuff over here and it's so much fun to see that embodied in and even if you've ever had a pet. You want a pet link it's. I mean you such a great job and of of portraying that on stage. That everybody can really relate I never everybody is just chattering around me like. I. And it was so awesome to see. Everybody kind of react to some dairy is very relatable moments as well. And personally for me in my has been years that this is kind of funny as we looked at each other there are decisions that were made but Sylvia's rescue word that. We kind of look at those like Alex. More lonely divorcee who ever this year did you ever to try and feel like that's that this is not a note came allowing you to make note it's always it's curry like weird therapy session for the two isn't nearly good. I ended up president yesterday and done they rolled to be role of the shell and I I am obviously have not seen any did you. And am I watched one moment that they shouldn't island. Like I give that dog or what yeah. I keep telling him I have to credit but I am seeing cell I'm gonna probably more of a geek side. I would be. Greg the other characters and iris well has just like that Craig to character as a if you ever did this to me Mike I would totally take you therapy which is where they end up. And I think Allah and know you wouldn't know just so much and all well and our other decisions and it's kind of you know it's it's the way that. You know she approaches it he approaches it and it's it's his story about a job it's a story about a dog man and a marriage. And and I just really really like that conversational piece because we don't get to have that in that comedic aspect from roaming stuff like that happens on the there discounter like controversies never did explain. How does it really interesting is that lead times that this is that. On he wanted to read story about what happens to people. Who know are empty gestures to their act together a long time and then kind of lose their communications skills yeah I think to stop talking about things that. Our important oh yeah and down and they take each other for granted and if it if he'd written a story where the man strayed. Say yeah another woman you wouldn't really listened to the story can you would be mad at the man raped and so he found a way to explore our. Their relationship and that by using and dot ask and still got past the same in the same thing you know I just think it's really am really Smart choice Otis. I guess it's this should the show is about communication. Yeah you know and I think it's I'm trying to find the answer in a lot of ways because I think it even. With the Greg who's the governor he goes to park any means that one guy and the guy has as. Philosophy of a picture and then the therapist has a philosophy Evernote has these philosophies but in a way I think. What the what I think the play ends up being is that communication really is the most important thing you can try to believe in some sort of like therapist mumbo Jumbo that may not edit anything or. Some friendly talks about blood by telling genes all these are crazy ideas but only she can really communicate to someone. And you know I mean I think that's sort of answered everything. And it's paralleled with him trying to teach. Sylvia Wright yeah he K with parent teacher had a speaking of which you can't you need to think about pets though you know. After awhile and and and the new exit we tell our fourth dogs. And there is a communication. That happens with your pet and to scattered out you have a way like. I mean even this morning like or it was last night was once or just generally goes. Do you want a piece to our dog in Charlton gets up Reinsdorf. Like she'd like to keep that Charlie knows that that's the word for him to go out and Mike same thing when you sit out the outback and with that is forms so I think you know there's a communication Odyssey with other humans which I think is most important thing. They knew and we miss that especially things lesser relatable to two dozen sixteen. Because I don't know. How much we communicate. Anymore I would like to know that there's no use of a cellphone or anything like their zone technology involved in this whole exploration of telecommunication. And a lot of internal communication that. Craig owners having with himself but we can see this like midlife crisis happened then just started in and him trying to explain that. To his wife who's not listening night there and vice Versa so there's your rain I mean it really goes very deep into that hole. You are as a person and who you are as a as a couple when kids across the empty masters and the reason Dodd introduced in. You know I could totally see it's perspective on the start of an eye can see parts of Greg tonight we have here has been on this time raising kids. And then you bring in Don again and she's just like come on and now. Yeah has been their promise me though he would never bring me straight on in our house got consultant Turks diet yeah and that at a MS. Yeah but it is really it's a fun play but it's also you know it's very well written like you said Dino but it's not. It's so filled with these great moments where it makes. Does sometimes tough com conversations very open. Well you know nothing about Hamels is that. You're an issue with the animals there is simple doesn't. You know like it whether you have these significant significant other or children or make parents worry that this complications and those relationships. It is there's baggage that comes from their baggage in your history. The dog sing cancerous pretty much simple that's. You feed them they're happy you pan am they're happy you take him out there happy there's no Nike communicate and to sort of the basic simplest way. And I think that a lot of ways if you can sort of strip away all the baggage annualized and to certainly communicate the other person yeah and in in a lot of ways that he communicated with Sylvia without all the other stuff then. I don't know like I think that that sort of the December December simplifying things and yes a lot of ways is I think it sort of them that I'd IC does that play. As a whole of sort of and there's something sort of joyous about being able to have. How that's the simplicity which is probably what Kate Greg were when they first were together great union mean. What does it was gets in the way that his relation facility it was probably very similar to his relation with Kate when he first met her. So it's getting back to what that initially the germ of there initial relationship. This really interesting an interesting perspective on a two tipping. Most oodles if that they don't get to that point where they have to see it that way he's