The Rochester Schools Modernization Project

Wednesday, January 17th

Here is some GREAT news from The Rochester City School District!!  This is the 1st of several shows with the Rochester Modernazation Program!!!

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I'm Terry Clifford welcome to the city I'm so grateful that you chose to share portion of your weekend with us. This is. Really exciting for me because I feel like mrs. Asked in a door that I'd been wanting to walk through for a very very long time. I am here we have. Kimberly Travis from the Rochester city school modernization program. I have to tell you first. Excuse me. It. I just feel like there has to be a way again. Do something to help out the Rochester city school districts now I'm so grateful and Jessica Lewis contacted me. And am just told me about the Rochester city school districts modernization program and asked if that might be something. That would would work for this show and I about fell off my chair because. I'm. I'm one that says I can't figure out to a guy you've got to tell me how to do it's wedges in your pray about it and you know that it happens well at least it did this time please tell me you'd better believe it what is your peace in this your name your position with them. And and a bit about the program. I can Kimberly Mitchell from their access to schools mine station program and we work under the business opportunities program and then. Practiced a schools matters ace program which is a division that has three components. It is an instructional series community outreach and manager Prodi's day. And I am training coordinator for the training and streaming series we have instructional series. As well as the meant a protege program while that is terrific. Maintenance. I would suspect the little more than a full time jobs earned on eight excuse me busy but I absolutely loving it yet he has to Travis. For you what is your peace in the us. Well I service the business opportunities program. Manager. And this. Division was incorporated into the second phase of the are simply because the Rochus Detroit school construction board who is the owner you might say that administers the entire program. Had this included in the legislation that was approved in Albany to fund this so the business opportunities program is designed to provide. Benefits to local our enterprises. Are to be able to help them become engaged with the opportunities that are presented. As well as to provide our own training mentoring and instructions. For long term business growth. So is not just about bricks and mortar and construction which of course is the main thing it's also about using the program as a platform. To help encourage. A launched long term growth. Okay that this is episode in this seems to me B may be a little little different tonight initially thought. And so we're talking about the Rochester city school modernization program you're talking about taking those buildings and bringing them into 2017 correct. Yes I was Terry what's what's occurred in New York State is that. In the major urban cities primarily the pick 51 buffalo Syracuse Rochester. All. Yonkers and New York City. Schools have gone for many years without being on kept up right according to the standards. For health and safety reasons and also to meet the evolving. Curriculum and program needs that a magical education requirements now dictate so. Modernization programs are. And have been ongoing buffalo for example they completed there's Syracuse is underway simultaneously. As as Rochester. On Yonkers will be next. A New York City they started there is back in 2000 under. Mayor Bloomberg and theirs is on going because naturally this the biggest sir so in each case. Strategic plans have had to be devised to. Target. Which particular schools according to the demographics in the evolving. Student populations. And also obviously according to. Geography logistics where in the city which school should be done in which has been one big issue here in Rochester. The board events they come up with the strategic plans that are approved and now. Once the funding is secured. They're put into place and we're talking about huge multi million dollar from capital programs that take years to design. Construct. And complete. But we're happy to say that here we are now in face to. There will be a phase three and four aura simply. But the tremendous successes that we experience so far. We're continuing to build on those as we look toward building a legacy that will allow wrought sisters students to have facilities that. Meet the requirements and give them the right environment. To learn that's awesome I have a little reading program that I've done for many years Allen since I I. Well it's been at least twenty some odd years and I just sort of put it out there saying and I love to read to kids. If you have. Time in your day and you have a class that you might think you know would would. Benefit from it in any way shape or form I would love to commandeer classroom even for a short period of time in over the years I'd been in. I I lost count on how many schools I've been in. But it's always. Eye opening for me when I walk into one of the elementary schools in the Rochester city school district well this spirit is incredible. And the work is. It is lining the walls in every bit biased. Just just delightful as it is in any other school the walls behind them look completely. Different. I don't always see white boards I don't always seek. Desks that you know much yet we don't have tennis balls on the bottoms of the day that and noise when people get in and out of them