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Thursday, August 18th


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Low Ronnie Dunn power you know. Thought you the best. I've been so excited about this I was. Chatting with Billy Kidd are our program director yesterday and you know this job is afforded us a number of different amazing experiences and we both went back to the Ralph which is. With Buffalo Bills play and you had these shy its eyes boots. On both sides of the stage I I don't remember the name of the tour but remember when those blue boots blew up and that was the beginning of an absolutely awesome night with you guys so angry. Were it all accredited strip we had trucks full of a blowup doll. An area. It's the stuff that makes memories forever and let me tell you. Good yeah. Out well okay all right just good for me. I. Hey. If you see you must've seen the video where your mom's thrown CAD your new songs. One of the funniest things I've ever seen tell me it's not somebody making something up does that really your mom. Let Obama only got so close I was there I was in Oklahoma before your spirit go about it orbit probably due to. Were made church girl from in the sound bureau. But it you know we concern peck at home all ought to leave you look at what I did occur like grown up in India and that they Catholic school or compass or what. What I got out learn negate. That dude from Alberta Mario ask the aspect of the total. But they're mature. She's voting got a great sense of humor and I think are singing a song. That's the best worker that's the best I don't. OJ gut pick god why you know what's people like dead in our lives to keep us grounded right. Sure new singles Dan drunk and it's produced by. Where they opened for you do you guys have remained friends through the years. Yeah we're he does not not far from me actually heard of street bit. Ordered sort of does all the songs would go with a record. Somebody over in our apartment it does libel suggested. Work it would Gerri we're trying to get some little bit different but not know about two or out there shouldn't. Outcomes are there and actually played in a culture everybody else is as good Celek Ratko flat record and it took. We went. Did a couple songs just kind of until the water. Paid inaugural ball or heated you know trucked in taxes than we did damn drunk and blunt about it I don't think he produced all the well one song on the and proceeded. While that that's pre. I don't know you could do worse than found in Rascal Flatts song but are not marketed well I know that I know that if I I get right. I personally hear these. These that you rarely rarely good I think you're gonna to be one of the World Cup produces around I know he he gets it. That's awesome. Not Inge and again the background locals are with kicks sound that's great. Yeah yeah we try to fix is best we could but he's. Garrido. I I have never been to Vegas but. It I you know let me tell you it's your show with Reba McEntire would be the one that would get me there. Well a few months despondent just took on an airplane Kamal. Love to talk to my husband about it because I just seems to me to be the most alive most wonderful place. For maybe three or four days and I think I might get a little overwhelmed with them but. I really wanted to come see this show can you tell me a bit about it I know UN Reba and kicks of always getting a very special relationship so I would think. That evening is going to be reflective of that kind of a friendship. Yet it cavity is the is the host scenario. It is kind of a it take you to it's like a dream that kind of thing come true we mean brokered. First of August swap in shows with with Elton John Rod Stewart got a drop these Nyhan is consistent school yeah. And demean them eroding and and do act by the production that they gave this and the end that the sound in the room is unbelievable. And and coming up with something different. That was is not just you know or a concert group of revenge and Brooks and Dunn from doing their deal we we have to do not interact together onstage. It's an or shook about duke. You don't reform new locomotive reform that we also down induce some to go under and we all go out the big bank. That's awesome that's what I was wondering if you guys you know sing with each other and if he ever justice. You know letting it get quiet do the acoustic thing and just heard that's what I love like a song writers in the around saying you know where you you'll let people in behind the curtain and. If so bunched up it to Jackson the most on polish government. We've we've sort of just talk or rather give we try to agree about how we found also ended up doing on the road of you know mostly go to Rhode look brand journal in the band and step. Church that's awesome up. It now so damn drunk the album is this is a single the album is out in October. I got over 21 index report Halloween. IRA. Thank you so much riding over the years you'll individually and as a group have been very very good to our radio station and you know we're appear in the northeast and for years and years and years before tell us country would make it here and it's people like you guys that prove them wrong so we thank you for that most sincerely. And good luck with this new single were RD Klain thank you. Pictured it to two way street you know that never never in my pocket a road brought on a roll and a New York from where they're basing in the on there there is duplicate. All the time all the time I guess I do request shown give request for those all the time so thank you thank you very much. Thank you take care.