coming keep living and yeah yeah staying in the same pattern. Yeah yeah that's a really different continent telling you can make that isn't fascinating for me to because the show is written and it where I'm mostly Don. And then I take on. More of us. Woman towards the end yeah I can aground as a dog. But then died insipid beginning. Silly AAE she forgets that she already has done something or says it's been fine. Finding and that honesty and Don the net it's like IBM. I am. Like it's just it's honest yes that's a seasonally at the moment and see acts misses like the complicated part is that. I'm not really talking I'm saying what you think I'm saying great so finding. The physical is nation of light. I'm saying so that you think I'm saying. I it's so weird it's like mind boggling but I had to make it like oh well Greg thinks I'm saying witness so what would I have to deal. Should they Gregg would think I was saying when I say it. Sell it and yet you we always read into what our pets are doing all home and by the and it does become like one of those you're like. Sylvia's tone very much changes incident when she does certain things you like how would that in a reacting you start to kind of imagine. What it looks like you really do I dislike it's. It is very much like it I guess a man and put it is like a cat sitting on a table and is looking EU and knocking glass over time you're like ha. You too little. And that and can you go into imagining what they're saying gee it's totally true it's just weird. Yeah already done it and so then to have didn't I can imagine it's just it's so much fun to watch. That process and you be an and I do not envy you because this is. Indy is why you're so talented and you can no Rochus I love you guys is because you can make it since he was so easy to be this awesome. Character on stage until very Agile my parents. I didn't and we have I mean I have to ask Steve is your parent goes to a lot of changes. Yes not really as many easy thing. OK so I started out with my hair with peace and on the back I'm OK so it looks. A little crease. And then that comes up and I too little Intel's attached to my hair. Think a lot has come out since it's really not very complicated but it must look the transformation is as big in the Asia. His is great because I was think that's a lot of teasing DLG Mac yeah I payout could that was. I was in their early jets can really hurt I ran mayor tease out yeah once or twice and just heated the whole process that. It looks phenomenal we disagree does go to these really fun entry integrations on and then there's also the outfit. Today when I eat I. Thanks envision the shell I thought I would just have like I outfit via the at least a dog like fish may be a sweater something. And I thank him for spitting in our league play. I can drink ten out and play at a high heels and two twos. And the boots yeah golden boot got soul much reaction is we went on opening night on and on Tuesday this week January 10 and there are I think there is a leading just soul loudly in the back she's likes yeah. Yeah I do on every leg below in the wow. And she just started laughing and there was just a great again it was a great moment there's a chatty in my section and look at. But we're I was like yes I think that's what they're calling for and ES job job well I don't and I sat him yet no IE eight you have to see this 'cause I didn't think mandate is very few people look at Paula he's out fence and hello miles well still be at odds. And still embody and continue to portray this and like I could conceive this like it's almost like and yet as particularly we're being able to see this but I concede that. Oh. How ready for you because some of them feel little late potentially revealing. Unlike trinity say that some of them were too revealing nice to win these. A lot of the play discusses Sylvia's hind end it's and it's another character in the plainly today. Did it she is. I talk about her but a lot. So they had me a little booty shorts on and data in the last one rehearsal and we do one thing and they go well. Odds and need some they yelled. Yeah let's let them to kind of put tight side instead of the end it was on one rehearsal where it is very. Yeah actually there's certain movements that are main really oh and there is okay. There's strength in short he is no signs of the day she's really practiced he's got to let it all out and got to sell those tickets. I have I was so you know obviously we talked about and you've got three characters that you play throughout the show and they're all fantastic. The core rate. Pieces that were introduced and and I didn't this time he knew my husband and I love that was Phyllis I can see his 5 o'clock shadow and it has created and it really just kind of made the moment for me personally access like I bet there are some women like that finished out there. Who are on the upper east side scandal by China hit. I had I promised my husband and I asked us as well on the wind hit the stage moves. How is it is normally we can see certain pieces in his picture currently doing and I'm like I'm sure things speaking out some way be Healy chin and I promised him I would ask. So how is it just stem cell animation and in the anonymous automation are always really yeah okay. There's these big winch is offstage that it. Move the walls. I don't know cool he has won one backstage and that's just push a button and anything news is so computerized match and that's cool because normally we can see note some people part of it is like a little chorus that comes in and move stuff around him it's a bit they know and it doesn't ranging far as it is kind of looking busy mom and who's out on stage last ice age write that down. There's a moment to show that something has to manually done only one moment. And she Ninja's out she like gets punished and make mention hinges and sentenced to agent in -- times over the link below and math. Building yeah and that she gets behind a lot she puts the big change but she doesn't hold playing Allen named Jack. On the yeah she'll. There isn't really cool all right well because IA. No had no idea here because you're seen buddies since she was like we're now doing this now is like on the inside has the the stage is all carp that yeah I just really hurts you on the carpet attracts the just don't seek has the carpet Chang figures told them and you don't need me currently have a big wind chill a bit longer than you have. OK thank you and I tend to ask. So much energy guys to the state to begin with now. Am I it's itchy unique approach I'm gonna nose probably you go into. OJ and this is some engine one has won you for a long time but. Oh cool so there's a market asked marketed nexus two