but. They're not even. They're at least they shouldn't be there they should be replaced. And and it's always been so. Interesting to me and so I you know I at seven million times to. And I how many people if you could just going in and see the difference going to all of the schools and see the difference you would realize ice. Why these teachers are overwhelmed keeping their kids in the western keeping them that keeping them closed. Much less imminent the tools they need to teach them it just it's. Something needs to be done so this is so encouraging. To me. In and again I didn't know what was going on. So you aren't these two right now when did this whole project began. A book tennis and iron into phase two phase one. I believe was about eleven schools between eleven and thirteen schools. We face to started and probably 2016. February 2016 on the explained about the same time Travis and I came onto the program. So that the Duma members of the program change on a regular basis are you just were. Were incorporated it in Paris still. The police there. Well to give you some clarity. Kim and I we work for seven engineers OK so seven engineers boat was hired to serve as program manager. For face to okay. We did have a role. In phase one. While working as a as a consultant with onkyo obeying who served this program manager in phase one OK so we did have as a company. On involvement. I'm but it face to we're serving as the prime program manager and in that role. We worked for the joint school construction board to administer all the affairs that are associated with it. So give me an example. They're architects and they're construction managers. There environmental consultants and other professional service firms who have to be procured. All of that as far as proposals and review. Things of that sort to make recommendations to the board as to who will be awarded contracts. That's what we do okay when it comes to the bidding. Of contractors trades companies that are going to perform the work we administer all of that. And then of course there is the coordination. That's involved this year it's a lot of moving pieces. But it's very exciting. It's very rewarding. I've been involved in K12 construction for a number of years now. And at the end of the day as what you were speaking to you get a tremendous sense of professional satisfaction. In seeing kids being able to inhabit new learning and X spaces. I experienced it myself I remember in my seventh grade. We moved into a new junior high school and I'll never forget the excitement that came with being. In this new building share and it definitely created on a tremendous anticipation. And an extra drive. To want to do my best in relation to my studies. Don't kick in because it just because I remember when I went to high school I went in it in that was his second year in a brand new building and it made me feel like. I needed to up my game so that I could at least. Begin to represent. What was standing behind me it is no it's kind of hard to explain to you don't really does bring. Give you big builds a little fire inside of you you know what to say that I can do this too this is. I think this is great and I their view bend to buffalo. And then able to cede the completion of work. Or have you heard anything about what the buffalo schools look like now. Yes I have been and we have the benefit of architects and construction managers are some of them who are working on our sympathy. Who did participate. In and around the modernization that occurred in buffalo as well. So we're very fortunate in that aspect to be able to happen to our professional resources some of the best that are in the country. Who have an understanding of the dynamics associated with Phillip K12 construction. And yes there there's been tremendous results there. On urban schools they present their own challenges that might be a little different as far as building very often you're talking about very. Since a restricted. On. Block areas of of property where you have a school you're trying to have a playground you're trying to have parking for faculty. And those present. Limitations sure and so you have to work around that on to the best especially when you're trying to look for. Opportunities to expand. Because with many of the elementary schools where they've had on temporary portable trailers that have been used as classrooms for years yes well those have to be eliminated. And so oh with them being demolished and and and taken away. Very often elementary schools we look for footprints where wings can be added on for example the school sixteen. Down in the nineteenth ward that's what's happening on school seven. A pop up by Dewey avenue there's an addition that's going on with that school. So this is a very typical what happens. On to the extent that. The architects and the engineers can come up with designs and plans of these are presented to the board. And then the decision is made. On upon which they can proceed with there on design work. It's great this is very exciting yeah this is a staff people need to hear. And people need to know that is going on they need to know the good news in the Rochester city school district on to say I think we've all hit. Are are well aware of the struggles that go Vick go on. On. Windy you think this this plan is three or four faces. It two of the talk now is for four OK and this particular phase will run through 20/20 one. It is including. Fourteen projects. At thirteen schools. We're you might say the midway point as far as a procurement on right now we have over half of the projects that are under way. I'm in construction okay and