decades of like let let would you like to do any any specifics hasn't site. I mean decoupling. And that he called me he said would you come to Sylvia in December and I found my cash and Natalie can again show that at the mind to do that need to be home for the holidays I. And they said maybe hunter wants to be an ugly MI huh. And that. And that TV will playing the other roles are friends of Myers. It's been yes it's just kind of treatment this all happened. It's good like a bucket list kind of player yeah all the stars of the mind. Can't I grew we love having you guys back I mean we you know everybody kind of found love you all over again was Camelot now. Be able to see guys out here again Sylvia is a phenomenal play you guys have made it really really fun for everybody I would like to say. Sylvia is not it will be changed dog I'm in terms of language of the east. If you have small children and they haven't option of HBO. Don't bring them yet this isn't on the donkey play it's a dog playing yeah is she hasn't she is a final foul mouth yeah. Think smaller. The whole time I can no time every scene I think. She isn't good yes very good job park and South Park version of a dog my yeah. And also I would like to think she left for not having Sylvia actually have a collar that it gets a leash attached to it took a totally different like Tony yes later and and in very much it was of those discussion about it and she's empowered sound no leashes no. No Collins I haven't seen sweet Sylvia change and it's nice that is yes and exit its. Props to dad discussion because it was something that I noticed in this like open politics nothing could I wonder because I saw Greg with deletion. It was it could question of mine of how are they going to do this in the she took it and you started walking with that music this Arie. I can appreciate that so I just want to go to Sonoma has not gone unnoticed or not it's something that. Maybe it's just a millennial thing that I really appreciate that approach and do you tell him what the big line that gets applause every now. Oh my god yes so obviously this things in the news. The effect some things that we say. And there's a whole thing about. Intimate. And I male aggression yeah now we have there's a there's a line simply don't think he would have we got the reaction back in ninth 1995 that gets in 2016. But Greg says I think the line is once again. A women are being subjected to this something of male aggression you're in the whole audience. Just might goes crow yeah there's applies to end and my ladies yeah I don't think that we wouldn't. Mean I think it's were now on that grabbed him by the. Here and I think that there is when there's something about that world they were in now. That people sort of have a reaction to you regardless of what every political affiliation that I think that was such a thing. That this bit it's huge reactionary night yet. I did I won't we beat attention to that a little bit more because all of a sudden there's all this sound with. Dig what caused this discussion happen and I do remember that there was a department chatty crowd that had around me and we're very excited about and it all right yeah. But it wasn't in housing these all these like different scenarios and things that were discussed very quickly and rapidly in that. Whole conversation between Greg and the guy to part comedy and Tom and sell. I'm sitting there like I got tense because I like Howard these folks gonna react to this conversational piece yeah and then when the team around to Greg saying when he did their lives like gal case. Organic Neely were able to. Process and move on and. No there there it's interesting because Tom might of the character played a got a parking he's. He's not misogynist but he still has a view about mutant men and women yeah and and men having their place and when Tino and and I can tell that the audience is very very end it there but not a standard but it didn't quite high style to us. It's. To some of the service male macho women are that you treat women certain way treatment to certain barely tell it's gonna happen in my diet and I don't want yes and I wonder. I think that might be more to 2016 thing in 1985 thing like it's there yet few things in the play I'm like oh that's definitely viewpoints from 21995. And you know it's an open world now some up. I I thought it was down. And so much fun and I just you guys have to see valley say it is and I and I always talk about it. I was or what the customs in the staging and how. If you don't take advantage of going to achieve that I man I tell everybody my husband did not go to placed before we started going to Jeep back. And there's always something for everybody. In you don't sit in the playing it stuck and it turned her forever Dave they're very intelligent and Jesus very great about the way that they choose on their pleas for the season's. And they make them so that their approachable not just for families and it's not just they're now part in any competitor may stimulate the Christmas Carol but. Things like Sylvia which are such unique plays that we would never be introduced to. You know why is that the community support set the rate as you know I work a lot of regional Peterson's Gunner and if there's some Peters that the audience doesn't want that the audience wants. Blockbuster musical yeah and they want late Christmas and that's stuff. And this community supports GMAC to allow them to do plays like Sylvia or to do new plays and have never been done they taxing gift yeah this theater is a gift to. To this community into actors and that's slightly come back it's like rally Natalie did they get to be in my hometown but I get to bargain this creep theater. That is supported by this amazing community. Yet it's really it's is in race. It's it's nice introduction I lived in bigger cities myself and it. Things like this become inaccessible. And for us to be in the city that we are ID think everybody got to take advantage of it. Because it's it's a true gem it really has him and I think that's what I like about Rochester peace theater and having the partnership we do is Cheever is getting the chance to introduce. The community more that may not be able to get out there but just to be able to hear you guys in answer to put some connections together and then you know. Go on and see it on stage because it's so much fun. I'll take you so much for coming in guys are really appreciated you kids have to draw and see Sylvia it's onstage until February 5 to get to achieve it theatre dot org. And it's just at the box office. Hunter and I tend to think she gets seventeen Rochester sweethearts from up here. And then until next time I'll just you can see there's it's.