what we're facing right now is that. Next summer. We have. Projects that are already under way that will be completing okay and kids will be moving into their their new spaces. Off for the September school year. And you have others that will be initiating their construction. So there'll be a lot of crossover a lot of a lot of activity on but that's good. Because we have the resources here and it's important that it moves according to schedule. Because swing space has been incorporated with many of these schools so you have children. Who have been. Relocated. In other schools in the city while there's schools are getting worked on. But very often Tearrius abdominal fat okay where there's school has to be finished. In September because the school that they're currently in May be its slate it for construction once they move out. You know give it to maybe those kids a move into their new school I'll give you a good example so right now at the Monroe high campus. All right which Monroe was actually started in phase one okay and it's it's a very. Crucial. Portion of the probe of the modernization program. You've got husk. We'll students that belonged to Monroe that have been displaced up to Marshall now for. Two years on some even up to three years. Before they will be able to enjoy their new school in September OK but. In addition to that school on that campus block. There was the former school fifteenth and on parole which was demolished. Those kids in school fifteen they're currently. Schools six. Com. On Joseph. And that school where they're currently at school six. Is going to be. Modernized itself. Starting next spring. So those two it's better there at school fifteen have to go to on their new school which is school one. In Cobbs hill. Because that's also under construction. And then those kids that. Belong to school six. There currently housed at Franklin high so you see it it's a domino effect that's occurring and it really. Underscores the importance. That has program managers. And we'd make sure that the schedules are adhered to. So that there can be a nice. Seamless transition. For the student. You guys are more like choreography and it's. Hopeful one I don't there's a lot going on good hits and add that the kids are like holy month month. Where. It's funny I was just I was bringing my daughter back to Chicago. After Thanksgiving and we were at that. Hurts she works when another practiced aryan who won did so much. A cell bagel from brokers so I brought the burgers are Munro. And who's pecking Internet suitcase and she looked high and said it's over there it's. Construction for quite awhile and of the hang on just 99 out. Under construction for quite a while and that she asked me about that schools she asked me about Marshall we. We were talking about how different. It's high schools in the city's district is she which depend field high school. So we're talking about on the difference and I said to her consider a number of times she's undergraduate program for. Social work in special and she only wants to work in large. Urban areas and she's right now working for the Chicago city for the performing her high school. For the performing arts sized enter united ideal of Chicago. Alleged building Marley they need to tail and a and then you be closer to him. I OK maybe is why I said that at a news. But it's interesting because I love the fact that there's activity around these schools because that's only the first time someone's asked. What's going on at school I'm sure a number of people are asking that question. In this is the good news. Once the schools are completed and I'm not really sure you guys can answer this but may be to the best year ability. Community get involved in smoking he. We take on our phase after you've done your work. Well let's that's a good question Terry 01 of the things that we see occurring is that. As you know right now Rochester because it is a it's a big city with kids and going to schools really all over the place sure you know because the RTS bus system is utilized for students to to get to schools. In some cases parents have chosen the revenues that are kids go to schools that may not necessarily be within walking distance of their homes okay. There's a push towards trying to. Allow the modernization program to. Albeit catalyst for more neighborhood schools. And we see that dynamic is positive from a lot of perspectives and the board of and a superintendent. On dean Williams also seems to also be listening to the community community community to. On to address that that's great so to the extent that on some of these schools for example schools sixteen. We're in the design. Their portions of the new. Building that are going to be a problem. Positions so that if there are community functions in the evening. Whereby that school could be utilized forced perhaps some events or functions that the local community. Could be engaged in that's perfect that there would be a resource there. So I would say. Just the natural. Excitement. That surrounds the opening of a new school. It's going to do a lot for these communities. Of school sixteen for example it it's been closed has been dormant for four few years. And when we distributed. Our own. Flyers informing the local residents in the proximity about what the work was going to mean in what was going to go on. Everyone was like so excited because they get thought that the school was going to be demolished. Date they felt that it was going to be sold. I they had no. And I deal of that it was actually going to be on reopened chair and you know they look at that now as a a vital. On part of their community. And it's on him reactivation is going to. Invigorate. The residents and students that will be going. It's awesome that is great and I know for make it for myself and I grew up. In Auburn which is kind of an about an hour away from here but when I go back. Cast my school now I'll look at certain windows and I remember the day you know David Henry climbed out of them when. And I just in there's a feeling there that evolve in that it's a little nostalgia. But it's a lot of happiness and a lot of feeling of I felt safe and then building you know I'd love that building I don't know why but I do and I'm sure on the the communities here feel the exact same way. IA. Think this is absolutely awesome. Wind. So when you when is Rochester slate it for completion at a a I don't know if I mean if everything goes on on track. Well. The phase three. Legislation. It still has to be drawn. And so that will that will occur. Presumably could start as early as next year you have to do a lot of planning in advance of before on these things come on line so. City Hall. The board of bed. They'll have conversations. They will engage the local politicians. And that legislation will be drawn up. And hopefully he will be sent to Albany. But as I sit right now. We know this runs through 221 okay faced three presumably could run maybe to 20/20 five. Face three is probably going to. Incorporate a lot of work high schools. In this phase there is work that is going to occur at Edison tech. And east side and of course Monroe as we discussed share but there is more work much more work. That has to occur at east we know that will be part of phase three. And of course with it being under the receivership of the University of Rochester. Them incorporating their program medic concepts and goals there on there will be more work there. There will undoubtedly be more work at Edison. Attacked as well. And even. Wilson academy OK look very likely will receive work so. A lot of the elementary schools are getting address now a lot of high schools we see that down the road. OK that's great yeah boy some lucky kids that are had to do elementary schools now. Could conceivably go through an entirely different school system. Then save their parents mourn younger Brothers and sisters in nets very exciting it. Alias the yes one of the concepts this being introduced in some of the schools as was referred to as maker spaces. And Terry what that is is where you take a portion of the school and instead of the traditional. Classroom with rows of seats. In front of the teacher. You create a more open space. Area where kids. Based on assignments lots of time. Can come to an area that is more on designed in line with the technological advances that you have. For audio and visual display. On giving examples. Mentioned what you're seeing a lot now in airports. We're of these these terminals. Have our own areas where passengers. That perhaps there in their transition. Lay overs chair there and there's more on kiosk and and monitors. And seating areas. They can be occupied and will the idea is to create a learning area. Where their kids could come. And engaged. Not only amongst themselves and their peers. But even interact perhaps with other students and schools. Engaged in simultaneous. Collaborative projects. To use media. The idea here is that. Because our children now are learning different. We should adapt and also give them learning environments. That are more conducive to what it is that they are naturally being exposed to so we know that we live in the digital age share. And the traditional bowl X. That you and I came up with yes that style. It's it has to be adjusted so is there are areas in these those schools some of them with the architects. Are making these. Areas we call the maker spaces. And in fact the school district is looking to create a mob version of it that they're going to have built. At the east school district offices on broad street so that parents and anyone can incumbency a model. Oh what these type of areas will look so good. Would it would be eaten and I'm using language that you know. That I understand would they be Skype being with. Satellite schools they'll be working with someone in another city or someone in another country or something. It could take your imagination this or she won ago that's the incredible sink this. One out. And isn't it really did that's very good night this it is that's very very exciting. A game were about out of time here and that's just a shame if we're gonna meet again. This is is there anything else that you won a mixture beginning and today we we get about a minute and a half left this is really exciting this is the modern. His nation. Of the Rochester city school district and maybe we need to. Keep in mind that. If there is for some reason a vote where you need to support this. That may be away where you can contribute right now to make sure the do everything you can to support this program. Is there anything else Kimberley or Travis. I would to sign say you can keep up to date with the progress of the projects on our web site. It's www. RS. MP news. Dot net. IRS. And PE news. OK good I'm definitely add to our FaceBook page to some people can become. Comfortable with that that's great this is great. Kimberly I don't think he should ever think about going in to radio you don't think so holy Moses what what should I. Yeah again I'd be out of work in no time. I. Am hearing and the good what you do at a at a Travis thank you so much thank you very much CQ for the good news out of there who runs the city school district in this is she genuinely exciting. Thank you banking.